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  • 1. As we prepare to enter 2017, the LORD will keep me and my family healthy 2. That my children will be successful in their examinations particularly Mabel and Jude who are in the University 3. That the LORD will provide enough money for me to pay salary of the workers in the University where I am Vice Chancellor 4. That none of the groups such as the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), The Senior Staff Union of Nigerian Universities (SSANU), the Non Academic Staff Union (NASU), and the Nigerian Association of Academic Technologists (NAAT) and the Student Union will go on strike in 2017 and beyond. 5. That God will provide the money so that I will pay the arrears of promotion in the University completely. 6. That there will be agreement between the government and all the unions so that their salary will through IPPIS taking the burden away from school authorities. 7. That God will provide the money so that I will pay the arrears of promotion in the University completely. 8. That the medical school in my University will be accredited next year, 2017. 9. That all the other departments that lost accreditation will get them back in 2016-2017. 10. That government enquiry into my University will be turned to foolishness like the counsel of Ahitophel. The petitions against me will not stand. 11. That the LORD will protects us against kidnappers and hired assassins. 12. That I will not be removed from my current job position. Islamic forces are taking all the jobs in the country. 13. That after the expiration of the tenure of the present Governing Council in April, 2017, God will make the Minister to bring a Christian as the new Chairman of the Governing Council of our University.
    Michael Adikwu - Dec 30 2016
  • Please Pray...I'm 44 ,Never been in a relationship,been praying for relationships for over 21 years.Please Please Pray GOD sends me (Phil Chavez) life partner quickly real soon In JESUS Name
    Phil Chavez - Dec 26 2016
  • Greetings in Jesus' name. Please pray for my health and finances. I have multiple health issues, including a month- long bleed that is draining my mental and physical energy. I didn't have much of either before the month's bleeding, and the bleeding makes it worse. I have a polyp and thickened endometrium, and treatment is likely to be very expensive. I need many miracles. Thanks for prayers.
    - Dec 26 2016
  • 1.) for protection, safety, and security over my life, 2.) for proper dental care, medical care, and optical care, 3.) for 'love' - for finding/meeting my 'equallyoked helpmeet' whomever she is, 4.) for decent, dignified, peaceful, quiet, affordable housing, What about a mini- motorhome to live in while serving the good Lord? 5.) for a suitable job that brings in a 'gainful' income, 6.) for NO ENEMIES, NO ENEMIZERS, NO PERSECUTORS, and 7.) for a happy, healthy lifestyle for a long long long life. IN JESUS NAME
    Mitchell B Barlow - Dec 25 2016
  • Happy Sabbath, ABSENTEES: Lee V., Christian, Arlene and Russell, Joan, Mike, Don and Mary, Gloria Cu., nursing home, VISITORS: Bart, Denise's family from Atlanta and NY; Robin's family; a former member and her children whose mother lives in Aiken, Peter, Robert I's brother?, Raphael, the newly weds were back I PRAYER REQUEST Leslie Brooks: My brother, Hubert, was in surgery 7 hours on Wednesday night to repair his aorta. His kidneys are working now. He won't talk and we still aren't sure he will live. Just ask for God's will to be done. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU AND YOURS. MAY GOD'S BLESSINGS FOLLOW YOU ALL YEAR ! Sis. 'Mina
    Brian Howell - Dec 24 2016
  • I have small fibroids for a few years, and when a month- long bleed came recently, thought they were growing and acting up. I found out that they are actually shrinking, and that instead I have thickened endometrium and a polyp. I looked up the difference, and fibroids are muscular tissue growths while polyps are mucous and endometrial tissue growths. Neither is usually cancerous (only occasionally cancerous). Please pray for my bleeding to stop. Both polyps and fibroids, especially small ones like mine, often go away on their own, but surgery is often done to remove them to stop bleeding or if they are large or preventing fertility (they don't always). My doctor wants to do surgery (removing polyp, d&c to clear endometrium --- possibly putting Mirena immediately after), but I think Mirena alone can do. Please pray for healing, divine guidance, and tight finances. Thanks.
    - Dec 23 2016
  • Good afternoon, Sisters and Brothers, ABSENTEES : Lee V., Leslie, Christian, Arlene and Russell, Michelle, Mike. Michelle, Gloria C., Gracie-she's here in the hospital, Brian and Francis VISITORS: Peter REQUESTS: Heyward: Prayer for Mary Lemann, fell,has pain in ribs and arm. A general prayer for Joann Anderson and Fran Byun; A prayer of thanks for those who went yesterday visiting in the new church area that they were received with cordiality and that their visits will have positive responses.Continue to pray for future visits which will reap more positive receptions.Continue to pray that soon all work will be finished and we can celebrate the first service in "that church on the hill" with praises to the One who made it all possible. May you be blessed by Him this week, Sis. 'Mina .
    Brian Howell - Dec 17 2016
  • I am standing on the promise made in Matthew 21:22 (KJV) 22 And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive. Philippians 4:19 (NIV) 19 And my God will meet all your needsaccording to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus. Please Lord Jesus give me the firefill heart and soul so the Devil can not go near me. Let the devil not hinder this prayer request in anyway. Please please Lord Jesus, make today the day that what is owed to me to be given to me graciously as it was promised to me and it is what is owed to me, as it has been way to long/ overdue. You promised to be the justification and returner for our cause when we ask. Please Lord Jesus hear my desperate Cries for 7 fininical blessing from heaven today. Please turn not away and hear my cries. Let no evil force have any power over me or to block any of my request.
    Brian D. - Dec 16 2016
  • Our nearly twenty- year- old jalopy that we have had for one year is a prayed- for car used in ministry. The enemy has- been attacking, and we need many more miracles with this car, URGENTLY. Thanks for prayers.
    - Dec 16 2016
  • Please plead/ claim these urgently needed Bible promises with me:--- Haggai 2:19, Malachi 3;8-10, 1 John 5:13-15, Matthew 6:33, etc. Thanks.
    - Dec 14 2016
  • I went to the new car dealer of my old car's make to get service. They are the official brand, and I got tired of quack mechanics who see female clients as April Fools jokes. They are giving me the same runaround, only bigger and worse. I am right now struggling with multiple health issues, and in the middle of going up and down to deal with car issues I had to see the gynecologist for a two- week bleed. The small fibroids plus a polyp plus thickened endometrium call for expensive polypectomy plus d&c, and the car people are driving me crazy after I took off so much time at work and seem to need a month plus twenty times the cash that I have. I think they want to "make" me buy a new car instead from them, with God knows what money. Please pray. Thanks.
    - Dec 13 2016
  • Please pray that the Lord would deliver his people from evil men; That the Lord would preserve his people from violent men, who plan evil things in their heart and stir up wars continually. Please pray and intercede without ceasing that God’s will be done in the lives of the world’s leaders and for our leaders to seek God and listen to Him. Pray that they would be surrounded by godly counsel and, that our leadership would personally know God and the salvation found through faith in Jesus Christ alone. That we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. God can turn the hearts of kings. Earnestly pray that the people of America and it’s leaders will humble themselves and seek the Lords face and turn from their wicked ways. Pray that the Lord would hear from heaven and forgive our countries sins and heal our land. God Bless America Pray that the Lord would grant peace in America, that we may lie down and no one will make us afraid. That the Lord would remove wild beasts from the land, and that the sword will not pass through our country and that President Trump along with our leaders be filled with power, with the Spirit of the Lord, and with justice and might to declare the sins of Gods people. Please pray that the Lord would pour out his spirit on his servants, throughout the world both men and women. In Jesus Name Amen.
    Angela Hughes - Dec 13 2016
  • I have moved a lot over the years. I have multiple health issues. I took vacation time to work in some ministry instead of rest, and then had to take excess sick leave. So when another health issue started acting up, I was just going to go to work -- no more unpaid sick leave. And then some urgent business came up, and I have to take time off or else. Please pray for my issues-- health plus. I need to be at my job until God says resign, too, and excess time off is an issue. Thanks.
    - Dec 10 2016
  • I urgently need approximately J$150,000.00 (US$1,166.00, approximately) for car repairs, etc., for a ministry car. Please pray for a miracle. Thanks.
    - Dec 05 2016
  • I have a curse... a self fulfilling prophecy that I live out over and over. I've tried to break it for years and I need help! I need God's intervention and I need John to not give up on me more than anything. John's been cheating on me w a woman named JoAnne and some others. I sit and imagine this over and over until it happens, with every guy my whole life. I react to a curse on me that causes bad things to happen. I need John to stay away from other women and come back to me... I think I need his help to break my curse.
    APRIL YOUNG - Dec 05 2016
  • me and my girlfriend relationship in on the rocks.. pray for the lord to better our relationship, personal loving and business also have me master planning, emotion, and goal settings, communication and get my certification and fishing school while acquiring a better Job.
    charles wright - Dec 04 2016
  • Please pray for Ray, who is in rebellion against God. Thanks.
    - Dec 03 2016
  • ABSENTEES: Lee V., Barney and all his family, Michelle, Larry, Gloria Cu., Brian and Francis, Trisa REQUESTS: ANN DICKS: Spread of God's last day message; Ministries of our church; Sick and shut-in, financially strapped, those who have no hope, Praises to God for He has given us all we need. Pray that the boat ride this afternoon will be blessed and a blessing for all who attend. Sincerely. Sis. 'Mina
    Brian Howell - Dec 03 2016
  • **Attention: Starting in January 2017 we will transition to using our new website at that time this website will no longer be updated. You can submit prayer requests on the new site's prayer request page prayer requests can still be submitted autonomously if desired.
    Site Administrator - Dec 02 2016
  • Happy Sabbath, ABSENTEES: Lee V., Karen and children, Christian and kids, Becky, Michelle, Mike, Lillian, Gloria Cu., Gloria Cl. and Larry, Gracie, Heyward and wife, Brian and Francis, Trisa VISITORS: Leon, Rosemarie, Michael from Cola. Church, Mrs. Peterson, Peter. 4 Mormen young men who are studying with Terry Perry, our speaker for today, and his wife REQUEST: JOAN: Patrica and Milton; Karen and Arnold, neighbors who are all seriously ill; Michael and Edward, both are drinking. Continue to pray from the work that needs to be completed on "The Church on the Hill". Pray for all who will be returning home from visitation over the Thanksgiving holiday. Pray for all who are sick or ailing. Pray for Pastor Ben and family and Pastors and their families everywhere. Thank you for your continued prayer for "Teeny", he is doing well. May God bless you and yours, Sis. 'Mina
    Brian Howell - Nov 27 2016
  • Praise God I am a single mother of two sons and as at the end of this month will not have a job. Pray that God will give me one in the remaining days to the end of the month. I have a loan to pay off in December. I have no way to know how we will then survive at this month.Pray for me that I may acquire some contract work also to pay back loans in December. Pray for me that God will open doors that I get a new job, and if possible since my skills pay better abroad so if God could arrange for our migration. Also pray that a crusade our church (SDA) is having will make an impact for God. Pray that me and my sons come to know Christ and Him crucified and call others to know Him. Thanks and regards Irene Wanjiru
    irene wanjiru - Nov 24 2016
  • ABSENTEES: Lee V., Bob, Rona, Christian, Mike, Michelle, Gabriella, Robert, Lillian, Gloria Cu., Gracie, Trisa, Claudette?, Heyward and new wife, Brian and Francis VISITORS: Peter NEW ADVENTURERS : Elania, Tristram, Emily and Brooklyn were installed yesterday. PRAYER REQUESTS: DON and MARY: Mom and Poppa Bill--Aging issues; Mike Young--cancer, eye problem and confusion; Cindy-lungs, kidneys and heart problems; Brian's business; Sean-amputated leg and other health issues, his family; our church family. ANN: *Praises to God who answers our prayers and provides for our needs-Lillian's knee- Demetrius, Jermaine, Stephan, Landon, Scott, Luke, Jonathan--young men God has blessed immensely--may they surrender their wills to God--humility for me--healing for Lois and Ernest--Pastor Ben and family ****Jobs for Sandy Moore and Henry. ***Pray for Leslie's Dad. ***All to have more trust and faith in God--Unity--that we use the power of the Holy Spirit--Russell's health--Rosemarie and her daughter's health--Leslie and Lillian's health--our church on the hill and all involved with it-- thankful for health--God's patience and love and all the blessings He gives--Nature and all its beauty To those of you who like cooler weather, enjoy, and sympathize with those who begin to shiver when the temp begins to register 70 and below. Be blessed and turn the thermostat UP! Sis. 'Mina
    Brian Howell - Nov 19 2016
  • Pray for my courage.
    sathish Hari - Nov 17 2016
  • Our Father in Heaven please help me to crushed all my poverty and debt curse or this never ending situation, all my unexplained demon whispering,strange accident or disaster happening to me, From there's a hope suddenly no hope at all .I believe that and prayers can create real change in my life in the name of Jesus Christ.Amen
    gery giordani - Nov 10 2016
  • I have been working at my current job since March but it has been slowing down after Labor Day because it is a small business so please pray so that I may find a second job on days that I am not working at my current job.
    Jonathan Ashbeck - Nov 06 2016
  • Good afternoon, VISITORS Sabrina, Heyward's fiancee, Peter, Henry's brother; our speaker for the day ABSENTEES: Lee V., Jimmy and Ronda, Leslie and her daughter, Christian, Gloria Clayton and Larry, Gloria Curry, Gracie, Brian and Francis, Trisa PRAYER REQUESTS: ANN: Pray for America and the world; Our children who do not know Jesus or are not following Him; The Williams-Pope family who lost their mother, grandmother, sister, and cousin. ME:Pray for the continued construction of ''The Church on the Hill" and those who are volunteering their time, energy and expertise to bring it to a state of occupancy! Also if you all willing to go out informing the people in the area about us and inviting them to begin studies please contact Sis. Lillian. She will give you details. --Please praise the Lord with me and the family that Ernest will be released from the hospital this coming week.. He is doing well, has a different attitude toward life and is listening to spiritual information --Continue to pray for Lois. She was readmitted to Aurora, but is being released again with what she says is the same problem. Pray that she finds Someone who can properly define her condition and heal her. --Pray for my cousin Lillie who is having some serious physical medical issues and is upset that she cannot give the proper attention to her husband in the nursing home. I give attention to my personal requests in this space because nobody else seems to want to have requests advertised, but please pray for all of our Sisters and Brothers in Christ as well as their family members. May "God be with you, till we meet again", Sis. 'Mina
    Brian Howell - Nov 05 2016
  • My laptop, dedicated to ministry, fell some time ago and stopped working. It recently got half repaired, but the keyboard won't move and I also forgot my password. I need an external keyboard, and to remember my password, urgently. Thanks for praying.
    - Nov 03 2016
  • Please pray for a family in stress. The enemy has gotten one member out of the church and in rebellion against God, and there is regular friction between the rest and that one. Thanks for prayers. God bless you.
    - Nov 03 2016
  • Greetings in Jesus' name. I work in a call centre, doing telephone surveys (NOT sales). I almost routinely make more calls/ attempts than all my co- workers, and have had times when my total surveys on a day were the top or near the top. But the enemy has messed me up, and frequently recently I have success rates like 2% and 5% (if 10%, that is now a LOT) of total calls being actual surveys. That is jeopardising my job. Please pray for success rates of an absolute MINIMUM of 25% of total calls being proper surveys, and an absolute minimum of 35 surveys per day, regardless which set of surveys I am doing or which set of numbers I have to call. Please plead Jesus' blood against Satan and his forces for me. Thanks.
    - Nov 02 2016
  • Greetings in Jesus' name. I was previously in the "early" habit. Fatigue and frequent obstructions have made it the opposite now, at work. Many times when I would be early, the enemy of souls puts in some obstruction. Last time I would be maybe 25-30 minutes early, then a crash stopped traffic and I was 15 minutes late. It often seems to make no sense to try to be early. I need prayers for deliverance by Jesus' blood. Thanks.
    - Nov 02 2016
  • Please pray for a list of things:- Urgent finances are needed for some overdue expenses; S has no ability to keep any thought silent, but MUST speak, never mind how unwise or what untrustworthy person may hear; R is in rebellion against God, and wants to kill family members who want him saved (tried before); L needs healing from many illnesses; A needs God's power for ministry; D needs to clear up some locational and relational issues. (Plus more...) Thank you and God bless you and keep you.
    - Nov 01 2016
  • Please pray for me -- demonic persons at my workplace are trying to se devilish witchcraft for seduction. Please plead Jesus' blood against the enemy. Thanks.
    - Oct 31 2016
  • Greetings in Jesus' name. Please join me in prayer for health amd physical/ mental energy to do the ministry that God has given me to do. I hsve a lot to do and not so good health. Thanks.
    - Oct 30 2016
  • Please pray for R and L. They have been fighting demons to get to minister where God wants them. Thanks
    - Oct 30 2016
  • Devilish persons AGAIN took my items for a while, for them to suddenly reappear where I left them and was searching for them, and had asked about them. Please plead Jesus' blood against the enemy on behalf of His children. Please pray for deliverance from these devilish creatures now and forever. Please pray that, if they don't want repentance and salvation, God's people will be rid of them and their demons NOW. Thanks.
    - Oct 30 2016
  • Good Sunday afternoon, ABSENTEES: Lee V., Leslie, Christian; Lee H., Joan, Mortons, Larry, Gracie, Brian and Francis, Heyward,Trisa, VISITORS:: Baez family, Henry's brother, Peter, Sandy Moore, Erica Pearce REQUESTS: Ann: Healing for Lois,Cathy, Ernest: all who are relatives or friends of church members; Pastor Ben and family; My spouse, children, grandchildren, mother-in-law, making God to be the source of their activities; "God's Church on the Hill":. ME: Speaking of "The Church on the Hill", yesterday, after a most delicious dinner prepared by Sis.Lillian, she, Gloria Cu. and I rode out to the site to view the finished work up to this point. I am sure that anyone viewing from the highway could have nothing but complimentary appraisals of the work that has been done.Pastor, we pray that God will continue to give to you and all those who have had and are now having any kind of input,:the spiritual, physical, mental ,monetary, emotional strengths that are necessary to see the work completed to the degree that God will say "Well done" to the completion of the building process. We then drove around the area to get an idea of what kinds of neighborhoods there were to be better able to do the canvassing that needs to be done. It's time to start. Get your walking shoes on. May all of you be blessed and continue to use our gifts,talents and resources to glorify Him until He comes in the clouds of glory., Be blessed, Sis. 'Mina
    Brian Howell - Oct 29 2016
  • Please pray with me.Our Father in Heaven forgive all my sin,help me crushed all my poverty and debt curse,all my bad luck curse. Grant me with good financial freedom and prosperity,in the name of Christ Jesus,Amen
    gery giordani - Oct 29 2016
  • Someone who deals with devils and witchcraft has taken my comb, with some of my hair it. Please plead Jesus' blood against the enemy for me. Thanks.
    - Oct 28 2016
  • There are two sisters in Christ who are sweet personalities, but suffer from depression and sleep disorders. The enemy sent people in the home to disturb their sleep repeatedly. When rested, they are fine, but not when sleep is disturbed. The same persons who disturb their sleep get them upset and blame them for acting unChristlike and having another "spirit" than the Holy Spirit. Please pray for deliverance. Thanks.
    - Oct 27 2016
  • Please pray for healing for my breathing difficulties, as well as all my previous health complaints. Thanks.
    - Oct 27 2016
  • The evidence suggests that a particular person is in direct, deliberate, satanic rebellion against God. He makes it his purpose to fight truth and to use sophistry to trick and twist God's word. Please pray for those under his influence, those who have the torture of living with him and his cruelty and more-than-two- mouthedness, praying for deliverance by Jesus' blood. Pray for his salvation, IF he actually wants it --- God alone knows if he wants it. Thanks.
    - Oct 26 2016
  • Please pray for a family in crisis. Thanks.
    - Oct 25 2016
  • Please pray for two family members-- both of us had one devil's agent in the house for years distressing us, and now there are two devil's agents in the house instead. Thanks for needed prayers.
    - Oct 24 2016
  • For he says, “In a favorable time I listened to you, and in a day of salvation I have helped you.” Behold, now is the favorable time; behold, now is the day of salvation. We pray that we will see God's mighty Power, Protection and Provision and know without a doubt that it was and Forever will be God and God alone. Amen
    juds murray - Oct 24 2016
  • Good sunny afternoon, GO OUT TO SEE WHAT IS ON TOP OF THE HILL AT THE BUILDING SITE! THANKS TO ALL WHO HAVE CONTRIBUTED IN ONE WAY OR ANOTHER. Absentees: Jimmy an Ronda, Christian, her Mom and the children, Joan, Mike, Michelle, Larry, Gracie, Brian and Francis, Trisa Visitors: Henry's brother. single young lady, Leon: PRAYER REQUESTS: ---Please pray for a visitor that was here twice with the helpers from Maranatha. Mr. Salvanna's wife, Juliette, has had a massive stroke. I told him that I would tell the church to pray for her and him. ANN:: Praise to God for His great love and mercy. I praise Him for protection of Maranatha volunteers-who assisted in erecting His church building. Pray for Cassie, Pastor Al's granddaughter who is doing some outreach work. Pray for all who will be volunteering to finish the work on "The Church on the Hill" so that we can soon be celebrating our "Grand Opening'". Pray for Annette's mother to be in a safe place and be protected when she goes back home or that they find a way to keep her in the States. Pray for unity in the church. God bless each of us and let us each use the gifts, talents and resources that He has blessed us with to finish His work. Blessings on you and yours, Sis. Mina
    Brian Howell - Oct 23 2016
  • Please pray for a family needing many breakthroughs, including financially so a couple can have in-law-free housing arrangements. Thanks.
    - Oct 20 2016
  • Hello thank you for your prayers i am requesting prayers for Billy brother is has incontinence and pees in his bed cinammon heals it if you could pray for him to take it also he has bipolar i bought him colon cleanser which does mostly the job of healing he has not taken it since months please pray for God to give him a dream or make him take what will cure him thank you Also for mother Suzanne she has bad back pain for her healing and dad Jack to stop smoking and drinking and all three to be saved also for France where i do mission work for the Holy Spirit to touch their hearts so powerfully that thay cannot to otherwise than accept JESUS not only for them but for all France for God to move mightily in their hears and for them to be saved Also for me to be protected from robbers and for God to move in those who steal from me and for God to do justice and give back what they have taken from me also to win a court case next June a thank you God bless
    fabien FABIEN - Oct 19 2016
  • Please pray for my sister she is in a custody battle for her three kids and the father's are both abusive . her children would be in danger living with them. She also needs financial help to get a good lawyer please pray for her to get full custody of all three children.she was hit by a drunk driver on the 4th of July and lost her baby boy christopher. Please keep her in your prayers rebuke the devil from her life he is trying to tear down her family. she is also having medical problems from the accident she needs her kid and they need her they are safe with her.I mean these men are attacking her none stop.please pray for her. Thank you
    Leslie Bond - Oct 17 2016
  • Pray for my enemies.
    sathish hari - Oct 17 2016
  • Please pray for Chantal to accept the truth as it is in Jesus. Thanks.
    - Oct 12 2016
  • Please pray for healing and reconciliation in our marriage.
    Tim Rushold - Oct 10 2016
  • can you mail me 50 to 500 tooth brushes, to me in the philippines, for the poor people ?....if yes, email me for my
    sister gladys - Oct 10 2016
  • Please pray for Bob's job, and for leading and guidance and deliverance. Please pray for Tonya's health and safety. Please pray for the ministry that God has for us to do. Thanks.
    - Oct 07 2016
  • Prayers for a God fearing husband that will love me unconditionally and a good paying with a great environment. Thank you.
    Tracye Dockett - Oct 06 2016
  • Please pray to the lord to stop the evil doers in high place in USA government to stop attacking America systems directly and indirectly. on all levels of intellect.
    charles wright - Oct 03 2016
  • Good afternoon, ABSENTEES: Lee V., Bob; Ronda; Christian, her Mom and grands; Becky, Michelle, Gabriela and Robert; Gloria Cl. and Larry, Gracie, Brian and Francis; Trisa VISITORS: Suzanne, Erin and Ryan, Bobby, he working on construcion and Wife, Pastor's brother-in-law and family PRAYER REQUESTS *****Loren (single mom) , neighbor, needs an apt. room-mate to help with rent . Pray that she can get a Christian woman. Her baby, Cooper, goes to Faith Academy. However as if a male may move in-not the father. ****Thanks to everyone who signed the beautiful card that Joan provided for my still hospital-bound husband, Ernest aka Teeny. He has not yet seen it but knows that it exists and thanks you for your concern and prayers. I add my thanks for your concern and prayers. Thanks also for your prayer concern for Lois. She came up Sabbath afternoon and accompanied me to the building site, was impressed, as was I. If anyone knows Connie's email address and/or phone # will you please send it to me. God bless, Sis. 'Mina
    Brian Howell - Oct 01 2016
  • Please pray for S to learn tact, and know that not everything good to realize is good to say to just anybody. Thanks.
    - Sep 30 2016
  • Father, please help me, You knows my pain, You see everything, I come with a broken heart, I need You. please fprgive me and damianus aditya too. Father, You knows how long I have waited. Please God soften and touch damianus aditya christie heart for me. I can’t touch his heart but Lord you can. I always try to be strong, but to be honest I was deeply hurt. I’m putting the disappointments, pain and my whole hope in Your hands, please make this miracle happen for me
    j - - Sep 27 2016
  • Good Monday afternoon, Sabbath visitors: Josephs from Augusta South Atlantic Church--He joined in the music by accompanying Connie on a harmonica: beautifully done; Peter, Henry's brother, Ruth with the young lady she cares for ABSENTEES: Lee V., Bob, Jimmy and Ronda; Christian; Becky and Mike, Gabriela and Robert, Gracie, Brian and Francis. Claudette, if I missed someone, please send corrections to me and other recipients, Thanks. REQUESTS: LESLIE: My grandson, Brandon. He needs God's help. My 2 older grandsons in MS.. They need to get to know the Lord. My sister Lille. She has had to put her husband in a nursing home. He has dementia. She feels badly about this and cries a lot. ANN: Prayer for: Obedience to Holy Spirit as He guides me to all truth; Godly values; Children; Bereaved families: Ryans, Harris's; Jeffersons; healing for Ernest Johnson; Building project; Friendship Evangelism; ME: For Ernest, my estranged husband's complete healing and his listening to and heeding the counsel of the Holy Spirit as He speaks to him. That is one of my prayers for him, that the Holy Spirit will speak to him in his lucid moments and that he will listen and respond positively to the message of his needing Jesus in his life. Please join me in that prayer--that when the HS does so speak, that Ernest (Teeny) will respond positively. Lois is again feeling the sensations in her body since she stopped taking the medication which has caused her to gain 30 pounds. When she called me Sunday morning at 10:00AM she was still in bed trying to decide whether she was going to church or not. Not because she wanted to go to church to serve the Lord but because that's what people expected her to do. She says that she has not lost faith in Jesus, but her attitude and some of her actions dispute that. Please keep her in your prayers and pray for me that I say the right things to her in the right tone. Pray that all continues to go well with the building project and that the Maranatha volunteers will have safe travel here, be productive while here and be able to get back to their respective homes or other destinations safely. Pray that their luncheon works well. Pray that all works well with our renting from Hayden and that we and they can be satisfied with the arrangement. Pray for Pastor and all others who are putting prayer, time and effort in the building project and all other things that are different and in some cases more difficult since we are now renters. Thank God for His grace, goodness, kindness and love to each of us and our families. May He continue to love us sometimes despite our actions. Thank You, Father, for who You are! Be blessed, Sis. 'Mina
    Brian Howell - Sep 24 2016
  • Greetings in Jesus' name. I might have Zika. Please pray for me, especially for it not to lead to Guillain-Barré nor to harm anybody's baby, if Zika,
    - Sep 23 2016
  • Please pray for some urgent, important, lost items. Thanks.
    - Sep 18 2016
  • Please pray for my gas/ stomach trouble/ diarrhea. Please pray for all germs and/ or harmful chemicals to be removed from our food/ water supply. Thanks.
    - Sep 17 2016
  • Good Sabbath afternoon, ABSENTEES: Lee V., Karl, Ronda, Dennis, Christian, Joan, Ann, Mike, Randy and Cheri, Gloria Cu., Lillian, Gracie VISITORS: Peter, Henry's brother; Barbara, Robert Sweeney, Elder Chisum PRAYER REQUESTS: BOB SWEENEY: Needs prayer for a job back home in West Virginia. MARY And DON: Mom and Poppa Bill; Jan and Joyce,sisters; Ralph and Mike, brothers-in-law; Cindy, Brian and John, my boys; Nancy Flacher & Ray Williams--Bible studies ME: Continued pray for my estranged spouse Ernest who is still receiving treatment for his burns at Doctor's Hospital in Augusta. Pray for all hands on board on tomorrow for cleaning up for the new owners of the church to move in as soon as all papers are finalized. Continue to be blessed, Sis. 'Mina
    Brian Howell - Sep 10 2016
  • I have always wanted t do medicine and recently, I got admitted into medical school. I don't have a single coin in my life for fees. Pray for me that the Lord comes to my aid quickly.
    Brian Mujuni - Sep 08 2016
  • Good afternoon, KARL: Pray that Sid Davis' cancer treatment is successful. GABRIELA: Ryan asks prayer for his wife Erin-she is not feeling well. Dee, my friend, is dealing with terminal pancreatic cancer. Pray for her family who are supporting her in her battle. DON AND MARY: Our church and the ill within; Mom and Poppa Bill; Brothers-in-law, our children and grandchildren; Building of our new church: Russell and Arlene's health My husband Ernest is still being treated for the burns on his body. He is burned worse on his hands. As of now has no use of them Cont'd prayer for Pastor Al's and Donna's son, for Tabitha, Gracie, Lee V. Rona, Gloria Cl and all others who might be sick or shut-in God bless, Sis. 'Mina.
    Brian Howell - Sep 03 2016
  • Good afternoon, ABSENTEES: Lee V., Jimmy and Rona, Christian, Leslie, Mike, Michelle at Sabbath school, Gloria and Larry, Claudette, Brian and Francis, Trisa, Cheri and Randy, VISITORS: a mother and daughter who usually come and an older man REQUESTS: JOAN: Chris--Pastor Al's and Donna's son had surgery and is in a lot of pain. Gail and Ken lost their son and are suffering the loss. Patricia had open-heart surgery and is having a difficult time recovering. NO NAME; Pray for me, fatigue and pain. ME: My estranged husband , Ernest, was mowing some grain this AM.when a freak accident occurred that caused the tractor to explode. He has sever burns on the upper part of his body. He is currently in surgery at Dr's Hospital. They won't let my son see him until the surgery is complete. Pray for our construction project. God bless you all. Sis. 'Mina
    Brian Howell - Aug 27 2016
  • Please pray for my son Preston who has dizziness and discomfort focusing his eyes. also for pressure on one of his eyes, I denounce glaucoma in the Name of Jesus and I overcome it with the Blood of Jesus. I ask complete healing of the dizziness and discomfort he feels and the root of it be dissolved in the Name of Jesus, that he will have quality of life. I give God all the Glory and Gratitude to Jesus
    Esther Johnson - Aug 27 2016
  • I recently have some skin irritation and a few unexplained skin lesions, plus a gum lesion. It can be allergy or infection or demonic manifestation-- I have reason to believe two or three of the above, not just one. I am using antihistamine, in case of allergy, and applying antiseptic/ antibiotic medicine, in case of infection that can be dealt with without prescription. The next thing (bigger than the others) to do is pray, pleading Jesus' blood against the enemy, which I am doing, and ask others to join me in prayer. Please pray for me. Thanks.
    - Aug 26 2016
  • Please pray for me and my future husband. Please pray that God blesses me with my first kiss soon. I am 26 and never been kissed by a man. I am a rare gem that hasn't been found by a man yet. I hope my first kiss will be special and worth the wait. I am tired of waiting for my first kiss. I can't wait for my first kiss. I feel like God has forgotten about me and He doesn't want me to experience my first kiss. I feel like God doesn't want me to be happy. I feel left out. No man wants me. I am unloved, unwanted and unchosen by a man. Pray that God blesses me with a husband soon. I am tired of doing life alone. I want a man to share my life with. I never had a boyfriend before, never been kissed or been on a date. I feel ugly and not beautiful. I feel invisible and that men don't know that I even exist. No man has ever asked me out on a date before.I am scared that no man will ever want to marry me being a vegetarian. I am lonely and tired of being alone. I feel like God doesn't want me to ever get married. I desire marriage being a wife and a mom. I am still a virgin waiting for sex on my wedding night. It is hard being a virgin waiting for sex. I can't wait to know what sex feels like and to experience this beautiful gift from God that he created for a husband and wife. I hope my future husband is a virgin just like me. I hope our wedding night will be special and worth the wait.I feel like God doesn't want to give me my hearts desires. I feel like God hates me and He doesn't love me. I feel like He is punishing me. I feel like God doesn't see all my tears that I cry for a husband. I feel like the best is not yet to come in my life. Good things never happen to me.
    Natalie - Aug 25 2016
  • Needing fulltime job soon. Had to leave good job due to bullying at work. Have 2 children. Thanks for praying for me!
    Christie - Aug 22 2016
  • ABSENTEES: Lee V., Karl, Christian, Dennis, Mike, Michelle, Becky-at Sabbath school, Mary, Gracie, Brian and Francis, Alice VISITORS: Michael from Cola.,Terry Robert Sweeney was our guest speaker for today. His topic: "Someday Never Comes", Scripture verse: Matt. 7:25 REQUESTS ANOM. Dee--cancer; Tracey-cancer; Betsy's sister-health; Lillian; lead and direct; Uniting of our church family; God's family; new church-lead, guide workers; process of building; expense of (finances); To be more like Jesus each day;Thankful for God's many blessings and watch care HEYWARD: Kathi Courtney: She fell out door; injuries are minor..bruised and sore. She is dehydrated and has low potassium level. May also have beginning of Alzheimiers --Continue to pray for all who have anything to do with the building of the new church and the sale of our present church. Pray that all things work together for good. Be blessed, Sis. 'Mina
    Brian Howell - Aug 20 2016
  • God bless you and keep you. Please pray for healing and debts and especially for salvation for a backslider that the enemy is trying to kill in his sins. Thanks.
    - Aug 09 2016
  • Greetings in Jesus' name. Please pray for the car gas to last to the gas station. Thanks.
    - Aug 09 2016
  • Please pray for salvation for a backslidden brother, and for him to get a job. Please pray for my health and finances, urgently. Thanks.
    - Aug 07 2016
  • Good Sabbath afternoon, ABSENTEES: Lee V., Jimmy and Rona, Christian Tristian, Ann, Larry, Gloria Cu., Larry VISITORS: Peter Bosc (Henry's brother), Petersons, Randy but no Cheri, LaFayette family--Tasha, Tameka, and Kapono REQUESTS: CLAUDETTE: Betsy is requesting prayer for her sister Laney who is hospitalized-very ill, possibly leukemia. Prayer for Wormald family mourning loss of husband and father. Pray for my family to return to the Lord. DON AND MARY: Mom and Poppa Bill; Brother's in-law:Ralph and Mike, Sisters: Jan and Joyce, Sons: John and Brian; Cindy Johnson; ALL the sick in our church. LESLIE: Tomorrow, Karyn, the children and I are going to Mississippi for a visit. We want to have safe travel. Thanks for the prayers for my brother. He is doing better after a long illness. Remember Aaron in prayer. He wants a job with Sabbath off so that he can come to church. ELIZABETH PRIESTER: Pray 4 ourselves 2 help in order 2 help others wherever He sends us.He's not a liar. He said He will never leave us. He's always right there when we are in messy situations. It's we who may leave His presence, so pray that we get back in the presence of our Beloved to honor His glory in what He has done for us thru Jesus His (Grace & Mercy). Pray for my home 2 be strong in His grace and mercy.Thanks! God bless all. Continue to pray for our building project and make a special effort to be present next Sabbath for our ground breaking ceremony. May God pour out His blessing on all of us this week, Sis 'Mina
    Brian Howell - Aug 06 2016
  • Please pray for T and for O and for N and L, and all my colleagues. I am witnessing to them, and need divine intervention to deliver them from the enemy's grasp by Jesus' blood. Thanks.
    - Aug 06 2016
  • We are broke and in debt. Please join us in pleading the promises in Malachi for blessings for returning tithes and offerings. Thanks.
    - Aug 04 2016
  • Please pray for me to remember my password, urgently. Thanks.
    - Aug 03 2016
  • Prayer Request: Please pray for me.I need your healing prayers.I am 68 years old. I suffer from heart problems and diabetes. Diabetes has caused kidney problems and liver problems( I do not drink or smoke) I will be most happy for your help in prayer. Please pray for my miracle. I also suffer from Depression and anxiety.This has a great deal of problems.. Pray for peace-peace of mind, peace of heart, and peace of soul!!! Please ask everyone to pray for me. Thank You, Alfred O. Brown Jr.
    Alfred Brown Jr - Aug 01 2016
  • ABSENTEES: Lee V., Rona, Mike, Michelle, Annette VISITORS: Young man in back, Leon, Suzanne, Pattens, Michael REQUEST: SUZANNE: Paulette Conner, surgery on hand; Pastor Ben and NA Church, Elizabeth Price, daughter, back injury DON and MARY: Sister Jan's recovery from operation; Brother-in-law-Ralph--cancer removal from his nose and skin grafts; Brother-in-law Mike cornea transplant problems and esophageal cancer; Mom & Poppa--old age dementia, problems from stroke; Cindy--kidney and liver failure, COPD and heart problem KARL BERGMAN: My friend Sid Davis to beat prostate cancer w/proposed treatment. CLAUDETTE: Prayer for Wormald family, husband-father died last Monday and was buried Thursday. Prayer for my family to find their way back to God. JOAN: Evelyn is going thru a difficult situation. Pray also for Vania who is causing a lot of problems. My family. ME: Thank you for your continued prayers for Lois. She is doing better physically is going back to church, but still has some questions about God's love for her. Good news!!! We found out Wed. at Bible study that the church who wants to buy over church has agreed to the asking price. Continue to pray that the Lord will take care of any and all other obstacles that might come our way!!! Ann, am praying that all will have safe travel and your gathering will show the effort and work that you invested, be blessed. All others, Will see you Sabbath, Lord willing, Sis. 'Mina
    Brian Howell - Jul 30 2016
  • special prayer for my back lower back to be healed . Lower lumbar L5, L4, L3 is bad.. please pray for the lord to restore my body..i have 24 hour pain..
    charles wright - Jul 28 2016
  • Greetings in Jesus' name. My laptop needs urgent resurrection. I use my laptop for ministry, for spreading the everlasting gospel. I need the data on my hard drive, and I need to be able to type and print and scan and project, and play the gospel music on it. Finances are tight. Thanks for prayers. God bless you. Please pray for my health and future spouse as well, and especially for my backslidden elder brother. Thanks.
    - Jul 26 2016
  • Please pray the wicked living on the 1300 block of Dellrose St in my city of Wichita in the USA. Pray they would move out or be cast out of this neighborhood; OR pray that God would radically save, transform, discipline and civilize them. They have been nothing but problems (stealing, vandalizing, disturbing the peace, etc.) since moving in. Furthermore, pray for the cleansing of this entire area, and pray that I would be delivered from financial debt. In the precious name of Jesus, Amen.
    Larry Nail - Jul 25 2016
  • Please pray for me against any death trap set before me. My sister had a dream about me saying I was dead and brought home for burial. I need a prayer partner and a person who help me commit myself fully to GOD. You can contact me on
    Randy Antwi - Jul 25 2016
  • Good,afternoon, VISITORS: Family and friends of our young guest speaker Michael Esua from Fayette Ga. If you were not present, you missed a blessing! Thanks to Becky for making the contact; Gloria Cu's grands, Donald and his family ABSENTEES: Lee V., Jimmy and Rona, Bob, Karl, Christian and children, Joan, Mike, Gloria Cl. and Larry, Gracie, Don and Mary, Brian and Francis PRAISES: Lee A. Hiers "THIS IS A PRAISE"--My house caught fire yesterday(Friday). I was gone to N.Augusta Friday and had left an eye on my stove on, never had I done this before. When I got home, the house was full of smoke, the fire was out! I don't know why. I am a child of God. ( Lee, we give praise to God for saving your home from destruction! He does take care of His children. Thanks for all who had anything to do with the Great VBS Activity last week. It was a blessing for all. Continue to pray for the construction on our property which has been started. Blessing to everyone, Sis. 'Mina
    Brian Howell - Jul 23 2016
  • Please pray for my business to be blessed online and have me win lottery to benefit the church and others and to move where god want us to move.
    charles wright - Jul 21 2016
  • MISSING PERSON*** Roy Welch, 50, of Oakdale, TN. Owner/operator of Roy's Transmission, raced at I-40 Motorcross few years back, #57.... Missing since September 2015, family hasn't seen or heard from him since. There is an active missing person report at The Wartburg Sheriffs office. This is my brother Roy. It may look like his girl friend family may of killed him. The cadave dogs found human DNA on a shovel and a pic by his home. They are trying to see if they can find his body. I just pray that they will find him a live or find his body. Thank you.
    Darlene Scotton - Jul 18 2016
  • Good afternoon, Leslie is still asking for prayer for her brother. Mrs. Peterson is asking for her entire family. Pray for VBS; all who are attending and those who are making it happen. Rosemarie called this am with these what she called urgent requests: for herself; Leon; Michelle, her daughter; Steve; and Jennifer. Pray for the workers and the work that is going on at the church building site. Pray that the Lord will bring to fruition all the requests and plans that were discussed at Church Board meeting on Sunday past. Pray for sick and shut-in. Pray for those in mourning because of recent police and other reckless killings. Pray for our country. God bless you; Sis 'Mina
    Brian Howell - Jul 16 2016
  • Please pray for my ministry this week, for transportation costs, and for car gas miraculously multiplying. Thanks.
    - Jul 15 2016
  • Greetings in Jesus' name. Please pray for me. Satan tried to get me fired recently, and someone else got fired instead. Now he has one supervisor and the CEO thinking that I am a criminal, but other managers and supervisors don't think so, Hallelujah. I actively witness the three angels' messages at work as tactfully as I can. Please also pray for health and finances. Thanks.
    - Jul 14 2016
  • Please pray for my ministry in our local church and in our district/ circuit of churches. Please pray for a sermon I have to do Sabbath. Please pray for my ministry at work-- the enemy is fighting at work and at church and all over the place. Please plead Jesus' blood against all forces of darkness. Thanks.
    - Jul 14 2016
  • I have a home based business and am struggling to make ends meet. I am also struggling spiritually. I have a time sensitive prayer that I would see my business grow in the next 6 days in order to cover expenses. My faith is weak. But I can't do this business without His miracles. I have tried to grow my business on my own strength and it hasn't worked. I desperately need His help. Thank you for your prayers.
    Michelle Allen - Jul 13 2016
  • Please pray for me, and for a close family member. We both have been through a lot, and formerly calm personalities are now erratic, and simply emphasising a point for either of us makes us each seem to be quarrelling. Thanks.
    - Jul 11 2016
  • Prayer Request: Please pray for Eric McDonald.Please pray for his salvation.Eric needs deep inter healing. Pray that God will tear down all the strong holds in his life. Please pray God will heal the memories of his past. He needs to come unto Christ and give himself to God through the saving grace of Jesus Christ… I believe God can and will touch his life and touch his heart and mind… Pray for a miracle of New Life in Christ…Pray that he will be a new man in Christ Jesus… Pray that Eric will experience the grace and mercy of God and this will turn his life around!!! Thank You, Alfred Brown
    Alfred Brown - Jul 11 2016
  • REQUESTS: JOAN: My friend Evelyn is going through stress. My Fla. family is going to Croatia this week May God grant them a safe trip. I will be driving to NY this week. God help me to be a blessing to my family. ANN: Members who are traveling; Let me be a light for Jesus; Building project; Church ministries; My son Demetrius; Families who have lost loved ones. CLAUDETTE A.: My youngest daughter's father. He has been on kidney dialysis,is not doing well. Dementia has set in. He is going into hospice care now. My friend, Al B., for healing; Mary and Don for traveling mercies. Rosemarie B.-personal issues; Pastor and Denise--traveling mercies; My children to return to the Lord. ME: At Bible study Wed. Becky said she saw men working at the building site when she was coming in. I rode out after the study and saw them working. Praise the Lord!. Ground has been broken! Continue to be blessed, Sis. 'Mina
    Brian Howell - Jul 09 2016
  • Hello to you i was wondering please if you could pray because i am receiving flyers to evangelize Paris it is a very hard city people seem to be engrossed in themselves please pray for the Holy Spirit to reach deep into their souls, for them to be extremely interested and do deep studies on the truth and for them to accept truth and live forever with JESUS Also for demons to leave people who around me everythere i go trouble me and speak behind my back Also for me to be soon financially independent through investing thank you for God to help me achieve this soon For my parents to be saved and eliminate addictions for my dad Jacques to he leahed from eyes and have financial blessings for my mom Suzan to he healed from skin cancer thank you
    KJKJ KKJ - Jul 08 2016
  • Pray for Khadijah because she’s being seduce by a girl name LaRimma; the devil is using LaRimma to teach Khadijah voodoo and other evil spells. LaRimma have Khadijah blindsided from the truth of God. The devil is using LaRimma to put demonic demons in Khadijah kids Ashton (3 year old) and Austin (3 month old). Pray that God will remove LaRimma out of Khadijah life; pray that God will open Khadijah eyes because she’s only 22 years old. The devil is in the mix of this situation because he doesn’t want Khadijah to be saved. I’m asking all these things by the blood of Jesus and in Jesus name. Amen
    Jamal Cheatham - Jul 03 2016
  • Good afternoon, Saints, (Who would have said that? ( Pray for them if you know who they are. They are out of town.) ABSENTEES: Lee V., Bob, Karyn. Cristian and children, Michelle, Erin, Ibaniscues, Gloria Cl. and Larry, Lillian, Gracie, Brian and Francis, Trisa, Pastor and Denise VISITORS: Wendell Battle, and wife from Va.; Sebastian Green and wife, local, relatives of Battles PRAYER REQUESTS AND PRAISE: MARY and DON: Mom and Poppa Bill; Jan: Mary's sister, operation; Mike-cancer and his eye; Cindy; Our church family ****Thanks for God's many blessings and the freedoms He gives us; His many creatures, plants, colors shapes, and textures; All His provisions given; His sacrifice so that we may be His forever. Pray that we will become more like Jesus each day and be united with Him. Healing for all physical, mental, spiritual as needed per His will. GLORIA CU.: Continue to pray for my children and grandchildren. Satan has them in a tailspin. Pray for me. Thursday on Oriole St., someone backed up into my car with me in it and took off. I followed her but she eventually got away after the storm broke. Through all of this I was not able to get a tag number, make of car nor call the police because I had left my phone at home. I am also having trouble "remembering". I did drive to the police station during the downpour and made the report. LESLIE: Christian and Karyn to come to church each week; I want to speak to others about Jesus and the truth. My brother, Hubert James, to be made well. He had a slight heart attack this past week. God bless you all, Sis 'Mina
    Brian Howell - Jul 02 2016
    MALIK BRAZILE - Jun 28 2016
  • Hello, y'all; ABSENTEES; Lee V.; Christian and children; Dennis and family; Ann; Mike; Gloria Cu.; Gloria Cl. and Larry; Gracie; Brian and Francis Guest Speaker: Elder James Beckford and wife and daughter from Gastonia, NC PRAYER REQUESTS; CLAUDETTE: My youngest daughter's father, Robert W., is on kidney dialysis, not doing well. We're praying for his salvation. Rosemarie Bossert - personal problems with her family. She has blocked our communications so even I cannot talk to her. My sister, Deanna, is losing her eyesight due to diabetes. GABRIELA: Dee Coleman--Pray for God's guidance, comfort, peace, health, and knowing His will. SUZANNE GURR: Cousin Jim, major heart attack--still in hospital. LESLIE: Please remember my grandson Brandon. He needs the Lord. Remember Aaron. He wants to find a job where he does not have to work on Sabbath so he can come to church. We will see T.J and Levi McMillan and family soon. We want to witness to them. Please pray for the Lord to give us the right words to say in the right way . DON and MARY; Mom and Poppa Bill; Cindy; my sister,Jan; my brother-in-law, Mike; or church family. 'MINA: Cont'd prayer for Loretta,my helper, who is at Pruit for therapy after having he left knee replaced. All is going well except she says "It still hurts!". We know that's to be expected, but pray for her a speedy and successful recovery. Now I get to "kill two birds with one stone" because she is in same facility as Al.Lois says that she still senses some movement in her body, but not to prior degree. She is back at work and now going back to church, the depression is almost non-visible. Thanks for your continuous prayers for her. Just talked to Tabbi a few minutes ago. She is still having some health issues.. Pray for those planning for VBS and for the children who will be coming. Continue to pray for start up on the work of our new church and that the Lord will bless all of the efforts expended whatever they may be; physical, monetary, prayerful, whatever is done to implement, encourage or expedite the completion of the building project. And all the praise will belong to our Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ. May God bless us all, Sis. 'Mina
    Brian Howell - Jun 25 2016
  • Please pray for John,God to teach him His ways,fill him with love,heal his every inner wounds,hatred,revenge and inferiority complexes and communication problems, give him peace and happiness,a good job ,faithful friends and a place to live.Lord he is Your child,wipe away his tears ,take away depression and sorrow now itself,take away every evil bindings give him happiness.Thanks
    mk k - Jun 25 2016
  • please pray for guidance and understanding as I am seeking direction for my life and my teenage daughter.
    Donyel Odom - Jun 24 2016
  • Please pray for me, I am so sad with my life, I don't understand what it is that God wants for me. I am struggling spiritually and mentally. Memories of my pass sins just keep coming up like a picture in my mind. Things that I did when I was a child and things that were done to me has a child. My husband tells me that God has forgiven me for my past - so how comes it keeps on coming up in my mind. i have no job - and I am trying to wait on the Lord -but my faith is weak - does God really care. He put my mother and father to sleep at a time I needed them most - and I just don't understand what my purpose is. Please I ask that you pray for me please. Please for me that I get a job, Please pray that my young adult children return to the Lord - and that my eldest child finds peace and re-establishes his relationship with God and me, that my daughter decides to be more proactive with her life - that she decides to do driving lessons. that she and my son will stop smoking weed. - I need peace - please pray for me.
    Auj - Jun 20 2016
    JANIS MOUTON - Jun 20 2016
  • Good Sabbath afternoon, ABSENTEES: Lee V., Rona, Becky and family, Gloria Cu., she's in Peru on a Mission Trip, Gracie, Trisa VISITORS: Karl's wife Judy and grandson, young couple REQUESTS AND PRAISES: DON and MARY: Mom and Poppa Bill; Mike Young, Jan Dorsey, Our church family, Sale of our church. ANN: Praises to God for bringing us safely through another week; As our building project is in it's genesis stage, let our faith not waver nor our commitment shrink..Pray for leadership of SDA Church. ME: Pray for shut-ins: Rona, Gracie, others that I don't know about. Pray for Loretta, the lady who helps me. She had knee surgery on Wed., is currently at Pruitt Rehab.Pray for Pastor's rest and comfort on his time off. Let us all take time to thank and praise the Lord for His goodness towards us even when we don't always do as He wants us to do. May God bless you all, Sis. 'Mina
    Brian Howell - Jun 18 2016
  • Please, pray that God will restore my marriage 10 fold better than before, for His glory and service.For VIctoria and Larissa to surrender their lives to our redeemer and Savior. For Betty and I to be faithful in our fasting time, for Imtasik organization to get enough monthly supporters t continue to serve the community with mental health counseling. Amen
    - Jun 13 2016
  • Please pray that GOD, slams doors open in my favor and lands my product on the correct desk where the influence is in order to get my product placed on the store shelves. Also please continue to pray that AC and I continue to grow In GODs love, if it is of Gods will. and if not allow me to accept it and understand it, too
    laurie machado - Jun 13 2016
  • Happy Sabbath, VISITORS: Gentleman who has been coming alone but today had what I assumed was his family, will get his info next time; Gloria Cu.'s grandson ABSENTEES: Lee V., Ronda. Christian, Lee H., Michelle,Mike, Ann, Gracie, Claudette is back, Brian and Francis, the Peterson ladies PRAYER REQUESTS ANN: Her mother-in-law Daisy is in the cardio-vascular unit at University Hospital in Augusta. MARY and DON: Cindy is doing better. She's at home. Mike, Mary's brother-in-law, is doing better. Mom and Poppa; our church family. .GLORIA: Safe travel on trip to Peru, that she will be able to adjust to the altitude change there. Continue to pray for her family JOAN: I will be having laser surgery on my eye Tues. 6/14. Please pray that all goes well and for my doctor. God bless and stay cool; Sis. 'Mina.
    Brian Howell - Jun 11 2016
  • Greetings in Jesus' name. Please join me in prayer for a backslidden brother. He is in the grips of Satan, but God can set him free. Thanks.
    - Jun 06 2016
  • Please pray for Michael to be free of this spiritual possession he is right now. Please pray that God will free him from this woman who is so wicked. She leaves her children at home at night to go after him. Please, pray with me and for me for this to stop. In the name of Jesus. Also, for my daughter and I be protected from evil, and for God to protect our finances.
    - Jun 04 2016
  • Happy Sabbath, It's a beautiful sunny afternoon here. I pray that it's the same where you are. I'm changing the procedure just a bit. Instead of listing ABSENTEES and VISITORS, I'm listing ATTENDEES and VISITORS. Can you reason why? VISITORS: Ray and Francis from Allendale ATTENDEES: Lee V., Karl, Leon, Elizabeth and Dominique,Barney, Leslie, Dennis, Robin and girls, Gloria Cl., Wilhelmina, Joan, Lee H., Lillian, Mike, Ann, Henry, Heyward, Brian, Alice PRAYER REQUESTS: LESLIE: Jordan Couch, her great-grandson, ran into something last night and split his forehead. Pray that he will be healed without any problems. Aaron has lost some money orders. This was to pay his rent. Please pray that he will find all of it. **** Pray for Jimmy Paul. He has serious back infection. ELIZABETH PRIESTER: Pray in the name of Jesus for our church family all over the world; for my family members and for my disability claim. Pray for safe travel for all who will be returning home from Campmeeting and that God will bless all of us wherever we are. Be blessed, Sis. 'Mina
    Brian Howell - Jun 04 2016
  • Single father and need a new job close to home.
    Henry Shaner - Jun 04 2016
  • Please pray for our finances during the summer. We'll have no income for two months. May God give us an extra job during that time. May God refine us in this terrible fire we are going through right now.
    - Jun 01 2016
  • VISITORS: Gloria Cu.'s granddaughter, Sister from Johnston Church ABSENTEES: Lee V., Jimmy and Ronda, Leslie, Christian, Karyn, Lee H.., Joan, Becky, Mike, Michelle, Dennis, Claudette, Lillian, Brian and Francis, Gracie Speaker was Leon Edinger PRAYER REQUESTS: ANN DICKS: Brenda Anderson, Lillian Alston- healing for their bodies; Carolyn Cummings-recovery from knee surgery and her diet; Those receiving Bible studies; Building project; Church officers-- Leadership; Safe travel for those who might just be going to Camp Meeting and safe return for all. DON AND MARY: Cindy is out of hosp., still needs prayers; our church family, sale of our church, Mom and Poppa Bill; our children. NO NAME: Please pray for me--feeling very tired!!!! The exclamation points are mine("Mina). The person really needs our prayers. I know who it is from the handwriting. ****God's leading at Camp Meeting; Church family--love and unity; Lillian-health; God's love, and that through thankful prayer that we become more like Him everyday!!! God bless Sis. 'Mina
    Brian Howell - May 28 2016
  • Good Sabbath afternoon, VISITORS: Because, Monte, the speaker for the day is related to a member of our sister church in Aiken there were a number of them present, Katlyn, Gloria Cu.' granddaughter, Ruth's charge ABSENTEES: Lee V., Karyn and kids, Christian and kids, Dennis, Gloria Cl. and Larry, Gracie, Brian and Francis REQUESTS: ROBIN BLACK: Please pray that Dennis gets to move up to a different position at work. There are only 6 positions available and he would like to move up. HEYWARD: Kathi Courtney had a seizure, was in ICU, now has been to a regular room, pray for healing.. LESLIE: My sister and her husband are back home and doing better than when in the hospital. Of course, his Parkinson's Disease is still bad. He needs our prayers. GLORIA CU.: My niece in Philadelphia has dementia and her living conditions are terrible. Pray that her son will do what he needs to do for his mother. MARY AND DON: Cindy Johnson is still in hospital; Mom and Poppa Bill; our children and extended family; Valerie--relapsed ELIZABETH PRIESTER: Pray 4 me 2 show and be all Abba said I can be in His Glory and the name of Jesus, our Example. Let's pray for all others in all churches who don't know Christ Jesus. Smile, God loves you and me. May God continue to bless all of us; Sis. 'Mina
    Brian Howell - May 21 2016
  • I am a volunteer taking Jesus behind the prison walls for a renewal weekend beginning Thursday, May 19 and ending Sunday, May 22, 2016. Please pray for the inmate participants, the prison administration and the volunteers. Thank you and may God continue to bless you.
    Bill Hutchison - May 17 2016
  • Please pray for my mental health and physical healing.
    Mr Kelly I - May 15 2016
  • Please pray for guidance and provision and deliverance and protection, both generally and regarding our needed car maintenance. We have had a few bad experiences with repairmen. Thanks.
    - May 15 2016
  • Good Sabbath afternoon, I never got last week's off, so I'm mixing some from last week in with today's. But first things first: VISITORS: Raphael, our guest speaker, Peterson family, Walter, Larry, Ruth's friend and daughter ABSENTEES. Lee V., Christian, Ann, Mike, Claudette, Brian and Francis. Russell and Arlene, as well as Joan and Henry left during service. REQUESTS Elizabeth Priester: Our Mother's strength and health; our family members, my being able to share Jesus' love for us; I have need of a better car. Cheri Hicks: from last week: She was scheduled to have another surgery this past Thursday This is the 7th neck surgery that she has had. She has appreciated all the cards and prayers for her and Randy. ***This was an anonymous one from last week: for our faithful loving Mothers; beauty of nature; Rosemarie's and Gracie's health; church family, all who are searching for Holy Spirit's guidance and that they will respond positively to the guidance. Gloria Curry asks for prayer for both Geana and Drew who are both going through job related trials and physical challenges. Pray that they will turn to God Who can do all things and bring this too to pass. On the other hand Jody called inquiring about the SDA Church in Stone Mountain. He and his new wife planned to attend today. The request is to pray that they found a friendly, open and spiritual home for their family to grow in Christ. Don and Mary have praises for a safe trip. Cindy Johnson is still in hospital, maybe moved to a rehab center. Valerie had a relapse. Mom and Poppa Bill, our children, my brother-in-law Mike, he has esophageal cancer and may yet have to have cornea transplant; the sale of our church; our church family. Robin Black wants prayer for two friends: one is her service tech from Aiken Pest Control who has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and a lesion on his liver. He is going to Iowa for treatment. Her other friend's wife has been diagnosed as having lung cancer and may also have breast cancer. Just please pray for them and their families. I'm sorry that the Requests have not been as regular as they should be and I'm thankful my Sister has kept you informed. May God bless all of us as we work to spread this Last Day message in light of the soon coming of our Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ. Sis. 'Mina
    Brian Howell - May 14 2016
  • I pray for major financial blessing for all of my online business quickly. please pray for lord to put the right people in my downline... be able for move and pray for the lord guidance.
    charles wright - May 13 2016
  • Greetings in Jesus' name. Please pray for protection from a co-worker who watches for when I get my break/ lunch time to follow me from the production floor to the locker area to the gazebo to the lunch room to the cafeteria, to everywhere (breaks are staggered, and lunch varies with varying schedules), and is often in the locker area, watching me through the window when I go outside. He likes to leave his work area to come to my work area as often as possible, and it is never necessary (his work is being left at that time, and he can call or email anyone nearby easily, too, but he likes to intimidate me). Thanks for prayers.
    Ana - May 11 2016
  • Greetings in Jesus' name. Please pray for healing, for physical and mental energy, for nightly proper sleep without extended interruptions, for a straight spine, for mind and body in excellent shape to do what I need to do to glorify God. Thanks.
    - May 09 2016
  • Please pray for blessings I have been waiting and waiting for to materialize SOON, before my seemingly great patience wears out. I am very frustrated right now. Thanks.
    - May 04 2016
  • please pray that I am successful on my appeal this week in appellate court. Pray that they overturn summary judgment and let the case go to trial.
    KB Brown - May 02 2016
  • Happy sunny Sabbath afternoon, VISITORS: One lady from Iowa and her daughter from Aiken; a son from Columbia 1st and his Mother from Aiken; a lady from Aiken, Leon, one of Gloria Cu's grands ABSENTEES: Leslie, Arlene, Mike Morton, Gracie, Gloria Clayton and Larry PRAYER REQUESTS: LEE Hiers, Sr: A friend of mine, Mike,got killed on a bicycle last week in Augusta.Pray for his family Joan and her recovery. Laura Langsford to get well. Greg Hiers, for salvation. MARY & DON: Safe travel; Cindy Johnson; Mike Young, Our families, Mom and Poppa. My people are at status quo. Thank you, Ann, for organizing a heartwarming prelude to our Week of Prayer.Let's continue to pray for the success of the Week of Prayer,esp. for Pastor Torres. God bless all of you, Sis. 'Mina
    Brian Howell - Apr 23 2016
  • Greetings in Jesus' name. Please pray for me and my colleague. She has a swearing habit, describing various "fabrics" when upset at customers on the phone (muting the phone). I repeatedly asked her to desist, as I am being punished for the customers' rudeness or idiocy or verbosity, but she persists. A few hours ago, I felt God's angel physically restrain me as I felt like hitting her in the mouth when she did it again. After I was a little calmer, I emailed her to say that I will forward the same email to the management of our call centre if she chooses not to exercise self-control in the future. I am also giving her Scripture on HOW to exercise self- control. Please pray for us. Thanks.
    - Apr 21 2016
  • Please pray for me to be changed to be successful to be wise, clever, and bring Glory to God in all I do.
    - Apr 21 2016
  • Hello on a windy April afternoon, VISITORS: Ruth's friend and charge, Robert and Gabriela's friend ABSENTEES: Bob-has been moved to Rm. 313; Leslie (wasn't feeling well, Barney said; Michelle Ann, Gracie, Gloria and Larry, Brian and Francis, PRAYER REQUESTS: Mary and Don: Cindy Johnson-still in hospital; Mom and Poppa Bill; sale of our church and building of our new church; our church family. Me: Lois is feeling some better. Her brother came from Tenn. She is going back with him, maybe to stay if she can find a suitable job. Keep her in your prayers. Pray that Al makes the right decision whether to have his foot amputated or not. The decision is to be his alone. Lil says that it his foot and he must make the decision. Pray for God to help him make the right choice. OTHER INFO: Remember Week of Prayer from April 23-30 beginning at 6:30pm in the Sanctuary. Haystacks luncheon: Sabbath, April 30. Check bulletin board to sign up for contribution(s). May this week be one of the best you've ever experienced and to God be the glory, Sis. 'Mina
    Brian Howell - Apr 16 2016
  • Please pray for healing. Thanks.
    - Apr 13 2016
  • Good chilly Sabbath afternoon, VISITORS: Elaine Council; Elizabeth Priester; Jermaine, student from Oakwood; Frida; visitor with Robert I., Thank you,Gabriela for the informative message. Looking forward to another presentation soon; Ruth's friend ABSENTEES: Robert Wickham; Ronda, fell and hurt herself; Karen's grandson Tristan; Betsy; Joan; Mike and Michelle; Both Glorias and Larry; Brian and Francis, Annette, not feeling well. PRAYER REQUESTS: ELAINE COUNTS: Pray for me and my family. ELIZABETH PRIESTER: Eternal healing in all areas; Pray for Israel and lost tribes and others who have turned away from righteousness to evil. Turn to our Beloved Lamb of our Beloved Abba. Pray for Eternal love throughout the universe. My family members and myself health and peace. Ps. 107:20 to all. MARY AND DON: Cindy Johnson--She's in critical care unit again. She has kidney failure. Mike Young-cancer and eye issues. Mom and Poppa Bill. Please continue to pray for Lois and Al.Their issues are basically the same. Pray that my nephew will keep a promise that he made. Be blessed this week, Sis. 'Mina
    Brian Howell - Apr 09 2016
  • Happy sunny Sunday afternoon, VISITORS: Bart..., Ryan and Erin ABSENTEES: Jimmy and Ronda, Christian, Betsy, Mortons, Gloria Cu., Gloria Cl.. was present but left with Larry after she got sick, Brian and Francis, Claudette, Gracie, Heyward. PRAYER REQUESTS LEE HEIRS: Possible back operation for me; Greg Hiers, salvation. MARY AND DON DEMELLO : Cindy Johnson, Mike Young, Mom and Poppa Bill, Our children, Our sibling and their families, Our church family, Our building project. ME: Lois has gone home from hosp., but still needs prayer; Al may need to have his left foot amputated. Pray for Lillie[s strength and stamina as she tries to be there for Al.Pray that my granddaughter Bree will get her license and then be able to get a car. She is now 17. As Mary requested, please continue to pray for our building project and for the week of prayer, for Brother Torres, the Speaker, and that as many as can will attend and bring someone else along. Continue to be blessed, Sis. 'Mina
    Brian Howell - Apr 02 2016
  • It's a rainy Sunday Easter Sunday afternoon. I pray that yours is a good day with relatives and friends. VISITORS: Pastor Chisum, speaker for the day, his daughter and her friend; Domonique Priester, Frieda Knight, Randy and Cheri, her husband and their ]children from NC ABSENTEES: Bob Wickham, Betsy, Lee V., Lee H., Ann, Gracie, Brian and Francis. REQUESTS AND PRAISES: MARY and DON: Momma and Poppa Bill, Cindy Johnson, Mike Young, our children,, our siblings and their children; our building program, our church members. JOAN ; Henry is in pain. His back is giving him problems. He is still looking for work. .According to Lee Micheel Ritchie had a stroke. LESLIE: My cousin, Gary Mitchell, died. He was taken off life support Friday. Pray for hs sister, his 3 children and their families. JUANITA: Special request for wife's family; and for Genevie Guizat, Rosalyn Sutherland. Genevie is my sister and Rosalyn, my cousin. They are both real sick. My sister's heart is not good. She is under close watch by Dr's. in Missouri. Rosalyn is suffering from a cancer that is in it's latter stage. Pray also for Carabell Priester in Denmark, SC. She too is very sick. ME: Please continue to pray for both Al and Lois. I am sure that there are other Requests that are not recorded here. God knows who they are, so pray for all that you know who are in need of prayer, include Pastor, me, other elders and all other leaders at Aiken Church, please. May God bless you and keep you and yours,. Sis. 'Mina
    Brian Howell - Mar 26 2016
  • Please pray that nn will have a healthy thyroid gland and not need surgery. Thanks.
    - Mar 22 2016
  • Greetings in Jesus' name. We use tanks that harvest rain water, no city water. We use germ- killing chlorine, and sometimes (when possible) filtering, to have drinking water. We recently, for the second time, noticed an unpleasant, unusual smell/ taste, like someone added something unfamiliar. Please join us in prayer for safe, healthy, drinking water. Thanks.
    - Mar 21 2016
  • Greetings in Jesus' name. I am in my 30s, with deteriorating health. I have ministry to do, and am asking for healing from multiple complaints. Please specifically ask for ten times the maximum ever before in my life of:--- physical and mental energy, physical coordination, good memory+ hearing+ eyesight, strong immune system, breathing+ heart+ lung functionality, and a million times portion of God's Holy Spirit, by Jesus' blood. Thanks.
    - Mar 20 2016
  • Please pray for Easter Camp. Pray for God's glory and for protection and for guidance and for the enemy's plans to be blocked. Thanks.
    - Mar 20 2016
  • Please pray for anointing service to be successful. Thanks. (James 5:13-18)
    - Mar 18 2016
  • after 59 year I am being freed from violent sin & sinner. the problem is these people who claim to be family member who don't know, that when your baptized God and the church take over and I cannot handle it nw listening to their voices. claim any scripture for them and me, perhaps they could be saved and if not, I,ll have peace in the trial.
    Steven Drago - Mar 15 2016
  • Greetings on Jesus' name. Please pray for my brother, who is afraid to drive at night. He did not say straight up that he is afraid, but just that he hates it. He scared me driving at night. I sent him tips from the internet (Reduce-Glare-when-Driving-at-Night and one from Popular Mechanics website). Pray he pays attention to #6 on both lists -- his drifting towards the bright lights nearly gave me a heart attack. Thanks.
    - Mar 11 2016
  • Please pray for me to be changed and u bring Glory to God and Jesus Son of God.
    - Mar 10 2016
  • Greetings in Jesus' name. I am physically and mentally/ emotionally weak and ill, and am battling hand- to - hand with demons. Please pray for me and plead Jesus' blood against the enemy. Thanks.
    - Mar 06 2016
  • dissolutions of nevaeh's brain tumor rob's hip-injury-issue jobari's/robbie's disarayed priorities dena-a's nitemares of financial losses from"THE BANK" dena-a's cnstnt. REJECTIONS of full x jpb aplctns-rsmes; w. frngd. bnfts. & fair pray increases
    dena-antoinette chisholm - Mar 06 2016
  • Please pray for AH's protection today and always from all demons and all humans under their control. Thanks.
    - Mar 03 2016
  • Greetings, Today's visitors: Camden (Christian's newborn-she's a doll!),Crey Trowell, our guest speaker, Some visitors from Allendale came in as sermon was closing, I didn't get their names. Today's absentees: Lee V., Jimmy and Ronda, Bob, Russell and Arlene, Betsy, Mike, Michelle, Gracie, Brian and Francis? REQUESTS FROM TODAY: MARY AND DON: Cindy Johnson is in hospital--11 days already.Another infection in her kidneys. Mom and Poppa Bill., Brother-in-law, Mike. ***Pray for peace and health. LAST WEEKS HEYWARD: Pat Kelly had to leave where she was staying, has moved into a motel, has health problems, car quit running. ****Thanks for Lillian's protection (she has her heat back on!). God's leading and protection; Beauty of nature, Pray for health of church members, new church, community, Week of Prayer, Church family, unity. GABRIELA: My friend Dee as she needs to make decision about cancer treatment. Rachael-my friend. Her mother is dyng of pancreatic cancer . Keep her family in prayer. To get ready for Jesus' second coming, us and our dear ones. JOAN: Ann having pain in her legs. Pray for healing. Lee H. is going thru test for his muscles. Our church members that we will come together in love and unity. May we all be blessed this week as we keep these requests in mind and pray for each other. My thanks to Sis.Ann for forwarding these requests until I figure out how to get you all on a Contact List so that all I have to do is hit one key to send. God bless you one and all, keep praying, Sis. 'Mina
    Brian Howell - Feb 27 2016
  • Please pray for J to be convicted by the Holy Spirit of what he should do. Thanks.
    - Feb 27 2016
  • Greetings in Jesus' name. Please pray for A to be healed. Please also pray for LT and JW, who are over 1200 miles apart, and need to get married this year. Thanks.
    - Feb 26 2016
  • Greetings in Jesus' name. Please pray for healing and deliverance, by Jesus' blood. Thanks.
    - Feb 26 2016
  • Greetings in Jesus' name. Please pray that W and T will have location and job issues worked out, and will be married this year, if it will glorify God. Thank you, and God bless you.
    - Feb 23 2016
  • Please pray that, by God's grace and power, if it will glorify God, D and A will get married this year. Thanks.
    - Feb 22 2016
  • Please pray for at and st to hear God's voice at all times and to be deaf to the voice of the enemy, by Jesus' blood. Thanks.
    - Feb 21 2016
  • So many of God's people are ill. Please plead Jesus' blood against the enemy for healing and empowerment to do the work, the mission we have to do. Thanks.
    - Feb 17 2016
  • Hello brothers and sisters if you could help me please, My dad is 75 still working i have very little income in massage business in Europe my dad is in the USA I do some mission work if he dies i have no clue how to get out of this situation I have been interested in real estate buying in London if you could pray for God to give me loans easily and buy something like 4 appartments so that i can have income For someone to accept my situation with no fixed income and loan to me Right now the French gov is helping me with some money thank you In my business i work 8 hours a day seeking sometimes 1 or 2 clients a day and employees in fact i have been seeking empoyees since christmas with no suceess if you can pray that God blesses me in my business thank you Also if you can pray that i could get along with people in France as for no reason a lot of hate when i give the Bible flyers in the streets for no reason And for God to send me good friends and girlfriend Also my dad lost one of his contract and has less income for him to find large long term contracts to be able to pay all things and ave money thank you God bless
    FAB FABIEN - Feb 14 2016
  • I had graduated high school last year and I had been unemployed from September until late January. Now that I have a job please pray so that I may do well on the job.
    Jonathan Ashbeck - Feb 09 2016
  • Hello, I wanted to request prayer because I've been praying over a year now for God to help me develop a relationship with him to have a good life. However, during time of prayer I would think God is leading in this and then later be unsure if he is leading and became discouraged. I have burdens in my life that I find difficult to handle on my own and wanted God to give me a new life and guidance to deal with them, but I pray and it's like God is not giving clear confirmation that he is willing to work in my life. Now, I know from Bible that it is God's will that he give us salvation, but eight years ago I did had a encounter with God in which I discerned I'm a sinner and God loved me. This drew me to him, but I believe I grieved the spirit away from not giving up a pet sin. After this I had though I had possibly committed unpardonable sin because my heart seem to be numb to sin so just like now, I sought after God; but as I mentioned it looks like God doesn't answer me and that left me in despair and misery. So would like that you petition with me for God to let me know that I'm able to have relationship with him for better life. I thank you much,
    Ryan - Feb 08 2016
  • Greetings in Jesus' name. Please pray for my health (long list / issues) and my job situation. It is an unstable job, where a group of us can be jobless any minute, and it is very demanding, but not very high paying. Additionally, it is below my training in another area, and after taking waaaaay more than the normal time to study, working through school, and waiting for my degree a whole additional year after finishing because of debt, this stressful job that can be gone any minute is not what I would ever want. I need healing, plus financial miracles, plus miracles at work, +++. Thanks for prayers. God bless you.
    - Feb 07 2016
  • "Oh, give thanks unto the Lord, for He is Good, His mercy endures forever". Praises: God for His faithfulness Healing from back surgery for Rex (Barbara's son) Joan for healing and love Prayer Requests: No Name: That I will die to self daily and surrender to Christ through the Holy Spirit; Life style change for son and his friends Heyward: Remember the Haye family - Jon is barely hanging on to life- that they may be comforted in these trying times; son,Craig, needs prayer for healing; attempted returning to work but arms and legs in great pain and he was hospitalized and diagnosed with pinched nerve in neck. Joan: For Lee H. not feeling well; Barney & Leslie and family; Betsy's return to church, my family Lee Hiers: Mr. & Mrs Pilgram - He just came off ventilator and not expected to live; for Joan's shoulder; for me - leg and hip not working good, doctor said I need a walking cane; Greg's salvation; Laura Lunford is not able to eat normal. Mary DeMello: Her Mom and Poppa Bill; Mike, her brother-in-law; neighbor Valerie; her sons - John & Brian; Cindy Johnson Peter Sloan (visitor): His father, John Sloan, who is currently hospitalized with congestive heart failure; pray for him for his enlarged thyroid From Mina via Ann
    Brian Howell - Feb 06 2016
  • Happy Sabbath. We have reason to believe that someone may laywait us on the way to a distant church to minister. Please join us in prayer for protection and for the transportation to function excellently. Thanks.
    - Feb 05 2016
  • REQUESTS: GABRIELA: Praise the Lord for His mercies we received any day. Praise the Lord, my friend Dee is still recovering after a major surgery doing good so far. Praise Lord, my cousin that got burned several months ago is well on his way to full recovery. Keep my friend Dee in your prayers as she is facing chemo and radiation.. Keep her family in prayers as they are facing many health challenges at different levels. Pray for Eden, Dee's 8 yr. old granddaughter who has eye problems that may have long reaching consequences. **** Please play for my sister Sandy Schiffner recently diagnosed w/colon cancer. Lee Hiers Sr.: Connie Rube to find important property. Laura Lunsford, back operation. Greg Hiers-salvation. Don and Mary. Mary DeMello: My family, esp. Mom and Poppa Bill. Cindy Johnson. Don's family esp. Amy. Our church family. JOAN MULLER: Neighbors: Patricia Bailey and Nancy Olsen, both very ill. Jimmy and Ronda Smith; Don and Mary Demello, healing for my arm. Continued for Lois and Al who had to be readmitted to hospital. Be blessed, Sis. 'Mina
    Brian Howell - Jan 31 2016
  • The Lord is my refuge and strength, a very present help in time of trouble or need. What a lovely day was Sabbath! God blessed us with a beautiful white winter day, that was there in the morning and gone by afternoon. I pray no one had any damages or accidents because to it. There were only a handful of us at church on Sabbath but we had a glorious time. Joan was there. Here are the prayer requests and praises: Gracie: the wife of a friend is having some problems; the person to pray for is Ann Ott. 2. Gabriela: prayer for their friend Dee who had extensive surgery to clear out cancer in her abdomen 3. Joan: her son Michael who is stranded in California; who cannot fly to New York because of the snow storm. Also asked prayer for Gabriela's friend, Dee. 4. Ann: church revival, young man who broke into our home, Building Project, marriages, family & friends. Also keep these members in your prayers: Bob Wickham who is in Pruitt Nursing Home (formerly Mattie C. Hall) Cheri Hicks who is recuperating from surgery Leslie who fell and may have injured her hip Gracie who cannot drive to church anymore Lee Volkening who is having hip trouble Arlene who was not at church with Russell Our missing members Those affected/effected by Storm JONAS Family members who have not accepted Jesus May your weekly activities be a witness for Jesus. Ann
    Brian Howell - Jan 23 2016
  • This Sabbath coming I am to be preaching in one place while being deaconess and choir soloist for Communion in another place. Please pray for it to work out, as I attempt switching. Thanks.
    - Jan 17 2016
  • I have a large tuition bill for 2 children in sda high school. I need a miracle.
    Joylyn - Jan 16 2016
  • Name not listed: Russell and Arlene's health, a toddler's health. Thankful for God's love, the gift , of choice, the beauty and diversity of nature, families and friends, having a job, God's provision, and for God's sacrifice. Mary: safe travel as she goes to celebrate her mother's 90th birthday - it's a surprise, Mom and Poppa Bill, brother-in-law Mike's health, her sons, and Cindy Johnson. Heyward: his son Hayes has short time to live - his organs are beginning to shut down, asking for God's mercy that he lives to celebrate his birthday on January 28th. Mina: continued prayer for God's mercy and her healing; her son and grandchildren. Ann: for my family, church building project, community outreach and women's ministries, church revival and reformation. "Let us keep our faith and hope alive as we finish the work God has given us the privilege to do". See you Sabbath, if it's God's will. Ann
    Brian Howell - Jan 16 2016
  • Please pray for A and his companions to get the Everlasting Gospel, with the Three Angels' Messages, before it is too late. Thanks.
    - Jan 13 2016
  • Prayer Warriors, this is the day that the Lord has made, let us see and appreciate the beauty of each moment. Members not at church: Lee V., Bob W., Joan M., the Brooks & Domingue families, Christian & Jordan, Dennis, Robin, Emily, & Brooke Black, Robert & Gabriela, Gracie, Gloria Clayton, Gloria Curry, Brian & Frances, Ann, and Annette Patrick. On the 2nd Sabbath we had 15 visitors who worshiped with us. I am sending the prayer requests and praises for Wilhelmina for the 1st and 2nd Sabbaths. Lee H. - healing for his right knee; for Joan's arm, for salvation for his son Greg, for Laura Lansfind who can't keep her food on her stomach and is weighing less than 100 lbs., for John and Lee Hiers, Jr. Claudette - pray for healing for ill church members: Gloria Clayton, Gracie. Rosemarie, Russell and Arlene, Bob Wickham, Lola Cheri Hicks - appreciates all the outpouring of love and concern shown through prayer and cards of encouragement which means so much; she has one more surgery which is scheduled for Jan. 11th and is asking for your continued prayers. Jimmy - healing for Bob Wickham Ann - for spiritual and physical health, soldiers who were not able to be home for the holidays, veterans who have faithfully served our country, spiritual revival in 2016, evangelism and community services. Praises God for His immeasurable love and indescribable mercy. Be Blessed. Ann ☺
    Brian Howell - Jan 09 2016
  • Happy new year. We are SDA Christians, and minister in various ways. We prayed for transportation to do various ministries, and recently got miracle funds that allowed us to buy an old 1997 vehicle. It took us four hours journey away and back -- twice-- but after church earlier (it is Saturday night), when we went to a nearby church to minister, ready to attend church planning meetings tonight-- the steering wheel connection near the pedals has disconnected!! We wrestle not against flesh and blood, and need much prayer in our battles. God bless you.
    - Jan 02 2016
  • Happy new year. Please pray for healing for the new year. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. I have work to do, and need to be able to do it. Thanks for prayers, and God bless you.
    - Dec 31 2015
  • Please pray with us, pleading Malachi 3:10-12. We need blessings in health, finances, etc. We sacrificed to return our tithe and offering. Thanks.
    - Dec 23 2015
  • Good afternoon on a chilly day VISITORS: Zeruzabul and family (how the children have grown!), Leon, Gloria Cl's friend, young man with Ulysses and family ABSENTEES: Lee V., Bob, Leslie, Christian, Arlene, Betsy, Mike, Michelle, Joan, Connie, Gabriela, Gracie, Brian and Francis, Mary, Trisa, Heyward There were no written prayer requests submitted but I'm sure that each person in attendance had a personal request or one for a friend or family members. Several of us went to visit Gracie in the afternoon She is doing better but not yet wanting to drive the distance.. Russell says that Arlene was having a bit of a problem. Connie stayed with her so he could come to church. Joan was not well, had been to the emergency room early in the am, had come back home; Gabriela went to be with her for awhile. I do not have current info because I did not want to disturb her. I do not have any updates on Betsy either. I ask for continued prayer for Lois; specifically that she can find a Dr. who can diagnose her condition or knows someone who can and for Al, my cousin's husband. He is out of the hospital, in a nursing facility, but is retrogressing. This is putting more stress on my cousin Lillie. Despite what problems or trials each of us is experiencing, God is the answer and source of all our needs and comfort.
    Brian Howell - Dec 19 2015
  • We bought a used car. It cost more than we intended, and are in a quandary to get it licensed and insured. Please pray for us. The car is for ministry. Thanks.
    - Dec 15 2015
  • We just had another ordeal, and ordeals seem the norm, now. Please pray with us, pleading Galatians 3:29, Genesis 12:3, Malachi 3:10-12, John 16:24, 1 John 5:14-15, Isaiah 30:21, etc-- we urgently need a breakthrough, as we are literally falling apart. Thanks.
    - Dec 13 2015
  • Good afternoon, VISITORS: Gloria's family and friends since she was the Speaker for the day, John, another young man whose name I did not get even though I greeted him. ABSENTEES: Lee V., Christian, Karyn, Marilyn and Sean, Russell and Arlene , Betsy, Joan, Ann, Mike, Gloria Cl., Gracie, Brian and Francis REQUESTS: Sandra Johnson, Gloria's sister-in-law: Pray for our family throughout a crisis and that God gives us victory through Jesus. SANDY from Texas: I talked to her this am, she wants prayer for her 2 yr. old great grandson Liam James who has a shrunk skull. The Drs. are in a dispute over treatment, but must soon come to a decision to avoid serious complications. She is fine and has found a LARGE church but is beginning to get acclimated. She sends love. CONT'D prayer for Lois and for Al again who seems to be retrogressing from the progress that he had made and this is causing his wife, Lillie, my cousin, some heartache Let's all be careful as the holiday approaches. I wish you all a Happy Holiday as I will probably not get cards out this year. Thanks to all who have already delivered to me in person or by mail. I love all of you, 'Mina
    Brian Howell - Dec 12 2015
  • Greetings in Jesus' name. I have always had a list of health problems, but more now. Increasing fatigue, palpitations, and constant breathing difficulties led to some tests:-- I did an echocardiogram a few hours ago, and am wearing a 24-hour Holter monitor now. Please pray for complete diagnosis and for healing. Thanks.
    - Dec 08 2015
  • Greetings in Jesus' name. I have always had health issues, but seen to be getting extra. Please pray for proper, complete diagnosis in some overdue tests (finances delayed them) I have this week, and for Divine healing. Thanks.
    - Dec 06 2015
  • Happy Sabbath, VISITORS: Raphael and his Mom; Rosemarie, Leon, ABSENTEES; Lee V., Christian, Betsy, Lee H., Michelle, Gloria Cl., Gracie, Brian and Francis, Anthony and Annette REQUESTS: ***This is from last week but since the person was not here today I suppose the request is still valid: "Pray for me. since the flu season started I have been having breathing issues and coughing at night and asthmatic complications and job issues." ANN DICKS: Cameron, the infant suffering severe medical issues; Budget project; My immediate and extended families; Spread of this gospel message; Preparation for Jesus's coming. ROSEMARIE: FOR ME--Just found out I have a low thyroid .... Dr. is wanting to wait 3 months before treatment. Dr. wants me to try natural remedies. Cont'd for Lois. All those who are not coming to church because of because of illnesses. For me, please God bless, Sis 'Mina smile and be happy
    Brian Howell - Dec 05 2015
  • Please pray for healing. I have a list of health issues, that seems to be growing, with older issues acting up now, apparently to stress. I have very low physical and mental energy, and finances are not as much as needed. Thanks, and God bless you.
    - Nov 22 2015
  • Pray for the lord to put and edge around my Traffic Monsoon, IPAS2 and DS business and Empower Network online business and let it grow and prosper beyond my expectations. for the lord to protect my business. Pray for the lord to put recruit the right highly skilled successful Entrepreneurs in my business Ipas2 downline to be extremely prosperous.
    CHARLES WRIGHT - Nov 22 2015
  • Good afternoon, It's beginning to look a little like Winter out there. REQUESTS: LESLIE: Please put Tristin on your prayer list. He has Asthma and Karyn gave him breathing treatments yesterday. Christian had to do same for Jordan for allergies. JOKAY MADELO: For Kuya, Marcial's sister, suffering from cancer and is in ICU (Sabbath) right now. Prayer of thanks for my and Jazz's birthday, for having another year of life. ALICE: Pray for Cheri Hicks as she is recovering from surgery. Pray, also, for Randy. ROSEMARIE: For Michelle, Steve, and Jennifer, family members of hers. GLORIA CU. AND HER FAMILY as they today return from their cousin's funeral. Cont'd for Lois. Cont'd for all on sick list: Arlene, Gracie, Mrs. Bodie---, Mary Cornwell, Lee V. and any others that I am not familiar with. Pray for my health issues, please. ABSENTEES: Lee V., Karyn, Christian, Arlene, Betsy, Mike, Michelle, Connie,Gloria Cu.,Gracie, Brian and Francis,Trisa, Anthony and Annette, Heyward 6 Visitors God bless and Happy Thanksgiving, Sis. 'Mina
    Brian Howell - Nov 21 2015
  • Please pray for my friend D to see himself. He has friends supporting him in wrongdoing, so feels he is right when he is wrong. I alone seem like the big, bad wolf, and he thinks I am the wrong one. Thanks.
    - Nov 21 2015
  • Please plead Jesus' blood to deliver Ray from demonic deception. Thanks.
    - Nov 17 2015
  • Hello, I am sending out this prayer request in regards to landing an internship for this upcoming Spring semester with Exakt Marketing in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.
    David Jeanbaptiste - Nov 15 2015
  • Afternoon, Saints, on this rainy chilly afternoon, VISITOR: Rhonda, Jimmy's friend; Leon; a man who sat next to Alice in back; Ryan, pianist, and his wife ABSENTEES: Jokay and family; Lee V.; Christian; Russell and Arlene; Betsy; Gloria Cl.; Denise; Gracie; Brian and Francis REQUESTS: *** Russell and Arlene's health; All who are searching; Church family; Thankful for so many blessings and his care. DON: Patti Stone--eye problem ANN: Children's salvation; Marriage and family; Church Leaders; Church building project; Lola, Gracie and Sandy Continued prayer for Lois whose situation still has not yet been diagnosed, pray that one can be found. Pray for my memory to improve. Be blessed, Sis.'Mina **************** Prayer Request: I Started P.T. today for the pinch nerve on my spine, affecting both legs. My prayer is that the P.T. will work by God's grace, as I am not keen to under go spine surgery. Please pray with me PLEASE PRAY for my brother Ezekiel he is back to drinking and verbally abusive to his wife. The wife was trying to go back to church, now I don't know what is going on. I am asking for much prayer. God bless you all.
    Brian Howell - Nov 14 2015
  • I would like for my crush, Tiffany to start letting her guards down for me and stop thinking I'm like the past guys she's been with that broke her heart. I'll like for her to like me again and for us to get back to what we once were when we first started talking. I miss her and want her back! I also want to continue to be her spiritual influence and most importantly, continue assisting Christ by drawing her nearer to him.
    David Jeanbaptiste - Nov 10 2015
  • Greetings in Jesus' name. Please pray for God's protection and provision and guidance as my mother and I separate for a few weeks to minister in different dangerous locations. Thanks.
    - Nov 08 2015
  • Afternoon, Saints, on this rainy chilly afternoon, VISITOR: Rhonda, Jimmy's friend; Leon; a man who sat next to Alice in back; Ryan, pianist, and his wife ABSENTEES: Jokay and family; Lee V.; Christian; Russell and Arlene; Betsy; Gloria Cl.; Denise; Gracie; Brian and Francis REQUESTS: *** Russell and Arlene's health; All who are searching; Church family; Thankful for so many blessings and his care. DON: Patti Stone--eye problem ANN: Children's salvation; Marriage and family; Church Leaders; Church building project; Lola, Gracie and Sandy Continued prayer for Lois whose situation still has not yet been diagnosed, pray that one can be found. Pray for my memory to improve. Be blessed, Sis.'Mina
    Brian Howell - Nov 07 2015
  • I'm requesting special prayer for financial blessing and for the lord to take Charles Wright me out economic slavery. I ask for special understanding, wisdom, knowledge in financial gain and for the lord to bless my stiforp and empower network and recruit the right people ( marketing experts ) in my online business that will change my business around 360 degrees financially to walk away from my 311 job as soon as possible or by the end of this year of 2015 - 2016. I'm paying my tides now and planning seeds for a great harvest and for the lord to come through with his promises in his word. For the lord to remove the spirit of depression any bad spirits around me and family and give us the spirit of happiness and peace. to a decent place to live. thank you for your prayers and thank you lord.
    CHARLES WRIGHT - Nov 01 2015
  • The best thing would be his conversion, for which we are praying for years. But we urgently need deliverance (by whatever means necessary) from a demoniac who swore he would murder "without touching" the victim, and for years his devilry has been attempting just that. Only God, and living on our knees, keep life and sanity in place. Please pray for deliverance. Thanks.
    - Nov 01 2015
  • Good afternoon, ABSENTEES: Lee V., Ruth, Ann, Michelle, Gloria C u., Gloria Cl., Gracie, Brian and Francis, Anthony and Annette, Russell and Arlene VISITORS: Leon and 40+ sisters and brothers from New Life REQUESTS: MARY COLLINS: Mom and Poppa Bill; brother-in-law Mike; Valerie and her family; Me for the issues I'm facing with Jim's daughter. TABBI via e-mail: She says, "I have pinch nerve on the spine that gives pain in both legs. The Dr. wants to do surgery, but I chose to do physical therapy and pain management. I am asking the Lord to let my choice work. Continued prayer for Lois. What a joy to see the Sanctuary filled to capacity on Sabbath and to listen to beautiful music, an interesting Children's story which captured the attention of some adults (REMEMBER THE DUCK) and a powerful sermon from Elder Monte who encouraged us through the story of Euticus' (sp.) falling asleep in church at midnight and falling out of the window to be on guard in these times close to Jesus' coming. Let us be awake and about the Lord's business, right now. God bless us all. Sis. 'Mina
    Brian Howell - Oct 31 2015
  • Greetings in Jesus' name. Please pray for deliverance from a variety of pests in our home. We cannot afford urgently needed pest control/ fumigation. Thanks.
    - Oct 31 2015
  • Good Sabbath afternoon, VISITORS: Rhonda, Jimmy's friend; Suzanne, Jokay's friend. ABSENTEES: Trisa, Connie, Russell, Arlene, Lee V., Betsy, Bob, Gracie, Both Glorias. REQUESTS: CLAUDETTE: My son Michael--smoking cessation, My daughters--Barbra Burgess--healing; Mary and Fred Holmes, Edna Del Tore-healing; Robert Wormald-healing; Sandy Owenby-traveling mercy; Betsy. SUZANNE GURR- Right index finger-I was bitten by an insect. The finger is red and swollen. I have been saying and listening to healing scriptures. ANN S. DICKS: Cameron Gurrel, 3 month old boy who is clinging to life. Progress is not good. Demetrius Dicks; Marcus and his family; Church outreach; Church building project JOAN: My neighbor Irene has to have a PET test on Tues. Pray that outcome is good. LEE HIERS: Laura Lunsford had a car accident. Slow to overcome. Greg Hicks, Atlanta Ga., unsaved. John Hiers preaches to the homeless. He is also homeless, lives in the woods on the Savannah River. GABRIELA: Russell and Arlene's health; Gigi-my friend, for her health. ***Pray for serious arthritis from my lower spinal area to my knees., also my wife's health. 'MINA: Please continue to pray for my previous requests. May God continue to bless each of you, Sis. 'Mina
    Brian Howell - Oct 24 2015
  • Good afternoon, Saints, as someone very dear used to say, It's a beautiful day where I am. I pray the same for you. NO VISITORS: Leon and Rosemarie, Gabriela back from vacation ABSENTEES: Lola in TN with son. Her husband is here in Aurora; Gracie, Brian and Francis, Betsy, Lee H., Russel and Arlene, Lee V. The family with the four adopted daughters REQUESTS *** Russell's and Arlene's health; thanksgiving for all able to come to worship today, especially having Gabriela back home and Sandy home, missing those unable to be here. Thankful for God's love and beautiful weather. ROSE: For daughter Michelle who had surgery last Tuesday to remove large moles on her shoulder; Steve her son=in=law,his business trip to Oregon; Grandchild Jenny, last year in college, for for spiritual growth in life; Kevin and family. Mary Collins: Praises for safe travels; brother=in=law Mike has esophageal cancer and an eye problem, also having kidney function problem. Always- Momma and Pqppa Bill. ***Please keep me in your prayer for work schedule and body pain. Pray for my wife's and her mother's health outlook for the present. Pray for Gracie and all those who were not at church on Sabbath for whatever reason. Pray for our building project and for all the speakers that we invite to Aiken Church, Pray that any visitor will want to come back to worship with us. Continue to pray for Lois, she has still not found anyone to diagnose her ailment and Al my cousin's husband. God bless you all, Sis. 'Mina
    Brian Howell - Oct 18 2015
  • Please pray for Bill to humble himself to repent and confess his sins to God, and be converted before if is too late. Thanks.
    - Oct 13 2015
  • Happy rainy Sabbath, but "It is a day that the Lord has made so..." ABSENTEES: Lee V., Lola, Christian, Jordan, Tristian, Betsy, Joan, Mike, Ann, Michelle-SS, Gabriela, Lillian, Gracie--is not well and cannot drive according to Claudette, Call her or send her a note, Mary. Annette and Anthony, Brian and Francis. VISITORS: Jimmy's friend, Henry, family with four Chinese daughters, Hispanic family with 2 children, Sandy was back today, will be going to Texas soon. REQUESTS: *** Laura Lansford(sp.) is very sick. LESLIE... Please pray for Brandon. He needs the Lord in is life. Remember Bart. He has been sick for 2 0r 3 days. *** for my eyesight. *** Safe travel as Russell goes to see his family i Georgia, also for Gabriela as se comes back home. Thanks for God's protection and friends and family including church family. CLAUDETTE... Barbra Burgess--healing; Robert Thormold sp. Grace Tripp, healing; My sisters-Deanna and Joyce-healing. *** Sandy Moore and family in FL My cousin Lois went to Atlanta today to get checked out at Emory University Hospital. Pray that they can determine what hr problem is. Also for my grandchildren's mother Vicky who had surgery on yesterday. REQUESTS FROM WEDNESDAY: Columbia flood victims, Don's family; Ann's family, Church construction and evangelism, Robert Wickham. Be blessed, Sis. 'Mina
    Brian Howell - Oct 10 2015
  • My family suffers from poor health, demonic oppression, an poverty. Please pray for us. God bless.
    mr Kelly I - Oct 09 2015
  • Right now I need a new job because my last two jobs have been expired and one of them is only seasonal so please pray so God may find me a new job according to His plans. I had been graduated from high school since May 30 and I am currently unemployed.
    Jonathan Ashbeck - Oct 06 2015
  • Greetings in Jesus' name. Please pray for deliverance from satanic assaults continually in our home. A family member has given himself to Satan, and is always attacking both in subtle and blatant ways. We have had enough now. Please plead Jesus' blood against the enemy. Thanks.
    - Oct 05 2015
  • Good afternoon, PATRICIA STONE; Mrs. Deborah Spires needs healing from a stroke. Yesterday Brad had deliverance from cigarette smoking. .Pray for deliverence from smoking for her daughters also: Anna, Amanda and Tonya. Also for my son, Harvey Stone's salvation. GABRIELA: Gigi- a friend dealing with multiple health issues. Traveling mercies for myself as I go to and from visiting my family in Romania. Pray for these who mayor may not have been at Bible study on Wed.. The Lord knows what their needs are: Lois, Don, 'Mina's soon and her health; Cheri Hicks, Sandy's son and daughter; Heyward--His friend and Maggie in grief, IRS issue for Pastor . Heyward had a request that was turned in today. I misplaced it. The Lord knows what it is.
    Brian Howell - Oct 03 2015
  • I am a battle- worn soldier in the Lord's army. I have always had health issues, from when I was a foetus, to childhood, to now. It has been getting worse, with more and more illnesses and not enough funds for complete diagnosis and treatment. Please pray for me. Thank you, and God bless you.
    - Oct 02 2015
  • Please pray for Tom to be delivered from Satan's snares. Please plead Jesus' blood in his behalf. Thanks.
    - Oct 02 2015
  • I need to leave my current job urgently. First I did not go with requested dishonesty, and then ended up sliding into it and spoiling my otherwise excellent witness. I can not stay beyond this week, and need another job urgently, too. Please pray for me. Thanks.
    - Sep 27 2015
  • Good afternoon, It's good to be back up and running again. I'm only putting yesterday's requests in because of time. Mary JoKay de Jose: 1. Please pray for the recovery of my baby niece in the hospital right now and needs urgent heart surgery. 2. Pray for my parents to be granted a tourist visa here to the USA so that they can come and visit their grandchildren, Jazz, Jacko and Kaio. Thank You. Lord! Claudette: Barbra Burgess in hospital with stroke this week. Sara and Tonya -death of Mother yesterday(Fri.). Sandy-death of James. Fred and Mary Holmes--for healing., My sisters Joyce and Denna for healing. Please thank the Lord that my Brother was finally able to find the time to get me back on line. Pray also that all of the complications have been corrected and there will be smooth sailing from now on. May we all have a healthy and prosperous week. See you on Wed. or Sabbath as the case may be. God bless, Sister 'Mina
    Brian Howell - Sep 26 2015
  • I need God's great working to glorify His name in my life.
    - Sep 26 2015
  • Please pray for urgent deliverance from a toxic work situation. God hates every species of dishonesty, and I need to be severed from all He hates, NOW. I cannot afford to stay any longer. Thanks.
    - Sep 25 2015
  • Please pray for health and finances for me, and for my family. Also (very important) pray for all Jesuits in the SDA Church to be removed, either by conversion or by whatever means God sees necessary. Also pray that all God's people's online data (Facebook, email, etc) will be miraculously removed at the right time, when the mark of the beast is enforced. Thanks.
    - Sep 19 2015
  • I am ill, broke, weary, weak, and worn. I am tired if begging. In my financial distress, I sacrificed what little I had for God's cause. Please pray for blessings and healing and HELP. Thanks.
    - Sep 13 2015
  • Greetings in Jesus' name. I have always had health issues from childhood, but the list of illnesses is growing, and I am 36.I am getting weaker physically and mentally, and finances prevent proper/ complete diagnosis and treatment. Many stressors are affecting me. Please pray for me. Thank you, and God bless you.
    - Sep 11 2015
  • I would like to request prayer for a dear friend of mine. He used to be a Catholic, but he's struggled with homosexuality, and turned his back on his religion. I would like request prayer that the Holy Spirit be poured out on him, and that he can accept Jesus Christ into his heart as his personal savior. I would also like to request prayer that if it be the Lord's will, that my friend could turn from his sin.
    Laura Gonzalez - Sep 06 2015
  • Pray for Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk who was thrown into jail because she stood up for Godly principles & refused to support gay marriage, and also that there will be many Kim Davises.
    Ian Blythe - Sep 05 2015
  • Greetings in Jesus' name. I have an issue at work. I am being blamed for errors that seem my manager's fault. He wants me to fix it by being dishonest. My health is not good, and work stress was already affecting it, and now this on top of it. I need miracles urgently. Thank you for prayers. God bless you.
    - Aug 28 2015
  • Greetings in Jesus' name. I have many health issues, almost a dozen, but most recently a congenital heart condition has been acting up. Please pray for me. Thanks. Also, please pray for deliverance from the enemy's attacks. Thanks.
    - Aug 23 2015
  • Good Sunday afternoon, VISITORS: Ulysses de la Cruz, our Speaker and his family; Leon, Rosemarie, John and Valarie, Mary's son and friend, Jimmy's friend' Christian and Jordan SS. ABSENTEES: Lee V., Ruth, Marilyn and Sean, Lola, Betsy, BeckY, Mike and family, Gloria Cl., Lillian, Gracie, Brian and Francis, Triisa, Alice REQUESTS AND PRAISES: *** Pray for me for work issues. *** Pray for my eyesight. LESLIE: Christian is going to have a baby. Just pray that she will not be very sick. For Alice, that God will heal her. BRIAN HOWELL: Please pray for the healing of my Mom's illness, and that she will take care of herself. Alice is still in the hospital, being medicated, getting fluids, rest and special attention. She is not supposed to have visitors. As you see, Betsy has not been to church for a few weeks. Pray for her. Also, continue to pray for Lola, her husband and Sand and her husband James, also for sister Isabell who is not able to come to church and Mary Cornwell . Also pray for all those whom you know who are shut-ins and my cousins who have been on the prayer list. God bless, Sis.'Mina
    Brian Howell - Aug 15 2015
  • Hello to you than you , I am requesting prayer because my mate is seeing other man sometimes she sleeps out all night . She says I 'll be back and does not come back until the next day . If you can pray for God to judge those man severly and to punish them as they deserve thank you And for her Linda this woman to be saved. She makes fun of God her atitude is like 'Could God punish me? Ah ah' Please pray for God to show Himself God in her life for Him to teach her a lesson in humility, and to move in such a way so that she respects the things of God Also if you can pray for GOD to bless me to be able to connect with people easily and to meet people easily thank you And for God to bless me in my finances , massage business , evangelism for God to save the French people for them to reject self and accept Bible truth , my massage business and music career And for people to respect me they seem to be very mean and uncaring , also if you could pray for my uncle Henri who has cancer thank you
    fabien fabien - Aug 14 2015
  • Good Sabbath afternoon, REQUESTS ***I want to praise the Lord. He has been good to my family this week. He answered a prayer for me this week and I'm so thankful. ***Pray for Webee family in loss of David. *** Please continue to pray for my brother and the rest of my family. I pray that my whole family can be close to each other again. *** eyes Continued prayer for Lois,Al and Lillie and others that you know who are sick or have issues. VISITORS: Rhoda, Jimmy's friend; Henry, Leon, Mary's neighbor came with her; Rosemarie; Brooks' family left after children's story ABSENTEES: Lee V., Betsy, Marilyn and Sean, Mike, Michelle, Gracie, Ann, Brian and Francis, Lola, the Castros, Arlene and Russell left after SS. God bless, Sis. 'Mina Claudette, that's what I've had all the time.
    Brian Howell - Aug 08 2015
  • Please pray for God to be glorified in me. Pray for His glory in this graduation weekend. Pray for the enemy's defeat, by Jesus' blood. Thanks.
    - Aug 08 2015
  • Antonio Mejia-having health issues and battling alcoholism; youth and children of our church; Construction plans; Unity of members; Bible studies that have been handed out. God bless, Sis. 'Mina
    Brian Howell - Aug 02 2015
  • Greetings in Jesus' name. Please plead Jesus' blood against the enemy for me. Many things are happening. For example:-- A few weeks ago, I awoke with my underwear turned on the wrong side, when I carefully put it on hours before on the right. I just got up at 3 am to go urinate, and pants I am using as pajamas had zipper and button/ pin undone. I have always had many health issues, but recently I am seeing extra symptoms that require some cash to see a cardiologist. Please also pray for my health and everything in my life. Thanks.
    - Jul 31 2015
  • I had finished my high school exams on May 28 and I had graduated high school no May 30. Because I am finished with high school I still have not yet decided on what I want to do after school so please pray so that I may be able to find a full time job.
    Jonathan Ashbeck - Jul 25 2015
  • Hello, I would like to ask that you could pray for my daughter's mother, Valerie. Will you please pray for her sanctification, that she leave her life of sin behind, repent, and surrender to God and that we may one day be a family again. Please pray that she'll hate the things that God hates and love the things that God loves. That God will do whatever it takes to save her and give her all the conviction she needs. That He will give her a heart of flesh and transform her into a new creature in Christ. Thank you. - Jeremiah
    Jeremiah Breeden - Jul 24 2015
  • I have custody of my 7 year old grandson whom I want to keep in a S.D.A. school and I am on a fixed income. I applied for a part time job that I am qualified for that would supply the resources I need. Please pray for my success and for his parents to return to Jesus. Thank you
    Margaret Davis - Jul 21 2015
  • Please pray for summer camp to be incident-free. Please pray for family members who are going and those who have to stay. Please pray for a situation where demonic agents are attacking, for victory through Jesud' blood. Thanks.
    - Jul 20 2015
  • Please pray for my health, job situation, and relationships. Thanks.
    - Jul 19 2015
  • Good afternoon, No new visitors ABSENTEES: Annette, Don, Lola, Sandy, Lillian, Gracie, Francis and Brian, Mike, Gloria Cl. REQUESTS{ For Mary and family after Jim's death .I do not have details. For VBS which begins this evening with 30+ participants. Closing activity Thurs. evening *** Pray for my eyesight. BETSY: David is off his meds and needs to be back on them. Mrs. Jackson is on oxygen. My daughter Iliana , is in between relations. Myself to get the finances for my divorce. Mary needs prayer since Jim's death. ***Pray for me at work involving a challenge I'm facing. Pray for my wife's health and her mother's illness. ANN: Cameron, infant with medical problem. Zaire--little girl who pulled hot water down on herself and has 2nd degree burns--infection has set in.; $100k needed for building project; VBS- teachers and participants. God bless, Sis. 'Mina
    Brian Howell - Jul 18 2015
  • Please pray for my deliverance from porn and from being an angry person. Thanks.
    - Jul 18 2015
  • My father is ill. He had spinal infection and paralysed in right side of body. I humbly request that you seek the Lord's face and pray for complete healing for him.
    priscilla boahen - Jul 13 2015
  • Please pray for my phone that I got locked out of &for my comatose laptop I also need many miracles for health &relationships & finances Thanks
    - Jul 11 2015
  • Good afternoon, Visitors: Ulysses, our speaker, Leon, Henry, John, Lee H's son ABSENTEES: Lee V., Mary and Jim, Christian, Heyward, Gloria Cu. , came in but left, Gloria Cl., Gracie, Ann, Lola. REQUESTS: ****Pray for my Mother who has some health issues. *****Pray for my stepdad's mother. She is not doing well. Her heart is just wearing out. Also prayer for my brother who has some issues that he needs a lot of prayer for. LESLIE: Barney's nephew Will Brooks had to have his gall bladder removed. Pray he learns how to take care of himself. Ann got to her destination safely. Continued foe Lois. Praises for AL. He will soon go to a nursing home. Go bless all. Sis 'Mina
    Brian Howell - Jul 11 2015
  • My mother Etta Wright is old and had to sell her house and now looking better house that suites her. she needs to get a house fast before money runs out. please pray for the lord to give her a bigger better house less maintenance in the best neighborhood and best protection. Thank You.
    charles WRIGHT - Jul 07 2015
  • Please pray for my daughter who has been fighting a battle with alcoholism for some time now. She has a 2 year old son she frequently cares for alone while her husband works nights and they live in a country where she does not speak the language fluently so her social contacts are very limited. She desperately needs your prayers. Please pray for her and her family.
    Mom - Jul 05 2015
  • Happy day after Sabbath, Yesterday we viewed a DVD supplied by Gabriela which depicted a vision that Sis. White experienced concerning the coming of Jesus and our not being prepared. It was extremely appropriate given the General Conference Meeting going on right now. In fact, as I type this, I am watching recorded excerpts of the meeting. Let us pray that God's will will be done, that the work can be finished and Jesus can come for His people! VISITORS: Henry, Rosemarie, Leon, the Tucker family from West Palm Beach FL who asks for health and spiritual well-being; Gloria's grands. ABSENTEES: Mary and Jim; Lee V.; Bob; Lola; Sandy; Annette and Anthony; Lee H.; Lillian, Gracie; Claudette; Trisa; Gloria Cl.; Brian and Frances. PRAYER REQUESTS: ****Remember the leaders of our church and delegates to the General Confernc in San Antonia, TX, July 2-11. Pray that the HS will be present that God's will may be done. ***Pray for Heyward who was hospitalized this past week. BETSY: An answered prayer: I moved into a larger place in Barnwell, on property of the lady I work for. David twisted his back and pulled a muscle helping me move. Mrs. Jackson , the elderly lady I care for. Sandy's nephew passed away Fri. They are asking for prayer. Continued prayer for my cousin. Lois. A will be going to nursing home this wee, we pray. God bless, Sis. 'Mina
    Brian Howell - Jul 04 2015
  • Very special prayer to a friend of mine dieing of breast cancer. she can die any day now and anytime. Request to the lord to heal her body, her name is Monique
    charles wright - Jul 02 2015
  • Please Pray...I'm 43 ,Never been in a relationship,been praying for relationships for over 20 years.Please Pray GOD brings me (Phil Chavez) women companion for loving relationship in JESUS Name Amen.Pray GOD brings me relationship exceedingly abundantly above what i can imagine in JESUS Name Amen.
    Phil Chavez - Jun 28 2015
  • GABRIELA: My brother had a little accident--pray for his quick recovery. BOB: For my eyesight. RUTH REESE: Pray for my niece and er husband. He's home recovering from triple bypass heart surgery and she's doing her best taking care of him. Keep Michel in your prayers also. JOAN: Evelyn- going thru depression. Henry--will be meeting man for a job. Pray, if God wills, he will be getting a job. WE GOT GOOD RAIN THIS EARLY EVENING.PRAISE THE LORD. Tabitha: PLEASE PRAY for my brother Ezekiel, his daughter Kennethine went to work Friday am. She called her mother @ about 7:01 am. saying that someone took her cell phone. The mother said how are you going to get to work? She said I still have my pocket-book but they took the cell. Then the night comes she does not come home. They call her agency who said she spoke to her before she got off. But never made home. I spoke to them around 9:30 pm. their time they haven't heard anything. Please pray that she gets home safe. She has 12yrs, 6yrs and 2yrs old daughters. The little one is saying mom went to work and she is not back. She wants her mom.
    Brian Howell - Jun 27 2015
  • Good hot Monday afternoon, PRAYER REQUESTS: LESLIE: The Fitzhugh family buried a sister this past week. This was my sister-in law's sister. They need our prayers. Barney has had cataract surgery and doesn't feel well. He has had some problems . He goes back to the doctor Tuesday. Pray for the eye to be healed. BETSY: Ricky's father, L.M. has cancer, leukemia. is on Chemo. David has a pinched nerve in neck, has arm and neck pain-needs relief. Ms. Jackson, the lady I care for, has lung cancer, is on oxygen, is 82 yrs. old. JOAN: Lee Hiers wants us to pray for him. Pray also for Lola Newman, Sandy and James Owenby, Mary and Jim Collins, Mary Cornwell. ****Pray for my husband as God's Holy Spirit is working with him to surrender his life to Him. GIGI: -Health problems. HEYWARD: Michael died. Pray for his mother. ANN: Church building program; men of integrity; funds to have the church debt free upon completion of building. BOB: Pray for my eyesight. Continue to pray for Lois and that if the Lord allows that she may go to Uchee Pines for help. Thanks for praying for Al, he will be soon going to a nursing home. Pray that Lillie can find a suitable one near home. ABSENTEES; Mary and Jim, Annette and Anthony, Lola, Lee H., Gloria Cu., Claudette Pray for rain and/or cooler weather . Continue to be blessed, Sis. 'Mina
    Brian Howell - Jun 20 2015
  • Good evening, I'm sorry if you were not at Church today. You missed a spiritual treat brought to us by the Celestial Praise Chorale from Henderson and Fletcher Communities. Be sure you go to the web site and listen to a sermon in song. VISITORS: Some 28 members of the Chorale; 3 family groups distinct from the choir, several former members, Rosemarie, Leon ABSENTEES: Lee V., Mary and Jim, Lola, Christian, Betsy, Mike, Ann, Gloria Cu., Gloria Cl., Lillian, Gracie, Brian and Francis PRAYER REQUESTS: ***Please pray for our family..thank you. HEYWARD: Michael in Mena AR has just been told that cancer has spread throughout his body. He has requested prayer for himself and his family. Continued prayer for Lois and Al. Good night and happy week, Sis. 'Mina
    Brian Howell - Jun 13 2015
  • special prayer for Amy Ray who just had brain surgery
    charles wright - Jun 07 2015
  • Happy Sabbath, VISITORS: Henry, Joan's friend; Sable, my daughter-in-law's mother from CA; Shirley; Adle and Brian, frIend and family of Terry our speaker for the day and Kirby, his wife, Betsy's friend, Rosemarie and Leon, Gloria's grands and her friend, Shirley. ABSENTEES: Mary and Jim, Lee V., Sandy, Anthony and Annette, Leslie and family, Mortons, Lillian, Lola, Gloria Cl. PRAYER REQUESTS: BOB: For my eyesight JOAN: Son, Eddie--to find a job.; Henry-that he would find a job and an apartment; my family. ANN: I let Jesus to let Jesus loves as He loves. Sabbath before last Darlene Williamson visited our church. During conversation she promised to come back yesterday. She was absent yesterday, so I called. Her brother-in-law died during last week. Pray for the Williamson family in Graniteville and that Darlene will keep her promise to learn more about us. Lillian's niece Donnie Shawn has hepatitis, has had 2 liver transplants . She is in her middle fifties and has children dependent on her. Pray for Gethesemane Church. Lillian was feeling "pretty good "yesterday and is planning for "great".Her family was still with her. Continue to pray for Lois (she just called from Walmart and is on her way to my home. Pray that I'll have the right words to speak to her). Remember Al, my cousin's husband. He is feeling better. Thank you for your digilance in prayer ministry. God bless, Sis. 'Mina
    Brian Howell - Jun 06 2015
  • Please Pray for the Lord to Put the right People entrepreneurs in my IPAS2 and MY Empower Network Business make me Earn a Million Dollars This Year 2015.
    charles wright - Jun 05 2015
  • I had finished my high school exams and I have graduated from high school. Because I have graduated I still have not decided what I want to do after school so please pray that I may be able to find a job.
    Jonathan Ashbeck - Jun 01 2015
  • Pray for my son’s girlfriend, which making up all types of lies, she has suffer domestic violence, also she as claiming that in our home and at church, has suffered abused by members of Gods house hold, but it was the other way round, my son has suffered for nine and half years, all of this our granddaughter has witnessed, I pray that God will open her eyes, she will realise the damage, and hurt she is causing,. This is the final family court case hearing on Tuesday the 2nd June 2015, I pray that God will have is way, thank you all for everything.
    Lloyd Wilson - May 30 2015
  • JOAN: Friend Henry-that he finds an apartment and a job; Son Eddie-finds a job; Friend; Margaret whose husband passed; Friend Peter-traveling mercy. RUTH REESE: Michael says thank you for all the prayers so far and keep praying for him. I ask prayer for my neighbor Linda and her family.; My niece and her family. Both families are going trough difficult times. I also ask prayer for myself so that God may lead me to finding the right job. BETSY MORRIS: LaVonne Jackson ( the lady I sit with wkly mornings) . She's losing the function of one of her lungs similiar to COPD, on oxygen all the time. Needs prayer for strength. Ricky's dad; Cancer- body not making any platlets. DARLENE WILLIAMS: Terry Johnson- on Hospice-stage 4 pancreatic . Michelle to be saved and healed in heart, kidneys , back, ad chronic migraines. Zo for her feet to be healed. They did not develop normally. Pray that God will heal her. BARNEY AND LESLIE:: Their daughter Mary Grubbs died last week. LILLIAN is recovering from surgery in an Augusta hospital. Continue to pray for my cousin Lois and my cousin's husband, Al. Pastor Al and Donna's house should have been delivered by now. Pray that all additional attention can be completed quickly. Thanks for your prayers for me. I am feeling better. Pray for Tabbi who is not doing well. BRIAN: A co-worker/friend of mine (John Smith) at work was diagnosed with cancer this past week. I don't have the specifics of how bad the cancer is, I had heard that it was liver and pancreas but I'm not sure yet if that is accurate. I would like prayer for his healing and recovery. Lola and her husband. Lloyd is ill. Pray for a relative of Lola's. ---------- May God continue to bless us all, Sis. 'Mina
    Brian Howell - May 30 2015
    PATRICIA F. CRIBBS - May 24 2015
  • Happy Sabbath, VISITORS: Our speaker, Barbara Sanders. TJ, Lady from NA who has visited before ABSENTEES: Jimmy, Mary and Jim, Don(left early), Annette, Arlene and Russell, Betsy, Mike, Robert W. PRAYER REQUESTS: **Please pray that my wife's health becomes better. Her bladder is a problem and the Dr. says it cannot be fixed. The lining is no good. Pray for my mother-in-law who is very ill. Pray for me. My job schedule has changed. I was asked to come in to be with the mentally retarded. ***Arlene--health; Wilhelmina-health; Lillian-health; Gracie- so great to see her at church today; Leslie; Jim and Mary; Robert W.; Campmeeting and those attending; Those needing a job; To be more like Jesus every day. 'Mina--My brother's friend Gay has a recurring problem w/severe headaches and is prescribed some very powerful drugs for the pain. She was stopped for faulty driving, had to take drug test, license for her will be revoked unless she can prove that there are medical reasons. Please pray that she will be justified at the upcoming hearing. Cont'd prayer for my cousin Lois. She is still suffering. God bless. Sis. 'Mina
    Brian Howell - May 23 2015
  • A backslider loved one.... I am realizing that it is not deception but deliberate rebellion against God that is his problem. He deliberately chooses what he knows obviously to be error, and tries to prove how smart he is to convince us of error.... Like the original "smart" deceiver, the original rebel.... He has been through a lot, and clearly blames God for it... God is STILL ABLE to save him, by Jesus' blood. He has saved even demoniacs and devil-worshippers, and can do so again.. Please pray. Thanks.
    - May 23 2015
  • Please pray for some mixed-up family issues. Someone came into our family years ago, sent by Satan to mess it up. This person keeps being a thorn in the flesh, and taught a child, now adolescent, to be a painful thorn, too. Thanks.
    - May 18 2015
  • Please excuse the delay, VISITORS: Claudette's son, , Betsy's frien, Ryn and Erin, Cheri and Randy, David Burnham ABSENTEES: Mary and Jim, Christian, Mike, Michelle, Arlene and Russell, Gracie PRAYER REQUESTS: DON: Chris Stone went to hospital this morning. Don't know what's wrong. JOAN: Pastor l and Donna ask for prayer that their home will soon be built. Ron Halverson's family. DAVID BURNHAM: Please pray for my daughter Kahryn Bryant as she has a lot of issues she is troubled with. She needs the Lord. ***Arlene-health; Thanks, procedure wen well, results this coming week; Wilhelminahealth; Jim and Mary; Lillian; Lola ANN: ROSE BUTLER's family harmony after death of her mother. Mariam Hicks; ; Cynthia Wright, surgery, Mary Cornwell. ***Pray for my father and mother-in-law. They are sick. BETSY: David's daughter Kathryn-stress; Ricky's dad, LM, Cancer. His girlfriend's husband Randy, in critical condition in trauma Center in Augusta. God bless, Sis. 'Mina.
    Brian Howell - May 16 2015
  • Greetings in Jesus' name. Please pray for me to be more alert and clearheaded and assertive. Please pray for my health and finances, including URGENT needs, as well as for my relationship with a special friend. Thanks.
    - May 12 2015
  • Please pray for Bob to be delivered from all Satan's deceptions and traps, by Jesus' blood. Thanks.
    - May 10 2015
  • I just received some money, less than needed for one single line item in my budget. My family is hungry. I returned tithe+ offering, claiming Malachi 3:8-12. Please claim it with me. Thanks.
    - May 09 2015
  • Happy Sabbath, VISITORS: Our guest speaker for the week Pastor Rick Mercer and wife, Michael from CA, Ulysses and family, Leon, another male visitor ABSENTEES: Lee V., Jim and Mary, Jimmy, Sandy, Leslie, Karyn, Lola, Arlene, Russell, Betsy, Gracie, Brian and Francis, Anthony and Annette PRAYER REQUESTS: HEYWARD: Special prayer for my great and grand children. There is a lot going on in their lives. They need guidance and safety. *** Pray that Leslie will get well.. JOAN: My friend Victoria's husband passed away. My health. Our missing members. My friend Henry. He will be moving to Aiken the end of this month. ***Arlene-health- procedure Wed. Wilhelmina-health; Mary and Jim. 'MINA: Continue to pray for my cousin Lois. Despite visits to many different Drs., they have failed to diagnose her medial problem. She is beginning to lose faith in the Lord, is talking about doing something desperate. Continue to pray for Al, another cousin's husband. He has been in hospital going on a month, has suffered several strokes. Pray for Lola and all other members who are infirm. May God continue to bless us all. Sis. 'Mina
    Brian Howell - May 09 2015
  • Greetings in Jesus' name. Please pray for my health (many illnesses), and please pray about my new job. I do bilingual telephone surveys, and my Spanish-speaking is very good, but my listening skills need honing so I can perform. I live some distance away, and need the maximum performance bonus if I am to work more than just fare to get fo work. Thanks. God bless you.
    - May 08 2015
  • Please Pray GOD will Bless me and empower me with the HOLY SPIRIT in JESUS Name,i need the HOLY SPIRIT to help me for i am lost,confused and wandering Luke 11:13 If you then, who are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will the heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him!” ...Please Pray for this request also...I'm 43 ,Never been in a relationship..Please Pray GOD brings me (Phil Chavez) women companion for loving relationship in JESUS Name Amen.Pray GOD brings me relationship exceedingly abundantly above what i can imagine in JESUS Name Amen.
    Phil Chavez - May 07 2015
  • Please pray for a great financial breakthrough, that is long overdue. Thanks.
    - May 07 2015
  • Hello-- prayer request for healing of laryngitis/ pharyngitis, sore throat+cough/ hoarseness for days, with fever-- when I just started a long-awaited job. Thanks.
    - May 06 2015
  • Please pray for my mental+ spiritual + physical health. Please also pray for my finances and my relationships. Thanks. God bless you.
    - May 03 2015
  • Good afternoon, VISITORS: Ryan and Erin, Linda Green, Dover, DE ABSENTEES: Lola, Sandy, Jim and Mary, Denise, Frances and Brian, David, Betsy's friend, Gloria Cl., Rosemarie, Leon PRAYER REQUESTS: LINDA GREEN: To overcome her desire to eat sweets so that she can lose weight in the next 2 weeks. *** Please note I'm requesting prayer for my health. My wife needs your prayers. My mother-in-law ix now in USA/ Se cannot get any medical or financial help from the USA government. She has dementia and Alzheimer plus eye sight,and heart problems. Pray for us. HEYWARD: Pray for healing from a car accident for Vicky, her back was injured. She is in a lot of pain. Tiffany needs prayer for guidance Pray for Goldren (5 or 6 yr. old having health problems. May need kidney surgery. Keeps spiking a fever. Thanks for beautiful songs of song birds. Arlene's health. Wilhelmina's health. God bless all of you, Sis. 'Mina
    Brian Howell - May 02 2015
  • Please pray for healing for my list of conditions. Please pray for my relationship with a special friend. Please pray for finances and for my friend's job situation. Please pray for a needed vehicle. Thanks. God bless you.
    - Apr 30 2015
  • Hello I am so sad for my brother Billy what n extremely sad life! Billy was deported from the USA 15 years ago without being able to come back . The authorities do not tell Billy when or if he could come back . Since in France Billy has behaved and been off drugs since 15 years. He goes to AA in a protestant church in Paris this is about all the religion Billy has He has no friends whatsoever he is 40 now No love whatsoever Billy has not had any girlfriend nor any love since 20 years can you immagine the extreme loneliness! Plus Billy is fat very overweight and he used to be thin! On top of that he has manic depression and he nas not worked in 20 years Please pray for Billy for his extremely lonely existence and uproductive existence . As an osteopath I know the cure for both obesity and manic depression but for some reason my parents and billy do not listen much. I know tht obese people are only mineral defficient same for manic depression which can be caused by lack of B3 But the problem is that minerals can be taken by suplements or juicing homemade vegetables and fruits . If you can pray please for Billy to take multi minerals everyday 3 times a day and do juicing to change his life And if you can pray for Billy to be healed from manic depression and do something he loves doing . He likes car maybe he could be mobile mecanic and go repear people's cars And if you can pray for Billy to have much love and compassion and find a girlfriend always to be happy and finally for Billy to find Jesus and to have a daily relationship with Jesus and the same for my parents Jacques and Suzanne And for me to be blessed financally and in finding love thank you
    fabien fabien - Apr 28 2015
  • Please pray for the quick return of a mysteriously missing, four-version, parallel study Bible. Thanks.
    - Apr 25 2015
  • Please pray for Bob's needed job. Thanks.
    - Apr 24 2015
  • Please pray for O to want to learn. She is right now content in biblical ignorance, fearing"blasphemy" (????) should she learn more. Thanks.
    - Apr 24 2015
  • Please pray for me to do excellently in health and prosperity, mentally/ emotionally, and every "-ally." Thanks.
    - Apr 20 2015
  • Thank you, and thank God, for previous prayers for a long-awaited job that I am about to start now. Please pray for my health-- I have a number of complaints, including new issues with laboured breathing. Thanks.
    - Apr 19 2015
  • Please pray for CC, AT, and PM to be converted from devil-worshipping, by Jesus' blood, and to be 100% UNable NOW to continue working against God and His church, regardless. Thanks.
    - Apr 18 2015
  • Hi there Charles Wright here, I have very with intense abdominal pain every day for the past two weeks. Please pray for me earnestly for god to heal what ever it is. I went NYU hospital in Manhattan emergency and they did a Cat Scan to mid section and blood work and did not find anything, but the pain is still intense. everyday please send go prayer groups and pastor asking the lord to heal me. thank you.
    charles wright - Apr 13 2015
  • Afternoon, my Sisters and Brothers. VISITORS: Ulysses de la Cruz our speaker for the day and his family, Leon, Rosemarie, 6 of Gloria Cu's grands, ABSENTEES: Mary and Jim, Lee V., Anthony and Annette, Lola, Christian, Mike, Michelle, Ann, Brian and Francis, Gracie PRAYER REQUESTS: JOKAY; Please pray for my friend Charmaine's father who is currently in ICU. Pray for the relief of my eye allergy and that it will not get worse. Pray for Evelyn and family in their loss. JOAN: Linda Vista School in CA needs prayer. They are struggling financially and for students Also a friend is not feeling well. God bless, Sis.'Mina
    Brian Howell - Apr 12 2015
  • Greetings in Jesus' name. Please pray for healing for my many issues, from physical to mental. I never was the healthiest, but am growing weaker and weaker recently, both in mind and body. I also am in dire financial constraints. Thanks.
    - Apr 09 2015
  • I have a few "million" requests for myself and my family as we battle the archenemy, but... Please pray for Marion Hall ("Lady Saw"-- explicit/ raunchy dance hall/ reggae artiste in Jamaica from 90s to now)-- I just discovered that she was baptized as an SDA Christian as a child, and started singing in church, and that she is considering going back to God, but has been paid for performances up to around 2017/2018 (already spent). Thanks.
    - Apr 09 2015
  • A family member threatened years ago to kill another one "without touching" her, and is working for years to do so to both her and me via demonic means. Various items disappear, some returning bloodsoaked or stink, some not returning. Various odours occur, and unexplained illnesses, too, plus more. We survive only by God's grace. Please plead the blood of Jesus against the enemy on our behalf. Thanks.
    - Apr 08 2015
  • Please pray for healing from many complaints, including sickle cell+ narcolepsy + fibroids+ undiagno$ed breathing issue++++ looong list. I am in financial constraints, and urgently need a job that I am unlikely to get or perform well in without healing. I cannot afford to eat enough calories, let alone get needed micro nutrients and get medicines. Thanks so much for well-needed prayers. God bless you.
    - Apr 07 2015
  • Please pray for protection for us. We live in a community with90% of the men in a gang that robs and defrauds people. These men sexually harass us, and hate us for disagreeing with their ways and for not sleeping around. Please pray for protection from rape and from all the enemy would do to us. Thanks.
    - Apr 07 2015
  • Greetings in Jesus' name. I thank God for recent victories and miracles. Please join me in praying for more, as they are urgently needed. We are battling the enemy, and are under attack. Thank you for prayers. God bless you.
    - Apr 04 2015
  • Good afternoon, Pray with me that my computer will continue to work during this message and thereafter. VISITORS: Cruz family, Gloria's grands, Greens, Marilyn and Sean, Robert's brother, gentleman who has visited before, Jean and Marcus ABSENTEES: Mary and Jim, Annette, Christian, Lola, Betsy, Sandy, Ann, Gloria Cl., Gracie PRAYER REQUESTS: MARILYN HEITZ: I want to give thanks to God for your prayers to God for me to get a good job that I'm happy with. God has blessed me and I pray that He helps me to use the income He has given me wisely. THANK YOU GOD. LESLIE: Mary Grubbs: She has to go to Dr. for tests to be made. Also she has to have surgery on her arm. Fadra is still in the hospital with West Nile and COPD. She believes she is going to die. R. WICKHAM: Eyes My cousins: LILLIE AND LOIS; Two weeks ago Lille had stents placed in right leg for blood clots. This past Thur. because her toe was inflammed she wnt to the podiatrist. Long story short--was found that clots had formed in the stents. She spent 2 days flat on back in ICU. She is back home with specific instructions to stay off her feet. Her husband is currently in the hosp. in Augusta. Pray that they can find a place for him in a nursing center here in Aiken. Lois as been going to Dr. after Dr. for the past year. She describes her condition as something that has invaded her body and moves from place to place disturbing her sleep and her work, She has been a stout Baptist Christian since a teenager and now is beginning to have questions about God's word and His love for her. Pray that she can be healed and her faith in the Lord restored. She says that she wants to die. Pray please for my memory and my physical health. Pray for all those who are traveling this weekend and for Jean and Marcus as they travel to CO. Pray for all leaders in Adventist Church. Pray for Aiken Church and all its members. God bless you all, Sis. Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Apr 04 2015
  • Please plead Jesus' blood against the enemy and all demonic forces for my family. Please plead for our deliverance and healing, for washing inside-out with Jesus' blood, plus blessings from outside-in, too. We need these miracles urgently. Thanks.
    - Apr 04 2015
  • Please pray for my mother and me. We are in war with the enemy, who attacks (long-term) with many things, from health to family members to brethren to persecution to subtlety to finances to frequent physical danger, etc. We each seem to be cracking mentally / emotionally (now), and need many miracles. Please plead Jesus' blood on our behalf. Thanks.
    - Apr 03 2015
  • I'm 43 ,Never been in a relationship..Pray GOD brings me (Phil Chavez) lady companion for loving relationship in JESUS Name Amen.Pray GOD brings me relationship exceedingly abundantly above what i can imagine in JESUS Name Amen.
    Phil Chavez - Apr 03 2015
  • Derek Silva coughs a lot gets heat rash and chapped skin easy..Please Pray GOD will completely heal Derek Silva's skin and asthma In JESUS Name...
    - Apr 02 2015
  • First of all, thank you for taking the time to pray for me. I want to pray for healing of a broken friendship. I do not know what I did. However I have(had), a friend named Kristin, and for whatever reason now she hates me. I want so much to be able to know what (she thinks), I did(or said), but she will not even look at me, let a lone talk to me. In order to get help from prayer I must be completely honest, this is really bothering me. It has broke my heart. I pray for forgiveness in both of our hearts as well as healing, I pray that she will give me the chance to talk with her about it, and if it's a big misunderstanding clear up the situation, if I did in fact say or do something, I want to apologize. I do not want to grow bitter whether or not she allows me to talk to her or not. I miss my friend.
    April Warkentin - Mar 29 2015
  • Good sunny Sunday afternoon, VISITORS: Terry Perry, our speaker, his wife, Kirby, his brother and nephews and other relatives; William Hardy, Claudette's friend who has been coming for several weeks. ABSENTEES: Jim and Mary, Bob, Don, Lola, Karyn, Christian, Mike, Sandy, Gloria Cu. at Elders' meeting, Gracie; Barney and Leslie were back from vacation. PRAISES AND REQUESTS: LEE HIERS: Jeanie and Linda-rare diseases. Linda had her operation and is doing well. Jeannie is to have hers this week. They are each about 65 years old. My sons John Heirs and Greg. They are both unsaved. Mary Hydriish's sp.funeral was yesterday afternoon. Pray for comfort for the family. For Teresa to act happy ***For Clarence Todd to recognize his need for a closer walk with God. His drinking problem has lost him and his children to the world. Those who are grieving lost loved ones. Pray for the 4 children of Margie Bowen, an alcoholic, ages ranging from 1-11 who have been found to be malnourished. The father has died and the children have to be in foster homes. Pray for a proper placement for each of the children. BETSY: Brenda-headaches and sinus. David-healing from pneumonia and conviction of Adventist truths. Jonathan- kidney transplant-- that his body will not reject it. Self--To be a faithful witness and continue to be sanctified. ***Please keep Sandy, Jim, Gracie, Karyn's grands, Lola and any others among us who are sick and have been for an extended length of time in your prayers. Call them, send them a card or email and by all means pray for them. Pray for all the events that are going on at church, their sponsors and attend and participate in as many a possible; IE-Step--Fast; Zig Ziglar Presentation, Book Center bookmobile, Wed. am Bible study, Sabbath hymnfest. on April 4th. God bless you this week as you live according to His precepts, Sis. 'Mina
    Brian Howell - Mar 29 2015
  • Please pray for deliverance from a cunning, crafty demoniac in our home. Thanks.
    - Mar 26 2015
  • Please Pray GOD will get rid of all bed bugs in my house and they never return. Been fighting them for over 5 months and can't get rid of them without GOD.My mom is scared she woke up with a bunch of bed bugs biting her.In JESUS Name Pray GOD gets rid of the bed bugs and they never return.And Please pray GOD brings me (Phil Chavez) woman companionship In JESUS Name Amen.
    Phil Chavez - Mar 24 2015
  • Please Pray for the Lord to Put the right People entrepreneurs in my IPAS2 and MY Empower Network Business make me Earn a Million Dollars This Year 2015.
    CHARLES wright - Mar 24 2015
  • Orrin's bad back - David Burnheart's pneumonia - Jonathan's Burnhart's kidney transplant - Natashia's heart broken over breakup - Besty needs alternator for car - Praise -Betsy has started job as a caretaker - Pray for Lola
    Brian Howell - Mar 21 2015
  • Hello to you my name is Fabien, if you could pray for e I am missionary in France I have a mobile massage business one of the girls who worked with me refused to pay me After a few days she came to give me the money she threw the money on the ground 3 man were in the background waiting! I took the money and came back home. Now I received a letter saying that I have to go to court because she was fired unlawfully It says I might have to pay around 10000 Euros I hardly can even can pay my rent. She did 3 massages then she quit. Th court case is March 18 if you could pray so that truth comes out and that she be seen as a transgressor trying to steal money and threats by hr boyfriend and manipulations. And if you could pray so that I do not have to pay anything as she is the one who quit .And if you can pray so that I can receive many massage clients for me everyday easily And for God to tell me if I should stay in Montpellier or go to Paris Please help I have no friends no income very hard to find an appartment here and when my parents die what will I do! I rent because of my dads papers! Employees have been stealing from me for years! Totally lonely and alone with no girlfriend since 20 years! Thank you for your prayers and help desperate! Thank you God bless
    fabien fabien - Mar 15 2015
  • Pray for Robert Edinger. He is putting out 50 Great Controversy's a day. Please keep him in prayer. ROSEMARIE: My health-skin rash, neck; my family; my church family. CLAUDETTE: Betsy's friend' Brenda- sick with sinus and migraine Oliva sick with cold. ALICE: Pray for Tabitha Kekana. She is in hospital with pneumonia. ANN; Robinson family whose father died; Daisy for better health and quietness of spirit. Family and friends; Wisdom. A great message and music after lunch by speaker Celia Boone and her husband, Ken. Also a message and info by a representative from the Cumbee Center. ABSENTEES: Jim and Mary, Jimmy, Bob, BARNEY AND Leslie, Christian, Betsy, MIKE; Lola, Gloria cL., Gabriella AND Robert, LIIIAN SS I'm glad to be back on line, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Mar 14 2015
  • Backslider.. Please pray for a backslider to return to God before it is too late. Thanks. ... One who persistently, insistently, rebelliously, deliberately fights against God's Word and God's work... If Adam and Saul/ Paul can be saved, so can he, by the same God's grace....
    - Mar 11 2015
  • Please pray for CC to be converted. Thanks.
    - Mar 11 2015
  • Please pray for my physical, mental, and emotional healing. I need to be able to handle all I used to and more, but am less able instead. I have multiple health issues, which seem to worsen. Thanks.
    - Mar 11 2015
  • Greetings in Jesus' name. Please plead Jesus' blood against the enemy for my family, my mother, my brother, and for me. We need miraculous deliverance. Thanks
    - Mar 10 2015
  • Please pray that God heals me Please pray that Alison becomes my wife that God returns her love and God removes all obstacles(including other men like (Dale, )That she accepts me as I am. Or that God brings me another beautiful person. Also for victory over my sins. All according to his will.
    Daniel Perez - Mar 07 2015
  • PRAYER REQUESTS: Bob W: For his eyesight. ---- Wilhelmina: For my cousin Lois. For me and my back. ---- Betsy: David Burnham - 'flu'. Brenda - Grief over loss of husband. Ricky's gone from beer to hard liquor. Myself - Approval for legal aid lawyer, also my finances. ----- Erin Green: Please pray for my cousin Logan Mabbott (pronounced "Mabb - it") he is 12 years old and suffers from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. He will be having surgery soon to have a rod in his back and is possibly in the beginning stages of heart failure. Pray for his parents also.
    Brian Howell - Mar 07 2015
  • Please Pray for the Lord to Put the right People entrepreneurs in my IPAS2 and MY Empower Network Business make me Earn a Million Dollars This Year 2015.
    charles wright - Mar 04 2015
  • Greetings in Jesus' name. Please pray for some moves/ travels to be 100% as God would have them, to His name's honour and glory. Thanks.
    - Mar 03 2015
  • Please join me in prayer for miracles this Sabbath. Thanks.
    - Feb 27 2015
  • Thank God for my returned 4GB flash drive. It fell from me under a bus as I was boarding the bus last Sabbath, heading home from church. I was sure it was crushed. But a teacher at a high school phoned to say her student found it, and I went by the school and got it. Please pray for God's richest blessings for both teacher and student-- I had no reward to give, but God can give it for me. Thanks.
    Antonnette - Feb 26 2015
  • Please join me in praying for groceries and fare to get to my new part-time job until I get paid. Thanks.
    - Feb 24 2015
  • Please pray for me to move on Feb 25. Thanks.
    - Feb 23 2015
  • Please pray for me:-- I temporarily worked in an organization, and was not continued. However, in a different department at the same place, the head person needs an assistant. This person heads two departments, and in the one where most time is spent this person has many subordinates helping. In the section where less time is spent, she works alone. I have seen a few things go wrong due to her absence/ not seeing what is happening. I applied to be her assistant. Please pray for me to get the position early this week. Thank you and God bless you.
    - Feb 22 2015
  • I left town in December and had to leave most of my things with someone. I got back in town Jan 31, and most of my things are still not where I am. I need to move, and I need my things with me. Health and finances and relationships are issues also. I urgently need many miracles. Thank you very much for your greatly-needed prayers. God bless you.
    - Feb 22 2015
  • It's still cold but God has His loving arms around us, so be thankful, VISITORS: Rosemarie; Robert's brother, Randy and Robin Wallace,Jim Ague, Ricky and Erin ABSENTEES: Lee K., Mary and Jim, Christian, Joan, Mortons, Ann, Castros, Gloria Cu., Gracie, Robin and family, Jokay and family PRAYER REQUESTS: Maria Morgan: Praise to God for protecting my beloved brother Milton in my country who was in ICU this past week. That my brother will take care of his health and give honor to God. Betsy Morris: Gale Kinard-cancer; Ron Darnell-neck operation; Beverly Johnson cancer needs blood tests; Self- that I qualify for a lawyer through Legal Aid. Pray for those who arc being affected by the weather. Continue to pray for Bree. Pray for those on Mission trips and those who will be gong, esp. Gloria, Pastor and Christian. Pray for those who are conducting Bible studies on a local basis. Pray for all who are "under the weather"; pray for those who are presenting the word of God to us. Pray for and lets help the Latter Rain to fall. God bless, Sis. 'Mina
    Brian Howell - Feb 21 2015
  • Hello I would like to request pryer for my cousin Florian he has tried to commit suicide a few months go Florian has tried gain a few days ago . His mom and dad died a few years ago . Florian is deeply addicted to drugs and alchool . I know that addictions come from lack of minerals in the body if you can pay for God to remove the addictions from Florian and for him to remineralize his body with supplements and daily homemade fruit and vegetable juices please. And for Florian to have success and a good job or start a business as a video engeneer programer and for Florian to be saved thank you
    fabien fabien - Feb 21 2015
  • Hello to you I would like you to pray for my parents Jack and Suzan please thank you, me and my brother have been financially in trouble,if you can pray for my parents to be blessed financially please, since a long time my poor dad Jack works like crazy from 4 am to midnight everyday to supply for our needs This is crazy I do all I can to find customers I just got licenced as osteopath my brother is manic depressive my parents have been paying rent for us two since 30 years! Can you immagine! I explain to them that they would be better off buying appartments as in 10 years it would be all payed but they do not understand Please pray so that my poor dad Jacques who is 68 already does not have to work that much and that my brother and me be blessed financially in the long run and that our familly be more happy with finances to spend My parents Jacques and Suzan if you ca pay for them to accept Jesus nd have a daily relationship with Jesus with prayer and reading the Bible! My dad Jack drinks and smokes at night because of this financial mess Jack has health problems like eye problems My mom has skin cancer which come sand goes if you can pray for them to understand to mineralise their body and do daily vegetable and fruit juices and to be saved and for our family to be happy and blessed May parents just got the news that the house they are renting is in foreclosure if you can pray for the bank to lown them the money and for them to want to buy thank you And for me to constantly find clients for massage and osteopathy and to have people in Europe accept Jesus And success in my music career thank you
    fabien fabien - Feb 20 2015
  • Please Pray for the Lord to Put the right People entrepreneurs in my IPAS2 and MY Empower Network Business make me Earn a Million Dollars This Year 2015.
    charles WRIGHT - Feb 18 2015
  • I really really to leave where I am temporarily staying right NOW. I need finances and a regular income, healing, etc etc etc......
    - Feb 17 2015
  • Please pray for a little boy addicted to some devilish TV programs. He lives with a guardian who sees boredom as the major enemy, rather than as a weapon of the archenemy. Thanks.
    - Feb 17 2015
  • Pray for the lord to put and edge around my IPAS2 and DS business and Empower Network online business and let it grow and prosper beyond my expectations. Pray for the lord to put recruit the right highly skilled successful Entrepreneurs in my business Ipas2 downline to be extremely prosperous.
    charles wright - Feb 16 2015
  • I am temporarily staying with an elderly woman. During my stay, her daughter + son-in-law came for a few days. Their being here helped me to see that some of the things she does are because she is untrained and uncultured. She does not know how to knock on a door-- I would have thought it was just lack of respect for me personally, but she went in on the married couple without knocking, too. She coughs/ sneezes over food as she is preparing it-- thank God I know garlic's antiseptic properties-- I added some chopped/ raw to eat (never mind the smell). She had a half-eaten item in her dish, and offered it to me to eat, full of her saliva and looking disgusting, too. Please pray for her and for me, too. Thanks.
    - Feb 15 2015
  • Please pray for my living situation, finances, job situation, and health. Please especially pray about a brother who is helping me:-- he hopes to marry me, and I let him know I am not interested, but telling him so did not help. My distressing situation has me accepting hellp from him that I would like NOT to take at all-- I would like to pay back every cent that he helped with. I need to get out of this URGENTLY. Thanks for prayers. God bless you.
    - Feb 15 2015
  • Greetings in Jesus' name. Please pray for little J to be saved in spite if parents/ guardians trying hard to get him lost. Also the same for little R. Thanks.
    - Feb 14 2015
  • Sisters and brothers, Busy week. A facing a deadline here so I'm summarizing. LOLA NEEDS PRAYERS OF THOSE WHO LOVE EACH OTHER TO pray that God will increase her physical strength. Lillian's niece Sharon Tart was admitted to hospital i Chapel Hill NC with cancer of liver and KIDNEY. Claudette WAS ADMITTED TO HOSP here in AIKEN ON Sabbath. Haven't got an update. Pray for all affected by weather. See what happen when I hurry and don't have time to correct Pray for Stepfast. God bless and if you know someone who needs prayer pray for them and send notice to my list. Continue to remember Jim and Mary. God bless, Sis.'Mina
    Brian Howell - Feb 14 2015
  • Please Please Please Pray the HOLY SPIRIT leads as many people possible to pray for this Prayer Request...Please Pray with all your faith that GOD will Bless me (Phil Chavez) with my Soul Mate as soon as it is possible with GOD .I've never had a girlfriend and been Praying and hoping for one for at least 20 years,I'm 42 years old now....Pray also GOD Blesses every person that Prays for me...Thank You
    Phil Chavez - Feb 13 2015
  • Hello to you I would like you to pray for my parents Jack and Suzan please thank you, me and my brother have been financially in trouble,if you can pray for my parents to be blessed financially please, since a long time my poor dad Jack works like crazy from 4 am to midnight everyday to supply for our needs This is crazy I do all I can to find customers I just got licenced as osteopath my brother is manic depressive my parents have been paying rent for us two since 30 years! Can you immagine! I explain to them that they would be better off buying appartments as in 10 years it would be all payed but they do not understand Please pray so that my poor dad Jacques who is 68 already does not have to work that much and that my brother and me be blessed financially in the long run and that our familly be more happy with finances to spend My parents Jacques and Suzan if you ca pay for them to accept Jesus nd have a daily relationship with Jesus with prayer and reading the Bible! My dad Jack drinks and smokes at night because of this financial mess Jack has health problems like eye problems My mom has skin cancer which come sand goes if you can pray for them to understand to mineralise their body and do daily vegetable and fruit juices and to be saved and for our family to be happy and blessed May parents just got the news that the house they are renting is in foreclosure if you can pray for the bank to lown them the money and for them to want to buy thank you And for me to constantly find clients for massage and osteopathy and to have people in Europe accept Jesus And success in my music career thank you
    fabien fabien - Feb 10 2015
  • My feet have been "in the Jordan" more than a week., and more firmly so today. Please pray for the way to open up for me to continue moving forward. Thanks.
    - Feb 07 2015
  • Join me in praising God for a beautiful Sunday afternoon, VISITORS: Timothy and Bert Jones who have just moved to Johnston from somewhere up north, Castros, Ulysses Cruz and family ABSENTEES: Mary and Jim, Lee V., Lola, Christian, Karyn, Gloria Cu., Gloria Cl. PRAYER REQUESTS LESLIE: Thank God that Robert Ibanuscue is back home and doing well; Pray for Elainea. She woke up with a fever this morning. Please ask that she not get very sick. In fact, have her to get well today; Thank God, Barney's brother is doing well but still has to take antibiotics. CLAUDETTE: Mary Collins is wanting prayer for herself and husband Jim. He took another fall and is not doing well. JOAN: Please pray that I will have a safe trip to FL.; My family. JIM AUGE: Physical and spiritual health Gloria and all those who have gone on and will be going on mission trips, including Pastor and Christian. My granddaughter Breanna who is having teenage issues as well as some health problems. All of our children, grands and great-grands that they might have a working relationship with Jesus. My neighbor's father Dolphus Bush who is scheduled for cancer surgery on his neck. That Gloria's grandchildren can continue to come to SS while she is away. That the new children's SS class will bless the children and that God will enlarge the space during the SS hour. May all your praises and requests be accepted by the Lord this week. Mary, we are praying for Jim and you. God bless all, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Feb 07 2015
  • Dear god I have little crisis beacuse god I add my japanese wife adventist inside my dream and she is wearing wedding japanese custom dress she wants to get marry this qoute saying feyo I don't want to be homeless or feyo don't be lazy I know it's not you and sometimes desire appeared in the house wearing wedding dress or japanese dress since i think her japanese parents are praying for me maybe it's that i don't know I am adventist and my family adventist. I am 24 years old with living velocardiofacial syndrome and speech impairment.
    alfredo Hernandez - Feb 05 2015
  • Pray for the lord to put and edge around my IPAS2 and DS business and Empower Network online business and let it grow and prosper beyond my expectations. Pray for the lord to bless my business to over 1 million in Profit this years.
    charles wright - Feb 02 2015
  • Greetings in the name of the Lord VISITORS: Castros, Christian Reuda, Gloria Cu.'s grands ABSENTEES: Anthony and Annette, Brian and Francis, Gracie, Robert, Gloria Cl., Christian Couch, Sandy, Lola at SS PRAYER REQUESTS: MARY COLLINS: Jim's health; Brother-in-law Mike who has been diagnosed w/esophageal cancer; Mom and Poppa Bill; Sister, Joan who had surgery last Mon. on her feet. May all of us be blessed and with continuity pray for renewal of Holy Spirit, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Jan 31 2015
  • Please Pray for the lord through Jesus name to heal Lisa Ariotti Kidneys and Liver completely with PKD and Make her Organs Brand New Working Perfectly. We are asking the lord for a Miracle healing.
    charles wright - Jan 27 2015
  • Good Sabbath afternoon, VISITORS: Castros, Leon, Rosemarie, Lee V., Betsy's sister, Gloria's grands, J.P. Gould ABSENTEES: Jim and Mary, Christian, Karen, Marilyn, Sean, Mike, Michelle, Robert, Gracie, Sandy, Lola? PRAYER REQUESTS: ANN DICKS: Pray that the doctors can diagnose the problem with my right leg and stomach. Pray that many people attend the Stepfast Seminar. Pray for our leaders: spiritual, national, local. Pray for our children. NO NAME: Pray that I and my wife will continue to get much closer to God in studies and prayer. Pray for our son to get a job and car and our daughter to be much closer in love and relationship. SANDY: Her niece, Sherry, age 61, has some serious health issues and is not expected to live for long. Pray that the Pastor they have contacted can get there so she can accept Jesus before she dies. She is ready. BARNEY: His brother Richard is in hospital in MS to have surgery for a staph infection in his blood stream. After the surgery he will go into a facility for 6 to 8 weeks. God bless all of you, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Jan 24 2015
  • Hallelujah, sunshine, VISITORS: Leon, Rosemarie, Gene, Helsley family, Ryan and wife. ABSENTEES{ Gloria Cu., Robert, Mike, Michelle, Matt, Blacks, Christian PRAYER REQUESTS ELAINA: Mom, Dad, Mimi DENISE: PRAISES! Another year of marriage; Health, Employment, Church family; REQUESTS- Church family, unity of church members; construction plans; Earnest's health (Augusta); youth/children; Mt. Pisgah Mission Trip to Dominican trip in March; My son, Christian. He will be preaching on the Mission Trip. Holy Spirit, help him! Devin Goodson: Went to hospital last week and found that I have a cyst in my left ear.It's been causing me to have major headaches and blurred vision in my left eye. Trying to get money together to get it removed. REQUEST TURNED IN 01/10/15 BUT I JUST GOT IT TODAY. ANN: Praise-Daisy is slowly improving-moving some. Continue to pray that the relationship between siblings will continue to grow and be healthy.; Praise- I fell and should have hit my head on the marble floor but my God's angel upheld it. NO NAME: Lady experiencing pain from a a health problem asks for relief from pain and healing; Mother experiencing emotional pain from results of daughter's accident. Pray for God to give peace and for her to feel His presence; Thanks for God's animals that He has given and all the shapes, sizes, colors and characteristics that He has given to them. RUTH REESE: Keep Michael in your prayers. We're waiting for the next stage with him. Pray for strength for us both. Pray for me to find a job. BETSY: Pray for Natasha and Ciera. Natasha is desiring to come to church w/me. Pray that she will follow through w/it and be convicted-in all things. MARY COLLINS: Health for Jim, Nick, Cindy, Mom and Poppa Bill. Strength for Gwen's niece; Financial needs for both my sons; Patience for me. NO NAME: Please pray that my grandson will find a job. If he doesn't he is considering the military. ME: Pray for my 15 yr.old granddaughter Breanna who is going through a rebellious stage. Pray that she will follow rules and instructions given to her by adults in authority. Pray for the renewing of Holy Spirit and for each of us to use responsibily the gift, talents and resources that we have been endowed with. May this be the best week of your life, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Jan 17 2015
  • I would like for you to pray for me on this 160 day prayer journey that Im starting today. Pray for me for breakthroughs, favor, and God's blessings over my life.
    Ryan Carter - Jan 12 2015
  • Are you staying warm? VISITORS: Terry Perry, speaker, his biological family members and church members; We had thought he would not be able to make the presentation, but God heard and answered prayers. Thank you, Lord! Other visitors included Ulysses and family from NA,Gene, Gloria Cu.'s grands ABSENTEES;; Lola, Christian, Anthony and Annette, Marilyn and Sean, Mike, Matt, Michelle, Robert, Ann, Gracie, Brian and Francis PRAYER REQUESTS: ELAINEA had some requests that she did not want published. GABRIELA: Pray for God's guidance and wisdom for changes at work place. MARY COLLINS: Health for Jim, Mom, Poppa Bill, young Bill, Tyler, Uhl sp. , Cindy, Nick, Gwen's niece, Jan. More patience, financial needs for our church, love for one another. Pray for those involved in news making events: terrorism, weather, killings and other violence, Pray for those on our absentee list, our family members who have not accepted Jesus as Savior, those who have and are not living the life. Pray that each of us can be the model this week that may draw someone to Jesus. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Jan 10 2015
  • Pray for the lord to put and edge around my IPAS2 and DS business and Empower Network online business and let it grow and prosper beyond my expectations. Pray for the lord to bless my business to over 1 million in Profit this years.
    charles wright - Jan 10 2015
  • Happy New Year and good afternoon, VISITORS: Castros, TJ, Ryan and Erin, Leon, Rosemarie, Francis and Brian, Pastor and Denise's family ABSENTEES: Jim and Mary, Lee V., Karyn, Christian, Sandy, Marilyn and Sean, Matt, Robert, Lillian, Gracie, Denise, Blacks PRAYER REQUESTS: JOAN: Discernment and wisdom-especially when dealing with my family; Pastor, Denise-both sick; Lillian is ill; Mary Cornwell still mourning her loss; All our families. NO NAME: Lillian is not feeling well; Daisy Walker, that she start eating and moving; my husband children grandchildren and other family members; Wisdom,knowledge, understanding, and direction for our church leaders and members. Pastor Al spoke to a number of us on New Years Day. He says that he is feeling great since his gall bladder removal. Donna is doing fine. A bit of concern for the delay in their housing being finished because of some municipal rules. Pray that it's soon and Donna won't have difficulty with steps. Pray for Denise, Pastor Ben and all others including my daughter-in-law LaRahna who have been and are currently affected by whatever is going around. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Jan 03 2015
  • Pray for the lord to put and edge around my IPAS2 and DS business and Empower Network online business and let it grow and prosper beyond my expectations. Pray for the lord to bless my business to over 1 million in Profit this years.
    charles wright - Jan 01 2015
  • It is an overcast afternoon, but I pray that God's love is shining in your heart, VISITORS: TJ Sullivan-had heard of Adventists, had never met one before, wanted to find out what we are about. I believe he was rewarded by his presence. Pray for his continued visitation.; Cindy and 2 children, a native Aikenite home for the holidays; Lisa De Laney, also an Aikenite and former member, home for the holidays; Ben, Gene; family of the Castros, Anthony's aunt and uncle from Denmark; my granddaughter, Breanna. ABSENTEES: Jimmy, Bob, Karyn, Christian, Marilyn and Sean,Joan, Michelle, Matt, Robert, Lola, Ann, Lillian, Anthony and Annette, Sandy. PRAYER REQUESTS CLAUDETTE: Betsy in her new home; Sandy and James; Barbra in Springfield, MA. She is in hospital. My adult children. MARY COLLINS: Healing for Jim, Nick Collins Bill Uhl, Mom and Poppa Bill, Cindy Johnson, the niece of our daughter-in-law who is addicted to drugs. financial needs of both my sons; good weather on Sabbath mornings to make it easier to get Jim into and out of the car. Even the weather was inclimate, there was a good crwd and the Holy Spirit's presence was evident. -------------------------------------- From: Tabitha Hoping all is well with you all. Praise the Lord I am doing ok even though I live on medication for me to function, It could be worse, so I praise the Lord for that. I still need prayers for my older brother Kenneth, he is out of the hospital but still not doing well. Still feel very weak, and his asthma is still bothering him. Please pray for his wife Carlie, I guess she is very stress out. Its been hard communicating with her, she is very sensitive in everything. Now its affecting me, because I need to know how my brother is doing. My other sister-in-law Nolita I understand she is out of the hospital but no one knows her condition because she has isolated herself. But please keep her in your prayers that she gets well. And that she can find peace in her heart. We love her but is hard to communicate or to see her, she does not answer her phone no open her door when my other brother tries to visit her home. So they stop trying to reach out to her. I need all your prayers in all the above issues. Wishing you all Happy, blessed and healthy new year, and praying that we all pray for one another that we hold on to the Lord until the end. He is coming very soon brethren . " The Lord make His face shine upon you, and be gracious to you." Num. 6:25. " Now may the Lord direct your hearts into the love of God, and into the patience of Christ." 2 Thess.3:5
    Brian Howell - Dec 27 2014
  • It's getting close to Christmas, be careful out there,' VISITORS: Gene, Erin and Ryan, Jim Ague. Brian and Francis ABSENTEES: Mary and Jim, Bob, Lee V., Mary and Jim, Annette, Christian, Karyn, Marilyn and Sean, Joan, Matt, Robert, Castros PRAYER REQUESTS LEE H.: Laura Lunsford and Bobby Corbett had a bad accident. Laura has a broken wrist and 3 broken ribs. Bobby has a broken collar bone and 3 broken ribs. Lee says that he knew each of them but they did not know each other prior to the accident. A mother asks prayer for her daughter whom she says has a lot of problems right now. Today was Communion Sabbath. Pastor's theme was 'blessings", He asked for each of us to be blessed by God and asked that especially during this season that we ask for everyone whom we meet to "Be blessed." So to all who have checked in today I say to you: "May God bless you and keep you safe and in His care the rest of this year and years to come." If you didn't get a Christmas note from me. "Merry Christmas and a happy new year. I love all of you, Sisters and Brothers." Again, God bless you, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Dec 20 2014
  • please pray that i find a place to stay before its too late pray that my income comes in time also for my health problems and that i find my wallet also that i sell all the furniture in the house also that i find someone to love me for me and have a family of my own and a car
    brenda morris - Dec 14 2014
  • Brothers and Sisters, good afternoon, Yesterday was a high Sabbath at Aiken Church with a guest speaker Crey Trowell, luncheon, Christmas program and food and games to close the day. God blessed with good weather, good food, great messages and fun in the evening. You missed a great day if you were not present. VISITORS: Wendell Battle from MD who had a heartwarming testimony during Sabbath School and his friend Cynthia, Bob ?. Gene, Leon,Terry, Ryan and Erin, Denise's brother, Castros ABSENTEES: Lee V., Lola, Karyn, Christian, Marilyn, Sean, Joan, Mike, Matt, Ann, Robert, Lillian, Gracie, Brian, Francis PRAYER REQUESTS: MARY COLLINS: Better health for: Jim, Mom and Poppa Bill, Nick Collins, Cindy Johnson, Brian and John, my sons. Praise: Jim is experiencing NO PAIN. BOB: Help for my eyes. A writer who wants to remain anonymous praises that she is much better. She is thankful that her grandson has been called for an interview for a new job. She asks that he will give his heart to God. Pray that Lillian's medical problem can be identified and that she will feel better. Ann's mother-in-law Daisy is in hospital needing constant observation. Continue to pray for Pastor Al and Donna. Ruth is happy that she is in FL with her family and is doing well. Pray that God will impress each of us to give generously to the fund to repair roof of Fellowship Hall. Pray for an evangelistic series in the near future. Let's pray for the needs of our sisters and brothers and esp. for Pastor Ben and his family. Keep our building project in your prayers. Be blessed today and every day, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Dec 13 2014
  • Good Sunday afternoon, It is a breezy Sunday afternoon, the kind that takes you to the window to look out and feel blessed that you do not have to, quite a change from yesterday's rainy raw day. I did not send requests yesterday because it was so overcast that I could not get a signal. Am not complaining, ours is good weather comparetively speaking. Please pray for those in inclimate situations. We were reminded from the front and from the Bulletin of upcoming events for end of year: offering for repairing Fellowship Hall roof, bake sale, Christmas program, ingathering and other end of year programs. VISITORS: Castros, Ryan and Erin, Gloria's grands including Geana and Danielle. ABSENTEES: Jim and Mary, Lee V., Marilyn and Sean, Anthony and Annette, Matt, Michelle, Gloria Cl., Brian and Frances. PRAYER REQUESTS: RUTH writes for MICHAEL: "To my church family: thanks for all your prayers. Keep praying for me that this mess of lies are resolved quickly so I can come home. Thank you for all that you have done for Ruth and me. Thank you for the collection of money that was sent to me. It is really appreciated." HEYWARD: Remember Hellen Martin's family. She passed away this past week. Barbara and Shirley were nieces. ***Thank you for your prayers for Lola Sullivan. Unfortunately she has passed away. The doctors had pronounced her well after her last procedure, so much so that her daughter decided to go on a cruise. Just a few days into the cruise, Lola died. The daughter had to make hasty plans to fly back to States. Of course there is heartache, stress and questions. Pray for Lola's family and friends that questions can be answered and they can have peace. From all reports Pastor Al is doing well. Continue in prayer for Lillian's family. Jim and Mary were not at church, pray that it was because of the weather. Have not heard from Joan since she left for NY. Keep praying for the new baby and the rest of the family. There are so many things going on in our church families lives. I know that the good Lord is aware of all them individually and so I claim the promise found in Phillipians 4:19 for each of us "But my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus." God bless each of you, Wilhelmina From: tabitha I am still asking prayers for my sister-in-law Nolita she is still in the hospital, but do not know her condition at this point. My older brother is out of the hospital but his condition is not so good. He is now dizzy and very weak. They say he need to eat every two hours or else he gets very weak and shaky. So I really don't know what is going on. The communication is not that clear. And he is asthmatic and is constantly acting -up. And his wife she's becoming hard to communicate with. I am thinking she is stressed, please pray for her too.
    Brian Howell - Dec 06 2014
  • Please Please Please Pray the HOLY SPIRIT leads as many people possible to pray for this Prayer Request...Please Pray with all your faith that GOD will Bless me (Phil Chavez) with my Soul Mate as soon as it is possible with GOD .I've never had a girlfriend and been Praying and hoping for one for at least 20 years,I'm 42 years old now....Pray also GOD Blesses every person that Prays for me...Thank You
    Phil Chavez - Dec 06 2014
  • Jennell is in Critical Condition at the hospital.Pray that she makes it and has a full recovery
    kim - Nov 29 2014
  • Good Tuesday, There were several of us absent on Sabbath but the number of visitors was more than a fair exchange. It was good seeing friends not seen for a while and church family that did not know. Luncheon turned out to be a "pot luck". The Lord provided the necessary food. Yes, I know that this is overdue, but the good Lord was aware of the requests and praises before they were made. VISITORS: Juanita, Tad and Antonio; Derek and LaRay; Ulysses and family,; Rosemarie; Leon, Gloria's grands from Atlanta,; Castro family, Robert Sweeny; Gene, Kenneth and Lucky Davis; Michael Cofer; Robert's brother; Michael L. ABSENTEES: Lee V., Jimmy, Ruth, Karyn and grands, Christian, Russell, Marilyn & Sean, Mortons, Gabriela, Gracie, Lillian, Ann, Blacks. REQUESTS: HEYWARD: Ken Grenz in hospital with intestinal disorder. He is an Adventist. My niece and nephew, incarcerated for stealing. JOAN: Was supposed to leave for NY on Wed. Plans changed because daughter-in-law had baby on Monday. She left for NY this am. Pray that all is well with baby and Mom who had some other medical issues. Joan should still be on road as I write this at 12:45pm, so pray for her traveling mercies. ME: Continued prayer for my nephew Scotty who is still incarcerated and my brother Joe's efforts to get him released. Continued praises for safe travels for all who were away for the holiday. Pray for monies for repair of Fellowship Hall roof. Pray for those affected by weather conditions. Continued prayer for Pastor Al's health, Pastor Ben and all church leaders as they lead out in ministry against the enemy's attacks. Thank the Lord for today's beautiful weather where I am. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Nov 29 2014
  • Please pray for Jannell Bradly that she lives and makes a full recovery she is in the hospital in critical condition. P
    Kim B - Nov 26 2014
  • Good rainy afternoon, VISITORS: Leon, Rosemarie, Brian and Francis, Gene, a family--Mom, Dad/ 2 boys, 1 girl. ABSENTEES: Annette, Lee V., Marilyn and Sean, Christian, Sandy, Mike, Michelle, Matt, Gloria Cl., Gabriela and Robert, Brian PRAYER REQUESTS: MARY COLLINS: Jim's health; Mom and Poppa Bill, Cindy's health, our church family, enough money to fix the roof for the Fellowship Hall, our readiness for Jesus' return. ***An anonymous card whose writer wants prayer for a sister with West Nile Virus and whose other sister has had surgery and needs healing. ***Lillian's nephew William Cephus died yesterday. Pray for the family's comfort and peace as they make arrangements for the funeral and for Lillian to be able to make convenient and comfortable traveling arrangements. ***Pray for the Newbill family as they grieve the loss of their husband, father and family member. ***Continue to praise the Lord for Pastor Al's successful surgery. He had left me a message yesterday. When I returned the call I did not get a response but he had said that all was well and that he was doing well. His strength and tenor of voice confirmed what he said. Continue to praise God for what He has done and will continue to do in Pastor Al's life. ****Note Tabbie's requests at bottom. Pray for all those who will be traveling for the holiday and even for us at home. Let us all be especially aware at home and on the road as we prepare for the holiday. God bless and be careful for servings on the plate, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Nov 25 2014
  • Another chilly day, good afternoon, VISITORS: Rosemarie, Leon, Terry, Gloria's grandchildren, Gene, Ryan & Erin, Curtis Kersey & friends. ABSENTEES: Lee V, Christian, Ann, Becky, Michelle, Matt, Gabriela & Robert, Trisa, Brian & Francis, Brian H. REQUESTS AND PRAISES KATELYN SMITH: I've done two wrongs and a death of a family member has happened. Please pray for my family that we shall become stronger and one day heal the sick. GLORIA: Keshia Lloyd--pain in back; Pray for children and grandchildren. JOAN: Pastor Al had his surgery Fri., 11/14. (LATEST REPORT: He is doing very well, so much so that Donna has left him today for a little while to go home to get some rest.) Continue to pray for him and Donna. Pray for Lisa. She's hurting emotionally and needs comfort and wisdom to deal with a situation. Al-a neighbor- who is looking for a home to rent. ***Pray for Tabbie, her family's illnesses as well as her own. Pray for her friend in S. Africa who is investigating coming to Uchee Pines because of hers and her children's illnesses. We are at a critical time in religious history, very near to Jesus' 2nd coming. Pastor Ben's sermon on Sabbath shows indications of the enemy's evident positioning himself for reason to support his eventual claim as ruler of universe.We are in a battle, let's pray for spiritual insight and support to stand firm for Jesus. God bless you and yours this week. Your sister in Christ, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Nov 25 2014
  • Please pray for Jennell she is in extremly critical care in the hospital please pray that she makes it through and also remember barron in prayer in this unfortunate time.
    kb . - Nov 25 2014
  • Please Please Please Pray the HOLY SPIRIT leads as many people possible to pray for this Prayer Request...Please Pray with all your faith that GOD will Bless me (Phil Chavez) with my Soul Mate as soon as it is possible with GOD .I've never had a girlfriend and been Praying and hoping for one for at least 20 years,I'm 42 years old now....Pray also GOD Blesses every person that Prays for me...Thank You
    Phil Chavez - Nov 18 2014
  • Terrific Tuesday, Because I was not at Church on Sabbath, I do not have list of visitors and absentees. REQUESTS: JOAN: Pastor Al's surgery has been canceled until Dec. 14.: Francis Hosea had massive heart attack. He had open heart surgery; Lee Hiers sister died last Thurs. Pray for Lee and family; Ron Halverson had surgery for cancer on Sabbath. BOB: I pray for help on my eyes to see better and be able to drive again and a car to drive. MARY COLLINS: Better health for: Jim, Jim's brother, Nick; my friend Sharon who had a heart attack Fri. night. PRAISES FOR: Our church family, the health that we do have; the blessings we've received. ***A closer walk with God. LOLA NEWMAN: Her nephew, Ricky, died. Pray for the family I'm having arthritic pain in my right shoulder and upper arm. Pray that the Dr. will soon call me back for an appt. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Nov 09 2014
  • Firstly,I want to say a massive thank you for your previous prayers - as God has answered the prayers regarding my family issues - and every day it's getting better. The problem is now me - I am a social worker by profession and I have been out of work for 4 years - financially I and my husband are struggling. I went to an interview on Wednesday and knew from the onset that I did not get the job - my confidence and self esteem is at an all time low because I feel scared at the prospect of not having or getting a job. Please pray for me that God will bless me with a job. Thank you, your sister in Christ Auj
    Auj - Nov 07 2014
  • Good afternoon, Quiet a difference between today and yesterday with all the snow on the ground. I pray that all is well with you today as the Lord is blessing. The request on the bottom is from Tabbie, a sister from South Africa who now lives in Brooklyn. VISITORS: Gene, Ryan and Erin,Leon and Rosemarie ABSENTEES: Lee K., Mary and Jim, Lola, the Brooks family, Marilyn and Sean, Betsy, Michelle, Matt, Gracie, Anthony and Annette, Jacinto and family LEE HIERS: My son John Hiers; my 80 yr.old sister Sarah Wood is in Hospice with double pneumonia; my son Greg has not been saved; my church friend Joan. BOB: Pigments in my eyes. GLORIA;Pray for my neighbor April Thomas whio is in ICU. Her liver and body have shut down. JOAN MULLER; Daughter-in-law Jennifer. She has growth on ovary and will be having of her c-section on Dec. 8th. She's expecting a little boy. Karen and Arnold, Judy and Bill. Both women are taking care of their husband who have cancer; Ruth Reese! Pray for all those who were absent on Sabbath. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Nov 01 2014
  • Please help me pray for my husband, that he may find the way to salvation, meet Christ as his Savior too, that he may find a job to help for our living and see his worth, pray that he could stop from being alcoholic. Please pray that he could stand as a responsible father to our children. and please help me pray that peace be upon our home and upon our hearts. Thank you brethren.
    Yen - Oct 30 2014
  • Beautiful fall Sabbath, VISITORS: Leon, Castros, Terry, Gloria Cu.'s grandchildren, the Hinds family ABSENTEES: Karen, Marilyn and Sean, Gloria Cl., Betsy-has moved to VA for time being, Mike, Matt, Michelle, Gracie, Annette, Sandy LOLA: My grandson graduates from college in Dec. Please pray that God will guide him in finding a job. LILLIAN; Tiffany and James- temperance; Al Matchim and Donna--sickness. William Cephus--Surrender to God; Doris Cephus--physical and spiritual strength; Betsy Morris--directions. RUTH: Pray for Mike's niece Althea. She just lost her Dad Sept. 19. Mike says "Thank you" for all the prayers and keep praying. He made a plea deal without having all the facts that goes with it. Now he's really worried about it. MARY COLLINS: The health of my husband, Mom and Poppa Bill, Cindy and Brian, Nick and the sick in our church; love for one another; praises for received blessings. Thank you, Ann, for a message and guidance on how and why necessary to surrender ourselves to God. May He continue to bless you and all of us as we continue our Christian walk. Enjoy the rest of this beautiful Sabbath, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Oct 26 2014
  • Please Please Please Pray the HOLY SPIRIT leads as many people possible to pray for this Prayer Request...Please Pray with all your faith that GOD will Bless me (Phil Chavez) with my Soul Mate as soon as it is possible with GOD .I've never had a girlfriend and been Praying and hoping for one for at least 20 years,I'm 42 years old now....Pray also GOD Blesses every person that Prays for me...Thank You
    Phil Chavez - Oct 23 2014
  • I Request special prayer for MY PC-AGE COMPUTER STUDIES & MEMORY retaining information BE BETTER THAT I CAN EVEN IMAGINE AND HAVE ME BE AHEAD OF THE CLASS.- AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. for all my grants and loans to go through. To pass all my classes and to get the best high paying part time job I love. PLEASE PRAY FOR THE LORD TO PUT THE RIGHT PEOPLE AND GOOD FRIENDS IN MY LIFE FOR SCHOOL THAT WILL HELP ENSURE MY SUCCESS. - also always feel tired fatigue and bad thought short temper. Pray for god to give me peace of mind , love , happiness , excitement and remove and evil spirits and take away my burdens and serious problem I have since the age of 14. PRAISE GOD. Thank you
    charles wright - Oct 23 2014
  • Hello, I really need your help...This request is for prayer. I have friend named Andris for which one I would like to ask pray for. He is very unusual person- with him is very dificult, this is a guy who's life is very much endured, and he has not seen anything good. He suffer from multiple addictions and he is friends with bad people. He have problems with communication. He does not want to listen to people.I had found a common language with him, but it seems to have lost.I got knew him from the other side and that is why I know that he is good person. I know he is not totally lost as a person. Other people have told him that he is a beast and with this idea he lives. Sometimes you can see how devil lives in him and control his life.I would like this guy also sees that there are real friends and that in life there is something good and positive.I had this chance to see good things at an early age thanks to the parents who introduced me to God- i would love he would have a chance to know God. I've stumbled through faith. Therefore i ask for your help, to spread this mesage and pray for him to come back to God. The end of this world comes soon but i believe that if we all pray God will hear us and help my friend... I am not so strong in my faith, so i need your help
    Amanda - Oct 22 2014
  • Such a beautiful Sabbath day, hope that you enjoyed where you were, VISITORS: Castros, Eugene, Ryan and Erin, he our pianist for the day ABSENTEES: Sandy, Lola, Christian, Marilyn and Sean, Betsy, Lee H.; Joan, Mortons, Connie, Gloria Cl.; Gloria Cu.; Lillian, Claudette, Trisa, Mary and Jim, Jokay HEYWARD: Richard Hydrick's brother, Johnny was murdered this past week. Pray for the family. DENISE: Praise God for answered prayers! Praise Him for all things. Safe travel for family; Youth/ children of our church; church construction plans; church leaders; unity of the church. TABBIE: Thanks that she had a safe trip to and from South Africa for her niece's wedding; prayer for her brother who was sick when she got there and is still sick. SANDY: She requests continued prayer for James. It takes several hours in the morning for him to "get going". She is feeling better, but is still using one crutch to get around. Pray that those woo went to camp meeting had safe trips to and from and were blessed by the event. Thanks, Trisa, for the beautiful job did cleaning up the property. Remember the Fall Festival on tomorrow. Thanks for efforts of those in charge. Mary, you and Jim were missed today. The prayer is that "All is well". Good evening, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Oct 18 2014
  • Please Pray GOD will get rid of all bed bugs and ticks in my house and they never return. Been fighting them for a week and cant get rid of them without GOD.Please Pray I don't have to do anything myself anymore because it's been real stressful trying to get rid of them.Please Thank GOD for answering this Prayer also in JESUS Name. Thank You
    Phil - Oct 18 2014
  • I had started my senior year in high school on September 2 and this is my final year in school. Because it is still very early in the school year it will even be a while before I even graduate. I also need to continue to develop my own personal relationship with God, continue to stay positive, and I do accept Christ as Lord and Savior.
    Jonathan Ashbeck - Oct 15 2014
  • Good afternoon, Another beautiful summer day in fall. Enjoy while you can. VISITORS : Ollie, Gladys and Greg Fowler, former head elder and church clerk now living in Canton NC, the Castros, Ryan and Erin, Eugene, Leon, our guest speaker whose topic was Last-day Events and our need to be prepared, tune in to it on our church website; Rosemarie; a Jewish lady from Aiken who usually attends Temple in NA. For some reason she was not able to get there. Was pleased with message she heard. ABSENTEES: Marilyn and Sean, Mortons, Becky at SS, Gloria Cl., Gracie, Lee K., Ann, Jacinto and family. MARY COLLINS: Praise that Jim is not having pain; For Mom and Poppa Bill; For Jim's brother Nick; Four families including our church family. BETSY: Jackie-heart blockage; Sandy and James; Brenda-skin cancer; LM and Linda-cancer and heart problems; Ricky-drinking again; Son-Shane-getting married; Self-deciding to move to VA; Pray for Mom's house to sell and close. JOAN: Traveling mercies as I drive to FL; Jimmy Smith and family; Pastor Al and Donna-He is not doing any better. Mary Cornwell. ONE REQUEST NOT PUBLISHED Pray that all goes well and the Lord continues to bless as we move forward in the plans to build our new church How beautiful the new ceiling looks. Thanks, Trisa, for the clean-up of the yards and thanks to all of our unsung workers who faithfully perform their duties without being thanked for the time and effort invested. You are appreciated for what you do. God bless all of you. Have a good week, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Oct 11 2014
  • Good evening and happy waning Sabbath, The Lord has blessed us with a beautiful fall day and to Him be the praise. We had service again in the Fellowship Hall , but expect to be back "home" next Sabbath' Pastor's sermon today focused on Jesus' second coming with a comparison on what the Bible says is how He is coming and how some interpret it another way. We need to be absolutely sure that we understand it the Way that Jesus means it to be according to His Word, lest we be be lost. If you have any questions, read your Bible and/or speak to Pastor. Thank you, Pastor, for such a timely sermon. VISITORS: Ryan and his wife, the Castros, John, Leon's brother, who wants to be baptized along with Ruth, Leon and Rosemarie. If I missed someone, it's because of the seating arrangement in the Fellowship Hall. ABSENTEES: Jim and Mary, visiting her Mom in VA; Sandy, James not doing well; Betsy; Annette and Anthony, Lee K.; Lee H.; Michelle. NO NAME: For healing for Angel Cruz who just received a pacemaker. There were no more written requests or praises, but I'm sure that each person in attendance had a request and/or a praise in his or her heart today. Because God is omniscient, let us each ask Him to accept that person's praise and answer his or her request. That was the pause that I took to present that prayer to Him. Please stop reading and take a few seconds now and pray for them, yourself and me. This way we know that everyone who was at church will have had their praises and /or requests presented to Him at least twice today God bless you all, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Oct 04 2014
  • Veteran Johnny white had brain surgery on Monday please lift him and his family up
    Kim Smith - Oct 01 2014
  • It's overcast where I am but still a happy Sunday, For those of you who were not at church yesterday, you missed the opportunity to hear an interesting testimony "Handling Our T's" delivered by Pam Durant, daughter of Arlene and sister of Connie and Trisa, delivered not in the Sanctuary but in the Fellowship Hall transformed functionally and comfortably into a respectable Meeting Hall. Thanks to all who participated in the revamping of said into a "sanctuary" because "surely the presence of the Lord was in that place" on Sabbath. We look forward to the construction going on in the Sanctuary to be finished soon, but in the interim, the Lord has adequately provided us a place of worship. VISITORS: Rosemarie and Leon; John and Pam Durant and Cabe, her seeing eye dog; Gene ABSENTEES: Barney, Leslie and family, Marilyn and Sean, Lola?, Mortons. Randy and Cheri, Brian and Francis,Castor family, Ryan and Erin, Lee K. ROSEMARIE: My health issue; My daughter and her family. The Lord knows the issues; Leon-His sermon in Oct.; Chris-his ministry and schooling; Kevin, Janice, DuLon-new marriage adjustments; All of Leon's new door-to-door; Church family; Bob-his ministry BOB: Eyesight MARY COLLINS: My husband's health; Mom and Poppa Bill; Traveling mercies on Sept. 30, Tues. and then on Oct. 6, Monday. Going to Bristol VA to visit Mom and Poppa Bill; Our Church family; all our children, grands and great-grands. NO NAME: I want to have a closer walk with my Lord, plus wife's health and a special healing.Also for our children to be closer with and to us. PRAYER WARRIORS, Please pray that Pastor can make adequate arrangements with the folk music group so that they can visit us on the 1st of Oct. while they are on tour in this area. Pastor Al, Call me at your convenience. Keep on keeping on, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Sep 28 2014
  • Good afternoon,Saints, VISITORS: Ryan and Erin; Jimmy, Marcia Castro and children ABSENTEES: Annette, Barney and family, Lola, Marilyn and Sean, Mortons, both Glorias, Denise and Christian, Ann, Gracie, Brian and Francis,Trisa Lee K. CLAUDETTE; my health; my older sister Joyce and her family-health situations; my younger sister Deanna, health problems, diabetes related. She's losing her vision. A friend in RI is looking for an apt.-winter is coming too soon. She lives with a son. They have been in a camper during the summer months. RUTH AND MICHAEL: Mike says , "Thank you for the prayers." He wants the Church to know that he appreciates everything everybody's ding for him. Keep praying that we'll hear something soon about his case. He loves his church family. BOB: Eyes. MARY COLLINS: My husband; Mom and Poppa Bill; our children; our Church family. Christian's complete recovery so he can return to school. Pray for a job well done without problems, injuries or further damage to the Sanctuary ceiling. Pray for Pam Durant, Arlene's daughter and our guest speaker for 9/27, and her husband's safe travel this weekend from NH Pray for Pastor Al, Donna and their family. Pray for all the sick among us who were not named in this missive. Pray for Pastor Ben and all Pastors as they go about their ministry every day, esp. as they are on the highways. Pastor Ben, Thank you for all that you do for Aiken and NA. God bless all of you, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Sep 20 2014
  • Good afternoon, Excuse the delay, I have had some issues the last few days. VISITORS: Grant and family, GRANT was our speaker for thr day. Great job , Grant and thanks. Those of you who were absent, go to web site to hear. Randy and Cheri, Ruth, Hispanic family, Gene ABSENTEES: Christian, Karyn, Jokay and family, Marilyn and Sean, Becky at SS, her Mom in hosp. and her brother needs care, Mike, Matt, Michelle, Ann, Lillian, Annette, Anthony at SS. *** = No name on card *** Please pray for Billy,my grandson,. He is in the hospital w/pneumonia. Pastor Al and Donna. BOB: Eyes. Randy and Cheri Hicks: Please continue to keep me in your prayers. I'm now seeing an oncologist. This past week the Dr. discussed the possibility of me having leukemia. They are also doing a gall bladder scan with possible surgery. This has been a difficult summer, but Randy and I feel so blessed to have an Aiken Church family. The cards and prayers have meant ore to us than you have known-God bless. Please pray for Randy's family. A cousin was killed in a serious car accident in Michigan. I will have bone marrow biopsy on 9-22-14 and gall bladder scan 9-15-14. LOLA: Please pray that her laser exam on her eyes scheduled for Monday found eye surgery unnecessary. ME: Pray for relief from gastric distress for me. SANDY: Se called me as I was finishing this and asked for prayer for James.He is not doing well. God bless you all, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Sep 13 2014
  • Happy Sabbath, VISITORS: Terry, Wendell from VA, Castor family, Rick and Erin, Leona, family from Islands, Gene, Leon and Rosemarie, a Caucasian family ABSENTEES:Mary and Jim, Lee K., Karyn, Christian, Lola, Marilyn and Sean, both Glorias, Heyward. ROSE: That all of us will become all that God wants us to be; Thanksgiving for all that God has done for me; For my family-for the knowledge oto become part of teir belief system; For my church family. *** Ben-conviction on Adventist issues; Brenda and Mike-conviction on Sabbath; Ricky Bodiford-diabetes; Pastor and Church; Ricky Morris-commitment; Self-Sanctification. Lee H. was not feeling well today. Praise the Lord for baby dedication today and special music that was sung. Praise the Lord for # of visitors today. Thank you, Pastor, for today's challenging message. Thanks, cooks, for delicious repast. God bless you all, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Sep 06 2014
  • Please Pray for Bill Bounsall . Because of prison politics Bill has been bedridden in a Prison Hospital for many months and has been through many surgeries . Pray for his complete healing In JESUS Name. Bill is bored out of his mind and likes to receive mail. If anyone would like to right him a letter to let him know your praying for him or would like to send him a note of encouragement , you can send him mail at the address below. Bill Bounsall AH-4098 ACH-A#17 PO BOX 3456 Corcoran, CA 93212 Hospital
    - Sep 04 2014
  • Happy Sabbath, VISITORS: Brandon, Ruth, Hispanic family, again, another family, Robert and Gabriela's friend Robert, ,Ryan, Cheri and Randy, Rosemarie and Leon, Derek, our speaker for the day. ABSENTEES: Christian, Erin, Jimmy, Matt, JoKay and family, Marilyn and Sean, Lee K. *** MEANS NO NAME ON CARD *** A prayer for good health and a closer walk with God. JOAN: Henry- the sale of his condo and that he may also find a job. Karen and Arnold-he has cancer. Judy and Bill-He too has cancer. Victora Lina- Strength and wisdom t be able to take care of her husband. A verbal request for housing. Derek, our speaker, asks for prayer for his wife Loray sp., who is having difficult health problems and her Mother is at the point of death. Pray for Don's and Bob's eyes. A praise that Pastor Al and Donna made it safely to FL. A praise that both Sandy, Jim and Mary and Cheri and Randy were at church today. Have not heard results, but that Pastor Ben was able to get his class exams taken care of. We had visitors from New Life today. May God bless each of you this week and pour out His Holy Spirit on us all, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Aug 30 2014
  • I have many issues, including issues where I am living (very tentatively living here). I need many miracles, including healing, finances, and many issues to be worked out. Thank you for your prayers, and God bless you.
    - Aug 25 2014
  • It's still a humid Sunday, VISITORS: Lee K., Hispanic family from TX, Eugene, Robert's brother, Ricky, Ruth, JP, Ryan ABSENTEES: Marilyn and Sean, both Glorias, Matt, Gracie, Erin *** Please pray for Joan. CLAUDETTE: She is having a biopsy on both Mon. and Tues. *** Please continue to keep co-worker of mine and family in your prayers. Jim, the sick family for whom you've been praying passed and funeral was Thurs. MARY COLLINS: My husband that his suffering will be minimal. My Momma and Poppa Bill; Jim's brother, Nick, is being moved to Health South in Camden; our children; our church family. GABRIELA: Praise the Lord for traveling mercies for Ruda.. He arrived safely home. He thanks you all for your love and encouragement. Praise God for His daily care and support. He is great! *** Traveling mercies for Heyward on his way to AR. He should be there by now. Did not have any notices of any new illnesses or problems this week. Remember to keep our building project in prayers and that the Maranatha plans will be conducive for our terrain and budget. Pray for our church leaders on all levels and all situations. Pray esp. where there may be divisions concerning theological issues. Pray that everything that is said and done is according to a "Thus saith the Lord". Let us all conduct ourselves this week that it may be said of each of us that "Surely they have been with Jesus". God's grace accompany you at all times, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Aug 23 2014
  • Good Sabbath afternoon, VISITORS: 2 black ladies (I did not get their names), Eugene, Ruda, Lee K., Hispanic family, Leon and Rosemarie, Erin and Ricky, he was music master today, along with Ruda--beautifully done. ABSENTEES: Jimmy, Karyn, Christian, Betsy, Matt, Ann, both Glorias, Ann, Gracie BOB: Eyes MARY COLLINS: Praises: Sister came through surgery and is in recovery; Jim is in almost NO pain. REQUESTS: Jim's comfort and health. Jim's brother, Nick; Mom and Poppa Bill; All our children; Our church family. ***Prayer for better touch with God. *** Praises: Our daily bread; Keeping my family safe; Friends and family; Choosing me; Prayers: Mary and Jim Collins; children and youth, Bible studies, construction of church, unity of church, leaders of our church, unspoken requests. ***Judy Hindle's husband is dying; missing members,; God's will be done on earth as it is in heaven; our families. ***Please continue prayer for a co-worker's brother, Jim, and the family. They may need to make decision to remove life support. Thanks for the beautiful colors God has given us i His creation. Thankful for the many blessings big and small (I agree with you wholeheartedly on these last 2). MICHAEL AND RUTH: Michael says "Thank you for your prayers". He wants you to keep praying for him. He sends his love to his church family. He would also like someone from the church to visit him. Thank you, my church family, for all your prayers. Continue to pray for my job situation. I love each and everyone of you. There was one card that did not wish to be published. My cousin's husband came home from rehab this past Tuesday. He is trying hard, but still has a way to go before he's up and about. I stopped by Azalea Woods this afternoon. Pray for all residents there, but especially for George Scott and Edna Smith. Special prayer for the 48,000 Pathfinders who will be traveling home tomorrow. Have a good week, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Aug 16 2014
  • Greetings, Sisters and Brothers, VISITORS: Robert Lumpkin, Grant, Ryan and Erin, Whitney, Geana and Darcelle ABSENTEES: Lee K., Don, Annette and Anthony, Ruth, Leslie and Barney, Karyn, Christian, Marilyn and Sean, Betsy, Mike, Matt, Michelle, Mary and Jim, Gabriela and Robert, Lillian ALICE: Remember Cheri Hicks and her health problems. She would appreciate your cards of encouragement. Her address is in the new directory. BOB: Pray for a friend who wants to stop smoking. Continued prayer for Jim and Mary. Mary says Jim is resting well and she is able to get some much needed sleep. Be considerate of the time she has to devote to Jim when calling or visiting even though she has Hospice care. I spoke to Pastor Al Friday evening. He says he is doing well despite the 90+ degree weather there. He and Donna send everyone their love. Sandy was at church today and made the call for Gifts. She says she is "doing as well as can be expected under the circumstances". Pray for teachers and students who have just returned to school or will in the next two weeks. Pray for traveling mercies for Gloria as she goes to NJ to care for her daughter-in-law after she has surgery. Pray for Pastor Ben and all leaders as they minister in these "Last Days". Pray for us all a closer walk with the Lord Have a good week, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Aug 09 2014
  • I need URGENT, BIG MIRACLES. Thank you for your prayers. God bless you.
    - Aug 07 2014
  • Good afternoon, This request from Gloria Curry this afternoon: A friend of Geana's, Grovette Bussey was in a motorcycle accident on Sun. afternoon, and is in trauma care at an Augusta hospital. ABSENTEES: Don, Karyn, Christian, Matt, Michelle, Perellas, VISITORS: Ryan, Erin, Jim, Hispanic family, Ruth, Eugene, Ruda, J.P. Gould MARILYN: I would like prayer for God to lift me from this debt bondage I'm in. I don't know how to fix it with no job or money coming in. I trust God knows what is prepared for me. JOKAY: Please pray for my friend's husband, Ken, who is battling stage 4 metastanic bladder cancer. Please pray for me, Jokay, to be able to pass the driver's license test this week. May the Lord give me strength so I will to make it this time. GLORIA Cu.: Pray for my neck and back. *** Jim--co-worker's brother who had a massive heart attack. Thankful for the rain. *** Deborah Hair asked to study Bible, will be meeting at the library. Strength for Mary. There was one that asked not to be published. Pray for that one. Pray that the appraisal that Pastor gets will help us come to decision concerning sale of the existing church and building of the new one. Continue to have a good week. Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Aug 02 2014
  • Good afternoon, VISITORS: Richard, Annette's brother, Jim Auge, Ruda Morosunu, our speaker and Gabriela and Robert's nephew, Waylon, Heyward's grandson, Eugene, Gloria's granddaughters ABSENTEES: Don, Annette, Karyn, Perellas, Mortons, Sandy BOB eyes ROBIN: Please pray for my step dad's mother. She has been put on hospice. MARILYN: I would like to ask for blessings for the Lord to help me pay off my debts as He blesses me with a job. BETSY: Ricky for continued healing from accident and continued abstinence from alcohol and for him to come back to church. Healing for Sandy and Don. Trevor, the other accident victim and his wife Courtney. ***Chuck Turner's severe infection ((Lola's cousin). MARY COLLINS: Praises for traveling mercies; Jim's health; Mom and Poppa Bill; My sister Joyce is having surgery this coming Friday. Pray it will be successful; our church family. RUTH REESE: Keep Michael n your prayers. He still hasn't been able to talk to his lawyer. Keep me in prayer that I my hear something from my job applications HEYWARD: Thanks for your prayers for his son Craig's friend's mother Pat Mulda who after surgery had kidney failure, went into a coma and had to be put in ICU. Because of God's hearing your prayers she is out of ICU and headed toward recovery. Gabriela, Thank Ruda for us for such a blessed program. Thank you for initiating. Thank the Lord for continuing to supply speakers, singers and musicians who give to us the spiritual nourishment that He desires for us. Keep praying toward this end. Pray that Sandy can get the attention , equipment, haircut and everything else necessary to get her and James through this difficult period caused by her fall. Pray that she keeps her positive attitude. May all of you be blessed this week and keep praying. Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Jul 27 2014
  • Good afternoon, VISITORS: Eugene, Brian and Frances, 2 Phillipino visitors, mother and daughter, Ruth, visitor from Lexington in town to see his Mom ABSENTEES: Dennis Black, Karyn, Marilyn and Sean, Betsy (Ricky is still recovering from his accident), Matt, Mary and Jim, Gabriela and Robert, Ann, Trisa. There are some who are usually absent because of health reasons. From now on I will not list them except for a change in circumstances. PRAYER REQUESTS: BOB: Praying for my eyesight. (He did have surgery on his eye on Saturday- that was only time he could get an appointment-everything went well. Needs to give them time to heal and refocus). ***Lillian will be having eye surgery on Wed. Betsy and Ricky. He was in an accident and will need surgery. Sandy fell and will have to be put in a cast (her right arm). CLAUDETTE: Sandy-healing of injuries from her fall; Betsy's husband Ricky- healing of injuries from accident; Bob W.-kidney healing; Barbra Bayers-healing. ***Praise God for: answering a prayer, church family, health, son's health; PRAYER REQUESTS: Church family/ unity;church construction plans, children/youth, leaders, Sandy, Betsy's husband, marriages, Bible studies. Have a good rest of the week wherever you are, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Jul 19 2014
  • It's muggy, but a good Sabbath Wherever you are I pray that yours was blessed and all is well with you. Our speaker for the day was Pastor Rob Chisum from NC. Pastor Ben's former church, who presented some interesting insights on "Seducing Doctrines". If you have opportunity and capacity visit our website and listen in. VISITORS: Pastor Chisum, Robert and Gabriela's friend from FL who is house sitting for them while they are on vacation; Ruth; Gloria Cu.'s grands, Whitney, Sandy's grand-niece. ABSENTEES: Bob was having eye surgery today--pray that the surgery will restore his vision and that he will be comforted,; Lee K., Lola, Karyn, Matt, Gloria Cl., Gabriela and Robert, Ann, Donna B., Isabell, Suzanne. PRAYER REQUESTS: MARY Co.: Jim's health; my sister Joyce, nodule in her lung; Mom and Poppa Bill; our children; Jim's brother Nick; our safe travels to Bristol, VA on Tues.. will return the 24th. GLORIA Cu.: All of my grandchildren. Pray that Mary Cornwell will feel well enough to visit us soon. You are loved, Mary. All those who were absent today for whatever reason. That Pastor Al and Donna have gotten to Newfoundland safely. That Pastor Ben and Denise are enjoying and or benefiting from their respite. You are missed. Remember Communion on July 19 and Church Board on Sunday at 1:30 PM. God bless and have a good week, Wilhelmina Good afternoon, Failed to mention yesterday that Pastor Rob was grieving the death of his oldest daughter who is being buried today. She died last week of lung failure shortly after giving birth to a son. Pray for the family in their grief and that they are able to work out care arrangements for the baby who is currently being taken care of by Pastor Rob and his wife. Learned this morning that Derek Seigler's wife's mother has terminal cancer. The expectation for death is imminent, at 90+ they are trying to keep her as comfortable as possible without any further procedures. I have tried this afternoon to learn of Bob's condition after the eye surgery on yesterday but have not been successful. Continue to pray for a positive outcome. I failed to note that Ryan was absent yesterday. He has been faithful in coming since he started attending. If you have his number, give him a call to let him know that he is missed. Lee H. has had a test on his face for cancer. Pray for negative results. Have a good week, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Jul 12 2014
  • Hello, We had a good shower Monday, hope you did too. Mary C.. please let me know that you are getting these mailings. VISITORS: Juanita and family, Ruth, Brian and Francis, Gloria C.'s grands, Terry Perry, Gabriela's nephew, Radun, Golden Bells and a visitor. ABSENTEES: Leslie, Anthony and Annette, Matt, Modelos, Perellas, Jim and Mary, Isabell, Donna B., Suzanne WHITNEY: Mommy, Bubba, Tom, Joan, Betsy, Ann, Uncle James, Aunt Sandy, Day Day, Poxo, Mr. Don,, Jimmy, Mr. Bob,, Mina, Arlene, Russell, Pastor Ben and Denise. BETSY: Terry's husband passed away 2 weeks ago; Sister Becky-job-n 90 day trial expires; Ricky-a commitment to do better; Self- closer walk; Bless The Golden Bells. ALICE: Randy says Cheri's surgery went well. She is still having discomfort. Continue to pray for her complete recovery. Becky says that Pastor Al and Donna picked up their trailer from her house this AM and are now on way to Newfoundland. Pray for strength for Pastor and safe travel for the two of them... Pray for my beautician Bea Barron who was hospitalized for two and still have not gotten a satisfactory diagnosis of her ailment. Thanks for your prayers for Al. He talked to me on phone on Fri. He still is not walking and still has feeding tube. Pray for PeeWee, a former student of mine, who also had a stroke and is getting therapy at Azalea Woods. Pray for all who are sick or incapacitated in one way or another. Pray for Pastor Ben and Denise who are on vacation and all others who are so blessed. All the rest of you, have a good rest of the week, wherever you are, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Jul 05 2014
  • my employer is failing to pay me my salaries,and i am now in land lady wants me out of her house=pray that she and family bear with me . i am now looking for a job pray for me.
    phedelice masiyiwa - Jul 03 2014
  • Happy Sabbath VISITORS: Elder Jones our speaker from Ebenezer, his wife Nancy, their grandson and a friend, others from Ebenezer who did not know he was speaking, Ryan who did a medley on the piano during service, Ruth, Gloria's grandchildren, John, Lee H.'s son. Thanks for the plants, Lee. Sandy's grandniece. ABSENTEES: Lee K., Gloria Cl., Karyn, Annette, Perellas, Donna B., Suzanne,, Isabell, Mike, Matt, Michelle, Becky (SS). BOB: Lord, I need my good eyes. RUTH: Keep Michael in your prayers. He has good days and bad days. He asked me to see if someone from the church could come to see him. He wants someone to help him understand the Bible better. Pray for me to help me find a job. I've got applications out at Hobby Lobby and Aldi's. I'm praying that I soon hear from them. MARILYN: I request prayer that the EEOC wll soon reach a settlement concerning my unemployment. May God continue blessing me and Sean to get through this financial that we are in. JOAN: Little Whitney; Sister Powell from Poughkeepsie Church, NY has problems and needs our prayers; Our families; Evelyn is in hosp. with heart problems; Lee V. is not here today. GABRIELA: Traveling mercies for my nephew. Pray that he will not have any problems with his travel; health and restoration; to know God's plan for our lives. NANCY JONES: She is leaving this afternoon for a missionary trip. KAREN BURKE: I met her last year at Religious Liberty Conference in Silver Springs. She has had to go to Bahamas to take care of her Mom who has heart problems. Continue to pray for Pastor Al, my cousin's husband Al who has been moved from Aiken Hosp. to Select in Augusta for specialized treatment and for all our families. God bless you all, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Jun 28 2014
  • Happy Sunday, VISITORS: Lee V., Ruth, Gloria Cu.'s grandchildren, Ann's grands, W/Betsy- Ricky's granddaughter, Sandy's grandniece. ABSENTEES: Christian, Sean, Joan, Matt, Mike, Donna B., Isabell, Suzanne Trisa, Claudette MARILYN AND SEAN: I need prayer for me and my son financially to pay bills at least and get back on my feet with a job or business. Thank you. ANTHONY AND ANNETTE: Special prayers for my father (Anthony) who had a stroke Mon. 6/16/14/ after he got back home to NY; also pray for Marie Sutherland ( Annette's mother) who is back in Belize suffering from dementia and Alzheimer's . Her weight is drastically dropping; pray for Annette's health and happiness. This is my input--pray for Anthony. SANDY: Aunt Era and her family; Linda and Sherry Bryce; A.J., Ken T. and children; Liam James; Dot and Lee; Chris G.; James and myself GABRIELA: Traveling mercies for my niece and nephew as they ravel to come to visit us from Romania; health problems for myself; to know God's will for our lives. MARY: Jim's health; Mom and Poppa Bill's health; Jim's brother Nick; my sister Joyce. She's having an operation; Our church family and all their needs. LOLA: Please pray for a health problem I am having and also for a health problem my son has. Pray for Ponda. Her throat cancer has returned. BETSY: Linda- hip replacement; Becky=90 day trial period with job is almost up; Pastor Al's health; Pastor Ben and family; Ricky. PRAYERS: Rob Chisum and family--death of his eldest daughter-massive heart attack-left behind her husband ad an infant daughter. Y0uth/children of our church; construction plans; new positions 2014-2015; unity of church; safe travels for church members going on vacation; Tiff family and marriage; personal issue. SAVANNAH (Betsy's visitor): My Grandma Linda-hip replacement; My Poppa- he had foot surgery; My Mom to stop smoking. WHITNEY (Sandy's great -niece, she is 6 yrs. old and wrote the requests herself--took some deciphering on my part, but she did a good job. Pray that she can continue to come with Sandy) Miss Robin; Alice; Aunt Sandy. My cousin's husband Al is still in ICU, Responding some, but still cannot verbalize. Thanks for God's providing the mes angers with His messages for us. Keep praying for those whom He wants to make presentations. Have a good week and share Jesus using your gifts with all your contacts. Pray for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Sometimes we don't have because we don't ask. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Jun 21 2014
  • Happy Sabbath, VISITORS: Derek Seigler, our speaker for today; Rick and Edie;; Gloria's randchildren, Friend with Anthony and Annette, Kathy, Heyward's friend; Tryina Moore from Ebenezer; Rosemarie's friend from last week. ABSENTEES: Lee K., Christian, Marilyn and Sean; Joan, Mortons, Gloria Cl., Ann, Lillian, Donna B., Isabell, Suzanne ANNOUNCEMENT: Christian is getting married on the 28th., more info to come. I was physically and mechanically unable to send out requests last week , these today are compilation of this and last week's requests: BETSY: Sale of Mom's house goes smooth; Lainy has lupus; Ricky's pigheadedness and drunkenness-his surrender to truth; ME- patience and guidance, full surrender; Claudette's travels; Speakers for our church; Pastor Al. ***Please pray for my daughter. She needs our prayers right now more than ever. Her name is Candice. ***Renee Bodiford--cancer; Brenda--lonely; Jerry Bolen--cancer; Marie-stepdaughter-- heart trouble; our Pastor and family; our congregation. SANDY; Liam Jams- still in hospital; James, Sherry, Belinda, Whitney, herself, all of her family. MARY COLLINS: Jim's health; Brother-in-law Mike;s cornea transplant, Momma and Poppa Bill, our church family. JOAN: Lindsey- 32 yr. old had a premature baby. Both mother and baby are doing very badly. Mother has lops and now needs a liver transplant. They do not expect her to make it. There are more. I will finish them tomorrow, Lord willing. God bless Wilhelmina-------------------- As I explained in the last mailing there were some requests and praises that I had not sent out. I had prayed and thanked the Lord for them but need to share them as requested. ***Courtney lost twins 2 wks. ago; Charlotte lost her Mom; Brenda is still stressed and mourning over her husband's death 2 yrs. ago. ***Pray for release of a US Marine who is in prison in Mexico. JOAN: The 22 yr. old woman's who needed the liver transplant baby is doing much better and her liver has begun functioning. But continue praying for them. Her kidneys are not working well. She thanks us for our prayers Joan asks for Billy to know Jesus and that she can be a witness to her family while she is away. LILLIAN: Trevor Matchim that he will be able to remain in the leased home until he is able to to sell his house in GA. His lease is up in a few weeks. He stands to lose $30,000.00 he put down as a deposit. Continue to pray for Pastor Al's platelets and white cells. DENISE: Praise God! He has answered a prayer! Pray for God's guidance in our church's plans: construction; new directors for 2014-2015; families; small groups; Bible studies; unity; children/youth. Special prayer for Miss Lily and family during their loss. My cousin's husband Al has had a series of mini-strokes, has a blood clot at the base of his brain, is speechless, on a respirator in Aiken Hosp. Pray for his complete recovery and my cousin Lillie's strength to and peace of mind. My son Alton has a broken foot. Pray for freedom from pain and ability to continue to work. Pray for speedy and complete recovery for Heyward's wrist surgery. I think that I have caught up on all the requests. Just to be on the safe side, pray for all who attend Aiken Church and those related in any way, all of God's children. wherever they all and all in need of prayer which includes everyone in the whole wide world. Now, I've not left anyone out. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Jun 14 2014
  • Desperately needing prayers for my friend Ignacio. He has a drug, alcohol and porn addiction. His family has disowned him. He is very depressed, bitter, angry and emotionally and mentally lost. His addictions is out of control and really need intervention for release and healing. Pray for acceptance a relation with Jesus! Thank You and God Bless
    - Jun 11 2014
  • Greetings, VISITORS: John, Lee's son; Jim; Erin and Rick; Ruth; Lee V. ABSENTEES: Don, Annette, Christian, Arlene and Russell; Marilyn and Sean; Mortons, Gabriela and Robert; Gracie, Ann, Gloria Cu., Suzanne; Donna B., Isabell. Sorry, I left the prayer request cards on the table at lunch. The Lord knows what was requested. Pray for all returning home from Camp Meeting. Have a good week, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - May 31 2014
  • Blessing to Y'all, VISITOR'S: Jim Ague, Ryan Greene, Gloria's grandchildren: Joseph, Julian, Ciena,; my granddaughter Breanna; Pastor Al and Donna. We are thankful for all our visitors, but esp. to see Pastor Al looking and feeling so fit and healthy and to know that their house has closed and they will soon be back in FL. ABSENTEES: Karyn, Christian, Marilyn, Sean, Matt, Mike, Jim, Mary, Gloria Cl., Lillian, Gracie, Suzanne Donna B., Isabell, Perellas, Lee V., Dennis; Jocinta and boys, Jokay had the latest boy last night(n0 name yet). BOB: Eyes, Lord. ***: Pray for Aunt Ruth's family that God will comfort them after their mother's death; for Aunt Mary Beth who has cancer; my daughter-in-law who fell and hurt her leg; my son who has health problems. JULIAN: Pray for the people that are traveling to Lake Junaluska to have a good trip. (I second that and that all will be blessed by te atmosphere and presentations. We will hold down the fort here.) Have a safe weekend, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - May 24 2014
  • Hello, DON: Bobby Martin's health. ***: Jayne; Robert Sweeney. VISITORS: Lee V.; Rick & wife;Brian & Franncis; young man from TX; Helus, Robert's brother. ABSENTEES: Perellas; Jokay & family; Anthony & Annette; Lillian, Ann. both Glorias; Marilyn & Sean; Mike, Matt, Donn B., Isabell, Suzanne. Pray for continued health blessings for Pastor Al annd Donna , traveling mercies when they come to SC, speedy closing of their house and sale of items that they are not taking with them. Check with Donna for list of items if you are interested in purchasing. Keep my son Alton and Larahna in prayer as they get married Memorial Day on Edisto Beach at 5:42AM. Pray that Alton's Mom will be able to make that early call. Pray for Pastor Ben and Aiken Church as we continue to get closer to being "renters" in our own church. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - May 17 2014
  • Please Please Please Pray the HOLY SPIRIT leads as many people possible to pray for this Prayer Request...Please Pray with all your faith that GOD will Bless me (Phil Chavez) with my Soul Mate as soon as it is possible with GOD .I've never had a girlfriend and been Praying and hoping for one for at least 20 years,I'm 42 years old now....Pray also GOD Blesses every person that Prays for me...Thank You
    Phil Chavez - May 14 2014
  • Good afternoon, SABBATH'S VISITORS: Elder Hutchinson, Stewardship Director from Conference; an elder from Cola. church; Lillian's niece? and baby; Ryan Greene, music director, Warrenville Baptist Church. ABSENTEES: Lola, Karyn, Cristian; Marilyn, Sean, Betsy, Lee V., Lee H., Gloria Cl., Ann, Claudette, Suzanne, Michelle, Donna B., Isabell, Perellas SANDY: I need prayer; the Lord knows what I'm asking. Pray also for James, Linda Smith, Liam James, My children, Chris Garland, Kari Jones, Whittney Kay, health in body and mind, CLAUDETTE: Jeannette Wilbur-4th stage cancer; Bob W.-kidney dialysis and mental stability; Barbra Burgess-Health issues; Edna D. &Helen C.-depression and other health issues; Deanna M.- diabetes, vision & arthritis; Joyce C.-arthritis. ***Bobbyy Martin, Bill Woods, Susan Williams- all health issues; Bob Wickham-eyes Gloria Curry: Pray for Jody, Geana, Drew and their children; continued travel mercies. ***Lillian's nephew's son was killed on the job. Pray for the family. Pray that those seeking a job can find work. Daisy Walker's and Carolyn Cummings' health. Lola Sullivan: Continue into remission for leukemia after stem cell replant. MARY COLLINS: My husband's health; Mom and Poppa Bill; Rita Collins during her grief; Our church family and all decisions that need to be made. 'MINA: My granddaughter Bree that she be careful what she says and to whom so that she does not get in trouble at school; that my helper Loretta will have a fast and painless recovery from her surgery; that the weather on Memorial Day at Edisto Beach will be nice; that all Mothers and grandmothers are having a good day today; for faith, endurance, and consistency for our newly elected officers' for a plan that will work well for us as renters in our former "home"; for cooperation between "renters" and buyers. Pray for Pastor Al's health and the procedure that he has been cleared to undergo and all the other issues in his and Donna's lives which need attention. Pray for our building plans, property considerations and all things that have to do with our "quick" and "smooth" erection of the home that God wants us to have on that hill on HWY. 1 and Gunrange Rd. Pray for all things that will ensure that Pastor Ben and his family are well, happy, and without distress. Pray that we as a church family can all remain on the same page, God's blessings to everyone, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - May 10 2014
  • Good afternoon, VISITORS: Lee V. Rosemarie, Leon, Single man, Hispanic couple, Ryan and Erin Greene from Warrenville. ABSENTEES: both Glorias, Donna B., Pastor Al and Donna, Isabell, Michelle, Matt, Karyn, Christian, Perellas. Many of the prayer requests were duplicates of the ones that I sent out for Becky from Wed. Keep praying for them in addition to two cards that did not wish publication. HEYWARD asks for Jon Hayes who has cancer in digestive tract who had surgery last Thurs. Someone needs a vehicle for transportation to get to work. Cont'd prayer for Pastor Al and Donna. Con' d for Lola Sullivan. CLAUDETTE asks for ones requested on Wed. and these in addition: Edna and Helen- depression and other health issues; Alice G.'s health; Barbara Burgess' health; Pastor Ben-re church sale; Her family; New Ellenton community- those who recently received Great Controversy. ***Mike Hill and Crystal's drug addiction and relationship; Wesley's baby needs heart operation; Ricky to stop drinking; herself to be able to witness; Stacy-court; Susie-peace; Becky-job. Prayer that God will lead us where He wants us to be re church sale. Pray for the new slate of officers for 2014-2015. God bless, Wilhelmina Jim's brother, Lane, passed away this morning about 9 o'clock. Please keep the family members in your prayers. Funeral arrangements haven't been made yet. We're hoping they won't be on the Sabbath day. Will let you know. Mary
    Brian Howell - May 03 2014
  • Good afternoon, VISITORS: Jayne Stephens, Lee V., Mary, Leslie's daughter. ABSENTEES: Anthony & Annette, Sandy, Arlene, has a cold; Marilyn & Sean, Karyn; Jean & Marcus, Mortons, both Glorias, Donna B., Pastor AL & Donna, Isabell, Suzanne, Robert & Gabriela, Blacks, Perellas BOB: Pray for my eyesight, please. MARY COLLINS: Continued prayer for Lane Collins who has pancreatic cancer. Her husband Jim and his disease. Mom and Poppa Bill and their medical issues. Praises for safe travels to and from VA. One card that did not want published. Pray for all sick among us. Thank God for answered prayer for sick and missing among us. Pray for a good turnout tomorrow so that all views may be voiced. Have a good week and God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Apr 26 2014
  • Hello i am requesting prayer I was in Florida for while i am now in Paris France If you could pray for me to find osteopathy customers, i just passed the exam and for the clients to be healed by the treatments. Also i give away flyers and spread them in Paris. If you could pray for the Holy Spirit and the angels to touch mightily the hearts of the people, for them to read them and to be saved. For them not to be able to lie to themselves in eluding the truth but that God might cause them to walk in His ways. Also if you can pray for me to get along with people, and to find good friends and girlfriend to my liking. And for God to keep me well in the Adventist message Thank you
    john john - Apr 25 2014
  • Thank you all for prayer for my sister, Norm. They have her on blood thinner and may send her home tomorrow to rest before they try to do a stent,apparently that is the plan for now. I hope to go up and see her the first of the week. Again, Happy Shabbat and love to all, Beth (and Mark) VISITORS :RUTH, Lee V.., Frances and Brian, Leon and Rosemarie, Denise's family and friends of Pastor, Mary, Leslie's daughter, 2 sets of visitors ABSENTEES: Brian H., Marilyn and Sean, Mary and Jim, Betsy, Matt, Donna B., Isabell, Gloria and Gloria, Annette and Anthony. I might have missed someone because the Sanctuary was filled and it was difficult for me to see or not see everyone. Thank you, Pastor, for both a great Sabbath School lesson and a a noteworthy sermon. This is not to say that all have not been noteworthy, but there was something special to me about yesterday's.. May God continue to bless your ministry here and at NA. Pastor Al had a bad day healthwise on yesterday, but according to reports , he is feeling better today. Keep him, Donna and the rest of the family in your prayers. I have not been able to contact my friend Tabbie for some days now. Pray that all is well with her and that she responds very soon or that I find out what is going on. Pray for the Lord to lead us to make right decision concerning sale of our church. ALICE: She thought that Brian was going to be realesed from hosp. yesterday. I just checked, no one at home. She was hoping the results from the culture would be back and that the antibiotics that he was taking would be sufficient. Pray that his index finger will return to normal. ***Pastor Al and family; Dennis Marsh who is in hospice; Tosha who will have breast surgery on Wed. LESLIE: She is happy to be out of hosp.; Trace Domingue, Bart's 13 yr. old nephew has a blood disease, is now fighting a severe case of staph infection; Thank the Lord for Bart, yesterday was his birthday. LOLA SULLIVAN: Continued success with 2nd bone marrow transplant for leukemia; may be last chance for remission. ***Pastor Al Matchim, Donna Matchim, Chris and Trevo. Pastor Al is in cancer hosp.., condition has worsened ( this was yesterday); My neighbor; Our church family willing to accept positions offered for the next year. ***My Mom's house, the right one to buy; My family to come together in unity; For a complete healing in mind. Walk in peace and allow God to bring me the man of God that He has for me. Pray for leaders and church families at Aiken and NA, and all the way up the ladder to GC, that we all do what HS has equipped each of us to do, so that Jesus can soon come to take us home. God bless you all, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Apr 20 2014
  • Please pray for protection and healing for my children and I. Pray those that try to harm us will be disarmed and stopped. Please pray for a financial miracle for me. Pray God will give me understanding and mercy.
    - Apr 16 2014
  • God please bless both of my children each with a spouse that will always put You first. A spouse that will love and care for them always. Spouses they will also love and care for always.
    - Apr 16 2014
  • Prayer for my disabled son James Lamar Harris. Who wanted to help a homeless family with a dying child. Who he found to be living out of an empty abandon store in Arkansas. We took the child to see a Doctor he told us the child had a bad,bad Bacterial and viral infection. It to the Doctor that he say worm's in her stool. The mother refused to put her in the hospital.3 week's later the child Died with an ate up liver caused by parasites. Now my son if facing life and 20yrs in Prison for something that happened in Arkansas. And the mother walks away free. The Judge said there was no proof or evidence that he done anything, because it was a death of a child someone has to pay. So its going to be the Disabled son.
    Eva Goff - Apr 15 2014
  • I need plenty more belief, plenty more power of prayer and more Holy Ghost with me. Please pray also that God gives me gifts of God's grade.
    Eero Vahter - Apr 13 2014
  • Good Sabbath afternoon, VISITORS: Elder Rob Chisum, or speaker for the day, with a friend; Suzanne from Cola. and her husband, 2 young ladies from NAPS; ; Cheri and Randy, Ruth Reese, Leon ABSENTEES: all Brooks, Marilyn and Sean; Mortons, Ann, Mary and Jim, Gloria Cu and Cl., Suzanne, Donna B., Donna M., Lola, DON; Leslie (I heard that she was home from the hospital.( Check before visiting.) Ricky's mother ***Michael wants continued prayer and also "Thanks for those already rendered." ARLENE: On April 16, I am having a colonoscopy. I have 4 brothers who have had colon cancer, two still live. Please that all goes well with my scoping. LOLA SULLIVAN: Complications in second round of chemo for leukemia after 1st remission. Have a good week, God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Apr 12 2014
  • t was a beautiful Sabbath day here, praise the Lord, VISITORS: Ruth, Lee V., Jayne Stephens, Kathi Counte, Grace, Lenore, Brian & Frances. ABSENTEES: Betsy, Michelle, Becky SS, Suzanne GLORIA--Travel mercies fr next 4 wks., children and grandchildren. KATHI--Pray for her daughter Candice Wiar. **** Health for my wife ,my mother-in-law and good running cars. ****Praise! 1. Another year of life . health 3. employment 4. family--Requests: 1. church unity, 2. church families, 3. church construction, 4. church youth, 5. visitors 6. Mary and Jim, 7. June, 8. Paulette and Steve, 9. church nominating committee. LOLA SULLIVAN--Leukemia has returned after bone marrow transplant. Pray doctors will know how to proceed with treatment. MARY-- Traveling mercies on Tuesday. going to see Mom in Bristol VA. MARILYN- I would like prayer to ask God for His blessings for me to pay off all my debts, and for my unemployment to be approved and for EEOC to consider me. Y'all have a good night and good start of the week, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Apr 05 2014
  • please pray that i find a place to stay before its too late pray that my income comes in time also for my health promblems and that i find my wallet
    brenda morris - Mar 30 2014
  • Suzanne Castillo to get a new job Ricky to have desire to give up drinking and surrender his heart to Jesus Brenda to accept Bible Studies Betsy for herself to be a vessel for Jesus and to be more filled with the Holy Spirit Missing Members Church Ministries Nominating Committee work Children and Grandchildren Church Sale and Building Project Thank you for your prayers
    Brian Howell - Mar 29 2014
  • Pray for Kenneth Kutsanja to re-pay back the money amounting to MK33,000,000 which he owns Zenasi Nyemba for payment of groundnuts he took. Pray for Zenasi Nyemba’s protection, for his life and his property.
    Lackelo Nyemba - Mar 25 2014
  • Hello to you i am asking urgent prayer for my cousin Florian. He is in big trouble, he wants to commit suicide. His mom and his dad died last year. He has very very bad drug and alchool addiction. When his mom died she letf him lots of money. He has already spent it all! Not only that but drug dealers stole from him 40.000 Euros which is like 55000 dollars. They told him not to tell anybody or they would take care of him. He is at his last and i plead to you to plese pray for Florian. Not to end his life because of all the mistakes he has done and because of the death of his parents and because of his situation and for God to change his situation and save him. And if you can please prayfor me to find osteopath clients, some friends as all my friends have forsaken me, and someone special from the church thank you God bless all your needs also
    john john - Mar 23 2014
  • Good afternoon, VISITORS: Speaker Pastor Henry Johnson, Terry, Ruth Reese, Geana & Danielle,. ABSENTEES: Don, Lola, Karyn, Christian, Leslie, Grant, Mike, Matt, Gabriela, Robert, Suzanne, Lee V., Donna B., Isabelle, Gracie ***A special prayer for spouse's health and her mother's mental and physical health. Plus a prayer for a transfer of employment closer to Aiken or Augusta, GA. *** Pray for 2 more written but asked not to be published. God knows who they are and what the needs are. Pray for Russell. He says his hand still hurts. Pam has not been able to get out of house since accident. Needs fresh air. Pray for Ruth's husband to have access to a Notary. Leslie is not feeling well. Bob's eye is doing better. Pray for full restored vision. Pray for Heyward's eye and other injuries to be healed following his accident. Pray for slate of nominated church officers for next year. Pray for those who had or have requests but choose not to make them public. Pray for Pastor Al's and Donna's safe travel to Aiken. Pray for Pastor Ben, Denise and their children. Pray for unity in our church family and all the evangelism efforts. Pray for outpouring of Holy Spirit. Pray for Lois, my cousin; Bree, my granddaughter and her mom Vicky; Bill, Monk, Lil, Becky, Debra, Glenda, my other cousins; Dale, Darla, Earnest, Frank Coleman, Belinda, Mrs. Copeland ,Wenda, the last seven names all Bible study interests. God bless you all and may we pray for each other and our leaders on a daily basis, Wilhelmina LET US PRAY WITHOUT CEASING.
    Brian Howell - Mar 22 2014
  • A praise report for Richard who had cancer last spring, had surgery, and is now cancer free. Pray for parents who are having problems with situation concerning children and their children. Russell cut his left arm, pray for healing and the alleviation of pain. Pray that the doctor will be able to save sight of individual. Unspoken Requests. Absent Members: Lola, Mary & Jim, Jimmy, Arlene & Russell, Marilyn & Shawn, Matt, Michelle, Grant, Lillian, Claudette, Isabell, Cheri & Randy, Lee H. Donna B. Visitors: Lee V., Bill, Sharon, Asher Perella, Ruth Reese May God's love & grace give you peace and joy For Mina
    Brian Howell - Mar 15 2014
  • Beautiful Sabbath day! VISITORS: Brian & Frances, Lee V., Robert's brother, Ruth Reese. ABSENTEES: Anthony & Annette, Karyn, Christian, Betsy, Joan, Mike, Matt, Michelle, Grant, Ann, Donna B., Isabelle, Dennis, Jokay, Sharon, Bill & Asher, Randy & Cheri (I did not check on her this wk.). SANDY: She wants all of these to stop smoking: James, Linda, Sherry, Mary, Bryce and Carl. MARILYN: I would like to ask prayer for me and Sean that everything starts to get well with us in our house to get finish and for us to start our clothing business. MARY: Continued prayers and blessings on: Jim, Lane and Loren Collins as well as Mom and Poppa Bill; our church family and all their needs, Pastor Ben & Denise; Pastor Al and Donna. *** "Lord, I pray to You for my eyesight on this coming eye exam next week. I pray for better church help. (This person does not include a name on the request card. Some of you may know who it is from context. I know that if you are reading this, you have an interest in praying and helping as you can. Please do one or each as much as you can.) When you have a spare moment, pick up your church directory and pray for your church family, call and/or visit when possible, those you know and those you don't. If you don't have a directory, ask Alice for a membership list so we know and pray for our family. Continued, blessings, Wilhemina
    Brian Howell - Mar 08 2014
  • Happy Sabbath, Bill, Sharon and Asher, Good to see you back! VISITORS: Lee V., Bart, his cousin Paul Domingue; Ruth Reese. ABSENTEES: Joan, Jean; Mike, Dennis, Robin and girls; Donna B., Annette, Gloria Cl., Isabell. RUTH REESE: Pray for Michael Reese. hE'S IN JAIL, BEING CHARGED WITH A CRIME HE DIDN'T COMMIT. i PRAY THAT THE TRUTH WIL BE SEEN THROUGH THE LIES THAT HAVE BEEN TOLD. He's (I did it again) in the Aiken County Detention Center. MARILYN: May God bless me and my son to prosper with the plan to start our business clothing line. Bless that our house gets finished. Bless Sean to do excellent in school. Bless my entire family in Belize. RANDY HICKS: Please pray for Cheri. She is having pain in abdomen and retaining fluid in her feet. The Dr. ran tests yesterday looking for a mass or growth. The results will be in in the next few days. Thank you. BETSY: Marsha & John Thompson-car accident; My sister Becky for a new job; Unspoken for Stacey; Self-- make a stand w/Ricky; My son Shane and granddaughter Savannah; Sandy and James. MARY C.: My husband's health; Jim's brothers: Lane and Loren Collins; Mom and Poppa Bill's health; My brother-in-law Mike; All the needs of our church and our church family. *** I pray for Your godly help during my eye exam & whatever to help me keep my eyesight; continued life with NO more cancer. Pray for Donna B. She is having some health issues. Denise has a job! Thanks for children's story. They were paying attention. Good looking group at church today, mostly members. Timely sermon, Pastor, and beautifully presented. May all of us be blessed by God's grace this week, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Mar 01 2014
  • Oh, what a beautiful Sabbath day, VISITORS: Lee V. and his son from NC who came to help him clean up storm debris; Leon. ABSENTEES: Jimmy, tired from working overtime fixing broken windows and windshields, Anthony & Annette; Leslie, Barney, Karyn, Christian; Sandy, Lola, Joan, Mortons, Heyward, Gabriela & Robert; Gloria Cl., Donna B., Isabell. RUTH VIA ALICE: She thanks everyone for their love and prayers. Also for the farewell get together and cards. She will miss everyone and will remember all in her prayers. MARY: Please continue to pray for Lane Collins, Mom and Poppa Bill, Loren Collins and, of course, Jim. Praises for coming thru the ice with just inconveniences. JEAN: That she will have a safe trip to CO and that hers and her daughters birthday celebration will be enjoyable this year. Pray for all who are Feb. babies, including my Granddaughter Bree who is turning 15 on Thurs. ***Families, Marriages; Changed hearts. One not to be published Continue to pray for our using the gifts from God to introduce others to Jesus so that Latter Rain can fall, WORK CAN BE COMPLETED, JESUS CAN COME, AND WE CAN GO HOME. These caps were deliberate. Pray for all who are presently doing the Bible studies: Belinda Johnson, Mr. Coleman, Mrs. Copeland ; these are who are studying with Gloria and me and all others who are studying w/others. God bless them all. Have a good rest of Sabbath and a good week, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Feb 22 2014
  • Barney and Leslie back at home with power. Karyn and Christian, no power, but in safe places. Fran and Joann had problems, but all are resolved. Nothing but praise from Sandy. No tree or branches touched home or gas tanks. So far James is doing well, has DR.'S appt. tomorrow AM. Whether she is at study on Wed. depends on outcome of that visit. Did not get through to Betsy. Mrs. White is fine, no power, but fireplace and generator. Was having dinner with family. Anthony and Annette's phone was out when I first called, but she called back 15 min.'s later to say that power had just come on since Wed. and now they could be warm. Anthony was to leave for work in next hour. Gloria Clayton is fine, neighbors have pitched in to help clean up debris. She has had her dogs in bed to keep her warm. Lola was fine with fireplace and gas heater. Will need yard crew to help with limbs and such. Don is fine, has power now. Gracie did not answer, nor did answer pickup after long rings. power must not have been restored yet. No answers from Kitchens or Connie. I did not call hosp. to see if Russell were still there. This info is result of calls that I made this afternoon, taking in to account those who do not have internet. Did not contact Jimmy, because no. in directory was not a good one. If you know of someone who has a special need, let me know so that I can send it out. Praise God for His holy angels and their protection these last several days and for the days to come You may have heard this info this week: Friday, for the first time in history , there was ice and snow in all 48 contigious United States of America at the same time. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Feb 16 2014
  • CLAUDETTE: MY YOUNGEST DAUGHTER'S FATHER, AGE 78, HAS ONLY ONE KIDNEY AND IT IS NOT FUNCTIONING, only 50%. He is too old for a transplant, but will be having a surgery of some sort. Please remember Bob W. in prayer and my daughter Malinda also. SC: Please pray for Caleb's friend Howard who is moving out of state with a new job opportunity. JOAN: Pray for Dani (daughter-in-law). SHE WILL B HAVING A C-SECTION ON Feb. 14 at 3pm. I will be there in FL to help. Pray for me that I might reflect JESUS HAVE A SAFE JOURNEY TO FL and back. Lee H. asks for prayer. Lee V. isn't here today. MARILYN: I would like for you to please pray for me to be in God's favor that Waffle House can pay me for wrongfully terminating me. Pay me back wages for 2 months. All was going so well for me before the false allegation was brought against me. I had so much hope in getting our clothing line business ready to start. But may God send His blessings that all goes well for me and Sean. MARY: Lane, Jim's brother, has been given 4-6 months to live. The 8 weeks of chemo did not help him. Please pray that he and his wife Rita can find peace. Jim's health. Loren, Jim's next to youngest brother, has heart troubles. ***Lord, I pray to You for my EYE EXAM T, 11th at 2pm at Augusta Eye Doctor for health? of my sight. VISITORS: Jeanette and Eusebio Laracuenie, Orlando; Leon, Rosemarie, Imella Duran, was here last wk., Suzanne, Ruth ABSENTEES: Annette, Anthony; Heyward, Donna B., Isabell, Ann, Gloria Cl., Karyn, Christian, Betsy, Mike, Matt, Lee V., Dennis, Jokay Please forgive the CAPS where they should not be. The way I type, I'm not always looking at the screen and before I do look, I've typed several words w/o transitioning. It is sometime laborious to redo. This time it was. Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Feb 08 2014
  • It's raining again. Let's pray that it is not a prelude to another storm such as last week We had a full house today. Thank the LORD. VISITORS:Derek Seigler, Frances and Brian, Rosemarie and Leon, Suzanne, Imelda Duran Hispanic member, Nils and Terry Pontenstein, Mackenda Mareloan from Boston. ABSENTEES: 2 Glorias, Donna Barton, Isabell, Ann, Marilyn and Sean, Ben, Gracie? NILS one of our visitors is looking for local employment; Mother,Patricia has had strokes needs hg of dietry habits; Marcella for her car repair guidance; a loving and giving spirit for others. MARY has a praise. Jim was "donated" a lift chair this week. What a blessing!! Pray for Jim's health; Mom and Poppa Bill; Jim's brother. ***Praise--Pam's surgery on wrist was successful. Cont. to pray for healing of the bones for no future problems. Young lady in accident on ice. Vehicle flipped, has numerous injuries, some serious. Also keep her Mom in prayer to depend on God for outcome and comfort/peace. That our hearts and minds will be open for the upcoming church revival. ***Cheri Hicks was admitted to the hospital yesterday, Fri., afternoon after not being able to fight off cold/flu symptoms. She is being given antibiotics for a couple of days. No visitors, please, you may send cards to her home. ***I pray for good results from the exam on my eyes are rehabitable and not contaminated and ?. Need help in transportation and for life's necessities. ***Erica and Mickey, new Christians, were drug addicts--prayer for continued faith and growth; Myself--finsncial ability to apply for a divorce and guidance; a friend in church who is heartbroken; Iliana's new relationship /Jerry; Lisa and Rick conviction on the Sabbath commandment. ***Kerri Kim-new young lady in our area from Charleston; Ben Morton to get a job offer from Little Debbie. He's had a good interview; Young man in Collegedale needs a job; youth and stresses of the world. ***The Sanctuary Sabbath Class today compiled a list of sick in our church, families and community for each to add to his or her ongoing prayers. We will prayer for them individually, collectively at Prayer Warrior meetings(if you are not a member, join us at 12:00pm on Wed.'s in the Fellowship Hall, send cards, make visits and phone calls when appropriate. The following names are just a start. Whatever you decide to do as a praying disciple, do it starting with this list of names, please: Sandy, James, Mary, Jim; Gracie, Cheri, Robert, Bob, Annette, Anthony, Ann, Gracie. (I could keep going but do not want to make too long to start with.If you want to call or send cards use your directory, If the names and numbers are not there you can call me. I just got an updated list from Alice. Isabell, Denise and Donna Barton. This got confused, but you can make it out.) Keep praying Good night and a good week. This confusion must Be the LORD'S WAY OF TELLING ME TO CLOSE. WILHELMINA
    Brian Howell - Feb 01 2014
  • I'm an Adventist teacher spent four long years on research work and submitted my work to the university. Before the degree could be awarded the university has been found to have had some lapses relating to the requirements of the higher educational body in my country. Currently the case is pending with the judiciary body and I am in a fix all our savings is gone in to my studies and now we have no idea what is going to happen. we want the Lord to find some way for me and some of my friends . we are waiting for the hearing which happens next month waiting for the Lord to intervene and get us a positive and hopeful answer. thank you for being with me in such depressive hour of my life.
    meena chand - Feb 01 2014
  • Pray the HOLY SPIRIT leads as many people possible to pray for this Prayer Request...Please Pray with all your faith that GOD will Bless me (Phil Chavez) with my Soul Mate as soon as it is possible with GOD .I've never had a girlfriend and been Praying and hoping for one for at least 19 years,I'm 41 years old now....Pray also GOD Blesses every person that Prays for me...Thank You
    Phil Chavez - Jan 31 2014
  • It's a windy Sabbath, hold onto your hat, VISITORS: Marthe MckKiver, husband and 2 children,from Augusta 1st; Leona Freeano, just coming into area, visiting different churches; Lee K. ABSENTEES: Christian; Matt; Gracie; Isabell; Donna Barton; Suzanne, Gloria Cu. MARY asks for her husband's health; Mom's and Poppa Bill's health; that we will all have spiritual discernment. HEYWARD says that Debbie has flu, first time ever. Wants prayer for her and Pat Mouldin who is in hosp. after a heart attack. LEE H. asks prayer for his son John, Gregg, Ruth, Laura,daughter Debbie and Sarah. LOLA asks prayer for her son's house to sell. NO NAMES: **Pam fell on ice, broke wrist; having surgery on it Tues.; Continue to pray for Richard--still receiving Chemo treatment till March when he will have test to see if any cancer; Our church that we will become the church that He wants us to be; Thankful for God's nature. So much beauty. Even with the cold, birds still sing in beautiful song. (to writer from 'Mina, I appreciate your love for God's handiwork, there is so much"ugly" that's going on in world today, but God's beauty remains just as breathtaking as ever, maybe more so when stacked up next to all the "distasteful"); Thankful for the blessing of the children who come to church , that God will bless them and their parents as thy raise them for Him. **Revival for our church members; Jobs for those seeking employment; strength to be good witness; Indwelling of Holy Spirit in my life. **Prayer for a closer walk with God, Better health for my wife and me. ** 2 cards whose authors did not want published. The Lord knows who they are and what the needs are. Thank you, Pastor Al, for the music,song and sermon. All were well done. Good to see you feeling so well. Thanks to all of you who are reading this for making Aiken Church the blessing that it is. To my sisters and brother in Christ, Please help me to help Aiken Church better, by telling me face to face or how you deem appropriate, what I can do or stop doing to make my service to the Lord more fulfilling. LET US ALL PRAY THAT THE LORD WILL HELP US TO USE THOSE GIFTS, TALENTS AND RESOURCES THAT HE HAS GIVEN US TO THEIR BEST ADVANTAGE SO THAT WE CAN EVANGELIZE AIKEN THE WAY THAT HE WANTS IT DONE. I DIDN'T INTEND TO SAY THAT, BUT I'LL LET IT STAY. Have a good week Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Jan 25 2014
  • I fell down and hurt my leg.Please pray for my healing and for my green card
    alexandru Chistol - Jan 21 2014
  • Please Pray the people of the past,the people of the present and the people of the future who know of or seen or will see my past,present or future Prayer Request .Pray GOD puts in those peoples hearts and minds to constantly pray over my past,present and future Prayer Request as the spirit leads...In JESUS Name...Thank You...
    Phil Chavez - Jan 19 2014
  • It's a cold but happy Sabbath, VISITORS: Brian and Frances, Robert's brother, Charles in transit to Savannah, Lee K. ABSENTEES: Bob, Annette and Anthony, Karyn, Christian, Betsy, Donna B., Isabell, Jim and Mary, Dennis and his family. Heyward asks prayer for Lee Raines to stop smoking and not to be abusive to Kathi. Suzanne Castillo asks prayer for the family and friends of Tyler Gardner who recently passed away and prayer for employment for her after her office closes in April. Someone has a marriage crisis and needs spiritual revival for himself or herself. Thanks to the person who allowed God to use him or her to answer request for a large print Bible Remember, "On January 25, 2014 you are called to take time to spend with God in prayer and fasting to seek God's will for your life and the power of the Holy Spirit to be ready for the times ahead." Begin now praying for the speaker for the Revival Event. Thanks to God for hearing and responding to all the requests that have been made via this forum, some as requested, some "wait", but all according to His will. Pray for all those who are currently involved in Bible studies as students, teachers, deliverers or mailers. Also, if you are not presently helping in some capacity, GET INVOLVED. Have a good week; be blessed mid-week by attending study of either Ministry of Healing at 11:00 am, Prayer Warriors 12:00pm or Romans 7:00pm on Wednesdays or you might be interested in leading out in another small group activity. Let Pastor know if you have interest in forming a new group at whatever time. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Jan 18 2014
  • I had three friends with whom I'm no longer in touch with, by the names of Amy, Rebekah, and Jaden. Please pray that Amy finds true and honest healing in Christ, our Lord and Savior. Please pray for Rebekah who has fallen into a relationship with a dangerous man and refuses to heed the warnings. Please pray for Jaden that she will turn her heart back to God and towards her family as well. I do not know any of you who will read this, but nonetheless I urge you as brothers and sisters in the faith to lift these three names up for deliverance before the Lord. Thank you, David.
    David W - Jan 16 2014
  • Good wet Sabbath, I'm just drying out after having got drenched this afternoon. Pray that I do not have a cold or other problems as a result. Pray for Lola Sullivan; cancer cells have been detected after what appeared to be a successful bone marrow transplant last year. Pray Drs. have another solution. Marilyn wants prayer to survive as she still hasn't found a job. She still has hopes in launching her business as her son wants them to start a clothing line. May God bless them in every way. Please pray for a success with my new job and better health for me and my wife. Lola wants prayer for health problems for two sons and herself. Someone wants prayer to find and obtain a large print Bible, a vehicle and the $ to obtain it. Pray for ones that did not want published. Tabbie still has no job, is depressed again, apartment is leaking and cold. VISITORS: Robert's brother ABSENTEES; Anthony and Annette, Karyn, Christian, Mortons except Becky, Lee K., Ann, Gracie, Suzanne, Jim and Mary, Randy and Cheri, Donna B., Isabell, Pastor Al and Donna. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Jan 11 2014
  • Hello to you thank you for praying for me. I have 2 tests for osteopathy school in 4 weeks if you can pray that i pass the tests, thank you. I am going as independent missionary to France end of february, i think i'll telL David Gates i am going like last time. If you can pray that the French and europeans receive the message of creation and the 3 angel's message. For the Muslims i do debates with to be filled with extreme and continual doubts about Islam and to forsake totally the Coran’s teachings. And for Muslims to stop flowing to Europe and for God to make miracles for Europe and France not to become Muslim nations as they say would be in 40 years, unless God intervenes. And for my parents Jack, Suzan and Billy my brother and all my family to accept Jesus in their hearts. And for me to prosper financialy with my mobile massage business in Paris and for the employees and clients not to steal from me and for God to stop them before that take what belongs to me. And to find someone special Thank you
    JOHN john - Jan 08 2014
  • Happy cold Sabbath, VISITORS: Randy, Cheri, Lee K ., Suzanne ABSENTEES: Annette, Anthony, Sandy, Karyn, Christian, Ricky, Jean, Becky, Ben, Matt, Michelle, Isabell, Pastor Ben and Dense, PAstor Al and Donna, Donna B., Dennis, Robin and girls. Lola asks prayer for her son's health concerns. Lee H. asks for prayer for Grant and Jean. Mary asks us to pray for her husband's health; Lane Collins who has pancreatic cancer; Mom and Poppa Bill and our church family. Pray for the Cornwells, Jerry as he is getting progressively worse and strength for Mary as she tries to keep him as comfortable as possible. There were requests that did not want to be published and I'm sure there were unspoken requests of which the Lord is aware. Pray for those and pray mightly for us as a church to become the disipcles that God wants us to be so that He can pour out HIS HOLY SPIRIT in full force, the work can be finished and we can go Home. May God bless each and every one of you, stay warm, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Jan 04 2014
  • Please Pray with all your faith that GOD will Bless me (Phil Chavez) with my Soul Mate as soon as it is possible with GOD .I've never had a girlfriend and been Praying and hoping for one for at least 18 years,I'm 41 years old now.... Thank You for Your Prayers
    Phil Chavez - Jan 03 2014
  • Good afternoon, These are requests from 28th and thanks and requests from Tabbie. Lola wants prayer for her son's health. Mary for her husband's health, for Mom and Poppa Bill, For Jim's brother Lane's healing, for our church family and children. Someone wants prayer that he or she does not have cancer. God bless and Happy New Year, VISITORS: John, Lee H's son, Lee K., Brian and Frances ABSENTEES: Anthony and Annette, Karyn, Christian, Marilyn, Sean, Betsy, Ricky, Mortons, Becky SS, Sandy, Claudette, Heyward,Gracie, Lillian, Gloria Cu. Joan, Donna B., Isabell, Pastor Al and Donna. Happy New Year, again, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Dec 28 2013
  • Moms and dads; children and suffering people. Please for health and healing for my mother-in-law who has dementia and alzheimers and my spouse's healing. I was fired from Waffle House for speaking religion and upholding Bible principle. Pray for me to get a job, pray for justice; from Marilyn. We are grateful for God's protection during our vacation and travels. We are grateful for the work opportunity God opened for me. Pray for Robert's health. Continue to pray that God will heal my back problems. Ornelas family; unity and revival of the church; marriages of our church; Bible Studies, youth/children of church; Praises: 1. Prayer answered. 2. God's blessings to my family. 3. We will be together as a family for the holidays. God bless and Happy New Year, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Dec 21 2013
  • Robin Black asks for prayer for her brother-in-law Wallace Busbee who had triple bypass on last Fri. Her Mom who continues to have health issues still needs prayer and so does Dennis to find a job. Someone prays for a broken marriage to be restored. For children who are struggling with school, for a husband's high blood pressure and knowing the Sabbath, her oldest daughter's attitude and getting back to church, her brother's school and staying away from the wrong crowd and to get back to church. Pray for a breakthrough. Another asks for continued prayer for Kurt's healing. He's making very small slow but positive steps. Keep his wife in prayer. For our church family to become closer, with God's love pouring out for one another and out to the community. One's in the service for our country. Thankful for God's love and how He shows it to me every day. For those doing Bible studies and those giving the studies. Tabbie is doing better and thankful for our thinking of her. She says it "Came at the right time". Gloria had a safe trip to NY, and is adjusting to the cold weather. I saw Retha in Walmart on Tuesday, she is well. Continue to pray for all those who are infirm among us, for those traveling during the holidays, for those who put hard work and effort into the Christmas program. Pray for Pastor, Denise and children. VISITORS: Brian, Francis; Spanish young man /with Francis translating; another Spanish family; family from Ebenezer; Leon ABSENTEES: Bob, Annette, Leslie, Christian, Lola, Russell, he had lost his wallet, Marilyn, Sean, Betsy, Ricky, Jean, Marcus, Mike, Ben, Matt, Michelle, Mary, Jim, Gabriela, Robert, Ann, Gloria Cu. Good afternoon, stay warm, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Dec 14 2013
  • Please Pray GOD Blesses me to be able to always have money to pay bills, buy food, and help others. Please Pray GOD Blesses me financially to be able to buy Christmas presents this year; haven't had any money to buy Christmas Presents for 14 years. Thanks for your Prayers...Phil Chavez
    Phil Chavez - Dec 07 2013
  • Blessings, Although it may be dismal outside, I pray for you sunshine in your heart. VISITORS: Leon, Bob Tarbox ABSENTEES:Anthony and Annette,:: Christian, Betsy (still in Cola. nursing friend), Ricky, McConaghys, Michelle, Matt, Ruth, Gabriela, Robert, Gloria Cu, , Donna B., Isabell, Pastor Al and Donna in FL. and all those who were absent today for whatever reason. SANDY; James, eye and health; My family in the ice and snow storm; Our new church; Kim (L & B's granddaughter-in-law) NN: Jackie Tary--cancer-healing; Tracy--healing from a broken relationship, peace and hope to go on; children and youth. MARY: Jim's health; Lane Collins-pancreatic cancer---started chemo yesterday; Mom and Poppa Bill; our children, our church members, our faithfulness. NN: Strengthen in the faith; heart of forgiveness. ROBIN BLACK: Please pray for Dennis to find another job since he was laid again this last week. Just please pray for us especially right here at the holidays. Pray for my Mom also. She's been having some health problems this past week. Pray for the Izusa and Miller family whose mother and sister was buried today. Pray for Wenda who is having some emotional issues due to brain aneurysm. Pray for my son Alton, his 3 children, esp. Bree. Pray for all our families and church family local and worldwide. Pray for unity . Pray for Pastor Ben and Denise. Have a good week. Let's pray and pray some more for Latter Rain to be poured out so that work can be finished and we can go Home. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Dec 07 2013
  • Good evening, What a great Sabbath day. 23 visitors including Pastor and Denise's family and friends, former members from TN., Savannah, Morganton, NC and locally, Lee H's son John, Bob Tarbox and Rosemarie and Lee K.. ABSENTEES were Karyn, Christian, Sandy, needed time for herself, Russell-out of town, Marilyn and Sean, Betsy in Cola. for 2 wks. nursing a surgery patient, Ricky, Mortons, Jean and Marcus, Donna B., Pastor Al and Donna, Isabell. MARY asks for prayers for her family esp. Jim and his brother Lane whose name I misspelled last week and our church family. NN- Kurt, in hospital, but stable and for his wife; Homeless and those who are alone; Church family -that we will become closer to each other and more like Jesus every day; Thankful for the many blessings, big and small, known and unknown; Thankful for family and friends; Thankful for God for all He has done, is doing, and will do especially for Jesus-salvation. There was one DNP. The Lord knows the request, pray that His will be done. Pray for those who received food baskets that the Lord will continue to bless. Pray for Pastor Ben and Denise as they work to lead us where the Lord would have us to be. " " all who are traveling back home or will be. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Nov 30 2013
  • Hello brothers and sisters. I would like to ask rayr for me to complete ostheopatic school. There is a lot to learn, if God can give me wisdon to pass the final exams and receive the diploma. For my parents Jacques and Suzanne and Billy my brother to accept Jesus. My parents are reading Bible studies now. So that they can accept truth as they read. For Billy to quit junk food and smoking, for my dad Jacques to quit drinking and smoking, For Florian my cousin to quit drugs and drinking and smoking. For him to he hopeful and happy. And the m both to accept the truth of Jesus. For me to have a nice house in the south of France, to have many clients easily in osteopathic and massage, and to meet people easily and good friends and girlfriends, and for France to accept the truth of the Bible and the salvation found only in Jesus. And find a record company for my music. Thank you
    Fabien popo - Nov 25 2013
  • Happy Sabbath, Sorry for the delay and forgive me. LOLA wants for her son's health problems and that his house will soon sell. Pray for her daughter's salvation. MARY wants prayer for all of the sick among us; Jim's brother Louie who has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He has been given 3-6 months to live; Jim's health; my Poppa Bill fell in his garage, he can't sleep laying down. Pray that his breathing will get better. My patience. We have friends whom we fear are going down the wrong path. Pray that Truth will be shown to them by the Holy Spirit. Our church family. Pray for those who will be coming home after the holiday. Pray for Pastor Ben and Denise.Pray for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on all God's people. Good night and Happy Sabbath, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Nov 23 2013
  • Good sunshiny afternoon, VISITORS: Randy & Cheri; Francis & Brian; Pr. S.J. Davis and mother from Ebenezer; Marilyn and Sean; Craig Crawford from Cola. Church. ABSENTEES: Heyward, Claudette, Gloria Cu., Leslie, Karyn, Christian, Ricky, Donna B. Matt, Lee K. RANDY AND CHERI: please pray for our 2 yr. old niece Angelina, who had her tonsils removed on Mon. Nov. 18; also for Cheri's brother Donnie who is out of work and has an interview on Wed., tomorrow, for a great job. Thanks to God for Cheri's new job at Trinity Hospice in Aiken. She starts on Nov. 18. MARILYN: Pray for her brother who is having severe stomach pains that it is not cancer. MARY: Pray for Jim's tests on Thurs., Mom and Poppa Bill, our new church, love for one another, the sick among us. NONE OF FOLLOWING HAD NAMES: ---Ornelas family--health and finance; Mary and Jim-health, children; church revival, unity, leaders; Youth/our children; marriages and families in our church; church construction; Mauncio(sp.)-spiritual, separation; Bible studies; June-health; Lloyd-Holy Spirit to touch him. __William and Doris Cephus-health. Adrianne Richardson-health; Renae Jowers--mental stability; our Bible studies; Victims of the latest disaster. __Prayers for health esp. for my mother-in-law; prayer to get the 2nd car repairs finished __Michael Davis-illness; Harold Davis-Salvation. __Praise to God for His blessings in the building house project :-)Mercy and help for my Aunt who is very sick w/breast cancer; my brother is having a small heart surgery next week; Praise God for His patience w/us! (esp. me!!). "us" = my husband and me. Have you prayed for Pastor and Denise today? Just asking. Pray for all who will be on the road during the holiday season. God bless the rest of the day for you. Will see some of you tomorrow and others on Sabbath, Lord willing. Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Nov 16 2013
  • Happy Sabbath, What a change today from a brisk AM to a beautiful Sabbath afternoon. VISITORS: A couple, friends of Robert and Gabriela? ABSENTEES: Bob, Don, Anthony and Annette, Karyn and grands, Christian and Jordan, Marilyn and Sean, Donna B., Ricky; Mike, Ben, Matt, Michelle; Becky SS, Gracie, Lillian, Isabell, Donna M., Ann, Ruth. NN= NO NAME REQUESTS: NN Pray for Marcus as he returns to CAA, that the Lord will continue to lead him in the path that will serve Him, and that Marcus will be receptive to that leading. NN Missionaries far and near; those in military service; Church's young children and their parents; Those affected by the storms in Philippines; those doing Bible studies; Praise for all the blessings that God bestows each and every day (I say "Amen" to that.) NN Sister Laney--peace of mind; Praise-Ricky for 2 weeks now has different attitude (for better!); for my daughter Ilaina's birthday_blessed year ahead; Lisa__HS will will guide and direct in her Bible studies. There were two requests which requested not to be published. The Lord knows who and what, so pray for them. Pray for all those who have accepted Bible Studies that the Holy Spirit will attend them and their angels will protect them from the enemy as they study. Pray for John, a patient at Azalea Woods who was given today first lesson of study guide and copy of America in Prophesy aka Great Controversy. He is a well read young man with a thirst for knowledge and has the time to read and study. Pray also for Frances, Bernice, Elvis, George, Gloria I., Brenda, "Sukie", Mrs. Carrie, Mr. Holloway and all other patients at Azalea Woods. Don't forget the staff and patients and staff at all other similar places of care. Pray for Pastor Ben and Denise esp. as she continues to search for a job. Pray for our building program and every name on our church roll. Pray for outreach and inreach, asking for Holy Spirit to fall freely on us and help us to finish the work. I could continue, but ...... God bless you all, have a good night and good week, Sis. Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Nov 09 2013
  • NN= No Name recorded VISITORS: Thomas& Evie Philyaw and Dennis and Tomsi Brock, both grandparents of dedicated children Emily and Brooklyn, Brandon, Jordan, Rosemarie and Leon, Gloria Cl, John. ABSENTEES; Jimmy, Bob, Christian, Marilyn and Sean, Lee H., Lee k., Ricky, Matt, Isabell. REQUESTS Mary asks for her husband and his health issues ; Mom and Poppa Bill, Love for one another; our faithfulness; patience. Pastor Al and Donna say Pray for our house to sell quickly. Leslie for Kenny Reeves at the los of his 23 yr. old son in a wreck. Also, Kenny is a severe alcoholic. NN --Mrs. Baer and family need prayer for the loss of a son in Afghanistan. Sandy asks for Era Wakefield's health; for James' eyes and health; Sherry B.'s health and herself for coping. NN--Praises that God has blessed daughter w/another year of life and that God has kept both children safe; pray for Ornelas family, church construction plans unity of church, revival of church, Adrian, children/youth of church, Bible studies. ANN asks for relationships. God bless and Happy Sabbath, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Nov 02 2013
  • Please pray for my family to accept Jesus as their personal savior join SDA church.My husband Samuel my sons Kagiso, Mpho daughter inlaw Popo. Amen
    matlhatso reed - Oct 31 2013
  • Please pray for me I am on long-term sick qualified with a physical disability. The work place and Insurance company since July have not paid me according to the company's benefit plan. I can’t take it any longer - I am falling into depression. I am waiting for a third medical examination result from an independent practitioner as the company rejected the first two because they did not like what was written in the report. Please pray for the examiner Medical practitioner that he would act with integrity and not be carried away by the pressure of the employer and insurance company to falsify his statement all because they are paying him huge sums for the report. Please pray for the Lord to intervene and bring closure to this case. Also pray that God would reveal himself and His plan of salvation to all staff managers/directors/doctors involved in this case and that they do not treat any other employee in the same way. May God bless them but also may they release my payments. Also I have a grievance hearing coming up in November regarding the way they have distributed my medical records across to company to unauthorized personal in the company.
    Emilyn - Oct 28 2013
  • Good afternoon, Prayer Warriors: ABSENTEES: Bob (ill), Gracie, Christian, Marilyn and Sean, Ricky, Gloria Clayton, Gabriela & Robert, Matthew, Donna B., and Isabel.. VISITORS: Lee K.; Geana, Danielle and friend. PRAYER REQUESTS: SANDY O.: James -- eyes and health, Linda-- eye surgery this Monday, Era -- health, Liam James -- health, Christ G. -- health, Ericia -- relationships, sherry and Bryce -- health, Jackie L. -- family, myself with coping. MARY COLLINS: Jim's Health, that we would love one another as we should, for Mom and Poppa Bill's health issues, for the needs of our church and her members, and for cheerful hearts and loving spirits. OTHERS: Jeanette and Otis Sullivan health and his job; William Cephus health (foot grafting); Denise employment; Donna Barton back pain, that she be allowed to retire; Adrianne Richardson nerve problem--stress; Kenny Reeves lost his 23 years-old son--he was hit head on by a drunk driver; pray for family health for all families.
    Brian Howell - Oct 26 2013
  • Please pray that melinda will overcome her depression and find a spouse
    K B - Oct 21 2013
  • Good evening, VISITORS: From Augusta 1st Cindy and Crystal Juhasz and Travis Vaught; Lee K. ABSENTEES: Don, Bob W., Jokay, Betsy, Ricky, Marilyn & Sean, Christian, Matt, Lee H., Gloria C., Isabel, Retha, Sullivans Gabriela "Praises God for His working in our lives . The procedure for the back was partially successful and brought some pain relief. Continue to keep us in prayer for God's guidance. Keep our dear ones who did not make decisions for Christ in prayers as well. Gene, our friend, for health problems. Lucian & Helen? - health problems as well." Ann is "Praying that each of us will reflect God's love by being patient and accepting of others. Unity and oneness w/God and others. Church bldg. program and church van. Holy Spirit dwelling with and in us." Mary Collins asks for "My husband's health; love between our church members." No Name "Rebecca Foster that she will accept the Sabbath message." No Name asks "For closer walk with God; For job success; For Mother-in-law's safety and spiritual connection to God." Denise "Ornelas family-health and finance; Jim and Mary Collins-health; unity of church, church revival; Maurice-separation and children; Bible Studies; Celina-health(thyroid) & spiritual life; Betsy- safety and peace church construction; our children/youth; Charlotte for Christ meetings; Edwin, Sarahi, & Matthew family-- Matthew newborn rushed to Charleston Hospital; Fred and Liza--marriage." Marcus "Look after China; the people to learn about Jesus; help people get Bibles." I still go by nursing home on Sabbath afternoons. When Mom was there the majority of my time was spent with her. Now I can focus my attention on some others. All of the residens and workers need prayer, but these caught my attention this past Sabbath: Bernice Green. She and my Mom were grammar school classmates, she has dementia, has jammed her finger some way and is accussing one of the other patients; John Reis is an amputee on rt. leg, has other conditions which keep him bedridden, but has cheerful attitude; Elvis Gilchrist was pronounced dead at scene of a car accident, has movement now only in right leg, but has such a cheerful spirit that I was the one blessed by the visit. Each of these others has his or her own story to tell or not depending on the situation: Alfred Jennings, Lawrence Harrison, George Scott (no relation), Joy, Brenda, Gloria Izuza, her daughter, Zakiea; young lady that was riding on back of Robert Brooks' moped when he was killed. Pray for them individually or collectively and for all the ones who congregate around the front and back nurses' stations. We are blessed to be on outside with our aches and pains. Pray for all everywhere who are in centers for care or at home being taken care of and for those who administer the care. Thanks to all who had anything to do with today's beautiful picnic. It was a lovely day. God bless all, have a good week, see some of you on Wed. Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Oct 19 2013
  • Hello, thank you for the opportunity to ask prayer I am in deep trouble. My parents are old my mom is 75 I am 45 and i have no money, no friends, not even a girlfriend, no house,no car. I need help desperately. I just came back from doing mission work in Europe. Have to live with my parents because i have no money. I have a mobile massage business in France but people stole from me. So it is in pause right now. I do not see the solution. Please pray for me thank you. If you can pray for God to send me good massage therapists and good clients for the Paris massage business, people who are honest. I am starting ostheopathic Monday online. If you could pray for God to give wisdom to pass all exams and understand anatomy and have the skill to be used of Him to heal many people. And for me to find may clients easily, thank you. I have a lot of unpleasant times with other people for no reason, strangers I do nto even know hate me for no reason or give me very strong attitude, even before I say a word. If you can pray for God to put peace and love with other people and for me to find someone special with good character. And for my parents Suanne and Jacques who do not know Jesus yet, and are old around 72 years. They have heard the truth about Jesus but have never accepted nor have a daily prayer and Bible study life. But I feel they are close to it. Some of the hindrances could be the theory of evolution. If you can pray for them to receive Jesus in their hearts. If they die before i am financially stable i am in very big trouble. And for my brother Billy who smokes and has bad diet and bipolar and does not know Jesus too . And for my cousin Florian who tried to commit suicide 1 week ago. His parents both died 2 years ago and 1 year ago. This has greatly affected him. He does not know Jesus either. Also if you can pray for France and the French people who need to know God. For them to remove Darwin from their minds and accept the truth of creation and the sacrifice of Jesus for them in their lives and for the Holy Spirit to be poured out mightily for all these people in Europe to receive the truth.. Thank you
    Fabien POP - Oct 18 2013
  • please pray for my, faith, Marriage, finances, health, family.
    Isaiah t - Oct 17 2013
  • Happy Sabbath, VISITORS: Lee K., Marilyn and Sean, Justin's family, the Ramos family, Dale, Elder, Hagerstown MD Church, ABSENTEES: Anthony and Annette, Ann, Donna Barton, Isabel, Retha, Suzanne, Karyn, Christian, Gloria Cl., Ricky, Mike, Randy and Cheri, PRAYER REQUESTS: Randy called Alice. There are a number of problems going on. He may be furloughed from his job, Cheri has had a surgical procedure, there have been 2 deaths recently in family and others I did not catch. The Lord knows what they are. (My computer keeps changing font size. I'm tired of switching back. Just going to use whatever comes up----sorry) Dale asks prayer for his son and daughter who have backslidden from the church, but attend some. Pray for him that he will have the strength from Jesus to live a life in harmony with Jesus that he can be saved with his children and his wife Faye. Robert I. asks prayer for healing of Gabrela's back problems. Prayer for his daughter's Angela and Danielle that they will give their hearts to the Lord. Pray for his friend Gene Pelletier for healing from surgery. Pray for his brother Lucian for healing and to come back to the Lord. Pray for him to be faithful. Lola's son has a decision to make concerning his job. Please pray the right thing be done according to God's will. Betsy asks for prayer for Joey Williams' heart problems; for Lisa who is reading '10 commandments Twice Removed" ; convict. Laney has turmoil in lie due to mental illness. Clay, a teenager, hit a tree on a 4 wheeler' has a fractured face; Brenda is in mourning. Ms. Nella has Alzheimer's. My"poor and needy"African Facebook friends; our contacts. Don asks for Bill Wood and Bobby MARTIN. Lillian asks foe Emma Smith who has marital problems and her father is dying from cancer. Her health that she may finish he work God has for her. Her Bible study interest. Continued success for Lola Sullivan's bone marrow transplant.. Blessings on Karl and Michelle in raising their son Karl 4th. (Congratulations to you, Grandpa). Pray that my acid reflux will cease and I will not have to have an endoscope. Hunadi', I have church board tomorrow. Will call in the afternoon. Pray for all the Bible studies that have been delivered. Gloria and I have had great response and from what I hear, so have others. Pray that Joan and Rosemarie can make contact with each other. Continue to prayer for those recently bereaved in our church family. Anthony and Annette have been absent 2 consecutive Sabbaths. Unlike them. Pray that Russell and I can get our satellites installed soon and correctly. Let us all pray for each other and our families that we may be the right witnesses to them, Pray for Pastor Ben and Denise and Pastor Al and Donna. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Oct 12 2013
  • GOD I ask that my wife and I find a stable job that can support our needs materially and spiritually. Help us by proving us jobs, so that we can pay our debt and be able to save money for our sons future. Grant our wish that my wife can go abroad and my brother and my sister and law, lend us money that we can use for the processing of my wife passport and other documents needed in going abroad to work.
    Vic Plaza - Oct 09 2013
  • Good afternoon, Leslie asks prayer for the Couch family, Christian's friend Johnny died. Renay just delivered a baby and she mother is in ICU with a slow heart rate ad also has blood clots. 45 yr. old Bruce Williams is dying from a rare cancer. His mother is Leslie's step-mother. Betsy or Lori's back surgery; Lanie and Johnny's mental illnesses; Melinda-conviction; Ricky to surrender to HS; Herself-guidance and a deeper faith in God's direction for her life. Don for the health of Bobby Martin, Bill Woods, Kaden Browder. Sandy for James and herself; Erica, Shannon, Liam James, Jackie& Tracy, Chris and Chris G., selling of the church. Cheri's sister died, they traveled to the funeral. The Morton family memorialized their mother today. Darlene Williamson Williams family, three members died in house fire. Denise to get job for which she was interviewed. Pray for husband and wife co-pastors of holiness church to whom I witnessed today. Both Lees, one who was at church today and other not. Mary and Jim were not at church today. Pray for them. For all the recipients of the Bible studies that were passed out today and in the near futrure. For Alice and helpers as they set up for sale. For Pastor Ben as he follows where God leads him to lead us. For Tabbie as she goes job hunting despite her still painful leg. For Pastor A and Donna to get settled where the Lord would have them. Jim was not feeling well yesterday morning, slept in, was feeling better in the afternoon, so says Mary. I accidently misplaced a preayer request card that Denise handed to me. The Lord knows what was written on it, so until I find the lost one or Denise duplicates the mislpaced one, pray for those requests. Pray for me that I find the card. VISITORS FROM YESTERDAY: Baezs; Leon and Rosemarie; Suzanne; Lee K.; young Hispanic family who have visited before and two families who are using the reclaimed children's room; Gloria's granddaughters (The Lord blessed us with children yesterday!); prison ministry gentleman, Brian and Frances, Pastor Al and Donna ABSENTEES: Jimmy, Anthony and Annette, Leslie and Barney, Karyn, Christian, Mortons, Ann, Mortons, Connie, Tresa, Jim and Mary, Lee Hiers, Donna Barton. Penny Hart from New Life. TABBIE: On Monday I am going to the agency to look for a job, please pray for me that I get a job. I am done with PT on the 1st of this month, I thank the Lord for that. But please keep praying for healing as I am still experiencing some pain on my hip and arthritis on my both knees, but the right side where I had hip replacement is the side that is bothering me. My friend Margaret in Paris her daughter has hormones disorder. Continue praying for my brother Ezekiel for drinking and smoking. His family, and my nephew Sam for drinking and smoking. South Africa in Johannesburg the confrence is fighting, they don't have the president right now. Some churches are withholding their tithe it is so bad they are threatening each other. They are using knives and stepping each other. Pray for God to intervine. PASTOR BEN AND DENISE: Ornelas Family --Finance, Emma--Health, June Merritt-Health, Caleb--(15 yrs old) stop smoking, Randy--employment, return to church family; unity for the church church construction; Mary & Jim Collins--Health, finances; Lifting Up Jesus Bible Studies that will be handed out this week; Celina--health, personal, school (studies); Christian--health, personal, school (studies); Mauricio--family, Spiritual life; Patricia--unspoken prayer, finance, employment. GLORIA: Her children; Jody--government employee laid off and his three children, Joseph, Julian (especially his math), and Ceony; Geana--health (stop smoking), Dianielle (studies+); James needs a good day job to help with his children; her siblings and for the LORD to continue to work with her in her ministries. Be blessed as Sabbath closes, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Oct 05 2013
  • I have started school after labour day and I am currently a junior in high school; I have a hard time accepting changes and I am also struggling with showing patience to others since Proverbs 15:1 says that soft answers calms the wrath but harsh answers stirs the wrath. I ask that you would pray so that I may find God's wisdom and in that I may continue to succeed in school.
    Jonathan Ashbeck - Oct 04 2013
  • Please pray for me and my family for God's Will to be done in our lives and let us accept Thy Will. Amen -Jordan Vira -Eleanor Vira -Kyle Jones -Kylen Vira -Kayden Vira
    Jordan Vira - Oct 04 2013
  • I'm a medic in the US Army, and I'm taking a medical refresher course, which seems very difficult: I don't know why it's so hard, maybe because the Army's downsizing. But if I don't pass the hands-on and written tests (they're pass/fail), I don't think I'll be able to continue as a medic. I do think I'll pass, but I still really need your prayers. Pray that my mind will be performing at peak, learning, absorbing and memorizing everything in the class. Pray that I'll prepare and study well. Pray that I'll do extremely well on the hands-on trauma and medical assessments on manikins, and on the written tests, and all the other exams they give us. Thanks for your prayers.
    Seth McAdams - Oct 03 2013
  • Happy Sabbath, ANTHONY? Prayer that my new job works out as far as the Sabbath; And for a better improvement with Christian time, family health issues. JOAN: Darlene & Micky Williamson. Darlene wants to keep Sabbath but husband wants to continue going to Sunday church. Rose Royales wants to have studies but has yet to call to set up date. All our families. MARY COLLINS: A. Jim's health. B. Momma for healing from cataract surgery. C. Our children, esp. those who haven't accepted Christ as their Savior. D. For patience. E. For a humble spirit. F. That we can and will love the unlovable! PATRICIA MILLIGAN: My children, and grands--great grands. Brother and Aunt. LEE--Shorty ( blood pressure) and Margaret (tests--in hosp. now) Widner. James Heirs (blood sugar). Lee Heirs (blood sugar). George Montgomery (hip replacement). 'MINA ---Pastor Ben and Denise, esp. for her a job. Patricia's, my friend who came to church today, health and that she will continue to come to church; Anna Lee Wilcox, 4 yr. old; anxiety because she has a new brother and is also going to pre-school. Thanks and praises for how the Lord has and is blessing me in all areas of my life.Mine, my child's and grandchildren's walk with the LORD. My witness to my extended family and neighbors. My effective use of the spiritual gifts which I have been granted. The Morton family, esp. both Mike's and Becky's Moms. Our fruit sale and yard sale. Pastor Al and Donna VISITORS: Jerry, Tresa, Ricky, Leon ABSENTEES: Karen, Mortons, Ann, Retha, Isabel, Suzanne. Have a good week, WilhelmIna
    Brian Howell - Sep 28 2013
  • Good evening VISITORS ON SABBATH: Tresa, Sullivans, Kirby and her huband, Suzanne, Cheri and Randy, Brian and Frances, couple with children ABSENTEES: Heyward, Mortons, Lola, did I see you or not?, Karyn, Christian, Bob, Don, Anthony, Annette SS, Ricky. WHERE THERE IS NO CAPITALIZED NAME PRECEDING THE REQUEST, NO NAME WAS INDICATED ON THE CARD: ---Ornelas family--finance & health; Mary and Jim Collins--health; Church youth--return to church; June Merritt--health; Paulette--health; Mauncio Marquez--separation; Sandra (N. Augusta) health; church unity; church plans for construction; Dayanne--pregnancy and motherhood; Revival in church members. --Court rule in my favor; grandchildren and siblings. --SANDY O.--James, Erica, Shannon, David, Jamie, Linda, Chris, Chris Garland, Liam James, Self. --BETSY: John Bouchillion (cancer), Melinda (Bible studies), Self-guidance from HS for direction; Pastor Al and Donna; our church and Pastor; Ricky- anger issues. --Lilly Bee, Corrine Hickson's family. --Suzanne: The Preston family who lost their son. The McMahen family who lost a nephew and cousin. --JOAN: Rose Royales-wanted Bible studies but did not call me. All our families. missing members. Henry-that he will get a job. ---My family, my education and my job. CHERI HICKS: Please continue to pray for my brother-in-law Bernie. He was put on hospice this week and was told that nothing more can be done. I ask for prayer for Randy and me as we speak words of encouragement and support to both brother-in-law and sister Candy. A Thank You prayer that Randy continues to work at SRS. --Please pray for my wife's health and her well-being. --ANN: Families in need of temporal things. Unity or church bldg. project.; My mother-in-law's health. She was admitted to hosp. today (Mon.). Wisdom for Nathaniel as he has to make some difficult decisions. That my attitude will be conformed to Jesus'. --LEE: Ralph Langley's wife's sickness; My son, John Proches for homeless. My ex, Laura Lunsford, lives a few blocks away. Teresa for a job that suits SDA's. -----Steven Fernndez- 21 year old boy with lung tumor. Sarai & Francisco Rosales; Saluda Hispanic Church-a new place to worship. --LESLIE: Barney and I still need prayer. My children and grandchildren to come back to God. --MARILYN HEITZ: I would like prayer for our business plan for me and Sean. I would request a special prayer for a personal plan to happen in my life. God knows what it is. Thank you all so much. --MARY COLLINS: Jim's health; Mom and Poppa Bill; our children, patience, That we care for and will love one another. --SANDY O.: James' eyes and health; Shannon's marriage, all my children, grands and great grands. myself. --LILLIAN: Adrienne Richardson; Zayivan; Isaac; new Bible studies. .--BETSY: Lori's back- ruptured disc; Ricky's temper. that he will go to counseling. Heyward- traveling mercy from Ark. Sale of Mom's home. Self-deeper indwelling of HS. ----Please pray for Jo-ann and Marcil, our Filipino friends who are currently taking their English exams.This is their 3rd time to take this exam and they need to pass to be released a nursing license here in SC so they can start to work. It's been more than a month now and their families are already here and still they have not started working because they are required to have a certain score to pass this exam. I believe that God can work wonders. More prayers, more power! ---GRANT McM: 1. wisdom 2. focus of purpose 3. clarity of thought 4. the ability to take over total financial responsibility at home 5. to be able to earn sufficient to live within our means. ---GLORIA: Pray for Levi who has diabetes and other illnesses related to lifestyle issues. Conrad with rheumatoid arthritis and gout. Lou coughing from smoking. Alfreda veins to heart. Geana smoking and return to church. Drew a job during day so can spend time with his children. Help Julian with his school work.Take care of Jody and his children and may they learn more about God's love. Please forgive any mistakes. Call tem to my atention so that they can be corrected. we wnt to be praying for right thing and people. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Sep 21 2013
  • Please pray for Jakie and Abe they are only 11 and 13 years old. Jakie's mother was murdered trying to save Abe's mother's life. Now these murderers have both Abe and Jakie in their possession and Abe's mother is fighting hard to get them both safe with her. She wants to keep them both and to bring them up in The Lord. Please request prayer for us with the church on Sabbath, and pray that God's Will be done. Thank you and God Bless.
    CC Love - Sep 18 2013
  • Good afternoon: VISITORS: Tricia and Claude Humphries and family, Randy, Tresa, Leon, and Sullivans. ABSENTEES: Jimmy, Barney SS Leslie, Karyn, Christian, Marilyn & Sean, Ricky, Mike, Ben, Michelle, Matt, Isabel, Hayward, Lillian, Robert, Gabriela, Ruth, Donna Barton, Annette and Anthony, Donna Matchim, Retha. PRAISE: Pastor Al was at church today !!! PRAYER REQUESTS: BETSY: Kristopher, my nephew--accident--leg severely injured. Tree limb went through his leg--three surgeries. Melinda--friend I will begin Bible studies this week. Sale of my mom's house in Williston. Elderly and sick in our church. Pastor Ben and Pastor Al Continually. SANDY: James & myself health & salvation & our walk with the Lord. Erica and her children she has taken them into an abusive relationship. Ferris & Kevin marriage; Tracy @ Jackie health; Ginger & Jimmy's marriage; Chris health and Chris Mayes health. CONNIE: Thanksgiving: Richards surgery went well and doing good. Comes home this week. Keep him in your prayers to continue to heal and through cancer treatment. Pray for those who have a lot on their "plate" that God will lead in decisions made and give them peace through all they are going through. ANN: For a closer walk with Jesus & my husband & my husband. Daisy Walker will allow someone to administer her medicine correctly. Demetrius' salvation; Aiken Bags of Love; 40 days of prayer; Wisdom & discernment; Praise God that hears and answers prayers; and Jeanette Sullivan's arthritis. CLAUDETTE: Sister Deanna has diabetes and it is affecting her eyes. Deanna would like to read through the New Testament again and asking the Lord to spare her sight until she can read through new testament. DON: Bill Woods health and Bobby Martin health GLORIA: Strength, energy, and insight on how she can use her mother's home to glorify God. Her niece Diane's knee surgery. Her children, grandchildren, and siblings spiritual growth. MINA: Pastor Al and Donna; Donna Ott; Donna Barton. My family's spiritual life. Tabbie. MARY: Looks like we won't be coming to church today. Jim has a case of vertigo. He woke up very early with it. I just gave him a pill for it in hopes he'll be able to go back to sleep and wake up normal. Sometimes in the past he'd have a case of it for several days; but, sometimes just a few hours. I've got him scheduled for a doctor appt. at the VA this Wednesday coming. He's already had the blood work for that visit so we'll see what the doctor has to say. He appears to be steadily declining. Please continue to pray for him. Pray for me also that I will be able to have a sweet spirit and lots of patience and know the right words to speak at just the right time. OTHERS: Lola Sullivan minor setback with stem-cell transplant in hospital briefly for infection. Destiny Varnado rebellious won't go to church. Jeanette Sullivan arthritis pain and ulcers. God bless you and thank Gloria for typing this for me. Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Sep 14 2013
  • Gene McMahon has lost weight and returned to church on Sunday. That's a praise and he will be going down to Arkansas for the winter starting in October.
    Jonathan Ashbeck - Sep 12 2013
  • Happy Sabbath, VISITORS;Trina & Edward Moresco; Charles "Mike" Cartcendafner & Jenna Moresco; Tresa, Ray, Felix, Susan Wyatt and Colton; Ben and Matt here. ABSENTEES: Gracie, Anthony SS, Annette, Karyn, Christian, Marilyn and Sean, Betsy and Ricky, Grant, Jean and Marcus, Claudette, Gabriela and Robert, Jocinto and family Isabel. HEYWARD: Pat Kelly, problems with heart, left hospital before being released, electric off in home, has a lot of health problems. MARY COLLINS: ( Welcome back.Glad that you had a safe trip.) Jim's health (Saw how he was following you this AM, Will pray for your peace, strength and patience.), Mom and Poppa Bill, my two children, Jim's four children, patience, readiness for the soon coming of Jesus. NO NAME: Continued success for Lola Sullivan's bone marrow transplant. ME: Thanks for your prayers, love, support, fellowship hall, food,serving, visits, phone calls, attendance at Quiet Hour and/or funeral and whatever else you did individually as my sister or brother in Christ or corporately as my church family. Your being here made a difficult situation much easier to handle I love you. God bless you, individually and collectively. Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Aug 31 2013
  • Please pray that the Lord will give me wisdom and understanding, knowledge and discernment, prudence and insight, sound judgment and counsel--all the things Proverbs talks about. Pray for wisdom in all seasons and areas of life. Pray for both spiritual and practical wisdom. Pray for discipline and strength of character, and that I will grow in righteousness and holiness. Pray that I will grow in my relationship with the Lord. Thanks.
    Seth McAdams - Aug 30 2013
  • I beg of you brethren to please pray for my little brother and I to be filled with the Holy Spirit every morning for the rest of our lives. I beg of you brethren to have God to grant us the strength to deny ourselves, and to obey him no matter what. I beg of you brethren to ask God to grant us the ability to love and forgive others no matter what. I beg of you brethren to ask God to remove all obstacles within my heart preventing me from loving him with my all. I beg of you brethren to beg God to fill our (my bro and I) mind with peace and love, and to help us in all our circumstances. Please beg God to crush all thoughts of hatred, lust, covetousness and other evils from our mind and to free us and our household from demonic oppression. Also, please ask him to have my other brother and my parents to accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.
    Jay Smith - Aug 27 2013
  • My dad's uncle Tom Ashbeck had a hip replacement after when he pulled over for a car to pass and the golf cart rolled over and it broke his hip in half.
    Jonathan Ashbeck - Aug 24 2013
  • Greetings: CONNIE: Richard - Praise that 1st surgery went well & doing excellent. No cancer in lymphatic system - prayer for Aug 26 surgery removing cancer on liver. Praise for the beautiful handy work God displays in the morning and evening skies. Prayer - New church (on going) Church Family -- direction of the Holy Spirit for all who are searching for God. Wilhelmina and the Family CHERI HICKS: Please continue to pray for my brother-in-law (Bernie) as he battles end stage pancreatic cancer. Randy and I are driving up to Michigan next week. Please pray for our travels as well as Bernie and my sister. Also pray for Randy as layoffs continue at SRS. A thank you for 32 years of marriage (Aug. 2). God is good!! GLORIA: PRAISE -- God has blessed her with the Family Home. Pray that God will direct her in how she can use it to further His Kingdom! Pray for Drew to get a "day" job so that he can take care of his children during the day. Also pray for travel mercies for Gloria, her sisters, and brothers as they travel to Houston Texas for American Legion National Convention this week. OTHERS: Continued prayer for Lola Sullivan recovery from bone marrow transplant. Lee Hiens' pump; D. D. Holmes lost daughter; lost people in Aiken Co., church growth. (1) For world peace, (2) For my husband to find another job, (3) For my kids and grand kids--for all our children and grandchildren. FOR LILIBETH JAMES: Prayer Request for a friend that God will open her heart and mind to give her life back to Christ (She's confused). Thank you Jesus! Geneva Washington and Family; Melvin and Shirley Small and Family need a financial blessing for Home. The Holmes family; the Middleton family the Glover family; Jeffery Glover in South Korea who is in the Army. Elizabeth Donaldson in Bay View Nursing Home; Leroy Jenkins, Valarie Middleton - sick, Amelia MckKinnon - sick. Pray for US pray for me to get a job that respect my sabbath. Brandon--he took Bibles and a set of Conflict of the Ages home with him. Christian's son, Jordan. He has something wrong with his leg and won't stand. My grandson. T. J. McMillian, he has pretty much turned his back on all the family.
    Brian Howell - Aug 24 2013
  • Gene McMahon is out of the hospital after when he had surgery on Tuesday. He is recovering and I ask that you would continue to pray for him. Thanks.
    Jonathan Ashbeck - Aug 21 2013
  • I have been praying for 15 years that God would send the man I am to marry .. the one He chose ... into my life. I met someone. It was miraculous the circumstances. It had to be God. We dated. God was in the center. He broke up with me last night. I cant stop crying. My parents divorced when I was young. I dont even remember being hugged or toold "I love you" as a child. All I know is rejection. Abandonment. Im 37. I want to have children. There is so much pain inside ... I feel forgotten. Please pray for me. That I wont hate myself for not being good enough. And that if Gods mercy will allow ... He will grant me favor with the man He has chosen and send him (and not another heart break) into my life. Thank you.
    anonymous anonymous - Aug 18 2013
  • Greetings, JOAN: Building Committee, Leslie Brooks, Unity for our church, Missing members, Leaving for Hilton Head Sunday. Traveling mercies LEE HIERS: Sisters and Brothers: . Sara Wood, Aiken; Ila and hr daughters from Graniteville, Peggy Youngblood, Grovetown, GA; Traveling and health, Friend, D.O. Holmes, Graniteville- loss of daughter almost 1 year. BETSY: Charlotte- cervical cancer cells found and operated on yesterday (Friday). Pray for healing. Ricky to stop drinking. Sister Becky to get a better job, 40 hr. wk .single mom. Ongoing: Ricky and my marriage. Leslie and family-comfort. Claudette; Sandy and James--travel mercy. For myself- preservative. ANN: 1. Chris Reuda- academic study and walk with Jesus.. 2. Spiritual walk with God for Nathaniel, Marcus and me. 3. Demetrius' salvation. 4. Witnessing to neighbors. NO NAMES INDICATED: #1. I am in need of another vehicle that I pray to You for help on as I do not have help from other sources to be able to obtain something in this LIFE.. God bless_______. I pray that You will give me the strength to help her, physically and mentally. Lord, I pray to You for financial relief from the efforts I have put forth to get out of W.H. It's WICKEDNESS. #2. Continued prayer for Lola Sullivan's bone marrow transplant success. #3. June Merritt- health; Doris Morgan- health; Christian- going away to Pisgah; Jim Collins- health; Denise's parents- safe travel. #4. Ethel Phillips- congestive heart failure. ME: Continued prayer for our Mom's recovery and our (my family and me) faith and endurance. Tomorrow will be three wks., her in hosp. Thanks, my church family, for your prayer, visits, calls and love. God bless each and everyone of you. VISITORS: Suzanne, Carlton and family, Tresa, Susan, Brian's friend, Jennie, Jimmy's wife.. ABSENTEES: Leslie, Christian, Marilyn and Sean, Ricky, Ben, Matt, Collins', both Glorias, Ruth, Bill, Sharon and Asher, Donna Barton, Isabel If you were not there or did not stay for lunch, you missed a great feast of international cuisine. Thanks, social and kitchen committees and all the good cooks at Aiken church. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Aug 17 2013
  • Gene McMahon will have prostate surgery on August 20th. I need some prayers because I get into serious conflicts with others once in a while; I need the strength to do God's will.
    Jonathan Ashbeck - Aug 15 2013
  • Please Pray with all your faith that GOD will Bless me (Phil Chavez) with my Soul Mate as soon as it is possible with GOD .I've never had a girlfriend and been Praying and hoping for one for at least 18 years,I'm 41 years old now.... Thank You for Your Prayers
    Phil Chavez - Aug 13 2013
  • Good morning, ABSENTEES: Anthony and Annette, Lola( 2nd wk. in a row), have called, but no response, Christian, Leslie, Sean, Ricky, Ben, Matt, Michelle, Gloria Cl, Robert, Bill, Sharon and Asher, Isabel, Donna Barton, Collins', Sandy, ISABL. VISITORS: Juanita and Antonio, Jeanette Sullivan, Donovan and Breanna, Felix, Marilyn.. GABRIELA: Pray God will intervene to help heal my back and help me function properly. Pray for God's guidance in regard to work options. Pray for Robert safe travel back from Florida this coming week. MARILYN HEITZ: I would like prayer for my business that I have started, but is not yet in effect. I am at a standstill. right now and I don't know where to go. I plan to sell fashion jewelry, wood carvings, shells, dolls, etc. from Belize to the USA. I need to get buyers that are intrested in my products. I would like prayer for a loan when orders start coming in to fund the orders. Thanks for your prayers. BETSY: John Bouchillon--cancer, on chemo; Susie (sister- drinking); Ricky and my marriage (continued prayer); Leslie & Barney& family- comfort. ANN: 1.Boldness to witness when opportunities present themselves 2. Van for church. 3. Building of new church.4. Outpouring of Holy Spirit for the upcoming revival. CLAUDETTE A granddaughter, Angie, is having a difficult pregnancy. baby is due this month. Mom is in hosp. having her heart monitored, has a murmur. A C section is scheduled. Barbara for healing- an SDA sister in Springfield MA church. Traveling mercies for myself-flying to New England on Tues., will be away 4 weeks visiting family and friends. JOAN: Thanks to Jesus that my brother is walking and driving after his 2 knees were replaced 21/2 wk's. ago.. Terry lost her husband and is very sad. Mary and Jerry NO NAMES ON REQUESTS: Continued improvement for Lola Sullivan after bone marrow transplant. Let the church accept the Elijah message. Mom, aunt and father. Church family, sell our church. Financial security to get bills paid. Guidance to home school Marcus. Richard Eisenburg- cancer surgery- Aug. 26.. My Mom was placed in PCU on Sat. to be more closely monitored for seizures. Today she seems to be improving after I asked her church officials to anoint her. God is god! Keep up your prayer for her. He works trough all of our petitions and praises. Continue to praise and thank God for Pastor Ben. Thank God for the two baptisms on Sabbath. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Aug 10 2013
  • I would like to request two special , for the lord to remove all evil seen and unseen from me an girl friend lisa life and have everything and problems at lisa job crystal point 177 hudson NJ work out in her favor. I requesting special for god to put an protection edge around my job at brooklyn navy yard and to remove all evil seen and unseen and have everything run smooth and have QA and upper management leave me alone. open up the door for me to expand in computer maintenance A+ there. A special prayer to the lord to make charles a lisa happpy. and last for god to free us economic slavery and my online business, empower and pure leverage business - user " usafree" climb the letter boards and free us financial from the physical burnings of this life. For the lord to show me exactly what to do online easiest most affordable way possible to have business grow rapidly. Pray for the lord bless me wisdom , knowledge, and understanding. Praise you for life lord. Than you for answering prayer in advance.
    charles wright - Aug 07 2013
  • Good morning, It is easier for me to record those who were present at church yesterday rather than do it the usual way: Retha! says she was convicted by the HS, Joan, Don, Betsy, Bob, Alice,me, Anthony and Annette, Gloria and grands, Lee, Brian, his guest and children, Mary and Jim, Ruth, Gloria Clayton. GLORIA: Drew and his children. JOAN: My brother Ray had his 2 knees replaced. Pray for healing. That the HS will work on my family's hearts. Comfort for the Brooks' family. Lola Newman. MARY: Mom and Poppa Bill's health issues.Our granddaughter, Lauren. Safe travels for us for our vacation travels (will return last week of August). Thanks for the package,Mary. BETSY: Bridgitte - blocked arteries & hip replacement surgery- 76 yrs old (scared, asked for prayer). Ricky's spirituality-strength for myself. NO NAME ON CARDS Receive the Elijah message. Please pray that we would grow in more spiritual growth and health. ME: Thanks for your continious prayrs for our Mom and the family.The Dr. gave us some upsetting news early Sabbath afternoon since she had not been responsive to treatment. Late afternoon, after anoher MRI as they were transferring her from guerney to bed, she cried ot ,"Hey". first word she had uttered since Monday afternoon. It was indeed an answer to prayer and negated all the dismal news that we had received earlier. God is sooo good. Thanks for past and future prayers. I pray that your yesterday was Spirit filled and blessed wherever you were. God bless all of you, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Aug 03 2013
  • My aunt, Donna, was diagnosed with colo-rectal cancer in December, after undergoing surgery and chemo/radiation, we thought she was in remission. She found out that she now has stage IV metastatic cancer that has spread to her lungs. Please pray for her healing and peace as well as wisdom for the doctors as they prepare her treatment plan. Thank you so much!! In Christ, Lexi Johnson
    Lexi Johnson - Aug 01 2013
  • Good afternoon, Sorry for the delay. MARY COLLINS: My husband and his condition. Our granddaughter, Lauren Collins. My Mom and Poppa Bill and their health issues. ANTHONY PATRICK: Requesting prayer for more faith and prosperous spirituality in my home. MARILYN: I thank God I'm on my way with the business. I would like blessing in finding buyers now and the funds. Thank You. LILLIAN ALSTON: Connie Johnson in coma for almost 2 wks. Have seen slight movement. Pray for her children and family that the right decision will be made. Dr. will not keep her on life support more than 2 wks. GRANT: Pray for Marcus and Jean that they will be able to have a safe trip home. We don't know when they will be able to start back. It will be as finances allow. GENERAL: Continue to pray for the Brooks' family. Pray for Donna Barton's back .Thanks to the Social Committee for the beautiful welcoming gathering held for the new family on Sunday.Nice turnout, good food, fun games and a family atmosphere. Thanks to those who have participated in the clean-up effort. Things look better. Leslie just called me back. Visitation will be from 4-5 and service at 5 on Friday. Check with Alice to see what the menu is if you are going to bring a dish. VISITORS: The new family, Felix, Marilyn and Sean ABSENTEES: Gloria Cu, the Brooks family, Betsy & Ricky, Jean & Marcus; Mike, Ben, Matt; Bill, Sharon & Asher, Gloria Cl, Isabel (Lola, I'm doing this from memory. Your list may have others that I didn't remember.) Have a good afternoon Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Jul 20 2013
  • Good Sabbath afternoon, VISITORS: Leon and Rosemarie, ElishIA Day, Donna Barton's granddaughter?, Couple w/children from Philippines. ABSENTEES: Ann, Isabel, Christian, Marilyn nd Sean, Joan, Betsy and Ricky, Mike, Ben, Matt, Michelle( Becky says Michelle is feeling better, but keep her in your prayers); Jean and Marcus, both Gloroias, Bill and Sharon. An unnamed Request for more faith and knowledge and much more spirituality in our home. DON DEMELLO: Patty Stone; Bible studies; Family. LOLA: Continue to pray for Ponda--recovery from throat cancer. Please pray for Ruth Patton (cousin) has had back surgery as a result of fall--asks for prayer for recovery and acceptance of change of activities as a result. MARY: Our granddaughter Lauren who is 22, had part of her colon removed and must have a colostomy bag for at least 1 yr. My son John who lost his "partner" and is still grieving. My son Brian who is having BP and heart problems. My husband and his dementia. For me to have patience. LESLIE: The outcome of the Zimmerman trial The 6 women on the jury need God's help. My oldest grandson, TJ McMIillian. He has a lot of resentment built up in his heart. I think the only person he contacts is his brother and this isn't often. NO NAMES OF REQUESTER ON ANY OF THE FOLLOWING. THE LORD KNOWS WHO THEY ARE: Lola Sullivan began chemo on July 9 in prep for bone marrow transplant during one month in hosp. James Carpenter, a friend in MS has cancer of his right kidney which has to be removed. Also has cancer in other parts of his body. Pray for me that I will be more holy than I am and have been that I may be accepted in the Holy Heaven with Jesus. I pray that I will be able to get another vehicle. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Jul 13 2013
  • Well, it's a still raining off and on Sabbath, Because I did not remember to ever send the Visitor' and Absentees' list last week, I'll do it first .VISITORS: Gloria's seven grands, Ray and Elaine, Felix, a young couple new from the Philippines: Jacinta and Mary Jo Kay and two youngster Kean and Koci. ABSENTEES: Don, Bob, Anthony and Annette, Christian, Karyn, Russell, Betsy, Ricky, Joan, Be, Matt, Michelle, Jean and Marcus, Claudette, Heyward, Gracie, Isabel' Lola Sullivan;s one marrow transplant on July 9. MARILYN HEITZ: I want to thank God for helping me to make it possible to obtain samples that I plan to start my business with. I need to find suppliers to sell to and the funds to buy the products. I have leads to a bank that said that they can help me get the loan .I truly beg for God's blessings upon my planned business. LOLA: Pray for Ponda Holt. She has had a setback in her recovery from throat cancer. ANN: Johnson family who lost their mother and grandmother. Praise God that He answers prayers/ and provided a way of escape. Van for church. MARY COLLINS: My two sons. My Mom and Poppa Bill. For our Pastor Ben and his family. My husband and his mental status. SANDY O.: James--his eyes. Liam James' health. Janie's baby's health. Scott's marriage. Terri's marriage. Betsy's marriage. Lloyd's health. Myself-health. For all of us--salvation. LESLIE: Ed Franklin, a friend of mine and Barney's. He fell from a ladder and broke his hip. ME For the Williams' and Valentine families who buried loved ones this past week, that they can come to understand the "state of the dead". for Gay, her chronic migraines, for my Mom and all others who are in nursing facilities, hospitals, at home or wherever that may be sick and those who are their caregivers, for my memory, for all the planned special activities at church, for evangelism, for the outpouring of The Latter Rain. May God continue to bless Aiken Church. Sis. 'Mina
    Brian Howell - Jul 06 2013
  • Dear friend in Christ Greetings in the precious name of Jesus Christ our Lord, Please we witness for the God and our request to you send us bibles and other Christian books for witnessing for God The time is short ,Let the little time we have be employed for our own present and eternal good by active Christian service, doing all the good possible. Redeem the time that has been lost, seek first the kingdom of God and His righteous, Then we will have something to impart in good works, Our prayers are with you always as you share Gods love with others and May Jesus comes soon we go to rest in Heaven and we will be reward for the good work we deed to others. Please drop us a lovely note. Finally keep us in your daily prayers. Yours love trusting in the Lord Evangelism Peter and Grace From Kenya E/ Africa
    peter ongera - Jul 06 2013
  • Good Sabbath afternoon, LOLA SULLIVAN: Success of bone marrow transplant-starting July 9 w/chemo. NO NAME: Prayer for Ms. Gantt, 94 yrs. old. , my friend's mother who is in the hospital for heath problems--blood clot in legs. BETSY: Heyward--healing; Marsha--conviction; my children--return and conviction; my marriage. DONNA BARTON: My unsaved family; Dusty Day-grandson to stop smoking pot, For my back pain. ROSEMARIE: Safe traveling for friend Rob driving from Oregon; My broken finger, 2 places for quick healing; Kevin--new home, finally; Children to know Jesus; Friend Chris in NM (all his needs); Thanksgiving for God in my life. GLORIA Cu; For Drew to obtain a new day job so that he can be Dad to his children in evening. JOAN: Frank has brain tumor; Rachael, 8 yr. w/brain tumor; Lino--hernia; Ruth recovering from surgery; Heyward---also recovering. I am leaving for NY. May God grant me a safe trip to and from home. God, give me the words to speak to my family, Michel and Jennifer. ME: Pray for th Valentine family hose family member ill be buried on Wed. Pray esp. for Loretta who as the Matriarch of the family influences the attitudes and feelings of the rest. Pray for Denise the kind of job that se is seeking. PRAY FOR Alton AND Carol as they continue pre-marital counseling. Pray for Work Bee, Picnic, Campmeeting and all other church functions. Lift up Pastor Ben. Pray for John as he makes a choice for baptism. Will send list of Visitors and absentees tomorrow. CLAUDETTE: Her friend Joan Dudley in Mass. God bless, Sis. 'Mina
    Brian Howell - Jun 29 2013
  • Hello to you at the church. Thank you for praying for y needs. May the Lord bless all your needs also. I have been in France since 4 months. I have been doing missionary work. I need prayers for my spiritual life to stay closer to God. Demons in people are attacking all the time, if you could pray for more peace with other people. I need also finances. I am begging for money to my parents now since a while because no one is hiring me. I do massage and even putting ads, people seem not to take the ads seriously and do not make appointments. Please pray for God to bring clients every day. I would like 5 to 10 mssage clients a day to have ok income. Also in Florida i did banckupcy last year. My parents say that the dept of health is again asking me 250$ a month, because i owed them 25000$ for something i did not do and was innocent. Last year in June i filed banckrupcy and the case was finished. My parents say that they got a ltter from the court saying that the case was dismissed. Please pray for God to move in this case and make this dept erased. Thank you And salvation for my dad Jacques, mom Suan and brother Billy, And for the Europeans and French to accept the truth anout the 3 Angel's message. For the Hopy Spirit and the angels to cause them to walk in his ways and be honest accepting th truth. And for my ministry Thank you
    Fabien c - Jun 25 2013
  • My room mate when I was in the hospital, her name is Michelle she also has hip replacement. She had a successful surgery we will pray that she continue to heal under God's care. Roselyn was my room mate at the rehab, she had a spine surgery. Her surgery was also successful, but also need prayers to heal and get stronger under God's care. Also she has a daughter her name is Terry she is a twin with a brother and another brother and a sister. Now Terry has a 10 yrs old daughter. She don't talk to the whole family even her twin brother, when she pass him on the street she just pass him like she don't know him. And she let her daughter not to talk to the family. So the Mother is hurting she was in the hospital for spine surgery she never visited or called. She need prayers. The CNA at the rehab her name is Sandra, she has an adult daughter who has siekel cell, her name is Gailia Ambrose. Tabbie, I need much prayers too my feet are swollen and both ankles are very painful, but the operated leg is worse than the left side. I can barely touch my ankle is too painful. I also need serious prayers for my neighbors music, for God to stop it. May we all pray for one another that He may help us to be ready on His return. Ephesians 3:14-21 Amen. May God bless you all, Your sister in-Christ Tabbie.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ANN: Praising God for a beautiful week filled with His blessings & revelation of His will. LESLIE: Faye-She needs prayer for healing. They thought she had heart attack. Naomi-was in a -head-on collision but is out of hospital, happened day after her 79th birthday. Karyn-that she will really feel the need to come back to Jesus and church. MARY COLLINS: Please pray for my Mom and Poppa Bill Mom is having problems with bp again and Poppa is having gall bladder problems and still issues with his black lung. Both my sisters are having health problems. My son John who is an admitted homosexual. My son John who is having health issues.My husband and the detention of his mind. Pray that I will have patience and maintain a sweet spirit. DON Maureen-cancer. Bobby Martin-hip replacement. BETSY: Marsha-Bible studies. Ricky and my marriage. John Bouchillion-cancer surgery. PORTOR- Relationship with family and lady friend: ALICE: Pray that Angela's iron count will come up after receiving 2,000 units of iron last Mon. and Tues.. Pray that her energy will return so that he can work and feel well too. FROM WED'S BIBLE STUDY AND PRAYER WARRIORS (IF SOME ARE DUPLICATES FROM SABBATH, I WILL NOT REPEAT.) DON: Patti Stone--family. PASTOR AL AND DONNA: Pray for our house to sell & pray for Alec to make th right decision for his future. SANDY: James and myself travel, James' eyes; my children's marriages; Jamies' baby; Archie's health; Robin's health; Son, Robert Lewis, 49 today. Thank You.Lord. Pastor Al's health. He got good news from his latest tests! BETSY: Brian Smith 18 yr. ol, heart surgery, Thur.; Lillian's family; our ministries ''MINA: Loretta, Vonita & family, Gloria an me to share what learned at Religious Liberty Summit, my Dr.'s appt. on Wed.--GOOD NEWS! Pastor Ben, his family and our church as a whole Denise to find the kind of job that she wants here in Aiken Have a good evening, Saints, Sis. Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Jun 23 2013
  • Marcus' birthday- 10 yrs. old. Pray for continued traveling mercies him and Jean as they continue to drive on their trip. JOAN: Her friend was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Surgery scheduled for 7/1. Frank. Our children; Prayer of thanksgiving for God's blessings and His being with me all my life. DON: Alan Williams-kidney operation. NO NAME- Lola Williams bone marrow transplant for aml(?) MARILYN HEITZ: I need blessings to start my import business. LESLIE: Christian has an awful pain in her leg, She can't walk w/o a brace. Also, she had an appt. with Dr. on Mon.Pray that he found the problem. ANN: Young adult males who are taking their lives. Pray that they can find a trust in Jesus, Demetrius' move to New Haven, CT. Shiloh Heights, Ward Circle, Governor Aiken Park and other neighborhoods; that we may be Christ's ambassadors. Pastor Ben and family. church ministries These are all requests and praises fro last Sabbath, this past Wd. and today. Will forward the visitor's and absentee lists on the morrow.. Have a good evening, Saints, Sis. Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Jun 15 2013
  • Last month Gene McMahon suffered a heart attack and was taken to the hospital. Eventually he will be having prostate surgery and I ask that you please could pray for him as well as his recovery.
    Jonathan Ashbeck - Jun 14 2013
  • Please pray for B.B. he is addicted to drugs and alcohol and will not accept help. Please pray that he can become clean and give his life to Christ. Please pray that he does not catch HIV or any incurable disease while in the streets. Please pray that he will allow his family to help him. Thank you soo much
    k b - Jun 12 2013
  • Happy Sabbath, Sisters and Brothers, These were our visitors today: Kallie Adams, Sitka AK; Horace,Lynette & Ava Adams, Placerville CA; young man visiting his Mom here in Aiken; Donna Barton, returning member; Ray and wife; Randy and Cheri. ABSENTEES: Mike, Ben, Matt; Ricky; Marilyn and Sean; Bill, Sharon and Asher; Karyn; Christian, Ann; Lola. You were all missed. LESLIE: My brother, Hubert James. needs a meeting place for his Branch Sabbath School. Robert asks that all pray for him. My grandchildren to come back to Christ. Mr. Alexander has had a stroke and is going to rehab to regain strength. DONNA BARTON Pray for the pain in my back so I can take care of my pt's without pain.Pray for my grandson's marriage and my lost family. will have dental surgery on Tues. LEE HIERS Dee Dee Holmes lost her daughter last fall. She's having a hard time with this. She doesn't attend church. Maureen Finlyson (CANCER). .ALICE We want to thank everyone for your prayers on Angela's behalf and for all of the cards that you sent to her. She is doing well and regaining her strength. Her CT scan didn't show any disease. Praise God! JOAN I have a very difficut decision to make. I pray that God will make it for me. My family. New Pastor-his family. MARY COLLINS Mom and Poppa Bill's health. Jim's dementia. My two boys and Jim's four children--their spiritual state. Prayer for patience. No Name Me and wife- wife physical & mind healing; and more willing to study God's word a lot more; to be obedient to God's Will. SANDY Dayle Ann--in-law and family-Liam James-Jamie and Bby, Tray's in jail. Scott-marriage. Terri & Kevin--marriage, James and me--marriage; Tracy & Jacke's health and family problems; Peggy-checking her for cancer; Jaes' eyes and hearing; myself for coping & my walk with the Lord THESE ARE FROM WED.'S PRAYER MEETING AND BIBLE STUDY. SOME WERE DUPLICATED TODAY. Patti Stone family problems' Bobby Martin-hip replacement. SANDY-EVERYTHING.Thanks for rain. JOAN Adrienne Montillet- very ill. Our country-My God allow all corruption to be exposed. All our children. New Pastor. . BETSY People in OK ans CA, Marie--granddaughter; Deborah--knee replacement; Mine an Ricky's marriage; Pastor Ben and family, our church. There were sme more from Wed., but my time has run out for the night. Will send rest tomorrow if time tomorrow. God bless you all Sr. 'Mina
    Brian Howell - Jun 08 2013
  • Here are the Prayer requests from Sabbath. Let's lift them up before God this week and give Him praise for those he has already answered Mary Collins: Husband's dementia, spiritual life of both sons, her momma and Poppa Bill. the tornado victims Marcus: Mamma & Daddy, Pastor Al & Mrs. Donna, Jimmy, help us (church members) to eat good food Ponda Holt's cancer of the throat & June Merritt's cancer. Sandy: Jamie, Tray & baby-the baby is not rolling over as it should be, Peggy's health, Terri & Kevin, Scott & Saddie's marriages, Ken T., AJ & children; all young people in her family as most are living with partners & not married; the Lord knows for John, Lorraine; and especially for James' eyes & health. Donna Barton:spouse who does not know Jesus, grandson's marriage, Will & Elisha Day, grandson Dustin for all to accept Jesus and be obedient to him. Pray for my job and for God to show me what He wants me to do. Heyward: for Debbie's depression, loss faith in life and her trouble with unforgiveness Marilyn: planning to start a business and God's blessing upon it; providing buyers and suppliers Pray that Pastor Al & Donna's house sell as well as their son, Trevor's house, Alec's graduation, camp meeting Ann: Eva Gerber's recovery; Lillian's dental recovery. Ford family who lost husband/father; Wilma Travis who is in Pepper Hill Nursing Home; for Demetrius's relocation to New Haven, CT and his new position. For all our family and love ones who have not accepted Jesus. For children who are out of school and have no adult supervision. For marriages.
    Brian Howell - Jun 01 2013
  • Please Pray with all your faith that GOD will Bless me (Phil Chavez) with a Soul Mate as soon as it is possible with GOD.I've never had a girlfriend and been Praying and hoping for one for at least 18 years,I'm 41 years old now.Please Pray GOD Blesses me financially so i am able to by food and pay bills...Please also Pray GOD will put it in the hearts of multitudes upon multitudes of people to pray for my prayer requests ... Thank You....
    Phil Chavez - Jun 01 2013
  • Please Pray SDA member James Cash finds More work.Please Pray for the salvation of Lisa Chavez and Stan Rock.
    Phil - May 24 2013
  • Good afternoon, What a beautiful Sabbath Day it was. If you were not present at church, our guest speaker was retired Pastor Marvin Hunt who spoke on 14 things you should know before leaving grammar school. If you don't know what you need to know, go to the church's web site and listen to the message. You will be both blessed and entertained. These are the written requests from today. I will write them just as they were written, with the petitioner's name first. BETSY: Claudette's fast recovery from surgery; those traveling; Ricky and my marriage; Holy Spirit guidance; blessed Camp Meeting. PASTOR AND DONNA: Alec, Anthony & Cassie graduation; Cassie, missionary in Africa. JOAN: I will be in FL this week. Pray for traveling mercies: My family-that I will be a good witness. May they see Jesus in me. Pray for our new Pastor. Pray for our country and politicians. Healing for Angela & Claudette. ALICE: Many thanks for all of your prayers on behalf of Angela and her surgery. God is so good!! ANN: My attitude toward my fellowman. VBS- New Life. DON DEMELLO: Maureen Finksysen, Melissa Browder, Patti Stone. LOLA: I am having cataract surgery Tuesday. Please pray that all will go well. SANDY: James-eyes; Scott Edwards-marriage; Terri and Kevin-marriage; Donna Holland-health; Ian Law-children-life; Michael Dowling-eyes; Christie-health; Connie- young mother of five children; Mary-the Lord knows.: These are all from the cards for today. There are others that have been verbally communicated , some from Wed., some from last week when I was away, those visitors and absentees from today that I will get to you tomorrow, maybe. Gotta go now, God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - May 18 2013
  • Good afternoon, I'm sorry that there are not immediate requests. I was out of town on Sabbath for my grandson's (AJ) graduation. I will pick them up from the church on Wed. when I go to Bible study' In the meantime, continue to pray for all recent ones and those that you know of since the last notice. Oh. Tabbie's surgery was a success. She is scheduled for rehab, probably on Mon. Vonita is in University Hospital with kidney failure. She has been stepped down to PCU, will probably go to a nursing facility on Fri. All of her relatives who were visiting her in hospital have some kind of congestion. Gloria is in NJ taking care of her grandson while other caregiver is in hospital. If there is something you need to have prayed, put it online or call me to do so Continue to be blessed, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - May 12 2013
  • Please Pray with all your faith that GOD will Bless me (Phil Chavez) with a Soul Mate as soon as it is possible with GOD.I've never had a girlfriend and been Praying and hoping for one for at least 18 years,I'm 41 years old now...Please also Pray GOD will put it in the hearts of multitudes upon multitudes of people to pray for my prayer requests ... Thank You.....
    Phil Chavez - May 10 2013
  • Please plead Jesus' blood against Satan for my graduating class to ALL pass all courses, pay all debts, be healthy, and have NO other obstacles causing any dropouts before we graduate in August 2013. Thank you so much.
    Toni - - May 09 2013
  • Greetings,Saints,on a rainy Sunday afternoon, What a day yesterday was! Pastor Ernie Pyle and Dr. Rob Sheppard ministered to us on the Names of God through four dynamic presentations which began on Friday evening. If you were not there you should have been. See me to get materials that were not used so that you can receive a part of the blessings that came from this weekend's ministry. The attendance was not what I had anticipated, but God knows hearts and circumstances. Unfortunately, I do not have prayer requests and praises to present to you. The written requests were taken by the Brothers to be given to one of the brothers in their church, Br. Trent Leopold who has the Gift of Intercessory Prayer. I was not able to specifically determine all of the absentees either, so pray for us as a whole. You know our church family, their needs and ours as a body, so continue to petition and praise God for what He has done and what He knows needs to be done. Specifics would include Pastor Ben and Denise, that they can conclude all the necessary arrangements in order to be in Aiken by 3rd Sabbath in June. These are others that were transmitted orally yesterday or at Wed.,s Prayer Warrior meeting: Becky and Mike have a broken water pipe in their home (I don't know the location or extent of damage); Tabbie's surgery is scheduled for 9th of May; for Claudette, Bill, Sharon and Asher; Jean was at church, looking and feeling well; I know that I did not see Anthony and or Annette; Angela may have to have thyroid surgery, Vonita, Loretta's granddaughter needs physical and monetary help. She is over 300 lbs. and is not able to walk, needs assistance for all efforts. Heyward wants prayer for Tiffany and Jeremy; Sandy says Ian and Kate's children need prayer; Ricky has a pinched nerve in his back; death in the Washington family; Debbie; Gloria Cl; Lola; Joan; for each of us and our families; for outpouring of the Holy Spirit and unity. Thank the Lord for the much needed rain. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - May 04 2013
  • I have been dishonest to "protect" loved ones, and if the truth comes out now, without big miracles, I will end up hurting them more than if I had spoken up earlier. Please pray for us. Thank you.
    Ana - - May 02 2013
  • Good afternoon, Saints ( as Pastor would say), Ann: Nathaniel's walk with God; Demetrius' move to New Haven; young people who are graduating; Names of God Seminar; her witnessing to neighbors and friends; her health. Lola: prayer for her. No name: Debbie losing job this month, needs new one, very emotional time. Sandy: James' health and eyes; Ken T., AJ and family; Eight Ball and family; Donna Holland in rehab; Michael and family; Dayle Anne and family; Jamie, Tray and baby; church family; thanks to Lord for New Pastor and his wife; "Help us all to build up Your church for Your honor and glory." Alice: Ruth Hart will be returning from FL on Tues. or Wed. Pray for safe travel. Joan: Adrienne Montilet has incurable illness; all our missing members; Jerry and Mary Cornwell; her family. These were from Wed's Prayer Warrior session: William Cephus, Claudette, Becky and Lillian's trip to TN and back;. Sandy's eye, Ricky's broken finger, Vonita's knee and back, Pastor Ben, Denise and children,, Ann, Joan, Gloria, John, Asher is colicky, Ruthie M. Harris, fell broke right hip, home from rehab, depressed, worried about being a burden on her children; Mattie Bryan, peace and a clear mind in stage 2 of Alzheimer's; Andrea, lost baby in 3rd month, 3rd time for this to happen.She sat for some hours after the delivery holding and cuddling the dead baby. VISITORS: Felix, Sullivan's. ABSENTEES: Jimmy, Annette, Barney, Leslie, Karyn. Christian, Russell and Arlene, Marilyn and Sean, Ricky. Mortons, McConaghys, Gloria Cu and Gloria Cl, Bill, Sharon, Asher, Ruth
    Brian Howell - Apr 27 2013
  • We are going through a custody battle for the children. I am fighting many lies. My “ex’ is not Christian and after coming from their mothers’ they pick up her profanities. They will then not be going to church anymore if she should acquire custody. My son Blake is asthmatic and daughter Maci has respiratory issues and she even smokes in the car with them, Please pray for our situation. She is also into witchcraft. The fervent prayer of a righteous person availeth much. God Bless you for your prayers.
    - Apr 21 2013
  • Good afternoon,It's a bit cool but a beautiful day, Before I go any further, I am fine, just a little sore in the left foot. The CAT scan and the X-ray on my foot showed no problems. Thanks to all who were so helpful seeing me asleep, thinking it must have been a reaction to the fall, Gabriela for transporting me to the hospital and asking me questions to keep me awake and all other things necessary for check-in. I am well. It is comforting to know that we are a family that really cares about each other and puts that love into action when needed. Marilyn asks that the Lord will bless her in starting her import/export business,soon. Don asks for Maureen Finlaysen and Millisa Browder. Betsy asks for Bart who is going in for a stent insert in his heart, Ponda Hall-cancer; Ricky's alcohol addiction; and her strength through the HS. Sandy requests for Archie Day-bleeding ulcer, high blood,- now out of the hospital; Donna Holland-diabetic, blind, fell and broke hip got staph infection while in hosp.; Church-unity, growth, being a blessing to Aiken; James and Ken T., the Lord knows; James and her family; her neighborhood; herself, the Lord knows;Chuck and Linda Connon; sister and brother -in-law; Ginger and Jimmy, his drinking and smoking problem; Eight-Ball and wife-he's in hosp., probably his heart; for the people in West, TX. VISITORS: (As per Alice) Felix, two young men from NC, Elder Russell, Cathy and their daughter. ABSENTEES: McConaghys, Mike, Ben, Matt; Ricky, Karyn, Christian and baby SS, Sean, Annette and Anthony, Gloria Cu, Ann, Bill, Sharon, Asher, Ruth, Collins, Pastor and Donna. May God continue to pour out His blessing on all of us. Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Apr 20 2013
  • Im in this point in my life where I need God to move things around ( i need to grow). I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for 5 or more years, i want God to change me to be a better woman to him or the next person. i want God to show me what to do, i need God input. I want to be more giving, kind, knowledgeable. Please this is all that i ask and my dream.
    - Apr 16 2013
  • One that came in today for Alice's grand-dog Sassy ho had to be taken to local vet last night and then further to a pet hospital in Cola. At last check this afternoon, she and Angela were on way to Cola. Ann asks for Nathaniel. Had asked for traveling mercies for her cousins from VA to SC on Wed. All went well. For Wanda and Derrick Lett who have been evicted from their home. His job currently have no contracts and she is receiving disability SSI. Betsy's sister, Lanie-health problems.Pray for her other sister and Ricky as he goes to AA. For Mike's job at SRS. Don asks for Maureen Janice's daughter's mother-in-law Melisa Prouder' gave a GREAT CONTROVERSY to a repairman from Davis' Appliance. Graduation coming up, youth and adults: Tania, Michelle, Shawn, AJ, Breanna The church and our new Pastor. That the Lord would bring people who are searching to Aiken Church as the Sullvans who were at church on Sabbath and were able to witness their first foot-washing. SABBATH'S Alice wants prayer that Kay Carson of Augusta First will regain her strength after surgery and illness. Vince's brother Larry continues to improve with PT., they reoved the collar from around his neck, will do another cat soon. He is still wearing a body wrap, is getting around in a wheelchair which helps strengthens his shoulders and hands. Sandy--James and Kiven. Don--Maureen Finisten, Milisa Browder, Family, New Pastor Betsy--Gale, neighbor with cancer; Ricky and Don having a heart to heart on Sunday; our church growth, Ricky, for a job, Arlene--Please remember her in your prayers on the 18th. She is having a Necular Stress Test for her heart. Karyn--Johnny Couch in hospital having leg partially removed; Bart going into hospital for heart cath; thankgiving prayer for giving her a car. Marcus--1. Mama, . Me. 3. Papa! He drew me hearts (Thanks, Marcus) Pray for the "Names of God Seminar". We have only a few weeks before the event. Please invite everyone that you can. If you need flyers, see me on Sabbath. It is going to be a blessing to all who attend. We are being broadcast on WJBF, WRDW TV stations and WAFJ 88.3 on the radio. I am trying to get it on Parade of Quartets on Sunday AM. INVITE EVERYONE!!! God bless, Oh Had several visitors: the Sullivans, couple from Saluda, Felix from Ft. Gordon and Ray from 1st Church, Gloria's grands Absentees: Christian, Marilyn and Sean, Ricky, all Mortons except Becky, Jean, Ruth, Gloria Cl, Sharon and Bill.
    Brian Howell - Apr 13 2013
  • Ugent,please..a friend is involved with a woman,and his spiritual life has declined much. Its as if he is a baby that is losing his life,spiritually. Supposedly the woman is persistent in her relatonship with him, saying they should work on relationship, seeing him when he told her he didnt want it allegedly,(though he may give mixed signals). I feel he is very lost,and so desire for him to go home,and be free of this relationship with this woman. Please,would you pray for him..thank you so much,and may God get and give the victory.
    - Apr 08 2013
  • Good Sunday afternoon, It is a beautiful and sunny in my locale. I pray the same for you. Betsy asks for her and Ricky's marriage and for our new Pastor. Sandy: James' salvation; Ken T., AJ and the children; James, Dayle and child; Ian, Katie and children;Dan, Mary and Darian; Michael and Patsy's family; Robert and Regina's family, Scott, Sadie's family. Kevin, the church, Pastor Al and Donna's family, our new Pastor, children for the church, Tad, Juanita and family. Marilyn wants prayer to start her own business with God's help. Robert Tarbox,s family. A request to "help Mama feel better.' Someone: "Mina will not lose her memory". Tabbie's niece is doing better but her nephew is still smoking. Her surgery is scheduled for May 9. She needs someone to assist her with computer skills. Loretta's granddaughter Vonita is in considerable pain from the same kind of problem in the thigh that Tabbie has. Pray for her relief and a Dr. who will treat her w/o insurance and/or that she can get the financial assistance that will take care of the problem. VISITORS: Guest speaker Elder Dave Haustead and his wife, Leon and Rosemarie, Bob Tarbox, Marilyn a husband and wife who came w/two small children. Only stayed for SS.. ABSENTEES: Karyn, Christian, Ann, Bill and Sharon, Ruth, Mortons.Jean came to church, not SS, Ricky, Lee, Gloria Cl. Have a good week, see some of you on Wed. Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Apr 06 2013
  • Sandy wants for James, Kenneth T. and all her family. Leslie for her friend Brenda. She has been given sharing book. John Pennington, her cousin, who has dementia and lots of other health problems. Praise--Karyn has found a car, the one that she really wants and at the right price. God is good. For her eyes to stop hurting. The pain is so bad she can't read the Bible. Heyward asks for healing for Barbra after the wreck and for Mary after the knee surgery. Donna wants their house to sell and both of their health issues. Claudette asks for "Joanne Maldonado from Brockton MA, age 72, has congestive heart failure, fluid around the heart and is on a machine to keep her breathing. It seems she hasn't long to live now. Her daughter lives in in northern FL. Daughter Terri also has various health issues. This will be a hard trip for her." Betsy --"Ricky healing alcoholism. Jarett-nephew-reading Great Controversy--self-closer relationship w/ Holy Spirit." NO NAME ON REQUESTS "For Maureen Finsten, family and new Pastor" "Mr. Harold Robinson is ill and near death. Please pray for God's mercy and grace be with him. The Allen children to be blessed and to continue to focus on God's Word alone." "Dee Dee Holmes, G'tville, daughter died" "Revival of true godliness in the church." "Fannie S. Johnson's health. Ann's spiritual growth. Demetrius- to be able to find affordable housing in New Haven. Sale of church- Church ministries- Praise God for the faithfulness of Aiken SDA members." "I would like prayer for a good job or a business I can start up." "The mother that lost her child to the young man who shot him to death in his stroller because the Mom did not have money to give as he asked for her purse." Praise God that the Sanctuary was overflowing because of visitors from New Life because of Youth Day. ABSENTEES: McConaghys, Marilyn and Sean, Karyn, Christian,Bill and Sharon, Ben and Matt, Ruth, Gloria Cl, Heyward, Betsy, and Sandy were back! Thank for your patience during my absence from Prayer Requests and thanks to Brian that I'm finally back up and running. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Mar 30 2013
  • Hello to you I would like to ask prayer because i am going back to France in one month. I am a missionary and i am asking if you can pray first for me to find a place to stay in France. I do not the papers people need in France the 3 month salary to rent a place, as I have had no job for a while here in America. Please pray so I can find a nice place to stay, not expensive and with a terasse so I can grow some food and save money thank you. Please pray also for God to move mightily, eliminate darwinism in the minds of people, may they see clearly the truth and follow it. For God to cause them to be honest, to love eath other, to have faith in God and to eliminate selfishness. If you can pray for me to find a nice place to stay very fast, as it is going to be cold and i do not want to stay in my car. For God to provide a nice house to buy. For God to bless my massage business in France to grow and for me to rank easy on first page to have enough clients for everything I need, and to meet interesting people and someone special and friends. And for my ministry Thank you God bless all your needs also
    Fabien HOHO - Feb 14 2013
  • I would like to ask you to pray for me that the Lord may send me a godly husband very soon. I'm 40 years old and I broke up with my last boyfriend before I got baptized at age 23. Ever since, I haven't even courted - I have only experienced one crushed hope after another. Please intercede for me that this year may be the year when I meet the man I can serve the Lord best with. I have such a deep heart desire for a life companion!
    Daniela W. - Jan 29 2013
  • Prayer for sister Charlene's Cancer Test Results this week and complete healing in her body, pray for healing please in Jesus Name! Also prayer for Tajohns behavior and Sister Shirleyanne's Health Issues. Also prayer for Billy to get into a healthy relationship in the future. Prayer for Joahna's& Jama engagement that the Lord would order her steps and if it's the wrong person separate them. Prayer for Carl Livingston for God's favor and blessings and that no weapon formed against his ministry or life would prosper. Prayer Carl Livingston for protection and favor and the blessings of God upon his life and job and church would be blessed. Prayer for Pastor Willis wife to be healed and their finances made whole, and the churches under his leadership would grow in every way. Prayer for Pastor Benson and family, to walk in their calling. Prayer for Alyce to find a good full time Job and peace, she needs a job to support her family, and continue to attend church. Prayer for our Brother Royce for wisdom, understanding, to hear the voice of God Loud and clear, prayer for a miracle, mercy, and favor and blessings to be upon him and his family and those who love him. Also pray that Isaiah 54:17 would cover Brother Royce's life, and that he would have the right job and finances would be abundant. Prayer for Brother Royce in court system, and everyone connected, and the favor of God would prevail. Also prayer for 3 individuals who are sick and one has cervical cancer, healing for Sharons lungs. Prayer for R. Hirsch & J. Langford to be led and filled with the Holy Spirit and love of Jesus Christ. Prayer for Charlene Dixon who is fighting cancer, to be healed. Also prayer for Brother Royces Court situation to operate with integrity, excellence, wisdom, knowledge, skill, favor and be touched and surrounded by the Holy Spirit. Prayer for Debbie & Samantha to end the cycle of Alcoholism i n their lives. Prayer for brother sharon Ocain to get saved and be obedient and follow the Holy Spirit and any demonic forces would be cast out and away fr om his heart and mind in Jesus Name. Prayer for Brother Tim and Byron for mercy grace and favor. Prayer for Kim Brown for healing in her body, so her and her husband can have a baby. Prayer for Brother Bo school and favor. Prayer for Judy who is struggling with severe weight gain, prayer for her to be able to control and lose the excess weight. Prayer for Brother Young's left eye to be healed without more surgery. Prayer for Shaunda's kids, finances housing and strength as she deals with the state, may God give her favor in the name of Jesus. Prayer for the leadership of Ecclesia Church and their finances and growth. Prayer for Charles Widley who just had two heart attacks in one day. Praying for Chris Ausler who had surgery and is in recovery, prayer for Howard Mostrom for his job and finances. Prayer for, Henr y Wesley healing from cancer. Prayer for Ayessha L, Louie, Jiesharae, George L, Alexa, and Chelsea for finances, protection direction and a closer walk with Christ. Prayer for Mary Wesley to obtain the desire to eat food. Prayer for Sister Danicka's Niece who just ran away. Prayer for Shawn Williams to have peace and be released from the storm he has been in for years. Prayer for healing Aleteena suffering with multiple health issues including cancer diagnosis, she needs he aling. Prayer for Janita and Charles and their marriage, to be strengthened and flurish. Prayer for Mr Barber and Ramona to be obedient to the Holy Spirit. Prayer for Ken who is having brain sugery. Barbara Debato for her heart transplant. Sister Danickas Prayer: for my niece Kayla's behavior. She has been lying and stealing since she has been back.; pray for my stepdad's healing from his alcohol addiction; pray for my mom's fear of driving; pray for my nephews: Malachi and Termaine; p ray for Monique; pray for me balance everything and not to get overwhelmed, to do well in school and pray for my housing and financial situation. Prayer for La mar Brian na and Keisha to get back to their church. Healing for Keisha and Janice in their hearts and minds. Prayer for Ecclesia Church and every demonic chain to be broken and the ministry grow in every way numerically, financially, in obedience and faith and spiritually. Prayer for Minister Donavehn who is not currently attending any church. Prayer for Charles to get a new job. Prayer for Francine to find full time permanent employment soon. Prayer for Samantha & Kenny Jr to make good choices. Prayer for the following brothers to have the blessings and favor of God, Rhone, Snow, Tony, Morris, Ted, Maurice, and Dampier. Prayer for Mercedes to focus on school and focus on the Lord. Prayer that God would touch the heart of Sharon Carrol and fill her with love and the spirit of God. Prayer for Gods Blessings in the lives of Jeanne, Judy, Leigh, Allen, Ricky, Sharon, and Edna. Prayer for Byron & Tim regarding court cases they both need mercy and favor. Prayer for healing of Brother Royce and his finances, and a hedge of protection around him. Healing for Minister Taylor. Prayer request for Surgery on Versa, Prayer for her son Carlos, Maurice's family during the time of their loss, prayer for Loretta's kidney issue for healing, Prayer for Mrcac Mount of Restoration Church and their pastor and the building . Prayer for sister Ausler & care giver and son deliverance. Prayer for a full time permanent job for Minister Taylor and a good supervisor in Jesus Name! Bless Leigh Hayes in her engagement and bless her finances and children as she is seeking promotion favor and a house to purchase. Prayer for Leona and her job situation for favor. Prayer for Angela Mathis and her daughter Janet who are struggling with the passing of their mother, pray for their peace of mind please . Prayer for Sister Judys' job and all the transitions happening covering for Sister Judy, wisdom and favor and elevation. Prayer for Hugh and Ramona to do the will of God and follow the Holy Spirit. Prayer for Gracie for healing in her body. Prayer for Howard Mostrom and upcoming IRS issue and Helen Worthen to help with the tax issues and help o ther clients. Lewis SSI evaluation, Prayer for Tim Dog who was in ICU, William Prayer that my new apartment comes through continued blessing. pray for Mother Sullen an d Morris Family, Prayer for sister Leighs house search schooling and future marriage to be blessed. Prayer for Sis Tommie in NY Pray for her job, The school district no longer provides health care and they are struggling to meet payroll. Prayer for Vern who is needing and wanting to quit smoking and get closer to the Lord and find a good job. Prayer for the outreach ministry True Vine/Live Oaks churches financial spiritual and numerical growth. Prayer for Kyle Ly nch to obtain employment and to give his life to the Lord. Prayer for Theodore Rhone pray for victory and release of this mighty man of God.Tavleen Gordon- young girl has bone cancer, Please pray for her Mom as they go through this trial. Martha & Hugo - husband Hugo cancer, Sis Sam Howard and Family - Uncle passed. Diane Willoughby and Family - Niece n law has rare cancer Sarah Ellis & Family - Auntie had surgery. Prayer for Catina to stop smoking. Mercedes safe traveling through the mountain passes. Prayer for baby Paytons eye sight to be healed. Prayer for Hazel for protection and favor, prayer for Paula regarding her job situation. Prayer for Joe to be hired full time and permanent. Prayer for Anissa's brother and his struggles. Prayer for Marcus relocation efforts to be a blessing. Prayer for a good paying full time job for brother Royce to support his family in Jesus Name. Prayer for Laylonnie to be healed of cancer. Prayer for Maurice Jordan and his strug gles with recidivism, that the Lord would break the bonds of addiction and set him free for good. Prayer for ShirleyAnn for healings and deliverance. Prayer for Julian Reyes, Leon Jordan for deliverance and the favor of God as they are incarcerated. Prayer for Twinnette who is going through some difficult challeges. Prayer for Aquilla and her childrens safety and the strength to leave an physically abusive relationship. Prayer for Pastor Roosevelts health and Rev Rons Preaching to be with more power and anointing. Prayer for sisters Alyce's daughter who is acting out in some negative ways. Prayer for Edwardo. Lewis to come to church and surrender to the Lord. Prayer for Anissa to have a closer walk with the Lord. Prayer for the Salavation and return of the following people to church on a regular basis Lamar & Brianna, Keisha, Jiesharae Zaim, Alexa, Kathy Veasley, Ronald Johnson, Jasmine Veasley, Jordan Veasley, Trey Hughes, Pervis and Mary Johnson, Rev Chad, Mercede s, Samantha, Chelsea, Louie, Sister Allen, Donnie. Prayer for Mother phyliss to get some help with her mothers Health Care in the Name of Jesus. Prayer for Sister Ash to find the way out of a unhealthy relationship that is affecting her in many negative ways. Prayer for Brother Joey and full restoration and deliverance in Jesus Name. Prayer for Tonya who has fluid on her lungs, prayer for healing and deliverance. Prayer for Lovely that she gets accepted to college with the favor of God. Prayer for the depression Jack is feeling to leave and he and his wifes finances to improve in Jesus Name. Prayer for Benaya compensation on his job situation. Prayer for Pastor Livingston and kingdom Christian Center for Growth. Prayer for Tomisina for her health and healing in her body.
    Art Kay - Jan 23 2013
  • Please pray for us that our family wants to live and work in Canada. My husband is a sailor his position is a Welder,Fitter and Machinist he works almost 23 years at sea and away from family. And now wants to work on land job .He applied in Canada as a Federal Skilled Worker but nothing happened.Until now he still working at sea. One thing he worried cant go to church regularly. Please pray for us. Seventh Day Adventist from Philippines.
    Isidra Jagolino - Jan 23 2013
  • Prayer Warriors, Satan has certainly stepped up his attack on God's children and their families. We must be in prayer continually interceding for one another. Let Jesus' love be reflected in your life with great joy as you share His soon coming again. Pastor Al had a great message on Sabbath as he concluded his series on the Laodiceans church. Let each of us examine ourselves to be sure that we are working the works of faith covered with Christ's righteousness and not with our self-righteousness. Please lift these individuals up in prayer: Sandy as she is still trying to build up her immune system Betsy and Ricky Claudette as she has surgery this Friday morning Gabriela's father is having complications from surgery & medicine Leslie's great grandson Jordan had surgery and is recovering well; keep him in your prayers Wendell who has pancreatic cancer Boyd's heart surgery Nicole who has slipped back into her old ways; let's ask God to give her strength to overcome and a set of friends who love God Vince Howell's brother who was in a car accident; he is in a comma induced state to let his body heal mother of one of Connie's coworkers spread of the gospel so Jesus can come again marriages (strong & sgtruggling) our children who have not accepted Christ or surrendered their lives to him Praise: Leslie fell but did not break and bones. Proverbs tells us the prayers of the righteous and upright is God's delight and He hears us. May your week be filled with joy and peace that only God can give. Many blessings, Ann in stomach That the Lord will send young families so our church can grow For our children about the decision that they make and are making about Jesus Names listed in Wilhelmina's prayer book Leadership of our church and our country Pray for each other and ourselves that we draw closer to God and spread this last day message For those Bible studies and outreach ministry Arlene, Bob Wickham,Robert Brooks situation with law enforcement Lee's sons - John & Gregory - their salvation Work that Brian & Francis Morgan are doing in Saluda with the Hispanic population Elainea lice condition Health care system in Belize where basic healthcare is missing VISITORS: Whalen,Barbara Sovine,Loretta(Betsy friend),Brian & Francis Morgan ABSENTEES: Joan, Retha, Marilyn and Sean,Annette,Karen,Christian,Lola,Mortons (Matt, Michelle, Mike),Sandy, Ann, Lillian, Gloria Clayton, Gloria Curry,Bill & Sharon,Dorian and Doryan. God bless, Ann
    Brian Howell - Jan 19 2013
  • Urgent , would like special prayer to god through Jesus. Take my business in and turn it around be with the top earners in the industry income wise.  URGENTLY requesting a special special prayer for my home business Empower Network for the lord to turn this business around 360% so I get off this employment pyramid structure system which is killing my time and talent and instead move toward developing my true and for the lord. ASAP. Place a shield around me at my current job until quit by July 2013. Give me power and strength to pay all tides and offereds to the church from my empower business. My goal is to make half million dollar by the end of the year 2013 and have god make my empower financial goals and vision become a reality immediately. And follow a plan to Get into the Business school for networking, and security, by July, 2013, with abundance of finance left over. We are Currently having financial issues. we live in bad area. and need to relocate in better neighborhood . Please place a special prayer for me (charles) and my brother (lloyd) to get the cheapest best quality 2 bedroom space apartment with awesome landlord within a 1 month (mid February) period in which we would really love. For the lord to work out issues with me and my girl / fiancée and have all our plans and better relationship work out smooth with positive result cording to gods will. For the lord have Lisa see and understanding the SDA religion through his sprit. Please give this message to all pastors and prayer meetings. place spiritual shield around lisa and my whole family.
    charles wright - Jan 16 2013
  • PRAY GOD HEALS MY FUNCTIONal PROBLEM IN MY BODY FROM PILLS THE PSYCHIATRIST GAVE ME...AND I GIVE MY LIFE OVER TO THE LORD JESUS CHRIST.. AND HE HEALS MY BODY..and tell god to give me a life with friends love health, and protection, ask him to give me life and life more abuntantly. pray that he heals my hernia, discomfort, bad digestion, bubble feeling, depression, and he makes me smart, beautiful, and well liked and respected. pray he takes my past and burns it and gives me a brighter future..and sends all evil back to the source and bring me physical healing , and not let any human being touch my life anymore or psychiatrist or man, pray all hurt harm god heals and brings better things than that the best , and blesses me and moves for me in Jesus name for a testimony...
    michelle triska - Jan 15 2013
  • Wednesday, Sabbath and Sunday Sandy & James Owenby, especially that James will come to church Pastor's health / glad they are back in Aiken Tania Barry financial situation / prayer has been answered Catherine Williams Tad, Juanita, & Antonio Loretta - Betsy's friend to attend church / prayer answered, she was at Church Sabbath / pray that she contiues to come Bill & Gale who have cancer Indwelling of the Holy Spirit in our church so the latter rain can be outpoured For families For gentleman who was in motor cycle accident on Wednesday as we came to Bible Study Barbara Sovine's cousin (Boyce) whose kidney condition has improved Men of Aiken Church Evangelism Committee and other ministries of the church Healing of the sick Maureen Finlsysew Silvia Williams New Pastor for the Church Financial Challenges of the Carolina Conference For the lonely Nicole who is attending church (Heyward) For Emma(Becky's mother), Jo (mike's mother), Mary Collin's papa and mother, Betsy's sister-in-law-Tammie whose is having surgery for lump in stomach That the Lord will send young families so our church can grow For our children about the decision that they make and are making about Jesus Names listed in Wilhelmina's prayer book Leadership of our church and our country Pray for each other and ourselves that we draw closer to God and spread this last day message For those Bible studies and outreach ministry Arlene, Bob Wickham,Robert Brooks situation with law enforcement Lee's sons - John & Gregory - their salvation Work that Brian & Francis Morgan are doing in Saluda with the Hispanic population Elainea lice condition Health care system in Belize where basic healthcare is missing VISITORS: Whalen,Barbara Sovine,Loretta(Betsy friend),Brian & Francis Morgan ABSENTEES: Joan, Retha, Marilyn and Sean,Annette,Karen,Christian,Lola,Mortons (Matt, Michelle, Mike),Sandy, Ann, Lillian, Gloria Clayton, Gloria Curry,Bill & Sharon,Dorian and Doryan. God bless, Ann
    Brian Howell - Jan 12 2013
  • I am a teacher. My principal is just like the wicked witch of the south!! I cannot work for this lady until the end of the school year. She screams at me...says I'm not teaching when i am....I'm just depressed dealing with her. I'm doing the same thing as the other teachers. She wouldn't know because she only comes harassing me and hardly ever goes into some of the other teacher's classrooms. Please pray that I can leave this lady before she tries to get me fired as she is doing. Thanks
    K. . - Jan 10 2013
  • My dad has a tumor in the liver and drs said there is no hope. His name is Douglas de GRACIA and he attends the spanish SDA Kissimmee church in florida . please pray that the natural remedies from mexico he is taking now might work
    susana puig - Jan 09 2013
  • Please pray that God brings me my future wife. Also, that God takes away the pain in my right side of my chest who I believe is from the enemy. That God puts a protective wall of angels around me to prevent the enemy from causing me harm. Thanks and God Bless, Daniel
    Daniel Perez - Jan 07 2013
  • A blessing of a Christian mother-figure as well as friends my age whom are Christian,giving,helpful,forgiving,loyal,honest,family-oriented,will go to church with me,has 1-2 kids,are married,mobile,live in macon ga,hungry for a relationship with God,are friendly,mannerable,peaceful,love to help others,veagans or vegetarian,talkative,encouraging,skillful,prayerful,cheerful,thoughtful,thankful, homekeepers, and considerate,
    latoya thomas - Jan 05 2013
  • For my brother to recognize what is offensive about his recent comment and also his new sister-in-law's comment on a photo of them together on Facebook because I'm his sister and not her. It could seem I'm taking a joke too seriously but it somehow wasn't funny and I've been very patient with my brother's wedding to her sister. I'm not unhappy about the marriage; just hurt that they would carelessly try to push me out of the family or come across as though she's his sister instead of me.
    Ellen - Dec 26 2012
  • For God to bless me with a Christian mother-figure and friend my age that reside in my hometown in which the Father may be glorified in the Son. This is what id love to have for a Christmas gift!
    latoya thomas - Dec 22 2012
  • Urgent , would like special prayer for god through Jesus. Also take a chronic depression since teenager years. Send message to prayer meeting to bless all my online business. I can’t fight this on my own . I need spiritual help. ASAP. and for the lord to Give me the financial freedom and time to find my purpose in life to please the lord with my many talents. Also, For god to heal my girl friend lisa from body disease. Her family is going relationship problems and for god to clear this up. Also pray for us to have will ,time to study for gods word and for my ability to learn enhance 360 degrees. Very serious issue. Pray now as you read this. Send prayer everywhere. We need all the help we can get.
    charles wright - Dec 19 2012
  • Please pray with me in making a big choice in my life. I need an answer from GOD immediately. Blessing for my daughter. Clear mind to hear God's answer.
    sasha sasha - Nov 23 2012
  • Please pray for my friend Jamia, she has a problem of forgiving and she needs deliverence from the evil one. Pray also for Prudence's Spiritual life, my family and my business to grow. May God bless you
    Prudence Nduhura - Nov 10 2012
  • please say your prayer about good guy , pet helper, he tries to find home for some homeless kittens, but still nothing, he is sad because the kittens can freeze to the death in winter. please pray for his success and for kittens , to geta a warm home very soon!
    an barb - Nov 09 2012
  • Pastor continued his series yesterday in Rev. 3: 15, 16 with a sermon titled "Why Is Jesus Sick?" Pray for Alex, Derlyn and children. Alex is in NJ training as an insurance adjuster. Derlyn is here with children and trying to complete her nurse's training course. Let's show them our love. Pat, Joan's neighbor is in hosp. Grant says that Marcus was sniffling, did not come to church. Their well still needs fixing and he is job seeking. Gabriela's father in Romania has prostate cancer, in bad condition. Frances gives praises that her Father, even though he was a smoker, is better and does not have cancer. She asks for prayer that his past episode will be a warning to him to quit completely the cigarettes and coffee. Betsy says that Stacy and Alex are staying in her sister's house in Williston. Pray for her elderly friend Nancy at MC Hall who has dementia. Russell's friend Rick has 11 yr. old daughter who needs heart valve replaced. Connie asks prayer for Russell who says he is all right and keeps going as usual but to those who know him seems to be a bit slower than usual. Sandy's nephew had surgery Wed. was to come home today. Her younger sister Peggy has COPD and may have to use a walker. Ann reports as does Pastor that Donna is in significant pain after her oral surgery, She thought she had flu, but warded it off with home precautions. Has an answered prayer. Leslie reports that Mr. Chalker died. She is thankful that her cousin and his wife just celebrated 50th anniversary. Gloria is thankful that she was not seriously injured when she fell down the stairs. Pray for Lawyer Ryant, Alton's friend's father, who is scheduled for open heart surgery. VISITORS; Brian and Frances, Ricky ABSENTEES: Jimmy, Anthony and Annette, Karen, Marilyn and Sean, Marcus and Jean, Ben, Retha, Angela, Heyward, Martha, Sharon and Bill, Claudette, still in rehab-to go home today, Gloria Cl, Donna, Jim and Mary, Isabell. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Nov 03 2012
  • Hello to you all, Thank you for the privilege to request prayer. I am requesting prayer because i am back in Florida from Paris I have made no money since 4 months. I am in extreme straights and need to find a massage job in South florida as soon as possible as I am a massage therapist. If you could pray for God to bring me enough massage clients daily, thank you My parents helped me for the plane ticket. I also need transportation and a place to stay. I have no friend whatsoever, very lonely, no girlfriend since many years, extremely lonely. Please pray for this very hard situation thank you. Also if you can pray for the French people to acept creation, to be free from Darwinism and belive in Jesus. And for my efforts in Florida to erase Darwinism to bear fruits and for my ministry Thank you much May the Lord blesses all your needs also
    Fabien ch - Nov 02 2012
  • Hi. My friend Dudly just got a 7 years prison sentence. But according to his lawyer he was suppose to get 4 years max. He and his lawyer just realized that they had mixed up some of his papers with someone else of the same case, so things that were proven in his behave went on behave of the other person. So the only thing he has left to do is appeal to a higher court, but his lawyer is asking for $1600 but Dudly was only able to get $1200 untill now, but the lawyer wants the whole $1600 in one payment. And If Dudly doesn’t pay him by this thursday of friday, the lawyer won’t accept to fight for the appeal, and Dudly is forced to retract the request for the appeal and serve the 7 years sentence. Dudly is feeling really down these days because of what is happening. Lately I've been feeling more dysthymic and having moderate depression "crisis", because right now I don't have any money to help him with the $400 that he needs and I have an exam on Friday which I really NEED to pass, because it’s the last on to finish my career and I only have one chance, if i don't good (>85) I will have to wait until next year november to take it again. So the stress of school and the stress of Dudly's problem together is a lot. Honestly I don't even know exactly what to pray for, I NEED FOR HIM/US TO GET THE MONEY TO PAY THE LAWYER THIS WEEK, but I don't know if I have to pray for the lawyers heard to be soften and for him to accept the $1200 and wait another week or so for the rest $400, or for God to send someone to just call Dudly and tell him that they have or they can lend him the $400, or for God to give me the money (by sending me 2 roommates by this week) so that I can help him. All I know is that we need a miracle, so could you please help us pray for God to open a window and grand him the miracle of being able to pay his lawyer and appealing the sentence so it could be reduced. Thanks in advance and God bless all of you.
    sully Lau - Oct 30 2012
  • Good evening, What a blessed Sabbath day with Betsy leading out in Song Service and Mission story and update, followed by Don and Gabriela guiding the discussion on Salvation during the lesson hour. Becky, Derlyn, Sandy, Ann and Michelle held down the fort as they usually do so splendidly with the young ones. Pastor Manny and Sarah joined in the activities with their three young ones. One of our former pastors, Manny Vela who is now serving as youth pastor at Spartanburg SC Adventist Church was our guest speaker. He held us rapt as he expounded on the "Spit of God'. The HS really wants us to be aware of the possible Laodiicean condition that we could find ourselves in since Pastor Al's last two sermons have centered on the same theme. Let's be cognizant of our actions both individually and as a church. Another fine meal prepared by our excellent cooks and artistically displayed by Connie and her helpers complemented the fellowship that warmed hearts around the dinner tables. I did not return to vespers after visiting my Mom at the nursing home but I'm confident that the information that Gabriela and Robert presented added to the spiritual menu of the Sabbath Day. If you were not there, I pray that yours too was blessed. Joan is back after some weeks "up north" Good trip, she says. Asks for a prayer for someone whose name she forgot. She remembered during lunch, told me the name, but I've forgotten! Jesus knows who it is. Donna spoke to Claudette this AM. She was to be moved in the afternoon to Anchor Rehab, near the Mall. She wants visitors. Anthony is thankful to see Pastor Manny here. Was first Pastor he saw when he and Annette moved here from NY. Mary's stepfather has had two successive strokes, Thur. and Fri. Kenny was helping her son in his automotive shop when a car fell on him crushing his pelvis causing other injuries. Connie is thankful for a safe return from PA wants her friend Amy and family kept in prayer. Sandy's sister-in-law Jackie has left the hosp. with no pain meds, Drs. in amazement; her nephew Randy is scheduled for neck surgery on 31st. Pray for her and James. Betsy is thankful for the church picnic and a number of her family members have agreed to come. Actually, she had husband, sister, daughter, grands, nephews, took up almost half a table to seat them. Way to go, Betsy. Ann asks for Tasha Key who had double mastectomy, now having trouble with the implants. Pray for those in path of Frankenstorm. Her sister-in-law Carolyn has health problems and that the Lord gave her strength and stamina to attend 5 meetings in 2 days last week. Marilyn asks for prayer for her little brother who says because he was hit by a car some years ago that he is going to die before he is 15. He is nearing that age. Sean was in a car accident last week but was not injured. Leslie asks for Isdell family, both husband and wife, in their fifties, died on same day of heart attacks. Funerals were last week. Pray for Dr. Watson's family. He died at age 102 and Mr. Chalks who has stage 4 cancer. Bob is doing better. Heyward is planning trip to AR this wk. Pray for 2 families that he has been talking with who might come to church. Barbara has had brace removed. Pray for John Gloria Cu's roomer that he will continue his studying. Tabbi needs our prayers. Juanita and Antonio. VISITORS: Pastor Manny, Sarah, Oliver, Nadia, Benjamin ABSENTEES: Retha, Dorian and Doryan, Lee, Claudette She is at Anchor Rehab, making excellent recovery, will go home on Fri., but would still like visits, Ben, Matt, Grant, Jean, Marcus (he was baptized at Cola Church), Juanita and Antonio, Ricky, Isabel. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Oct 27 2012
  • Please pray for my manager Gary, so that he does not lose his job. He is a good man and manager and might lose his job due to unfair reasons. Thanks.
    Manuel - Oct 18 2012
  • Id like to request prayer for my job to support with any problems. Pray for my internet business to exceed my job 1000 times and free me and my girl and family from financial bondage. pray for the lord to take away my depression and make me truly happy. thank you.
    charles wright - Oct 16 2012
  • Ann asks for Larry Derby and father. Gloria Cu's niece Michelle Saunder's dormant cancer has recurred after 3 years. She is still working but w/discomfort. Geana is not working, needs letter from Dr. to verify her ability to do so. Lee's ex-wife is in nursing home, death imminent (so he says). Pray for her comfort and pain relief. She is a Christian. Sandy's sister-in-law Jackie Lee shoulder replacement on 13th, problems because of different meds. James needs to stop smoking. Her oldest son and family are addicted to tattoos. Betsy for Emma, a holocaust survivor, still problems. Cont'd for Stacey and Ricky. Anthony for his Aunt Mary in Cola and his Uncle Jack in PA. Barney asks for Leslie to be well. Claudette asks for Peggy, her oldest daughter, for Joann who has had surgery. Tabbi's nephew Sam has confessed he is an alcoholic. Pray that he can get into rehab and that he will go back to church. Pray for her freedom from pain so that she will be able to take the job which is available to her as soon as baby is born. Pray that delivery is delayed until she is better. Mark has sickle cell. Mary's youngest son has heart problem. Beth Stoughton admitted to hosp. w/stroke symptoms, studies are being done. Gracie was not at church. VISITORS: Dunbars, Isabell. ABSENTEES: Joan, Retha, Jimmy, Marilyn and Sean, Martha, Alex and family, Juanita and Antonio, Ricky, Gracie, Micelle, Ben, Matt Dorian and Doryan. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Oct 13 2012
  • After an encouraging song service and Mission Story, we began a new quarter of study by reviewing the genesis of the Great Controversy. As you know, it provided the necessity for our 28 Fundamental Beliefs and gives the opportunity to study in depth the 28th that was recently introduced at 2010 General Conference, It promises to be another noteworthy lesson study. I presented a children's story on favoritism using colored pencils to point out that despite differences, Jesus, loves us all the same. Of coarse, the high point of the morning was Pastor's introductory sermon on a series title Laeodicia Using Rev. 3:14-24 as scripture. I learned something new and so look forward to the succeeding messages. Sandy's great niece Erica has had her children removed from her home, given to grandmother which is a good thing. Erica has an abusive personality, needs prayer. Derlyn's Dad was killed w/o cause 3 yrs. ago by a police officer. He was convicted and imprisoned for the deed. Family had peace with that but now he is trying to buy his way out of prison, can do that with influence in Dominican Republic. Family is upset, esp. her grandmother, this being her only child. Pray for family. Alex wants prayer for Renaldo Revis (sp and daughter, Ray, Brandy Jackson and family. Ricky's sister had a stroke, Cindy a heart attack; her daughter's son that was killed would have been 18 today. These are Betsy's requests. Heyward was upset last night when a family member borrowed his car and he could not contact her until 7 AM today for early Fri. night. When he did get in touch with her she was at her home in bed asleep. He was "fit to be tied". Alice says Ruth is feeling better but has a cough. The rummage sale went well, despite a misprint of date n newspaper. Lori Fullard's father fell of roof and broke his leg. VISITORS: Dunbars from FL are moving here and looking for a church home, John and Pam, Arlene's daughter and her husband from VT. ABSENTEES: Jimmy, Anthony and Annette, Barney SS, Leslie, not feeling well, Karyn, Martha, Lillian, Gloria Cu, Juanita and Antonio, Marilyn and Sean, Connie, Retha, Ben, Matt, Joan, Ruth, Lee, Dorian and Doryan. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Oct 06 2012
  • please pray for homeless cats in university campus- two stripy, one grey and blackwhite one. their home was the cellar. its closed now, and cats can die of cold..i cry, i tried to help them but it didnt work...please pray for other pet friends successful communication with the campus bosses and the opening the doors for pets. Please pray for urgent solving this problem. thank you
    an barb - Oct 06 2012
  • Afternoon, Another beautiful Sabbath day. Blessed time during SS, worship with the luncheon and DVD Keys to the Reformation Hour presented for vespers. Jean led out in SS program. She and Connie taught SS respectively in Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall. We completed the quarter on the 2 letters of Paul to the church at Thessolonika. I think you will agree with me that the lessons for the last two years have been getting progressively more intense and worthwhile for the times in which we are living. I believe that the HS is alive and well in the hearts of the writers and producers of the SS material. Don shared with Marcus and all the young at heart a story of a miraculous rescue with the moral "obey your parents". Using Matt. 3:3 as a text, Grant 's sermon topic was "Sequence" explaining the three dimensions of Jesus. If you were not there, log on to our website and listen, Sandy is thankful that she can walk. It was only a while ago that she had to have assistance. This past week she purposefully parked a distance from the store, just to prove her walking ability. James needs to stop smoking before he has open-heart surgery. Pray for Joan as she on Wed. drives north, first to MA and then back to NY. Betsy has a praise that even though Ricky is not coming to church with her as often as she would like, he has stopped drinking. Her niece Stacy has decided to move to VA with her Mom, an alcoholic, with her son Alex since the divorce. May not be the best solution to the problem. Hayward's granddaughter Nicole has thyroid problem. Barbara is doing well. Has to be in cast for next 4 weeks. Anthony says Annette has what seem like flu symptom. Alice says Ruth has been sick most of week with bronchotis. Robert has to have more surgery on his face on Mon. Mary says Jim's surgery went well. Christian back at school, has 96.7 grade average in biology.. Leslie Thanks for help in SS while she was out from surgery earlier this year. Pray for Sandra Creel, one of study students in her brother's Bible class with is aaing some vey pointed questions which might lead to baptism. Remember Don as he goes to Cumbeland Village to minster to 10 aged ladies at 11:00 on Sun. Pray for Marcus as he reads GC. Difficult reading for an adult. Russell has delivered a number of GCs. Pray that Pastor's will deliver straight messages on Sundays or that the Lord will give honest seekers gift f hearing so that they can hear what it is the Lord wants them to near. There were no visitors, but Ben was home for the weekend with good news. Don't remember what the name of the award was, but it is the highest recognition that a student can get during a particular marking period at his school and he got it. WAY TO GO, BEN!! Continue to pray Godspeed for him and all other of our students at whatever grade level or educational pursuits. Those absent were: Annette, Martha, Marilyn and Sean, Ricky, Michelle, Matt, Becky SS, Karyn, Retha, Juanita and Antonio, Ruth, Della and Carlton, Tavarezs, Lee, Gloria Cu, Ann, Dorian and Doryan, Claudette. Have a good week, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Sep 29 2012
  • Hello to you all, Thank you for the privilege to request prayer. I am requesting prayer because i am in Paris France and coming back to Florida the end of october. I have had a massage business over here. I have mde no money since 4 months. I am in extreme straights and need to leave the business to find a massage job in Miami. My parents helped me for the plane ticket. I am asking prayer because i hve no place to stay rriving in Miami. Please ask the Lod to provide me a place to stay in Miami. A job, Massage Envy already contacted me to work for them. But also i have no car over in Florida if you could also ask the Lord to provide me a car or motorcycle as it is cheaper and no insurance needed. Thank you. I have no friend whatsoever, very lonely, no girlfriend since many years, extremely lonely. This results in great anger against God and wanting to leave Him and even asking the Devil for help. Please ray for this very hard situation thank you. Also if you can pray for the French people to acept creation, to be free from Darwinism and belive in Jesus. Thank you much May the Lord blesses all your needs also
    Fabien cha - Sep 29 2012
  • Hello to you all, Thank you for the privilege to request prayer. I am requesting prayer because i am in Paris France and coming back to Florida the end of october. I have had a massage business over here. I have mde no money since 4 months. I am in extreme straights and need to leave the business to find a massage job in Miami. My parents helped me for the plane ticket. I am asking prayer because i hve no place to stay rriving in Miami. Please ask the Lod to provide me a place to stay in Miami. A job, Massage Envy already contacted me to work for them. But also i have no car over in Florida if you could also ask the Lord to provide me a car or motorcycle as it is cheaper and no insurance needed. Thank you. I have no friend whatsoever, very lonely, no girlfriend since many years, extremely lonely. This results in great anger against God and wanting to leave Him. Also if you can pray for the French people to acept creation, to be free from Darwinism and belive in Jesus. Thank you much May the Lord blesses all your neds also
    Fabien cha - Sep 29 2012
  • Good Sabbath pre-fall afternoon, Those of you who were present know what a blessed day it was with Youth and Young Adults leading out. Bill and Sharon were greeters, even giving special attention to those who entered through the rear doors. Marcus, Ann, Derlyn and her little ones, Tristian and Iliana lead out in SS Program with a recap of children's SS Lesson for this quarter and lively action songs with audience participation and Jean giving the Mission Story. Don and Gabriela were teachers in Adult SS. Don did great and I am sure that Gabriela did also. Ann, Sharon, Bill, Derlyn and Alex were on rostrum for Divine Worship. All allowed themselves to be used by HS in their respective functions. Sharon with call to worship and call for gifts (Brian and Jimmy as Deacons), Derlyn pleasing young and old alike with a story about Books; Bill asking for praises and prayer requests and then praying. The high point of the morning's service was Alex's sermon "A New Heart" in which he likened a physical heart transplant to a spiritual one, using Ps. 51:10 as his scripture. Thank You, Lord, for these young people who allowed You to use them today and for the others of us to be blessed by their efforts. Now to requests and praises: Sandy has two new great nephews, one born here last Saturday night and the other in NB, both are healthy and both Moms doing well. Her niece Serri has COD or cancer. Lee's last wife, 59, has cancer, caused from smoking. Alex asks special prayer for Eric and John Torres, and a young couple, she in boot camp getting a divorce? May not have gotten it all correct. The Lord knows the situation. Ann's arm is well. She can now empathize with her mother-in-law Daisy who is always in pain. Heyward's ex-sister-in-law died. His granddaughter Nicole has been wrongfully arrested because of a mix-up on her job. Joan's friend Pat is having a series of tests preparatory to surgery. Elania's dog died. Robert is scheduled for surgery this Mon. Missed last week because of miscommunication. Had an e-mail from Mary when I got home Jim's surgery went well, he is doing fine. There were some other issues which precluded their coming to church today. Anthony is thankful for card and prayers, congestion turned to asthma. VISITORS: Tony, Alex's friend. ABSENTEES: Martha, Gloria Cu., Retha, Mortons, Annette, Juanita and Antonio, Marilyn and Sean, Claudette, Dorian and Doryan, Mrs. Bodie, Jim and Mary. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Sep 22 2012
  • Lorraine and daughter came by during SS to tell Sandy that AJ, Kenneth T's girlfriend was at hospital ready to give birth. Pray now that all went well. She asks prayer that the two mothers will be able to reconcile the issues that are between them for the sake of the baby. Her niece Tammy has cirrhosis of liver, hepatitis C, is on donor list. Alex has a praise for what was accomplished in TX and what may happen as a result according to God's will. Betsy's niece Stacy is having a difficult time since her breakup with her husband. Her son Alex 15 is upset that he has to move to VA with her since her sister has allowed her to come live with her. Cont'd for Becky's Mom Emma and Mike's Mom who has cancer, Mary has 2 praises. Her Mom's condition and her other family member's problems have been stabilized. Jim is to have outpatient surgery for skin cancer Mon. Lola's 21 yr. old grandson. Barbara is back home doing well. Anthony is having respiratory issues because of weather change, Bill is thankful that his Aunt Betsy is no longer in pain. She passed away this week in her sleep. Jean thanks that she and Marcus have their guardian angels watching over them as they travel to Cola. every day. They barely escaped a nasty accident this past week. Robert gave books and video to a young man Ricardo the past week. Pray for HS to impress him. Pray also for Gabriela. Ann is happy to be home from Seattle. Pray that we can study book Laoedicia. Her left shoulder is giving her problems, heart problem ruled out. Retha still having TIAs. Gloria had safe trip to NJ. Tabbi is doing better. Pray for a new position for her. Lost her last one because of time missed. Bob's surgery went well, will have follow-up this week. No Visitors. ABSENTEES: Anthony and Annette, Martha, both Glorias, Marilyn and Sean, Retha, Mike, Ben, Matt, Michelle, Leslie, Barney, Karyn, Christian, Dorian, Doryan. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Sep 15 2012
  • Please pray GOD blesses me(Phil Chavez) financially so i am able to contribute to paying bills starting today so we are not so stressed out and we don't lose our house.Please Pray GOD unites me(Phil Chavez) and my soul mate together as soon as it is possible with GOD by any means necessary .Never been on a date or ever had a girlfriend and been Praying and hoping for this for at least 18 years...Thank You.......1 Corinthians 7:9 But if they do not have self-control, let them marry; for it is better to marry than to burn with passion.
    Phil Chavez - Sep 10 2012
  • Good Sunday afternoon, Heyward met and helped a lady at the library after she had fallen down the steep front steps with a load of books. Of course she was grateful. He gave her a bookmark after a brief conversation. He received a letter in mail which informed that his mortgage had been paid anonymously. He now owns his home. Praise the Lord. Barbara's surgery went well. She will be in Charlotte for her rehab. Jim has celebrated his 80th birthday. They are thankful for traveling mercies to and from VA. Pray for Mary's mother and their son. Claudette asks for lady with blood pressure issues, another who has infection from a cat scratch and traveling mercies as she goes by bus Tues. to NH for a month. Frances' dad has severe cough, result of previous smoking. Praise that her brother has gotten his house paid for. Don asks for his neighbor Patty's health and that of her family. Mrs. Bodie asks prayer for her daughter's stomach. She is happy that she could get to church on Sabbath. Lola woke up Sabbath, AM, worthless. Did not take long after prayer for the Lord to convince her of His limitless love for her. Gloria had a long talk with her car upholsterer. He and daughter are new to town. She shared her testimony with them, invited them to church. Pray that Jazzy and his daughter will start to come. Retha has been having TIA's. Pray for healing. Sandy has continued praise -- she is going to be a great grandmother 2 times more. This will make 16 in all. Two of them are sick, one 2 yr. old with chest infection, the other 13 yr. old with severe allergies that have stunted his growth. He is attending a new school this year and bullying has already started. No one in charge is doing anything about it. Pray for all concerned. Betsy's Patches has improved so much that they are calling her a miracle dog. This is in response to love and prayer. Pray for Diane who had a miscarriage and her niece Stacey who is in turmoil because her husband left her for another woman. Marcus' educational future has been conditionally resolved by prayer. Pray that all the conditions will be met. Bob is having facial surgery on the 11th. Bill's Aunt Becky has pancreatic cancer. Gloria will be leaving town on 11th for 4 weeks. Both Ann and Pastor and Donna are back from their vacations. Gabriela and Robert are also back. She says that Josh from Zambia came to the church that they attended to be an example to his roommate. VISITORS: Brian and Frances, Ricky, Isabel. ABSENTEES: Ann, Angela, Alex and family, Martha, Anthony and Annette, Karyn, Christian, Barney and Leslie SS, Becky SS, Retha, Marilyn ad Sean, Mike, Ben, Matt, Michelle, Juanita and Antonio. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Sep 08 2012
  • Good afternoon, Sandy asks for her daughter Mary and son Ian. She cut her finger Tues. evening, was hurting on Wed., was prayed for no pain since. Leslie had had trouble sleeping, on advice took 2 tablespoons full of honey, slept well. Her grandson is upset with his mother because of her past. Pray for reconciliation. Barbara is to have remedial hip replacement on Tues. in Charlotte. Pray for success and speedy recovery. Jean thanks for cont'd prayer for her and Marcus. Pray for Pastor and Donna et al as they make trip back home, esp. as they cross over the inlet in the remnants of Issac (maybe). Tabbi asks to pray for her prayer partner's son Jean to receive the HS. He will be visiting her in Wildwood at the end of Sept. VISITORS: Jeannie ABSENTEES: Collins', Angela, Ann, Karyn, Christian, Retha, Betsy, Mortons, Robert and Gabriela, Marilyn and Sean, Isabel, Della and Carlton, Dorian and Doryan. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Sep 01 2012
  • Hello to you, I am Seventh day Adventist from florida. i hope that the Lord blesses all your needs and dreams also. I am requesting prayer because i am doing mission work in France. France is the most atheist country in the world and could be the place where people are the most selfish ever. I have dual citizenship with Usa. I usualy live in Florida and Paris. I have been here in Paris since 2 weeks i have a mobile massage business. But i have not been able to find any employee. The the first 3 years many employees have stolen from me and also clients. I went back to Fl last winter to find a solution. Please pray for the Lord to bless my endeavors, business and finances. I a 44 today and i have been single all my life. I have only 2 friends. I am extremely etremely lonely. I have talked to many women without any success. Please help me not to start hating women for so much extreme rejection for no reason. This is extremely painful. Thank you. But most of all please pray for God to humble in the dust the pride of people here in France. I have a creation forum called and they are so proud that they think they can tell God what to do! They think they can put their own meaning on any bible text! They realy believe that they are far far above God and better than Him. They say that we Christians have a mental illness, that we are border on schizophrenic to believe the Bible and that we can be considered the dumbest of all people! This condition of things in France is something people in America have never witnessed. Please pray for God to remove their abilities so that they can see that these come from Him. For God to give them more struggles in achieving anything, and even for God tu put them as beasts 7 years as Nebucharnezzar so that they can come out glorifying the God of heaven. Thank you
    Fabien cha - Aug 29 2012
  • Good Sabbath afternoon, What a beautiful day it was! Grant says that Marcus is doing well after his surgery, a little swollen in the face and a little sore on the hip, on liquid diet with some pudding filled in every so often for good measure. He is in good spirits, minor discomfort, will be out of school for about 6 wks., but we know that Mrs. Jean will keep him academically challenged. Pray for the two of them, including Jean's wrist. Sandy is thankful that a problem has been solved. She says that she has a tendency to feel sorry for herself, but she turned it over to the good Lord and He gave her a task to do to get it off of her mind. She is also thankful that several more of her relatives having stopped smoking, drinking and drugging because of prayer. Ann reports that Becky is thankful for prayer for her Mom Emma Banks. She is resting after a procedure to determine validity of leukemia suspicion. The tests point to its not being so, but more time is needed to verify. Continue to pray for negative results. Ann thanks the Prayer Warriors for helping her make a decision concerning her neighbor Mrs. Wilma who had wanted her to take her home out of Rehab after she, Mrs. Wilma, signed herself out against Dr's. orders. She decided not to after prayer and when she went to visit, Mrs. Wilma had decided to complete the regimen that the Dr. had prescribed. Claudette asks for a young person who is in a hostile environment, her oldest daughter and Joan. Isabel called in to say that she had started to church, but legs were hurting too much for her to come. Pray for her relief. Gloria's message "God Has Always Had His People" was well presented. VISITORS: Ricky, Baezs, Geana and Eula Key, an evangelist from Highland, KS. ABSENTEES: Angela, Leslie, had bad back, Barney SS, Lola SS, Lillian, Martha, Isabel, Robert and Gabriela, Juanita and Antonio, Juanita has been moved to NC as a Literature Evangelist, Retha, Marilyn and Sean, Becky, Mike, Ben, Matt, Tavarezs SS, Dorian and Doryan, Collins', they are on vacation. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Aug 25 2012
  • Good afternoon, Retha has been having health, personal and family issues. She needs prayer to overcome the assaults of the enemy. Anthony introduced guests from Denmark. Michael has had heart attack and there is some issue wit AT&T. Marcus asks prayer for children over the world. Sandy is thankful to be at church. Another of her family members has ceased smoking in answer to prayers. Pray for those in TX where West Nile virus has already killed 10 people. Pray for hers and all our children and grands. Heather Law has signed papers to give up her parental rights. Pray for her and esp. the children. On her trip to VA, Betsy was traveling behind a big truck, which kicked up a big stone that broke her windshield. God allowed it not to come through because would have stuck her in the face. She asks that God's will be done in a victim's witness appeal. While she was in VA, she learned that both of her sisters Roxie and Becky have cancer and Becky was getting divorced. Pray for Ricky and Sabbath worship. Marcus' cleft palate surgery is scheduled for Tues. On Mon. he will try out for the boy's choir at 3:30. Bill says that his grandmother is off life-support, no longer has nasal oxygen and is feeling better. Lori, a visitor with her husband Larry, asks for prayer for Geneva Butler and Alberta both of whom are suffering. Heyward asks for traveling mercies for Mary and family as they travel back to AR after the family week at the beach. Becky is thankful for donations to back to school supplies for children at New Life. We were able to sponsor 10 children, more than other donors. Claudette asks for her family esp. daughter Peggy and cont'd for Joan. Karyn's birthday was Fri., she and Bart have learned that they have parental custody of Elania and Tristam until they are 18. Pray for them. Leslie's brother's group is using Revelation Seminar to study Revelation and Daniel. Alice is happy that Randy and Cheri are present. Isabel was also present Ann sent a prayer request which I will forward in another mailing to keep from retyping it. Alice asks for Ruth since she was not at church with no explanation. Angela is OK. Bob has been diagnosed with facial skin cancer. Will have surgery. Date and location to be determined. A visitor asked Anthony to request prayer for Mrs. Brooks, mayor of Stapleton, GA, who lost her brother, and another has cancer. Pray for Mrs. Farmer. Alex asks for Alfred, a coworker, Renaldo, Borpal, Randy and Greg. The Lord knows the needs. Lillian asks for Martha who has gotten married and moved with her new husband to Myrtle Beach. Pray for my estranged husband Ernest (Teeny) who does not have a relationship with the Lord and his live-in Eunice that they will listen to and respond positively to the Holy Spirit's unction. VISITORS: Larry and Lori Fullard from Wrens (Pastor, they came to surprise you after seeing you at the camp meeting), couple from Denmark, Randy and Cheri, Isabel. ABSENTEES: Martha, Ann, Gloria Cu, Ruth, Collins', Karyn, Christian, Robert and Gabriela, Marilyn and Sean, Dorian and Doryan, Ben, Della and Carlton. (Lola, can you send me contact info for Elder Richardson, please?) God bless, Wilhelmina-------------------Also, Good Morning, And a beautiful morning it is. The Lord has been good and is good. John, my husband of 31+ years, will undergo surgery on Tuesday to remove pituitary tumor and gland. God has bless John and I in so many ways. 25 years ago he underwent his surgery and has have a full life. I ask the God I serve to give me 25+more years with my rib, the sauce that makes me smile, and the sugar in my lemonade. Please pray that no matter who touches him during this process will be a blessing and his restoration with be Godly. Pray my strength in the LORD to continue to support and care for my man of God. Love and prayers always. Debbie M. McCain Minister/Teacher Kingskid – Founder
    Brian Howell - Aug 18 2012
  • Good afternoon, IT'S RAINING, FLOODING IN PLACES. Alice was at home today keeping rain from coming in through the back of her house off the patio. Sandy was able to get out of driveway, but has doubts about getting back in. Next door to my house, at my Mom's house, the drive is impassable and the rain has come into the living room off of the front porch. It had stopped for a while, sun was shining, was humid. Now as I type this, has started raining hard again with thunder and lightning. I may have to interrupt this correspondence if it gets any worse. We prayed for rain. We are getting it. Gloria's niece's in TN cancer has returned. She and her siblings are traveling there this week to visit. Michelle is a single parent of two children. Pray for her recovery and travel mercies for Gloria and family. Did not put name of requester by this but am almost sure that this is Bill's Mom. If not, it is someone's relative and pray for Bill's Mom who is sick. The Lord knows who she is and the problem, better still, the cure: Joan Hair is unable to maintain proper blood oxygen level. Kate asks for Vernon who is ill. Jean's daughter Becky has recovered significantly. The Drs. are surprised at the significant reduction in the length of the incision. All a result of prayers. Thanks. Leslie-2 friends: Connie had open-heart is at home recuperating; 87 yr. old Mildred had mini-stroke, at home, needs constant attention, difficult because of her independent spirit. Claudette continues for Joan and her elder daughter Peggy. One other request that I missed. Mary and Jim will be on vacation for 3 weeks. Pray for them travel mercies. They became official members of Aiken Church today by profession of faith. Welcome home, Jim and Mary. Annette's sister Geniver has heart disease, had pace maker inserted, also has leaking bowel syndrome. Arlene has been tested for a number of medical problems, went Mon. for results of all 20 tests. Dr. pulled his chair up to hers, took out chart, circled her name at top to underscore this was her chart, proceeded to check off all 20 items. No problem anywhere. She is as "fit as a fiddle". Praise the Lord! NEWSBREAK! While I was typing this, my brother came into my house, he has to use my driveway because driveway next door is broken. The water pipe that runs under my driveway has erupted in three places. Water is spewing up into the air. We will probably have to park in neighbor's yard until damage has been remedied. We pray that all is well with Pastor and Donna and family as they arrive in Newfoundland. Sandy has another grandbaby coming. Alton, my son is diabetic, knows what to do, but has been slack. Pray that Lord convicts him to use common sense. Unspoken. I am going back to church for the concert which begins at 7. Pray that the rain stops for the evening so that there is a good house for the excellent music that Kelli is going to deliver. VISITORS: It was a high Sabbath with Kelly Mower as our guest speaker. She spoke on Higher Ground using Hab. 1:1,2 as texts. God blessed., Brian and Frances, Penny Hart, Kate, Retha, Marilyn and Sean. ABSENTEES: Bob, Alice, Angela, Betsy, Heyward, Alex and family, Martha, Juanita and Antonio, Ruth, Matt, Ben, Karen, Christian. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Aug 11 2012
  • Afternoon, Sandy is thankful that effort put into driveway has finally withstood the weather. She is handing out literature every 2nd Sabbath. Invites whomever will to accompany her. Get great satisfaction at seeing response of some of the patients. Ann, working in community garden, got hot, sweaty, took off glasses, continued to work amid okra and cucumber vines and tangling. Ready to go, glasses missing. Because has no glasses, cannot see for all the tangle and undergrowth. Prayed. Found glasses. Angels even for grownups. Her sister-in-law, Carolyn, has had emergency surgery to have part of her liver removed. Grant will begin new job on Aug. 8 at Southlawn Cemetery. Driving along hwy. on way to work, sign just being put out, turned around, interviewed, told that have give two weeks notice if got job. By time he got to work, phone call, had job if he wanted it. He did, gave notice to KFC and will begin work on Aug. 8. Jean has broken her right arm, she and Marcus will be returning home on Mon. Alex asks for cont'd prayer for Montgomery family. Josh was shot in head, brain wounded, on life-support, no hope, had asked for prayer, started therapy, is walking, motor skills and memory returning, will be home in 2 weeks. Praise the Lord. My writing got jumbled at this point. What I can decipher is Kenneth Bedre--wife's husband--leg amputated. Some of you will be able to put this together, if not pray for it anyway, because the Lord knows who it is. Carlton has been in another accident. This time with a deer. It revives the emotional impact from the previous one in which the lady was run over and killed. Heyward asks for Cathy Mashbara having stints, husband died. His sister-in-law and family are traveling here from AR. Betsy is traveling alone to VA at end of wk. Tad asks for Juanita as she goes canvassing in Cola. and that she does not get lost. Don and Abigail have made a big hit at Cumberland Village. Has been asked to deliver messages on Sunday. Will be in FL next Sun., needs someone to fill in for him at 9 AM. Pray for Evangelism Committee as they plan for events. VISITORS: Carlton, Della and crew; Tad, Juanita's friend; Katie Sneed. ABSENTEES: Angela, Martha, Gloria Clayton, Marilyn and Sean, Jean and Marcus, Mike, Ben, Matt, Michelle, Leslie, Karen, Christian, Isabel. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Jul 29 2012
  • Happy Sunday, On Facebook, Sandy's great-nephew apologized for his actions and is now back at church. James' niece died of cancer on Thur. AJ who is pregnant needs to stop smoking. All work done on their driveway last week was wiped out by rainstorm, but if the work had not been done would not have been able to get out at all. Called her daughter in Aurora who had not even heard of CO shooting. Bob Tarbbox thanks for this church and songs that are sung, for being able to praise God in particular time zones during the day, being able to visit with relatives and being able to mourn with those in CO who were affected by the shooting. Leslie asks for those killed and injured in the car accident on thoroughfare this past week and Providence which kept Christian from being involved. Her brother Hubert James and his wife. Limbs fell through roof during a storm, substantial damage, insurance not covering all. Lillian asks for Fannie Privette who has cancer. Joan has praise for answered prayers Isabel asks for her and her family. Heyward asks for Maggie who has diabetes. Ann has praise that the double mastectomy surgery on the 32 yr. old was a success and no cancer in the lymph nodes. Thanks prayer warriors for support. Holy Spirit gave her right attitude when those who had not participated in work in community garden were availing themselves of the harvest. Scripture reminds to leave some for gleaning. Lee's neighbor died, may not have been saved. Pray for Freeman family. Russell's neighbor's 25 year old granddaughter shot herself. Cont'd prayer for Tabbi. her continued health improvement and a job, either to return to former one or new assignment by her agency. She is a baby nurse. Prayer for absentees. Karen's coworker not to be afraid. Anthony wants more guards hired at Georgia Military College. He is being stretched beyond his capacity having to service the entire area alone. A number of incidents have occurred that he was not able to handle. VISITORS: David, Faith and children from Charlotte, Bob Tarbox. ABSENTEES: Angela, Retha, Martha, Marilyn and Sean, Lola, Gloria Curry, Dorian and Doryan Broadwater, Sharon and Bill, Mike, Matt, Ben, Juanita and Antonio. They may have been there, but I don't remember having seen Jimmy and Bob Wickham. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Jul 21 2012
  • Good Sunday morning, surprise, Leslie says that McNeely family lost their brother. She expresses her appreciation for all the considerations during and after her recent surgery. Grant says Jean and Marcus are in CO, He did not have surgery prior to trip for fear of infection. Gabriela asks for Knapp family. Richard died on Fri. Don asks for Betsy as she allows God to use her for His glory. He did! Thanks to Betsy and Ann, but first to Holy Spirit. Gloria Clayton's 95 yr. old neighbor died. Her, Gloria's, daughter has cancer. She did not say which one. William's family whose brother's funeral was yesterday. Sandy's grandson in a convoluted relationship, needs prayer. Don asks for Walter's family in CA because of his passing. Lee's first cousin Emmett Black and Dorothy, his wife. Anthony is thankful for attention given to Annette during her recent health issue, Continue to pray for and reach out to her. Gabriela and Robert celebrated their wedding anniversary yesterday. Heyward is thankful for the financial support from the church during his recent loss. Continue to pray for his son. Angela still has swelling in her neck. Pray that the antibiotics will work. Pastor needs helpers for ushers, young adult program and children's ministry, and food service for the CSRA Campmeeting. There was to be an organizational meeting this afternoon at Ebnezer in Augusta. No time to get there now but give him a call if you can be of assistance. VISITORS: Mary Brooks and husband, Collins', Ricky, Lillie Newbill, Nigel Richards, Gene Pelleton, Eddy McCube, Evelyn and family. ABSENTEES: Jimmy, Angela, Martha, Claudette, Isabel, Ben, Matt, Retha, Jean and Marcus, Alex and family, Marilyn and Sean. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Jul 14 2012
  • Prayers, This is late but Prayers and prayers are always needed. Traveling mercies for Jean and a comfortable ride for Marcus. Sandy's earth angel has made it possible for them to get their well repaired. She was blessed on the 4th, anniversary of Charles' death, because she was trying to deal with the snafu that blotted her bank activities online. Leslie's former brother-in-law's brother killed. Pray for Jay Schumpret in Williston. Russell and Arlene are thankful for the blessings they received and the kind people they met on their recent trip. Pray for farmers and RAIN. Barry Hall. CSRA Campmeeting Heyward's friend's house broken into, only guns stolen. Gloria fell, two young ladies stopped to help her. She was not seriously injured. Claudette's friend Joan still needs prayer. Was her birthday. Happy post Birthday, Claudette. Alice had taken Angela to hosp. She got help, is doing well with treatment. Tabbi, my friend in NY is home from hosp., doing better but pray for her dreams to go home to South Africa with all that the merchandise that she has accumulated to take to the members of the church in the village that she had built. VISITORS: Alex's friend and children, Isabel, Ricky, a grandmother from Brooklyn with her daughter and grands. Collins', soon not to be visitors! ABSENTEES: Jimmy. Annette, Angela, Alice, Karen, Christian, Retha, Mike, Ben, Matt, Bill and Sharon, Martha. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Jul 07 2012
  • Please Pray GOD unites me(Phil Chavez) and my soul mate together as soon as it is possible with GOD by any means necessary .Never been on a date or ever had a girlfriend and been Praying and hoping for this for at least 18 years.Please pray GOD blesses me financially so i am able to contribute to paying bills...Is. 65:24: And it shall come to pass, that before they call, I will answer; and while they are yet speaking, I will hear. Matt 7:7-8 Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened. Matt 21:22 And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive. Matt 18:19-20 Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven.For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them. Mark 11:24 Therefore I say unto you, What thing s soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them. John 14:13 And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. John 15:7 If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you. Ps 37:4 Delight thyself also in the LORD: and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart. Ps 91:15 He shall call upon me, and I will answer him: I will be with him in trouble; I will deliver him, and honour him. Prov 15:29 The LORD is far from the wicked: but he heareth the prayer of the righteous. Jer 33:3 Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not. Matt 6:6 But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly. I Jn 3:22 And whatsoever we ask, we receive of him, because we ke ep his commandments, and do those things that are pleasing in his sight. 1 Jn 5:14-15 And this is the confidence that we have in him, that, if we ask any thing according to his will, he heareth us:And if we know that he hear us, whatsoever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we desired of him. Rom 8:32 He that spared not his own Son, but delivered him up for us all, how shall he not with him also freely give us all things?
    Phil Chavez - Jul 06 2012
  • HOT!! When I came out of lunch this afternoon the temperature registered in my car was 109. Sharon and Bill, Leslie and Barney, Donna and Pastor, Lola and Lloyd And Ann and Nathaniel have all recently, today or are going to celebrate landmark wedding anniversaries. Congratulations to all. Leslie is thankful for all the well wishes as she recuperates from her recent hip surgery. Elania was 5 on Tues. Alex asks for Roy who was supposed to come to church, but did not. Heyward's grandson is out of hosp., but still has a "long way to go". Jeri is still in critical condition. Craig was able to "talk" to her and get the resolution that he was seeking. Continue to pray for Terry Perry. Joan. Don and Abigail "wowed" the residents at Cumberland Village. He may have opportunity to present Sunday worship for them. Pray that he can get into his home in a timely fashion since he locked himself out this AM. Lola's son and his wife are moving to El Paso beginning Mon., he driving truck, she driving car estimated 3 to 4 day trip. They need prayer. Mary asks for cont'd pray for Cindy. Arlene and Russell will leave WI on Tues. headed home. Trevor's house needs to sell. Pray for Geana's health and her job for the coming school year and Drew and his children. Joan asks for Evelyn, Claudette says Joan, is still in pain, still needs prayer. Pray for requests that I might have failed to record. Thanks to Ann, her committee and all the young people for an inspiring 5th Sabbath presentation and a delicious lunch. Come prepared next Sabbath for Elder William's, our Conference Ministerial Director, presentation on spiritual gifts. Just what we need as we wrap up a quarter studying evangelism and witnessing to rediscover our personal gifts and put them into practice. VISITORS: Collins,Gloria's grandkids. ABSENTEES: Anthony and Annette, Angela, Karen, Christian, Arlene and Russell, Isabel. Sandy, Retha, McChonays, Ben, Martha, Marilyn and Sean, Juanita and Antonio, Carlton and Della. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Jul 02 2012
  • Leslie: Trish has cancer, Robbie has had heart attack. Marcus has to have surgery for cleft lip, then he and his Mom will go to CO to take care of Becky, Jean's daughter, who has had surgery. Cindy is at home after 29 days in hosp. She is doing well but needs to gain weight. Betsy and Ricky have made visits to 2 VOP interests. Isabel is proud to be back at church, is getting her membership transferred. Has been absent last 2 Sabbaths because she was sick, is now doing better. Lillian's friend Vivian Green is healing from surgery. Ann had anointing last Sabbath, her leg is much better. It has been a test of faith for her, Jean is thankful for new employment which will allow her to work at home. They will be in FL this week. Betsy's sister's daughter died 3 yrs. ago, but she, Iliana, is saying that the dead daughter is speaking to her. She has even put out recorders to catch what she is saying. Gracie's van is giving her problems. Pray for Claudette's oldest daughter. Heyward's son-in-law Jimmy Hall had spleen and a kidney removed in MCG. Pray that Craig was able to reconcile with his estranged wife before she died. For Terry Perry re visitation privileges with his daughter Trinity. He has not seen her in a year. Unspoken VISITORS: Collins, Ricky, Isabel ABSENTEES: Anthony and Annette, the Brooks SS Leslie is doing well. Arlene and Russell, Marilyn and Sean, Retha, Mortons, Gracie, Martha, Angela, Gloria CU, Juanita and Antonio, Carlton and Della. If you did not attend the CSRA picnic, you missed a treat, Look forward to the CSRA Campmeeting on 1st Sabbath in August. God bless you all, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Jun 23 2012
  • Good Sabbath afternoon, Just returned from Vespers. We learned several scriptures set to music, educational and inspirational. Join us at 5:00PM next 3rd Sabbath. Russell and Arlene on their trip touring the northern part of US. They have left PA, on way to WI and then ???. Arlene is really enjoying herself. Continue to pray for traveling mercies. Ditto for Joan as she leaves for FL on tomorrow AM. A friend of hers is in last stages of cancer. Ben has been accepted into Diesel school in Charlotte and will begin classes 2nd wk. of July. Keep holding him up and all our children and grandchildren as they follow their educational pursuits on whatever level. Sandy is experiencing sever leg cramps which are interfering with everyday activities. Pray that the young man who has promised to fix their well comes SOON. They need water. Jean has a thanks for Pastor and Donna; for Marcus' 9th birthday yesterday. She wants prayer for a work scheduling issue that she has to make. Claudette's friend has been hospitalized for extended time, is back home but now has pneumonia. Bob Graves. Her friend Joann had surgery last week, at home, begins rehab on Mon. Her oldest daughter's biopsy was negative. Ann's Uncle Pete, only surviving father's sibling, was hospitalized for 3 wks,. and has been in rehab 5 wks., waiting patiently after prayer brings results. Anthony asks again for Idella Camp who is having inadequate time for Sabbath prep. Is getting a bit impatient. Betsy is thankful for all prayers for her during her illness. Now asks for work for Ricky so that they can et on their frt. He is a handyman. If you have work, give him the opportunity. He also has questions about adapting to Sabbarhkeeping. Heyward is thankful for all support during Shirley's and his illness and her death. His granddaughter's husband has collapsed lung, in critical condition. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Jun 16 2012
  • please pray for unhappy cat, 6 years old, her owner doesnt want to keep her because of owner's pregnancy.please pray for the keeping this pet safe and get a good home forever! thank you
    a. b. - Jun 16 2012
  • Happy Sabbath evening, As per last time, if I don't finish before it's bedtime, I'll send rest later. I've just come from vespers and as Becky announced at church she played the first of 5 DVD's by Herb Montgomery that he presented at Campmeeting. Join us next time for the 2nd presentation. You will be blessed. Why not make it a point to attend vespers each week? I'll have the schedule reprinted in the Bulletin so that you will know what to expect each week. Pray for Sharon and "Eve." Sharon had a scare on Wed. that required a visit to the ER. All is well now, but continue praying for a safe pregnancy. Continue to pray for the Collins' daughter-in-law. She has been hospitalized for the last 17 days. Sandy's 19 yr. old cat died. Pray for comfort for Sandy. Her 2 sisters are coming from Texas to visit her. First time in yrs. One has never been here. Claudette's friend Joan is having surgery on Wed. Lola asks prayer for herself and Lloyd. Annette's sister Dolly Camp has begun to keep the Sabbath after years of resistance. Betsy is happy that Ricky has gotten home safely. He was at church with her today. Alex asks prayer for the following families; Momtgomery, Jackson, Keevy(sp). This is because of some shots that were fired this week. Gloria requests prayer for our children and grandchildren. Some of hers were at church with her today. Joan left church during service because she was not feeling well. Leslie is recuperating from her hip replacement surgery at Carriage Hills. Visitors: Johnny Romano, Ricky, Gloria's grands. ABSENTEES: Angela, Heyward, Barney, Leslie, Karen, Christian, Arlene and Russell, Marilyn and Sean, Retha, Mike, Matt, Della and Carlton, Martha, Ann. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Jun 09 2012
  • Pray GOD unites me and my soul mate together as soon as it is possible with GOD by any means necessary .Never been on a date or ever had a girlfriend and been Praying and hoping for this for at least 18 years...Is. 65:24: And it shall come to pass, that before they call, I will answer; and while they are yet speaking, I will hear. Matt 7:7-8 Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened. Matt 21:22 And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive. Matt 18:19-20 Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven.For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them. Mark 11:24 Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them. John 14:13 And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. John 15:7 If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you. Ps 37:4 Delight thyself also in the LORD: and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart. Ps 91:15 He shall call upon me, and I will answer him: I will be with him in trouble; I will deliver him, and honour him. Prov 15:29 The LORD is far from the wicked: but he heareth the prayer of the righteous. Jer 33:3 Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not. Matt 6:6 But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly. I Jn 3:22 And whatsoever we ask, we receive of him, because we keep his commandments, and do those things that are pleasing in his sight. 1 Jn 5:14-15 And this is the confidence that we have in him, that, if we ask any thing according to his will, he heareth us:And if we know that he hear us, whatsoever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we desired of him. Rom 8:32 He that spared not his own Son, but delivered him up for us all, how shall he not with him also freely give us all things?
    Phil Chavez - Jun 04 2012
  • This pray list is not complete because I forgot to write them down on Sabbath - working from memory(Smile). Praises given for the success of Great Controversy distribution in Shiloh Heights Community as well as prayer request for and from residents. One young man with Muscular Dystrophy and a lady with medical problems. Leslie speedy and complete recovery from hip replacement surgery Claudette was not feeling well and was not at church. She asked for prayer for herself and a friend who has lost a child. The Collins daughter-in-law Retha Pastor Al & Donna Shirley Abney and her Multiple Sclerosis Lillian who was stung by a yellow jackets and is not feeling well - she was at church Hayward and his family, especially Whalen Nathaniel, who had to go to the emergency room on Friday night That the Holy Spirit will continue to work with each of us - inviting us to surrender all to God Traveling mercies for those returning from camp meeting Pray for all those I cannot remember Love in Christ, Ann
    Brian Howell - Jun 02 2012
  • Please pray for my husband's job to be blessed and protected and p.ease pray for me t be blessed with work too as we face these very hard times. I also very urgently pray for a legal issue that we are about to face . I beg for God's mercy and help upon us and to save us with a happy miracle.
    Mndy Aki - May 27 2012
  • Happy Sabbath, Some of us have had a blessed although warm afternoon distributing the new illustrated edition of THE GREAT CONTROVERSY. I have not talked to all who ventured out, but Gloria and I were received cordially at every door. All accepted the book, even two at one home. Pray for all who took books this afternoon that God will use them for His glory. It is because of this that I might not have time to enter all the info given at church today before I have to close. My helper comes at 8:00 so I will have to be signed off by then, Sandy: that shoulder has been diagnosed--soft tissue damage to the rotary cup. She has to watch how she moves that arm. Gabriela is thankful for safe travel from FL for their visitors and same for all who will be traveling to Camp Meeting this week. Bill announced that they have learned that they are going to be parents maybe eight months or so hence! Congratulations to them. Pray for Sharon and "Eve." JP asks for safety for his wife and daughter while they are in Maylasia. His friend's dad just died in Warrenville. Leslie's twin great-grands were born the day that Katrina struck so they are celebrating their birthday. She is to have her hip surgery this Tuesday. Pray that this is a good one. Karen is sick. Claudette asks for Joann, Mary back in hospital and Ricky is healing. I hope I got that right. Heyward is thankful for all considerations during all that has happened. He is feeling much better physically. Ilania wants prayer for her Mommy and her Momma. Ann Thanks for prayers for litigation per accident. Got quiet sprit in conference with her attorney. Continue in prayer. Demetrius did "very well" in his interview. She is thankful that she got a ticket for "no seat belt." This will convince her to "Buckle Up" from now on. More to come later. 'Mina
    Brian Howell - May 26 2012
  • Happy Sabbath, Continue to pray for Heyward and family. No arrangements yet that I have heard. Will publish when I do hear. Keep Lee, Shirley's special son, in prayer. Pastor feeling better than he has felt since out of hosp. Even with all the rain, Sandy's well is still dry. She also needs prayer for sore right arm. Will see Dr. on Tues. Her neighbors, Dunn family, lost both of their teen-age sons in a car accident Thurs. night. Betsy still has pain. Condition still has not been determined. Ricky will be home 1st of June. Pray for adjustment as he was raised Baptist but will now be attending church with her and wants to be baptized. Alex asks prayer for several young men who are in a spiritual warfare. Two are Renaldo and Louis Perez. God knows who the others are. Claudette still for Joann and her grandson. Ann for Hall family, she 46, died of heart attack, husband grieving. Gloria asks cont'd for Bible student Karla and her family. Donna's back is out, she in pain. Annette not feeling well, had to go to ER during week. Bob was back at church today. VISITORS: Brian and Frances, Kirby, Geana, Isabelle, Tammy and John, Marilyn. ABSENTEES: Donna, Annette, Leslie, Karen, Christian, Retha, Matt, Ben, Michelle SS, Martha, Juanita, Antonio, Connie. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - May 19 2012
  • Please pray for my husband's job t be blessed and protected and please par for m to b blessed with work too as we face these very hard times. I also ver urgently pray for a legal issue and I pray wit God's help and mercy upon is we will get a happy miracle in 2 weeks time.
    Mindy Aki - May 16 2012
  • Good Morning Prayer Warriors, I encourage you to read Psalms 91 before you begin your day and take the Lord with you all day. We are in the process of memorizing this chapter. There is God power in His word. Our prayer requests this week include: Shirley Jeffcoat is in the hospital and not doing too well. Pray the Lords will be done. Shirleys aunt passed away recentlty Keep Heyward Jeffcoat also in prayer for healing and strength for what the family is facing. Becky asks for continued prayer for Mike's mom, Jo Morton and their family Beckys friend, Ouida, has foot trouble Donna asks for prayer for son Chris- Z-PIC Audit the it will be complete soon and he wil be able to bill Trevor is still trying to sell his home in Atlanta. He and his wife, Marsha, need healing from a recent accident they were involved in. Trevors, daughter, Cassie, from Southern University has left for Columbia, South America for a mission trip-Share Him program-pray for safety and success in spreading the gospel Don wants continued prayer for his friend, John Rebel Martha Bodie Wilhelmina asks for prayer for : Juanita and her training to be a Literature Evangelist Loretta, her helper has osteoarthritis and needs to make a decision for surgery Gina, Glorias daughter needs prayer for healing from her hysterectomy surgery Ann asks for her neighbor "Man, Man" 17-18 yrs old recent paralysis Ann also wants her neighbor, Mrs. Travick who is in PepperHill and needs help to come home. Ann wants continued prayer for the litigation she is involved with from a wreck a year ago. Pray the Lawyers from both sides will be honest. Ann asks for prayer for husband Nathaniel Church unity, our sale and building project Our radio station Church members and especially our youth Lillian asks for herself unspoken requests Betsy asks for prayer for tests she has ahead Sandy wants prayer for her health and her desire to be thankful and not complain Marcus pastor out of hospital Gloria had a praise for so much family with her in church today Connie asks for traveling mercies Claudette asks for prayer for Johanna and pain Bookmark ministry Karla daughter and family Pastor Al and better health Missing from church last Sabbath: Bob, Lola, Joan, Retha, Michelle, Shirley, Angela, Anthony and Annette, Martha, Gabriella and Robert, Juanita and Antonio, Marilyn and Sean, Della and Carlton. We were especially blessed by Pastor Andres and his wife, Roxanne. We hope to have them back. Take Psalms139 with you and be blessed. O, Lord, you have searched my heart and know me inside and out.....Let me know if there is any wicked way in me, and then help me walk in the way I should go. Have a great day because Jesus is with you, Becky
    Brian Howell - May 12 2012
  • Happy Mother's Day to whom it refers. Because it has been a few days since these requests were written down, I sometimes have difficulty transcribing my notes. I give this caveat because I have written "Parkridge Hosp., May 16th", without a name by it supposing that I would remember the person's name when I got to this point. Unfortunately, I have forgotten. If you are the person then let it be known. If you know who it is, do the same. Leslie's friend Mickey's funeral was Sabbath. Pray for the family. Christian's 21st birthday was Sun. Leslie's replacement surgery is 29th. Heyward is doing well, sitting up and talking. Mrs. Bodie White is happy to be back home. Pray for Janice Tarbox, Bob's ex-wife. Marcus is thankful that Pastor is back in town. Claudette's friends Johanna and Mary need prayer. Geana's surgical incisions need three more weeks of healing. Pray for quick wellness so that she can get back to work. Her sick-leave has expired. Carla, a Bible student needs prayer. Alex asks prayer for a young man in FL who is seeking the Lord. Joan is traveling today to NY. Pray that she can witness to her family. Gloria says that Dot Walters' mother has passed. Sandy asks for Michelle who is in last stages of cancer. Linda Baxter needs prayer. Anthony's sister-in-law in NY is stressed out, needs to make a move. Ann asks for comfort for the Christian family whose patriarch died, VISITORS: Robert's brother, his wife and daughter, Besson family from Cola., couple with baby and toddler, sister from CA with baby. ABSENTEES: Mike, Bob Wickham, Retha, Karen, Martha, Heyward and Shirley, Angela, Don. Marilyn and Sean. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - May 05 2012
  • Brothers and Sisters, Sorry for the skipped weeks of this forum, but there has been a lot that has taken of my time and energy. Thank you all for your prayers for my brother Alonzo during his confinement. If you have not heard yet (I've been shouting it from the rooftops since it happened) all charges were dismissed! The judge said, in effect, that he should never have been arrested. God is good! Gloria had opportunity to witness to a gentleman (she can't remember his name) but he needs prayer. Just pray for "Gloria's witnesee". Sandy wants continued prayer for neighbor, 15 yr. old Carrie to come to church with her. James' cousin Maybell has had a return of former breast cancer. Does not want to go through another round of chemo or radiation. Joan asks for Betsy who left church early because of pain in abdomen, possibly gall bladder problem. Pray also for her friend Evelyn. Anthony reports that Heyward's surgery was a success. He was communicating last night without much pain. He is in Rm. 418 at ARMC. Alice asks for Traveling mercies for Ruth from FL. Ann's neighbor Wilma is in rehab at Pepper Hill. The Williams family's daughter was killed in an accident caused by a drunk driver. She also has a praise that God directs. Geana is thankful that her surgery was successful and wants prayer for cont'd healing. Leslie is to have defective hip replacement replaced. VISITORS: Tammy Bowen-searching for the "right church", Mrs. Bodie, a former member who is back in Aiken, Geana and Danielle, Collins'. ABSENTEES: Bob, Shirley and Heyward, Lee, Lola SS, Russell and Arlene SS, McChonagys, Mike, Ben, Matt, Michelle, Claudette late. Continue to pray 7 AM and 7 PM for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Pray also for God's leading in the sale of our church. Pray for Don's friend and for his trip to Cape Cod. Please have a blessed week. Join us if you can on Wed. for Bible Study and/or Prayer Meeting 11 am and 12:15 PM respectively. Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Apr 28 2012
  • Please pray for me i really need the Lords Divine intervention right now in my life. I have not seen my family in 10 yez (exiled) n i nid to see them now but finances so restrained. Thez a long process i nid to follow too in order to get my passport to travel, im depressed down n hev already lost2 dear family members bek home n nid Thez been so many deaths in my dear granmas family ( her siblings )4 passed in the last 9 months alon includin one jus ystady. A lots been happening n my granma rAised me up since i was a baby so to me shiz my mum. So u no how close to home is to me. I rly nid to c her we tok on d fon but i can sense her distress as she kips asking wen im coming. She dsnt undstand d position im in n i dnt want to ad to her stress pluz help me pray we reunite soon pliz its tearing me apart
    - Apr 15 2012
  • Good afternoon, Saints, Sandy is concerned about her sister and family in Midwest where there is severe weather. Thanks to the Lord that He has had His angels in this area holding back the "winds of strife." We have been blessed compared to other areas of the country. Claudette asks for Barbara Burgess, Johanna and Harry Tieller. Leslie has a problem with cobalt reading being too high. Will receive info on 27th as to possible treatment. Jeannie, Jimmy's wife, is having dental problems. Betsy is thankful that she got to spend time this week with Shane's, her estranged son, 2 young sons. She was able to witness to them. Her younger sister Becky is being divorced after 37 yrs. of marriage. The proceeding have been delayed until Oct. She is depressed. Gracie is a little better, still taking meds. Ron has not been at church lately. Alice reports that Doug and Flo have a new grandson. Marcus asks cont'd prayer for Pastor and Donna. Gabriela for Richard Knapp. D. Coleman praises God for a miracle. After repeated visits of her 92 yr. old Mom to dermatologist and family practice physicians she was told that her skin cancer could only be remedied by surgery. There was a wait while praying. An Adventist preacher visited, suggested use of grass--she is totally healed by applications of sourgrass on the affected area!! Juanita has an answered prayer! Heyward is thankful for celebration of an anniversary last week. He is scheduled for neck surgery on 27th. If this is not done, he could possibly be paralyzed. Is already experiencing some symptoms of lack of movement. His son is to have some treatment on his back in two weeks. Mary retired on 29th of March. Christian was at church with her 2 wk. old son, Jordan. VISITORS: Denison (our presenter for the day), Linda Gil and sons; Vanessa and Demetria, representatives for NAPS from Oakwood University; Colemans, Robert and Gabriela's friends from FL; Collins'; Baezs. ABSENTEES: Bob Wickham; Anthony and Annette; Shirley; Karen; Retha; Ann; Mortons; Alex, Derlyn and children; Angela; Marilyn and Sean; Gracie; Gloria Cl.; Ruth; Carlton and Della. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Apr 14 2012
  • Pray GOD unites me and my soul mate together real soon.Never been on a date or ever had a girlfriend and been Praying and hoping for this for at least 18 years.My birthday is in 2 weeks and i will be 40 years old...Prov 13:12 Hope deferred maketh the heart sick, but when the desire cometh, it is a tree of life..Thanks for Praying.
    Phil Chavez - Mar 22 2012
  • Good Sunday afternoon, Have just returned from a dual birthday party for Barney and Leslie, his 80th, her 75th, hosted by their children and grandchildren. It was a nice, well-attended, comfortable afternoon of family fellowship and love. Sandy says that the HS has been working on her to change her attitude. She has been resistant, but He is getting through. Her cat Shasta has been a role model for her, she thought her dying, but she has recovered. Her cousin Susie has a brain aneurysm. Her, Susie's, husband is physically incapacitated, on as many as 10 meds daily. Anthony was on a trip Mon., at least 20 mi. away from home when car "conked out." He was able to get back home, get his other car that he had just finished repairing. He is playing "Russian autos" at the present time. Betsy is thankful for answered prayer. Wants church to pray for lower gas prices. Mary says Brian has severe burns on his back after using a heating pad on back after having applied pain ointment. Didn't know the seriousness of doing this. Claudette asks cont'd for Pastor and her friend Joanna who is not doing well. She is thankful that the Lord helped her avoid a serious accident last week. Gloria reports that her niece Michelle's cancer surgery went well. Will come home Mon. Geana's surgery was Fri. She is not doing well. Candy is doing well. Pray for Drew. Robert's glasses were found on Leslie's coffee table. Mary's trip here was uneventful. Leslie goes to cardiologist on Mon. Ann is thankful that God so made our bodies to heal themselves on occasion. Connie is thankful for beautiful weather, birds passing through, and more daylight at end of day. Anthony is thankful for two new cats that have adopted them, one black and one biracial (black and white-smiles). Having trouble with email controls, please excuse omissions and/or duplications. ABSENTEES Shirley, Angela, Martha, Lee, Mike, Ben, Matt, Michelle SS, Ibanescues, Lola. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Mar 17 2012
  • charles wright BORN IN ENLAND raised in USA new york 7-9-65 Please send my request to all prayer meeting. Please pray for the lord to bless my main 4 online business zeek, gdi, gvo and empower as I vow to give 25% + to the SDA church of my earnings to the lord and to free me from 24 plus years of economic slavery and to full fill gods will. might one of the most important prayer in SDA. also my father help started mount sinui in queens NYC 25 plus years ago. this is a very serious prayer. were speaking about possible millions in earnings. please take this serious. I'm at a stage in my life now of maturity..and im ready.. just between me and god. send request to as many prayer meeting. also to heel my girl friend Lisa A with PKD kidney disease. My faith is not strong enough to trigger the spiral laws to restore her vessel the spirit dwells. Meaning her body. so your prayers will help in cause and effect to make things happen from spiritual realm to the physical material world we live. thanks and also for gods protection both seen and unseen as i move up in high society to fulfill my purpose. Please take this serious. Take action .pray and make cause and effect happen. thank you.
    charles wright - Mar 12 2012
  • Good afternoon, Sandy is thankful for a full church. She said it made her heart sing. (We had visitor, some of whom were members of the church planning to purchase our church.) Her oldest daughter's 52nd birthday was Sabbath. Leslie had a friend, stressed out that she was not able to finish a particular project. Leslie volunteered to pray for her against her wishes. The prayer worked despite the objections. Robert needs help finding his misplaced glasses. Grant is thankful for all blessings that they have been receiving. Marcus is thankful that Pastor Al is now walking 15 min. at a time, and is no longer coughing. Claudette asks cont'd for Joanna. Alice says that Janice Ray's daughter says in a phone call to Ruth that they are doing well and sends greetings to all at church. Arlene is scheduled for a MRI today. Pray for good results. Gloria's friend, Sandra Jones "Candy," has had second knee surgery to combat the infection that had set in. Her check on her Sunday shows that they think that the infection is under control, the knee has been reinstalled. Pray that all goes well from here. Gloria's daughter Geana is scheduled for surgery on Thursday of this week. Pray for Bible student Karla. Bob Tarbox is thankful for vegetarian diet. It forestalls many health problems. Betsy asks that she will be able to teach her nephew Brandon's 2 yr. old about the Sabbath. Jean asks prayer for her daughter's family. Lillian asks for Elaine Holmes. Heyward asks for his granddaughter Tiffany. Iranian Yousef Nadarkhan and family. He is sentenced to death for being an "apostate." All earthly appeals have been exhausted. VISITORS: Collins', couple from 1st Augusta, Baezs, Ron, Brian and Frances, Alex, Bob Tarbox. ABSENTEES: Jimmy, Bob Wickham, Shirley, Angela, Martha, Gloria Clayton, Carlton and Della, Michelle, Matt, Marilyn and Sean. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Mar 10 2012
  • Good afternoon, We are still waiting to hear from the church who is in contract with us re loan process. Continue to pray that all processes are on a positive track. Two trees were blown down in Sandy's yard during Friday night's storm, but neither struck their home. Marcus asks travel mercies for his Mom back home. Betsy wants cont'd preyer for the relationship between her and her son Shane. Ann asks for those who have been affected by the recent severe storms. Gloria asks for our children. Claudette says that Johanna has health problems. Lola's grandson Lloyd has a problem. Anthony asks for visits to Mildred Lindsey rm. 169 at Azalea Woods. ( Betsy, Juanita, Antonio and I visited with her on Sabbath when we went to see my Mom. She was happy for the visit. Antonio gave her a bookmark.) Lee's neighbor Tyler , 41, died from too much Tylenol. Pray for Beth Phillips and Postem family whom God has blessed in being able to send children to school. Russell asks for those in Syria, in storms. Pray for Awakening!! Pray for Debora Hall and Jim Auge, both are ailing and his home was damaged in last week's storm. Pray for our members who have not been attending church and more men to accept leadership roles. VISITORS: Emma Banks, Becky's Mom, Ron. ABSENTEES: Karen, Joan, Ben, Matt, Della and Carlton, Jean, Heyward and Shirley, Angela. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Mar 03 2012
  • Greetings on a sunny Sunday, Have not heard from Donna today, but am sure that all continues to go well because God is in control. Jean will be flying to CO for birthday celebration for herself and daughter. Pray for traveling mercies for her and help for Grant and Marcus as they fend for themselves here without her. Gabriela asks for those who are under siege in Syria because of no fault of their own. End-time prophecies are being fulfilled before our very eyes! Gloria asks for student Karla that she "... will remain faithful to what she is learning through the Discover studies." Sandy, "I am thankful to be here today." Pray for our country, her great-niece Erika, her ex-brother-in-law Doug Callahan. VISITORS: Brian and Frances, Alex and family, Ron, Shirley and Janie, friends of Ann, Collins'. ABSENTEES: Annette, Angela, Karen SS, Marilyn and Sean, Carlton, Alex, Michele, Matt. All of you were missed. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Feb 25 2012
  • please pray for my class, thye will be doing exams on March 22 and 23. Please pray that all of them will be sucessful and that they will have an increase faith in God. Please pray that God's name will be Glorified through them.
    Nickeisha Miller - Feb 25 2012
  • It's raining this Sunday afternoon, Good day, Pastor will need to arrive at FL Hospital on Mon., 5:00 AM with surgery scheduled for 7:30 AM. Let's pray for continued miracles on his and Donna's behalf. We love you, Pastor. Sandy is thankful and transmits James' gratitude for all the tokens of compassion after Kenneth's death. She asks for prayer for a change in her great-niece's lifestyle. Marcus voices his request for prayer for Pastor and Donna. Betsy is thankful that God has supplied a much needed tire for her car. Pray for a wife of inmate where her husband Ricky is. Connie is thankful that Russell and Arlene got safely to their destination in GA. Pray for the tingling in Arlene's leg that is causing some difficulty in walking. Leslie says that Richard New is scheduled for back surgery. Ann asks for Carter family whose matriarch Mable has died. Elania says, "I love my family. I want them to be blessed." Lee wants prayer for friends, Byrd and Leroy Grubbs in Barnwell. Pray for Jim and Mary Collins as they continue to worship w/us on Sabbaths. Pray for the study sessions of "10 Days..." The first one on yesterday went well. The World Vision campout for hunger was held at church last night. VISITORS: Collins', Alex and family. ABSENTEES: Annette and Anthony, Karen, Arlene and Russell, Joan, Retha, Michelle, Heyward and Shirley, Martha, Lillian, Angela, Carlton and Della. Debora and Jim, Alex Bertino, Marilyn and Sean. Pray for visitors and absentees. A note to those of you who have not been getting this mailing, we want you to know what is going on and join us in pray for each other. Let me know if you do not want to be continued to be included. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Feb 18 2012
  • Hello, My name is Mike and I'm Going thru a bitter divorce, costly beyond measure as well as my funds have been depleted and hardly the strength most days to continue with the mounting stress that’s involved. I'm praying the Lord gives me the strength and wisdom to endure this horrible tragedy. I never would have thought in my life I would be a client of divorce. Praying and asking God for his mercy and grace, help, and direction. I couldn't be more broken at this juncture in my life. Please if you would add me to your prayer list, asking God and his people for answered prayers. God Bless You and his Church. Truly, Mike Brother in Christ Proverbs 17:17
    mike cotton - Feb 17 2012
  • Good cold Sunday afternoon, Pastor and Donna have gone to FL with expectations of his being treated at our Florida Hospital in Orlando. We wait eagerly to hear what happens as he begins the process to be treated there. Pray for good news on the prospective treatment. Pray for Roy and Katie McGee. Jean had dream about the two. Roy is a nonattending member of our church. Arlene had ear surgery and now is able to hear out of her left ear. Now there is less yelling between her and Russell as they converse. Annette is having some medical issues. Pray for Leslie's brother's SS class with the older ladies and that his health continues to improve. Claudette's neighbor Mary seems to be improving. Pray for difficulties Betsy is having and for the committee to select the nominating committee in its meeting on Tuesday PM and for the nominating committee once it is formed. Garth's examinations have revealed trauma to his back and other body malfunctions. His memory still continues to fail and he continues to be depressed. Naomi is continuing to work and take care of his needs. She invites us to call him and send cards to him: 1377 Jackson St., Barnwell, SC 29812, home phone is 803-450-3145. The MRI revealed compromised nerves in Heyward's son's back. Pray for pain relief and proper medical treatment. Shirley is still having difficulty. Debora Hall had emergency oral surgery last week. The pain and procedure aggravated her MS, so not able to attend church. Pray that she quickly recovers from this and can get back to normal. Can't remember from whom this request came, but a friend Valerie, an Adventist, died in DC. She was an Adventist despite the adamant objections of her family. ("The family hates Adventists"! ). The prays are for her 3 children ages 14, 10 and 5 years old. A friend is currently taking care of them. Don is having severe pain in his back. Pray for relief. VISITORS: Alex, Baez family, Brian and Frances, Terry and Kirby, Jim Auge, Collins. ABSENTEES: Retha, Mortons, Ben SS, Sandy, Annette, Angela, Shirley, Marilyn and Sean, Carlton and Della, Martha, Karen. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Feb 11 2012
  • please pray for poor homeless cat her paw is sick and her home in winter is the street, get a help and a safe warm home very soon! thank you
    anda barb - Feb 09 2012
  • My sister Chenai, is a missionary in Nicaragua. Please pray for her safety. Also pray that she remains faithful and priorities God. Thank you and God Bless. Maranatha!!
    Naome Muzamhindo - Feb 05 2012
  • Working for 11 years and 6 months for UNC Project as a manager but now they want to demote me without giving me the reason. I want the Lord to give me courage, help me through this trying time and let his will be done on me. Give me what is necessary for me, if I say in the Project be on the same position or better or give me something.
    Samuel e kamanga - Feb 04 2012
  • Good afternoon, Prayer requests: Leslie/Barney, Barney celebrated 80th birthday Friday, Donna Barton is doing private duty and asks prayer for her lady to accompany her to church; Owenby family; Alex is looking for a job, relationship with his father, and gives thanks for the welcome from the church; Iliani walks with Betsy, Antonio and Juanita; Pastor and Donna's foot. VISITORS--Collins, Alex, Alex and family, and Ron. ABSENTEES--Bob W., Karen, Retha, Marilyn & Sean; Angela, Gloria Clayton, and Sandy. God Bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Feb 04 2012
  • Good afternoon, Pastor Al is "hanging in there." Continue to pray for higher consistent blood count, freedom from stress, and complete healing. Pray for Donna cont'd stamina and composure. Pray for families of both ladies killed on Sabbath. Pray also for the gunman and his family. Pray for law-enforcement personnel and for all of us as we begin to see a little of what "last days" is going to entail. God help us all! Sandy has been showing picture of young man who had been pronounced a "hopeless case." He is now home from hospital and expected to live a normal life. Her brother-in-law and nephew are improving. Continue to pray for them. Ann's mother-in-law Daisy has BP issues, been up to 200+, continues to fluctuate. My friend Tabbi was in ICU for pneumonia. They found evidence of a chronic unknown lung condition. She has come home, feeling better, but still not "out of the woods." Claudette's neighbor is slowly improving. Heyward's son Craig's MRI showed a mass on his back. Pray for him. Shirley was at church! We have accepted the offer from a Sunday church for sale of church. Pray that God continues to lead us how He wants us to proceed. Debora Hall is studying and is now having some additional medical problems which are precluding her and Jim from coming to church. VISITORS: Alex; Alex, Deralyn and family; Carlton, Della, family and friends. ABSENTEES: Jimmy, Karen, Barney and Leslie, Retha, Mortons, Joan, Angela, Gloria Curry, God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Jan 28 2012
  • My name is Heather. Please pray for me. I need a miracle & all the prayers I can get right now. They will be much appreciated. I am pregnant with twins. During my exam 2 days ago no heartbeat could be detected in either baby (as there should have been by now). I have a repeat exam 2/2/12 to check again to be certain. The Dr is not hopeful. Pray my babies have life & strong heartbeats. Thank you & God bless!
    Heather M - Jan 28 2012
  • Please pray for the healing of my husband Leon in hospital ICU right now with ventilator who suffer heart ailment with water in his heart and lungs.
    Ava Tidwell - Jan 27 2012
  • My business failed & I live off of SSI/SSDI. I cannot find a good job that I can handle, I have no $ to feed myself or my daughter, & I am to be evicted. Please pray for me. I fear God forsaken me.Please Pray GOD Blesses me to be able to give my daughter a good life starting today.Please pray money comes my way miraculously fast,today if possible(nothing is impossible with GOD) so i can make my daughter happy , the feeling of her being sad makes me sad.Please pray the present and the future of me and my daughter will be well taken care of with no more anxiety. Please Pray GOD restores my health completely.
    Anthony - Jan 26 2012
  • Good rainy evening, Pastor is in good spirits. The overriding prayer request is for his white blood count to be stabilized so that the surgery can proceed. Pray for him, Donna and family members peace and continued trust in God's non-mistake making heart. Let us all place Pastor in His hands. Joan asks for traveling mercies to FL tomorrow. Sandy asks prayer for her brother-in-law Gene and her nephew David, both of whom are recovering from surgery. Claudette asks for her neighbor Mary. Gloria asks prayer for her children; add to that all of our children. Betsy says Aiden her 6 yr. old grandson is having some behavioral issues which her daughter thinks are related to autism. Pray that he can get the medical and/or the therapeutic treatment that he needs. Lee's friend Martha Vison is not feeling well. Arlene has Dr.'s visit on Monday. She asks for prayers partly because the last time she had visit based on results of MRI, when she got the second exam, all the problems that had shown up on the initial MRI were no longer there. The Lord had taken away the problem COMPLETELY!! That's the God that we serve and the same One who is healing Pastor. Leslie is thankful for prayers for Barney last week. Lillian says that Martha has been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. VISITORS: Alex; Ron; Mercas(sp.) and Gladys,Gabriela and Robert's friends from FL; Jerome; Jeannie. ABSENTEES: Bob, Karen, Retha, Shirley, Ben, Angela, Marilyn and Sean, Martha, Della and Carlton, Michelle and Matt SS. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Jan 21 2012
  • Please pray that I get a job as soon as possible. I have been making applications but am yet to be invited to an interview. This is urgent as I have no more money to sustain myself.
    - Jan 16 2012
  • Please pray for the healing of my husband Leon in hospital ICU right now who suffer blood clot in his heart.
    Ava Tidwell - Jan 15 2012
  • Good afternoon, Saints, The 14 yr. old had the heart transplant, but is still in dangerous territory, says Sandy. She has given up her handicap parking placard and is doing well. Betsy's sister went to nursing home looking for one person, did not find her. The staff got several ladies together, she read to them and gave wrapped stuffed animals to them. One was so grateful, began crying because in her entire life she had never had a stuffed animal. Pray for Ricky. Barney celebrated a birthday, but had to go home after SS because he was not feeling well. Pray for him. Debora says that Jim's Mom is soon to go home from the hosp. Ann is thankful that after a year she has found a lost key. Joan says that Henry still has not found a job. Bob Tarbox is feeling better from hip problem. He too found an item that was lost, in his glove compartment! I was having pronounced discomfort in stomach Sabbath morning, prayer was offered, pain ceased. Pray for Russell's immediate family. Pray for the bereaved Scott, Brown and Ray families. Pray for Alex who came to celebrate his 1st Sabbath last week but did not return this week. There was a request that I started to write, did not complete and did not put the name with it. The Lord knows what and who it was. VISITORS: Alex and family, Collins, Bob Tarbox, Brandon and friend (left when Barney did), Jim and Debora, friend of Robert and Gabriela. ABSENTEES: Gloria, Gloria, Shirley, Angela, Retha, Matt, Mike, Annette. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Jan 14 2012
  • Sabbath was wonderful! Pray for Debora and Jim who are planning a May wedding. She is studying. Pray that her efforts are for the right reason. Leslie says Iliana staying w/them this wk., got sick had to have meds. Got wrong meds to start with, pharmacy returned original money and gave new at no cost. Mrs. Maebell Williams, a Shiloh Heights resident, has heating problems with furnace, Pray that her granddaughter can remedy the problem long distance quickly. Barney's niece and husband, separated for 3 yrs. He won't agree to a divorce and won't reconcile. She is unable to make headway. Claudette's friends: Margie w/ surgery for broken ankle; Franklin w/sroke. Her friend Mary is recovering from fall. (Claudette, I may have confused your requests with someone's else. If so, would you please make the correction and publish it.) Sandy is thankful that she can talk; unable to because of allergy, has not identified the allergen. Her brother-in-law has had hip surgery. Betsy had no water at her home while in VA. When home, her father-in-law found the problem, fixed it, supplying all the necessities. Bob Tarbox blew headgasket on car, sister said first would front half, then gave entire $600.00. His brother-in-law, sick. Everyone needs to prepare to meet Savior. Lola says Karen is expecting but has learned that she has leukemia. Lillian's grandson's family have all returned to the church. Grant has a job at KFC! Alice says new TV series beginning Jan. 12 Making Spiritual Ties. I did not get all specifics. If interested, call Alice. ABSENTEES: Ann, Robert Brooks, Karen, Retha, Matt, Shirley and Heyward, Angela, Martha, Della and Carlton, Sean, Gloria Cl. SS, Dorian, Doryan. VISITORS: Bob Tarbox, couple from Hephzipah, Brian Morgan, Collins, Ron, Alex and family, Alex, a first-time Sabbath keeper who came because of Amazing Discovery and Amazing Facts TV programs (Praise the Lord)! God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Jan 07 2012
  • This is last time that I will use 2011 in this venue. Happy new year, Pray for my Mom and residents at Azalea Woods Nursing Home where there is outbreak of whatever the bug that is going around. I did visit this afternoon and Mom was feeling better, but the Bug is still on site. Karen has three friends who have experienced deaths in the family in the last week. Pray for the Martin, Hall and Corbett families. Sandy has praise that her oldest son was 54 this week and has been 3 yrs. sober. Her oldest son-in-law has same honor. These are answers to prayer. Shirley had to go to hosp. this week with fluid buildup. She is back home, but still having some problems. Ann's husband's stepmother has passed. They will be traveling to PA next week. Juanita's grandfather died. She and family have gone to NY to funeral. Lillian's friend Marie Macon 93 tomorrow, fell and broke her arm. Claudette says Mary Holmes fell on the 17th and broke a limb. Pray for Jean, thinks that because of pinched nerve in neck, she is having very painful problem in her arm. Leslie says Tristram was 3 yesterday. Gabriela's friend had a request that I could not understand. The Lord knows what it is. Praise for wonderful program that children and leaders of Children's Department put on today. VISITORS: friends and relatives of Gabriela and Robert, William Perry, Jr., Jerome. ABSENTEES: Don, Shirley, Marilyn and Sean, Retha, Anthony and Annette, Martha, Carlton and Della, Gracie. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Dec 31 2011
  • I pray that your Christmas was blessed. Sandy wants prayer for her nephew David's back. Robert is glad that relatives and friends are here for holiday. They request prayer for the church proper in Hungary because the government is denying them the privilege to worship openly. There are severe consequences if caught. All church properties have already been confiscated. Betsy asks for brother-in-law David with heart problems. Pray for Iliana's husband who is struggling with a salvation issue. He believes that he has sinned too much to be saved. Sanders family, visitors from Augusta, lost family member on Sabbath, AM, learned of it on way to church Pray for The Scott Richardson family, he, police officer who was killed in the line of duty. Pray also for the Carter family of the accused killer. Leslie's brother is still conducting his branch SS class with the three elderly ladies. Melanie has strep throat. Don had interesting experience with man who needed gas. He gave ride, bought gas, gave extra money, befriended him. In each case the man's reply was, "Nobody has ever done anything like this for me before." Thank you, Don, for doing that that we all are supposed to do every day: helping our neighbor. Heyward is thankful for all expressions of care for Shirley. Her sugar level keeps fluctuating. Pat finally got heat in her home. Sandy had been using riding cart in Walmart, now using push buggy to stabilize her as she shops and is going like Speedy Gonzales. Alice says that Ruth sends love from FL. Leslie says that since Barney can't shop for her when she went out shopping with Karen and Christian, he did all of her housework for her as her present. Karen has a bad bladder infection and is on antibiotics. VISITORS: Brooks from Augusta, Terry, Kirby and his brother Corey, Gabriela and Robert's family and friends, Iliana, family from TN visiting relatives in Aiken ABSENTEES: Ann, Jimmy, Karen, Mortons, Retha, Lillian, Martha, Shirley, Marilyn and Sean, Grant, Jean and Marcus, Gloria, Gloria, Ruth, Carlton and Della, Dorian and Doryan. God bless and happy new year. 'Mina
    Brian Howell - Dec 24 2011
  • Brothers and Sisters, Sabbath just closed, blessings for the new week. Sandy says that Kenneth is still fighting, both eyes are bad, looks cross-eyed, always in pain, down to 80 lbs. Anthony reports on an accident that happened in Belize, Central America, Annette's home country. A 3 yr. old girl Rayjeanne McFadzean was crushed to death by a bus in Doublehead Cabbage Village. She has a 5 yr. old brother Tayjuan Flavers. Pray for the family as they mourn the loss of their member. Betsy has a praise. Since Ricky has been in prison and she unable to work, Christmas has been lean for the grandchildren. A benefactor heard of the problem, has asked for names and ages of all children and is going to purchase gifts for them all. The Spirit of Christmas is still alive and well. Arlene is having medical tests done on Mon. and Tues. Pray that all goes well in the testing and some definitive results are forthcoming. Donna is thankful that the stitches have been removed from her foot and she is walking again. Still a little pain, but should soon be all well. Ann is contemplating printing a small newsletter for her community, needs prayer for acceptance. Leslie asks prayer for a missing young lady, reportedly Sheriff Hunt's niece. Russell reminds us to be cognizant of "the reason for the season." Remember His birth. Debra Hall has been having severe headaches the past few days. Started after a med that she was taking for another problem was discontinued. Pray that the pain subsides, that it was a reaction to the stopped meds and that her body will soon readjust itself. NO VISITORS ABSENTEES: both Glorias, Mortons, Marcus and Grant-both sick, Shirley, Retha, Ruth, Marilyn and Sean, Dorian and Doryan. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Dec 17 2011
  • Hello brothers and sisters. Thank you for the opportunity to request and expose my needs to you. I have a big need for an employe of mine Adeline from Tours France who has been getting bible studies with me, and she has started to read the great controversy. Please pray for the Holy Spirit to touch mightly her heart and to believe every word from the Bible and the Great controversy! Please pray for her to have good circulation and to be free from depression. Also my auntie Mitou is in the south of france and is dying from cancer. Please pray for her immune system to be well and healthy and to heal. And for her sons to accept the vitamin c treatment and to buy it! For me i am in florida now and i have a massage business in france. I don't know what to do, i am staying with my parents now, please pray for God to bless me financially in my endeavors and to end loneliness. Thank you so much may the Lord bless all your needs also! Fabien
    fabien chan - Dec 14 2011
  • Please pray that God will bless my choice for a used car this week, as it looks like i will have to buy a car in the next week without actually test driving it.
    Kim . - Dec 14 2011
  • Hello brothers and sisters. Thank you for the opportunity to request and expose my needs to you. I have a big need for an employe of mine Adeline from Tours France who has been getting bible studies with me, and she has started to read the great controversy. Please pray for the Holy Spirit to touch mightly her heart and to believe every word from the Bible and the Great controversy! Please pray for her to have good circulation and to be free from depression. Also my auntie Mitou is in the south of france and is dying from cancer. Please pray for her immune system to be well and healthy and to heal. And for her sons to accept the vitamin c treatment and to buy it! For me i am in florida now and i have a massage business in france. I don't know what to do, i am staying with my parents now, please pray for God to bless me financially in my endeavors and to end loneliness. Thank you so much may the Lord bless all your needs also! Fabien
    fabien chan - Dec 10 2011
  • Greetings on a day perfect to be on the inside with some good reading material, Sandy reports that Shirley is at home recuperating but has a long way to go. Her ten yr. old cat is sick. Lola asks for our young people, for relevance. Betsy asks for Missy her hairdresser who is divorced but her ex's wife is causing problems. Heyward is thankful for all prayers and expressions of help for Shirley. Debora, a Bible student, asks for her future mother-in-law Esther who is still in hosp. Cont'd for Richard Knapp. Bob is having continued problems with his legs, had to have assistance cleaning the drainage from the sore. Doris Morgan, Pastor Morgan's mother, is also having trouble with her legs and needs help at least twice a week to help her do necessary procedures on them. Donna's foot surgery was a success. She still needs prayer for complete and speedy healing. Elania wants to see her Mommy. Leslie says she does not even call her and Elania is beginning to say that her mother is dead, VISITORS: Martha Vinson, Debora and Jim. ABSENTEES: Bob, Retha, Ben, Matt, Angela, Shirley, Anthony and Annette, Dorian and Doryan, Jerome, Sandra Moore, Carlton and Della, Ruth. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Dec 10 2011
  • too declare non profit status it will take $5000 to do it please claim Isaiah 45:3 and pray for me +my home town of Davis + my home church + my local conference for the latter rain.
    Steven Drago - Dec 04 2011
  • It's Monday and raining, praise the Lord! Pastor Manny, Rather than send you a separate note, I'm congratulating you right here. I know that wherever you go from here, that yours will be a life dedicated to His service and He is going to use you and your family in a mighty way in His work. Godspeed. Ray's memorial is scheduled for Dec. 18, at Aiken Church at 2:30 PM (?). I need to check the time and can't find it right, will correct if this is wrong. Kenneth is trying to keep his spirits up w/o help. Pray for James, God knows his need. Sandy says, "Sometimes God puts us in a valley to make us look up." Pray for Mr. Knapp, the principal at Columbia Academy, who had a massive heart attack during Thanksgiving vacation which has disabled him, will not be able to return to work. Pray also for the students that they will be able to understand why. Juanita lost the gas cap on her car, looked for one to fit, unsuccessful. Then her Dad was cleaning up some trash and , "guess what?" found a cap that fit perfectly!! Karen was being made fun of for not eating pork and her believing in God on her job by a drug representative. The situation became so upsetting that her coworkers came to her defense. He eventually came back to apologize for his insensitivity. Way to go, Karen. Betsy asks for Ilinia her sister because her son was killed during Christmas holiday. Pray also for Ricky her husband because Don has just finished the study on the Sabbath with him. Hillary, Gloria's young granddaughter, has a serious skin disorder which is becoming increasingly worse despite treatments. A friend of Heyward's has no heat. Shirley is still in hosp., now with kidney problems in addition to all else. Connie reports that both Russell and Arlene are under the weather. Robert needs prayer. Visitor asks prayer for the man that she loves. VISITORS: soldier from Fort Gordon, Claudette's friend, lady from Romania, Debora and Jim, all new members present. ABSENTEES: Arlene and Russell, Retha, Angela, Shirley, Marilyn and Sean, Sandra Moore, Carlton and Della, Ruth. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Dec 03 2011
  • Cheers on a cloudy Sunday afternoon, Pray that Betsy's son Shane will believe in Jesus by faith and not by sight-some visible evidence. Don requests that his sister Claire, a good person and a staunch Catholic, who does not want to entertain any discussion of other doctrines will become open to his explanation on the topic of Jesus. Dot and Della, both Ray's caregivers, asks prayer for Ray's family, themselves and that they both can find new employment. Pray that Della and Carlton will continue to come to church. They were there on Sabbath. Pray for what we can do to help Retha who has not been coming to church. Continue to pray for Kenneth. He has been taken off all meds except for pain, is fast declining. Sandy's sister-in-law Jackie has had heart attack, mini strokes, Bel palsy, fell broke rotor cuff in shoulder, because of bad memory and lack of sense of direction needs constant supervision. This is taking its toll on Tracy, her husband, for fear she will wander and hurt herself again. Betsy thanks Don for studying with her husband Ricky. When she visited him on Thanksgiving he was quoting Scripture to her. Pray for her grandson. Ann has concerns for her 82 yr. old neighbor who recently suffered a mild stroke. Her legs give her problems. She has no immediate family and no real spiritual affiliation. Pray that she will accept help from Ann and other neighbors. Jean thanks the church for praying for them in recent months. She has found a job since Grant is back. Hayward says Shirley has difficulty breathing and fell recently while walking the dogg, got bruised, concerned because of diabetes. Marcus asks for Poppa. Grant explained what an ordeal it is living on the road as a long-distance truck driver and that culture is a test of one's faith. Is back, still looking for local job. Thanks for all prayers. Pray for those new baptized members, esp. since some were not at church on Sabbath, probably because of the holiday weekend. Claudette's niece's grandmother died Sat. AM. Christina is looking for a second or another job that will support her. Betsy wants us to pray for bookmarks and those who get them. Pray for there who had requests from our outside prayer line: Jonah Kendie; Charles Wright; no name, but is job seeking. VISITORS; Jeannie, Gloria's grands, Visitor with Lee, Alex, Deralyn and family. ABSENTEES; Annette SS, Bob, Leslie, Karen, Retha, Mortons, Shirley, Angela, Lillian, Martha, Sandra Moore, Dorian, William and Sharon, God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Nov 26 2011
  • Charles Wright , born in England 1965. raised in America. I would you to pray for my life to change financial quickly. I have been seriously trying to make money online for 20 years fail time and time again. please pray for god to break a curse was put on me and my family years ago to keep us in poverty. long story. also to take away my depression for 25 years. For god to work out my personal relationship with people around without any heartbreak. Thank you.
    charles wright - Nov 23 2011
  • Good Monday morning, I have not heard anything concerning Ray this AM, so per the adage, "No news is good news." When I hear, I will share. Christina, a new member by baptism, asks for her father Wade and that her sister Diana will be saved. Gloria asks for Grady whose brother has died. Gloria is thankful that Drew has gotten a job but asks for prayer because he has to work at night and will have trouble with his sleep apnea. Anthony asks for prayer because his job as watchman asks him to work different shifts, he has difficulty getting proper rest. Elania wants prayer for her Mommy and Daddy. VISITORS: Sabrina, Lillian's daughter; Baezs; Marilyn and Sean; Alex, Derlyn and family; George and Nancy, singers; twelve associated with Evangelistic Series, five of whom on Sat. evening were baptized or became members by profession of faith-Praise the Lord! ABSENTEES: Shirley and Heyward were at SS, Shirley had fallen on Fri. and started to feel bad; Retha; Grant, Jean and Marcus; Angela; Sandra Moore. As you know, Sabbath was the last day of Series and baptism was Sat. night. It was a celebration as the Lord blessed the efforts of the campaign led by Conference Evangelistic Elder Pollett. We need to be aware of the "Babies" and act the part of older brothers and sister, parents and mentors. Thank the Lord for the new family members. They are by first names: Martha, Christina, Dorian, William and Sherry. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Nov 19 2011
  • my birth brother and His wife are confused by the statement on my reply to Her email regarding what the church plans to do in Davis by establishing groups of 12-15 people into families and providing me with the means to graduate from High school and make a recommendation to griggs home school to attend college please pray for their hearts to be converted to Jesus and claim the promise in Ezekiel 36:26-27 and claim Jesus as wisdom and the fruit of the Spirit.
    Steven Drago - Nov 18 2011
  • other then my pastor Jesus cannot maintain contact with me over 1000+ members please lift them up and My home town and me plus the Latter rain upon my conference.
    Steven Drago - Nov 15 2011
  • Pastor Pollett continues to allow the Holy Spirit to use him in delivering His Word. Continue to pray for him and all who have been and are a part of this Evangelistic Seminar. Betsy asks for Roxie who is having problems with a kidney stone. Her niece Stacy has discontinued her study with Betsy because she feels that she can be of more use in the Baptist church where she is. She does not have a problem with what she has learned, but still wants to stop. Pray for her. Sandy says that Bill Cooper has come home after recovering in hosp. for 3 1/2 months after a motorcycle accident. Terry is excited that they will be able to have q /w hour of radio time on 94.7FM on Sabbath mornings! Learned in afternoon that one of elders at New Life, Bro. James, died at ARMC. Pray for the family and church. Pray for a former classmate of Claudette's daughter. Pray for AJ, my eldest grandson to get his priorities correct. VISITORS: Six who have been attending Series. Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Nov 12 2011
  • Hello to you, i would like to request prayer for Adeline. She is one of my employee i Paris France. She came to my house for massage training. She had received some of the truth about the health message and left yesterday saying she would buy a bible. Right now she tells me she is watching the Jesus movie. She is 24 years old and had circulation problems. If you can pray for Adeline to be saved and accept the truth and be healed from depression ad circulatio problems, and for me and her to get along and be at peace. And for her to be faithful a my employee with the mobile clients in paris france. Also i met a young Bolivian brother at church today, Juan Carlos . He is not adventist. We are going to start bible studies, please pray for him to receive the truth please thank you. Also if you can pray for my other employees like Nadia, Claudia who is leaving the jehovah's witness organisation for the sda church, and the clients who for the most part are atheists. And for me to make a way to return in florida, to have enough money to ret in miraflores an appartment and for the 20000 dollas bill i have to be removed. And for me to end loneliness thank you may the Lord bless all your needs also. Fabien
    fabien cha - Nov 12 2011
  • Pray GOD unites me and my soulmate together real soon.Never been on a date or ever had a girlfriend and been Praying and hoping for this for at least 18 years.Pray GOD blesses me financially every day for the rest of my life starting today.I have not been able to by Christmas or Birthday presents since 1998.I receive Presents but don't have anything to give.I also need money to pay bills everytime they come up and i also want to help people.Thanks for your Prayers
    Phil - Nov 09 2011
  • We continue to be blessed by Elder Pollett allowing the Lord to use him to deliver the Truth as it is in His Word. Continue to pray for the outpouring of the HS and all who are attending the meetings. The enemy has been up to his usual devices, but we know Who is greater. Praise the Lord. Sandy says that Kenneth had a fall, no details. Della asks for Carlton's emotional well-being. Barney and Leslie's friend Don's marriage. Gloria asks for Bible study students, esp. Karla. James, a visitor from Series, asks for David Dalton who is going on a mission trip to Romania. Carlton asks for Stevenson and effectiveness of Chemotherapy on lung cancer. Gracie was at church. I did not ask her about her ankle, but evidently it was improved. VISITORS: There were 15 visitors at church today, all attendees of Evangelistic Series! Robert Brooks, Drew, Martha, Michael. ABSENTEES: Karen, Retha, Matt, Mike, Grant, Angela, Shirley, Gloria Clayton, Sandra Moore, Ruth Hart. The evangelistic topic for the day was GOOD NEWS ABOUT THE JUDGMENT. I am sure that all who heard were blessed. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Nov 06 2011
  • for the last 10 weeks since Afcoe to go the pressure was to much and i have sent the time isolated from church but no one has contacted me except the youth pastor. I have done some research into brain development from infant stage to elderly and for 54 years has had to settle with nothing. I have lost all knowledge gained from secular school and now have dropped study and prayer until now. my dream is to reveal Jesus as the master prayer warrior in an administrative way at least. but my income is 1105 SSA payments. so a sacrifice is needed and no one is willing to do it so if people wish to covet i have no choice but to move the only weapon is prayer and I repent and as for prayer power to at least take up again study and prayer with biblical music and the latter rain upon my home church in Sacramento and My conference central and Arizona to. i will meet with pastor Steve Allred on November 18. it is hard to believe that the LORD has no local channels to do anything else but pray and force me to continue alone i am not sure what kind of revelation this is but with divine power it will be done. Love Steven Drago.
    Steven Drago - Oct 28 2011
  • Hello i would like to request prayer because i am being very attacked on all sides. I mhave a business i Paris and i am trying to fins someone to help we while i go back to america. But i do not have enough money to go back to florida. I am very lonely and very angry to God for 20 years of extreme loneliness ad singleness. I eve ask the devil for help. Please pray. I have a 20000 dollar bill tp pay i the usa, please pray for the Lord to remove it. It is something i did not pay. And pray for the Lord to bless my missionary efforts in Paris france where i seem to be the only one believing in Jesus! Thank you
    fabien chanoz - Oct 26 2011
  • Beautiful Sunday, Sisters and Bothers, In case you're wondering about last week's issue, suffice it to say that, "It was one of those weeks!" Honor and Grady, I'm happy to know that you can stay in touch somewhat through this medium. I pray that all is well with you. Come soon to visit us. And now to the matter at hand: Sandy gives praise for getting to come to evangelistic meetings with Becky and requests cont'd prayer for Kenneth. He is off chemo and tumors are growing rapidly. Betsy's sister and her friend Teresa came to visit Betsy for four days while she studied her family's roots in Williston. When they got back to Roanoke, VA her sister called and Teresa wants to come and stay with Betsy for a while. She is searching and presently studying Buddhism. Betsy asked for prayer and guidance in ministering to her. Robert Tarbox gives praise to the Lord for forgiveness of sins and "Be of good cheer.". He's traveled over 6,000 miles this summer and is finding reason to be so wherever he has gone. Gloria asked for prayer for Karla, a Bible school student, to stop smoking; also for Discover Bible School. Nancy, one of the visiting singers for the Crusade, asks for Marilyn, an 82 year old Atheist, who has recently begun quoting Bible texts. The Lord knows the request that she made for Richard. Nancy is thankful that even though her trombone was destroyed by their house fire just got new one in time for this Crusade It is new and she can "make a joyful noise". Pray for George. Anthony gives praise for the wonderful music we've heard this morning. It is encouraging him to pick up his neglected instrument and start playing again. Gloria asks for prayer for her children and siblings. Ann asks for prayer for homeless in Aiken. Pray for everyone and everything associated with the Evangelistic Crusade esp. the air conditioning unit for the Sanctuary, the visitors, Elder Pollett, the musicians, and that the Holy Spirit will be indwelling all who have anything to do with the activities and will convict those who have not yet come to come. VISITORS; Elder Pollett and Myrna, George and Nancy--the singers, Baezs, Bob Tarbox, Christine Flowers. ABSENTEES; Barney snd Leslie, Karen, Jerry and Mary have decided to visit a church in the Cola. area, Retha, Mike, Ben, Matt, Grant, Heyward and Shirley, Angela, Claudette, Sandra Moore. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Oct 15 2011
  • Pray GOD shows me how to give Mercy the way GOD would want me to.Pray GOD gives me a milllion times more Mercy than i can give.Pray GOD gives me the HOLY SPIRIT real strong over my life,body,mind,soul and spirit.Pray GOD gives me the Faith to move mountains.Pray all these things will be fulfilled in the Name of JESUS CHRIST our LORD.
    Filiberto - Oct 14 2011
  • My husband isn't wanting to remain married (he wants a divorce). I am committed to my marriage and want it to work. I love my husband with all my heart. I know there is another women who he is emotionally connecting to (he denies it but he has admitted she is a supportive friend only who went through the same thing when she left her husband) and that really hurts. I want for him to cut that connection but can't ask him to do so because I am afraid it will push us even farther apart because it shows I don't trust him to maintain boundaries. Also, several of my husband's friends are telling him to just call it quits and leave me versus encouraging to see if we can make it work. They rant about women (most are single, divorced or going through their own problems) and this has also made it harder for him to see we can make this work if we really want to and try. I am afraid he won't give me the chance to make things right. It feels like he isn't willing to forgive me and try again. He says we need to start over from scratch and quite possibly he feels it won't work anyways and won't promise anything at this point. He has stopped wearing his wedding ring and has not told me he loves me in over a month. In the past I always had to initiate the "I love you" and he would reply back, now he doesn't even do that. It tears at my heart when I try to honestly reach out to him and he cuts me off short or pretends he didn't hear me. On a slightly positive note, he has agreed to see a counselor (who is also a minister) but we haven't had a break through yet (but it has only been 3 sessions). e have learned a lot about each other but he continues to talk in past tense and say things like, "That is the way it should have been", "It is just too late", "If only months or years ago we tried...". He is right in some ways however he doesn't sound hopeful and it is sounding to me like he is throwing in the towl. He keeps dwelling in the past versus trusting in the now and future. He doesn't believe people can change and they will only continue the sins of their past. I find this quite disheartening. I am praying quite often and I am trying my best to be the wife God wants me to be. I have worked through the Save Your Marriage program and have recently purchased and read the book by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs called Love and Respect (he is also a minister). That book is an amazing eye opener for me and is based in the bible and scripture. I have read through the book twice and took notes. I am actively practicing unconditional respect for him but am getting resistance back a bit. He is not comfortable with me telling him I respect him and believe in him. He says he appreciates how I want to change and finds it "challenging how I am now behaving and talking". I am actively applying what I have learned through all of my resources however my husband feels it is a "last ditch effort or phase" that will go away in time. I feel that we can try to make it work by learning what we were oblivious too and gain the tools we need to keep learning, growing, loving and respecting one another. I am truly trying my best and love my husband very much. I pray as often as I can and have asked as many people I can find to help pray as well for my family. I am trusting that God will see I am trying to be the wife he wants women to be to their husband and honor him in this way. I pray that God will hear my prayers and answer them as he has promised. I am putting my 110% into this and learning to be a better more God loving wife. I only ask and pray for my husband that he try the same and see where we can grow and become better people/couple. Am I being unreasonable? Is it too late? I know I haven't been the best wife I could have been (through my words and actions) and I am trying to do so now. I just want a chance and I am asking God for that. I know he has done so much for us already and I haven't held up my end as well as I should have. I am truly sorry and want to be forgiven and have one more chance to do it the right way with my family intact. We can use all the prayers we can get!!! Sincerely and Respectfully, Jennifer (husband is Zach and our 8yr old daughter is Emma)
    Jennifer, Zach and Emma W - Oct 10 2011
  • Happy Sabbath, Sandy is cutting back on her meds w/o her dr.'s approval. She says that she has more energy and feels better. Leslie says that Robert looks great, is down to 1 seizure tablet per day and feels fine. Barney gets his glasses free from VA. Aaron has gotten a job where he does not have to work on Sabbath. Betsy is trying to witness to her sister and her friend who are visiting from VA. She, the friend, has studied Buddhism, is searching, pray that time is found this weekend to make inroads with her and sister who has backslidden. Jean says that this morning Grant was in MA on his way to OK, having some problems manipulating in big cities but is enjoying seeing the country. Pray that all works out as planned. Marcus is having critical oral surgery on Fri. Pray that all goes well and minimal pain. Don met young lady at GNC who was worshiping on Sabbath, not an Adventist. Attending Trumpet in Zion in Augusta. Long story, but I introduced the founder Daryll McCoy to Sabbath keeping. He now has serious cancer. Pray for him, Don wants prayer that he will be able to introduce this young lady to Advent message, too. Fliers for meeting were here today, look good. Available now to hand out. Call Pastor, I suppose, if you want before Wed. NO VISITORS ABSENTEES: Several women were away at Women's Ministry meeting: Ann, Becky, Michelle?, Lillian, Gloria Curry, Gabriela, Juanita, Connie OTHERS: Karen, Jerry and Mary, Retha, Grant, Ben, Angela, Heyward and Shirley, Gloria Clayton, Robert I. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Oct 01 2011
  • Please Pray my soulmate has already been prepared for me and I have already been prepared for my soulmate.Pray GOD unites me and my soulmate together real soon.Never been on a date or ever had a girlfriend and been Praying and hoping for this for at least 18 years...Prov 13:12 Hope deferred maketh the heart sick, but when the desire cometh, it is a tree of life...Pray everyone who has Prayed for me to get a soulmate in the past years,GOD will remind those people to Pray for me to get a soulmate over and over again and again.Pray GOD will lead many people to see this Prayer Request and Pray GOD puts it in their hearts to Pray for this Prayer Request....Phil C.
    Phil - Sep 30 2011
  • Happy 1st day after Sabbath, Pray for Bruce who wants to believe but has not found the way to. Shane, Betsy's middle son, will go to court on Tues. for child custody. If I understood correctly, he is bipolar and is now on his own. Her niece Stacy has been studying with her, is convinced of the Sabbath, has positions in her Sunday church. Pray that she will make correct choices at proper time. A deer broadsides Juanita's car. They were not injured, deer ran, damage to car. Claudia is thankful that an unknown benefactor has paid for bus fare to Mass. for her 50th class reunion. Sandy is thankful to have been at church, She was shocked when she plugged a lamp on in the AM. Cont'd prayer for Mattie who has MRSA, she has now been exposed to strep throat. Ann is thankful that she is feeling better since her visit to the Dr. Had two occasions that she needed to be vocal and did not cough. She put air in tire, left keys on trunk, drove considerable distance before someone drove beside her to inform her that ty were on the trunk. Went to Walmart, service area closed, but got service anyway. She had put in some 60 lbs. of air when should have been closer to 30. Praise God for His watchcare over us. Connie's coworker Sylvia has a mass and will have to have a biopsy and an ultrasound. She is also experiencing marital problems, JP is thankful for traveling to VA to assist his cousin after Irene. Had to end up going to KY for materials, mishaps, but God saw him through it all. Leslie is thankful that Brandon and his friend survived t accident even though the car was totaled, Gloria had anther raise. Geana was at church. Continue to pray for her, Drew, Jody and all her grands. It was Don;s neighbor Alan Williams who had a stroke on Wed. He has had previous problems. Russell's daughter Nancy is having serious back surgery on Oct. 6. VISITORS: Stacy and Alex, Betsy's niece and son; JP; Henry I have visitors, will complete later. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Sep 24 2011
  • Dear prayer warriors, please pray for our church elder here in Iligan City SDA Central Church, Elder Casiano Oclarit. He was hit by a motorcycle on his way home after setting up venue for a coming Revelation Seminar. He needs to undergo surgical operation on his head. He is currently at the ICU here in Mindanao Sanitarium and Hospital, but he is brain-dead with swelling so the operation has to be postponed. Please do help pray for his recovery. Thank you.
    Alviu Rey Nasir - Sep 22 2011
  • My friend lost his job as a lawyer and I need one before i can establish a business account for Steven's apartment of prayer and the website is not yet online my wish is that the Lord will open a door t start up their own firm then I can connect with them.. in the meantime the right choice is being made in terms of conservation of Finances but food eating is still a pestilent announce. Jesus is my victory over that I just need to know what scripture need to be put into practice. and one praise even though I am still isolated from the church I choose to attend for 3 weeks the Lord has shown is love by sustaining My life 21 years without physical love or sleep. and whoever responded to the request regarding my friend with stage 4 cancer please contact Sacramento central church and inform the secretary and they'll make a discussion to contact the sound just let them know what you told me the rest is up to the secretary.I know only one person responded but I continue to copy and paste this report until the col person written on the to line email responds.
    Steven Drago - Sep 17 2011
  • Happy Sunday afternoon, It's chilly and overcast but the church outing went well, nice crowd. If you weren't there, you were missed. Joan's friend Linda is having surgery Tues. AM. Leslie says that Robert appreciates the prayers on his behalf and asks that they be cont'd. He now has a good outlook and there has been an attitude change. She has regular ckup on Mon. Betsy's niece Stacy is studying Rev. with her, brought Rachel in last time with her. Don is studying with her husband Rick who is incarcerated in Cola. Lola is having skin cancer surgery on Mon. It is not malignant but will probably be slow healing because she is a diabetic. Don gives praise that surgery on his hand went well, is thankful for prayers visits, call and cards. Just be careful how you shake his left hand. Marcus wants prayer for his Papa. Sandy's great-granddaughter Mattie has MRSA. Antibiotics are causing problems. Gloria's praise was seated next to her. Drew came to church. Continue to pray for him and Geana and granddaughter Hillary who sees skin specialist on Wed. Pray that she makes it through the coming week with less stress than others. Claudette asks for traveling mercies for Michael who will be flying back home Mon. AM. VISITORS: Debra and fiance, Henry, Michael. ABSENTEES: Ann, Karen, Jerry and Mary, Lola SS, Retha, Mike, Matt, Grant, Angela. Shirley, Sandra Moore, Juanita and Antonio, Connie, Anthony SS, Annette. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Sep 17 2011
  • Happy day 2 after Sabbath, (Ask me about this if there is a question), Morton Washington's son committed suicide. They are Leslie's friends. She has been praying for her grandsons. Both have given indications that they want to renew their walk with the Lord. We need activities that would serve this age group. Sandy recounts a miracle that occurred on way to church. A pedestrian almost fell in path of oncoming car, would certainly have been killed or seriously injured by that car or hers which was behind if had not been for "Invisible hands" that set him upright just in time!! Praise for all children present. Room too small, but still a blessing. (We are doing something about that.) Marcus' dog Sassy has returned home after a long absence. Praise the Lord!! Heyward's friend Pat Kelley's hand scalded by hot water. Betsy's husband's uncle Clem has cancer throughout his body. Annette's uncle has leukemia, Drs. have given up, but she wants prayer. God can work miracles. Gloria Curry's Adventist friend Sherry is not practicing the health message, is experiencing some health issues that could be helped by diet change. Pray that she listens and adopts some of Gloria's suggestions. Claudette wants cont'd healing for her grandson. I'm facing a deadline here. If I don't finish everything now, I'll sign back on with rest later. Special prayer for Grant as he goes to MO to begin tractor trailer truck driver training. Will be there for 3 wks. Cont'd prayer for Jean and Marcus in his absence. Russell asks prayer for the whole world. Danielle prays that there will never be another 911. VISITORS: Henry, Joan's friend; Betsy's sister Iliana; Becky's Mom and Noah; Alex, Deralyn and family; Brandon's friend Kaylie; Baezes; Claudette's son Michael ABSENTEES: Retha, Nadia had surgery earlier in the week; Don had surgery and has to keep his hand elevated; Shirley; Ann; Becky at SS; Mike, Ben, Matt, Michelle; Angela; Marilyn and Sean; Sandra Moore; Lillian; Annette at SS. Please have a good week. Pray for divine appointments, for those who will be attending the Evangelistic Meetings, for someone that you will bring, for Elder Pollett, for all who will have anything at all to do with the meetings, God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Sep 10 2011
  • Please Pray my soulmate has already been prepared for me and I have already been prepared for my soulmate.Pray GOD unites me and my soulmate together real soon.Never been on a date or ever had a girlfriend and been Praying and hoping for this for at least 18 years...Prov 13:12 Hope deferred maketh the heart sick, but when the desire cometh, it is a tree of life... Please Pray GOD Blesses me so i can Bless others in every way every day of my life.Pray I can help people who are targeted by every kind of evil 100% of the time.Pray GOD Blesses me to be able to expose evil 100% of the time and evil will not be able to hide once exposed.Pray a hedge of protection around mind body and soul. Pray GOD overflows me with HIS Power,HOLY SPIRIT and Presence in my life. Pray the HOLY SPIRIT is so strong in my life that satan and his servents will flee with terror because GODS presence is so strong in my life. Pray my body would be a strong vessel for the HOLY SPIRIT. Pray GOD causes satan and those used by satan great confusion when they come against me with their evil plans and Pray GOD sends His angels to to fight along side me when is happens.Pray GOD cuffs me in His Hand when evil comes against me.Pray GOD raises me lightyears above satan and those used by satan to glorify GOD.Pray GOD watches over me at all times.Pray GOD takes away all my fear and increases my faith.Pray GOD heals my body completely.Pray all the people that have seen my Prayer Requests in past years will be reminded to Pray for my Prayer Requests again.Pray all the people who saw my Prayer Requests in the past years will have it put it in their hearts and minds to Pray for my past Prayer Requests again...In JESUS Name Amen...Thanks for your Prayers...
    Phil - Sep 09 2011
  • i am obstinate and rebellious i am tired of killer arguments with evil people gone yet in this empty apartment. my downstairs neighbor and the Mormons. this babbling is 54 years old and at full strength when alone like now.
    Steven Drago - Sep 07 2011
  • I am going to switch over to Homestead to perfect the prayer ministry but i still need a laptop so I can access my network but before that My social security income needs to be restored to my hand from my sister-in-law who still reacts like a lost person but there is evidence the Spirit of God is changing her. so my third request is to pray for my unsaved family members plus the three enemies for their financial needs to be met.
    Steven Drago - Sep 06 2011
  • Good Sunday to you, Leslie wants prayer for friend Gloria. Robert says thanks for prayers, is looking good, feeling better, getting exercise. Sandy is having a "blast" with bookmark ministry. Met Sherry with 5 children, says will be at Crusade. Shonny a 5 yr. old back with her drug addict mother after physical abuse by father. Grandmother concerned. Alice says Bro. Pollett (sp.) resigned his position from Life Talk because of cancer. Is not pursuing treatment, allowing Lord's will to be done. Shirley was at church! Is concerned about the "back to back" calls from both son and daughter-in-law after their recent divorce. Pray for the two of them to be able to go their separate ways. Anthony's and Annette's friend from Panama still visits them and speaks favorably of church. Pray for her to become more interested. Russell is thankful for the blessings of the Sabbath. Missing members. Ann had gas in her chest cavity in AM, was glad that it dissipated so that she could come to church. Thanks that God makes provisions before we ask. Grant is going to Tractor truck training school, will be driving over the road for extended time periods. Pray that all works. He and Jean celebrated 10th anniversary on Fri. They have been blessed, pray for continuance. Gabriela and Robert have committed to sponsor Great Controversy to all the residents in their zip code. Claudette asks for prayer for all residents in NE affected by Irene. Arlene says Pam and John's roads were flooded, no fresh water, but their home was ok. Don is having surgery on his hand on Tues. Unspoken requests. VISITORS: Claudette's son, Joseph and Julian, Bro. from prison ministry ABSENTEES: Karen, Christian, Jerry and Mary, Retha, Nadia and children, Mike, Ben, Matt, Angela, Marilyn and Sean, Sandra Moore, Betsy at SS God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Sep 03 2011
  • there are now 3 Conferences with the pacific union who need the later rain to finish Jesus revelation in righteousness plus the communities to. My friend still has 4th stage cancer plus another new brother who is still out there. also to make prayer easier I need someone to visit me here in Davis to finally perfect Steven's Apartment Of Prayer on intuit or maybe a better one. anyone in the North American Division Will do.
    Steven Drago - Sep 02 2011
  • For Shane to get the job in NC. For God to lay his hands on the plant in NC and lay hands on the people that Shane will need to talk to. For Shane to have the faith in God that he will be able to say the right things and get us out of Florida and back closer to my parents in SC.
    cynthia - Aug 28 2011
  • This lady was attacked By Islamic people with a blade now one more surgery on the throat will complete the work of love thank you.this report came from the voice of the Martyrs email magazine.
    Steven Drago - Aug 28 2011
  • Happy Sunday, Sandy is grateful that Irene downgraded before landfall. It still has the potential for considerable damage. Pray for all in her path. Met Andrew Christen on Facebook, on disability, soon to die, 2 small children, depression, mourning 10th anniversary of father's death. Has been given prayer promises to claim. Texans because of heat, James and his heart problem. Betsy's sister has stopped smoking after a 4 pack a day habit which was caused by her daughter's death last yr. Her daughter's car died this past week, thought to have to buy battery, investigation proved only fuse needed! Both Carlton and Claudette have family in Irene's path. Lillian was 84 on the 23rd, You go, Girl. A church friend Florence Freedman died in car accident for which her daughter has been charged with reckless driving and is now in jail. Others were injured. Hayward's son and wife have separated because of her continued alcoholism. Pray for strength for him and recovery for her. Gloria Curry had a bad day Wed., got prayer and God answered and blessed the rest of the week. Continue to pray for Geana's health and a job for Drew and spiritual renewal for the two of them. Pray for traveling mercies for her and her siblings as they go to Minneapolis on a family excursion. Leslie's friend who recently lost her husband is having a difficult time adjusting to his absence. VISITORS: Ben's friend, Matt. ABSENTEES: Ann, Jerry and Mary, Jean, Angela, Anthony and Annette at SS, Lola SS, Marilyn and Sean, Sandra Moore, Nadia and children. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Aug 28 2011
  • Please pray that my car will hold up until im ready to get one by choice. I have been having so much car trouble the last few weeks. Pray that my car will take me to work and wherever i need to go, without problems. thank you
    Kim B - Aug 25 2011
  • I have a male friend in Davis i am impressed to pass on as well as a female friend living in Central California thank you I have not heard from Her for some time I don't know if I hurt them thank you.
    Steven Drago - Aug 24 2011
  • today the Lord's prayer network has grown to almost 200 groups so some of you are new so to all of you here is the request. the latter rain is being poured out on the Northern California Conference since May and i know you'll continue except for you others who have not received it you may begin. but My request is for me to receive the same rain as the Lord minsters to all from this apartment in Davis California. God bless you.
    Steven Drago - Aug 23 2011
  • This is a netAdventist test. 002
    netAdventist Test - Aug 22 2011
  • Happy Sabbath, Juanita had a praise. Had been talking about baking bread, but her crusts always came out hard. Someone gave her Mom a breadmaker with all of the fixings!! Ann, before her walk this AM, had prayed for a divine appointment. Her neighbor was in the yard when she passed by, had just lost her sister. They attend New Life. The 13 year old daughter is having a difficult time. Pray for the Sapp and Holloway families. Jean is thankful that Marcus and Antonio are in school at Columbia Adventist Academy. She already sees improvement in Marcus. She asks for raveling mercies as she goes to CO next week to visit daughter. Leslie's yearly exam results were all good. Robert says that he has not been getting his medicine since jailed, but has not had a seizure since he has been there, thinks that now he does not need meds. Leslie wants prayer that her arm will heal. Kenneth is still having problems. There is also an issue of fit transportation to get him back and forth to Lexington for his Drs.' appts. James will see cardiologist on Wed. Sandy will be leading out in SS School on next Sabbath in Ann's absence. She asks for prayer as she continues to prepare. There is wake today for her son's adoptive mother. She is taking some Adventist literature because she has been asked some questions about Adventism. Pray for a receptive spirit. Betsy is thankful that since she is back in church she is passing out literature in Barnwell. Pray that it is being read And digested. Lillian's nephew's mother-in-law died. Pray for Cephus family. Annette's brother Dirk arrested a man in her home country and now his life is being threatened because of it. Shirley was at church today! VISITORS: Martha (soon going to stop considering her a visitor), Donna's son Trevor and his wife Marsha, Nadia and Children. ABSENTEES: Jimmy, Jerry and Mary (We know what is going on, but we miss you guys), Mortons-Becky and Mike are at Constituency meeting with Pastor, Angela, Claudette, Sandra Moore. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Aug 20 2011
  • Please Pray my soulmate has already been prepared for me and I have already been prepared for my soulmate.Pray GOD unites me and my soulmate together real soon.Never been on a date or ever had a girlfriend and been Praying and hoping for this for at least 18 years...Prov 13:12 Hope deferred maketh the heart sick, but when the desire cometh, it is a tree of life... Please Pray GOD Blesses me so i can Bless others in every way every day of my life.Pray I can help people who are targeted by every kind of evil 100% of the time.Pray GOD Blesses me to be able to expose evil 100% of the time and evil will not be able to hide once exposed.Pray a hedge of protection around mind body and soul. Pray GOD overflows me with HIS Power,HOLY SPIRIT and Presence in my life. Pray the HOLY SPIRIT is so strong in my life that satan and his servents will flee with terror because GODS presence is so strong in my life. Pray my body would be a strong vessel for the HOLY SPIRIT. Pray GOD causes satan and those used by satan great confusion when they come against me with their evil plans and Pray GOD sends His angels to to fight along side me when is happens.Pray GOD cuffs me in His Hand when evil comes against me.Pray GOD raises me lightyears above satan and those used by satan to glorify GOD.Pray GOD heals my body completely.Pray all the people that have seen my Prayer Requests in past years will be reminded to Pray for my Prayer Requests again.Pray all the people who saw my Prayer Requests in the past years will have it put it in their hearts and minds to Pray for my past Prayer Requests again...In JESUS Name Amen...Thanks for your Prayers...
    Phil - Aug 17 2011
  • I am seeking prayer for my friend Lesan who is student nurse worried about her future in being promoted to final year in nursing in September, 2011. Pray for guidance and comfort from God and support from family and friends. Also, I am requesting that you pray for me and another friend Jody,that we may pass all of our exams so that we can be promoted to final year in school September, 2011. Thank you for praying.
    Shakira Scott - Aug 16 2011
  • I have had many delays in getting my degree from college, with lots of blood, sweat, and tears, with hungry stomach and worrying galore. Finances have always been the main issue [plus health], but now, a problem that I never before had, grades/ academics, threatens to cause more delays. Please pray for me to graduate in August 2012 with my BSc degree in Medical Technology (Clinical Laboratory Sciences) from NCU in Jamaica, and that my grade issues will not only be resolved, but that from now until graduation, I make all A's, more like* what I was used to years ago [*rather, better than - used to all A's & B's]. Thanks so much, and God bless you.
    Antonnette Thomas - Aug 14 2011
  • Happy Sabbath, Leslie asks for Heather Thompson had been in jail for assault now back for shoplifting. Traveling mercies for Aaron who is returning from NY on Mon. and Brandon and his children returning from a trip to TN. Kenneth is losing ground. James is waiting for his primary Dr. to arrange an appt. with a cardiologist for him. In meanwhile, in limo as to why he is having problems that he is experiencing. Sandy needs prayer--Why is she losing her "sunny disposition"? Juanita has nothing but praises. She has a JOB, Antonio is going to go to church school, has another car, sent an inspirational package to her unbelieving Grandfather, he accepted it. Betsy wants her niece to continue to study with her every Friday. Marcus is concerned about people around the world. Jody is thankful for his Mom's birthday today. Gloria says Carla is still having trouble with smoking, needs transportation to church and Dr., there is death in the family and her bother needs prayer. Continue to pray for the Bible School. Pray for Gloria, she has come out of retirement to teach math in a Charter school. Pray for my cousins: Temisha to whom I have sent 1st lesson of Amazing Facts and Becky who is having marital problems. Also my grandsons: Their Dad took CJ today to begin his first year in college and will take AJ next weekend to begin his senior yr. Pray also for Alton, not only two kids in college but other personal issues. VISITORS: Baez family, Jody and his children, Martha ABSENTEES: Bob, Ann, Anthony and Annette, Karen, Christian, Jerry and Mary, Mortons, Angela, Shirley, Marilyn and Sean, Sandra Moore. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Aug 13 2011
  • 1. URGENT and EARNEST prayer request is requested for our Company LT to be the successful bidder on a contract. The company faces closure should we not be successsful. Pray that God will remove all persons and obstacles from our way. 2. That my contract for part time employment at the university will be renewed this September.
    Sherene Brown - Aug 07 2011
  • Happy Sabbath, Some of us got cooling rain with some thunder and lightning, but it was refreshing. Juanita's brakes failed her yesterday just as she was approaching a red light. Her angels intervened as she was able to get through the intersection without an accident! Praise the Lord. The thunderstorm at Sandy's home last night blew down a large tree across their road but just enough space was left for her to get car by this AM to come to church! Jackie, her sister-in-law's health issues have become more complicated since her heart attack. Some of her meds are causing her to have sleepwalking nightmares. They live in a tri-level so the possibility of her falling is great complicated by the fact that her husband just had knee surgery and cannot chase after her when she gets up. Claudette's car quit on her, took to garage, after evaluation called -$600.00 quote, did not have the money. Prayed, later call from mechanic-problem would be repaired because it was under recall! Lillian's niece and husband and their friends were visitors today. Anthony's newly repaired car wouldn't work this AM when he came out to come to church. He was blessed to have his "old standby". Lee called to say that family matters kept him from being at church. Pray for them. Gloria says Bible student Carla has spurs on her back. She has just sent the first study form to another student. Pray that they return it. Leslie asks prayer for Robert and those in TX suffering from the drought. One lady died of heat stroke because someone stole her air conditioner. An article on the news saying that the water in a river in TX has turned the color of blood because of all the dead fish. Pray for Ed. He is a member of the Church of Christ and I have given him the booklet "Getting Acquainted With Adventists". Pray for our servicepeople. Pray for people starving in Africa and elsewhere. Pray for all who have physical problems. Pray that Jim Brunson's life will reflect the church that he represents. VISITORS: Martha, Betsy's nephew ABSENTEES: Heyward, Lola and Gloria Clayton at SS; Shirley, Jerry and Mary, Angela, Marilyn and Sean, Connie, Lee, Karen, Ann. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Aug 06 2011
  • .Dear heavenly father pls save our bengaluru factory from being sold-you are the god of miracles and nothing is impossible for you.pls help us-guide us to to do the right-this i ask in the name of your son jesus christ.amen.
    sony motwani - Aug 02 2011
  • Dear god, in the name of jesus pls revive our ceramic factory is facing a lot of quality, breakage and production problems.pls bless this company oh lord so that it prospers and flourishes.this company is the bread and butter of so many people, pls pls let it not shut down.thankyou.
    sony motwani - Aug 02 2011
  • Happy hot Sabbath, Pastor and Donna are back from Canada but Donna was not at church today, not feeling well. Sandy was blessed by seeing a flock (20+) of ducks this morning as they landed by her neighbor's pond. She is happy that she can post songs, scripture, devotions and such like on Facebook and has gotten positive feedback from "kinfolk". In response to Don's children's story about birds, she recalls that her kitten went missing, she could hear it in woods surrounding her home but couldn't find it. She finally found that what she was hearing was a mocking bird mimicking the kitten. Happy ending: the kitty finally returned home. Marcus wants Momma to not say things that she should not. Geana had procedure yesterday, is in considerable pain. Gloria had a "good time" in CA. had hard time on the redeye trip home. When got home discovered that because her house sitter had left sliding door open at times a very hostile looking creature has decided to claim residence in her home and made himself known to her this AM as she was leaving for church. Pray that she can find "it" and evacuate "it" from the home before "it" decides to crawl into bed with her tonight. Seriously she is concerned, because she does not know what the lizardly looking creature is and whether it could be poisonous or not. Ann has a praise. She was involved last week with "Morning Glory" South Atlantic's Women's Ministry prayer group which has a conference call prayer session from 5AM to 6AM every morning except Sabbaths. Thinks maybe there might be interest in Aiken Church for such a group. If interested, email, call or speak to her. Leslie and Barney went to see Robert this AM. He is still incarcerated, looks good, good outlook; does not know when anything is going to be done. Retha, Nadia, Marquel and Rayna all were at church this AM. Praise the Lord! Betsy was going to Cola. early one morning this week, barely avoided a serious accident because a car in front of her had hit and killed a deer, deer was in road, the disabled car on side, she managed to control her car to keep from running off the side of the road. It is time for license renewal for our radio station and Brian has run into some roadblocks. Pray that the paperwork logjams can be dislodged soon so that he can do the technical work necessary to keep WASD on the air. I have a challenge to the church; If on any given Sabbath, there are 40 people at Sabbath School before the lesson study begins and stay for study, I will, the next first Sabbath hold up Gabriela's BLOOD PRESSURE sIgn on the corner of Gregg and Hudson for 15 mins. as fellowship meal begins. VISITORS: Terry ABSENTEES: Karen, Jerry and Mary, Angela, Annette left during SS, Shirley and Heyward, Robert and Gabriela, Gloria Clayton, Sandra Moore, Ruth, Connie, Marilyn and Sean. Becky is going to be at fellowship hall on Sun. 07/31 at 1:30PM working on bookmark project. Asking for volunteers. Going to be a tremendous outreach ministry. Bring old greeting cards or anything with decorative designs that would fit on a bookmark. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Jul 30 2011
  • Beautiful job, Ann. Everything was a PRAISE to the Lord. The worship and the dinner, I'm sure delighted Him and anyone who was in attendance. Praise Him! Another big praise to the Lord. He has heard and answered prayers, esp. Sandy's on behalf of Kenneth. He was to be baptized a Baptist on yesterday. Thank You, Lord. Contain yourself, Sandy. Am waiting to hear about the service. Will the answers never stop? She has been praying for family members to stop drugging and smoking. So far, 5 have stopped smoking and 2 have stopped using drugs. Leslie's friend Patty Lynn who left the church has made decision to return. Family was present when she did. And yet another praise, Bob Tarbox was here at church and thankful for the bargain that he got on a pair of Rockport shoes that looked new and were just his size at a discount store. He was also able to get a good looking church outfit also. Thank You, Lord, for discount stores. He is thankful for the packed house. Becky asks prayer for traveling mercies for Pastor and Donna as they travel back from Newfoundland. Don is thankful for prayers on his and sisters behalf. Sad though that his sister has gone to sleep. Pray for comfort for the family. Gabriela and Robert's friend the Colemans were visiting. Her friends are being healed, one from cancer and the other from skin cancer because of sourgrass treatment! Solicits prayer for Jenny Moran whom Christ is healing and Joan Smith who has cancer. Marcus wants prayer for Momma, Poppa, people all around the world, Mrs. Clayton. She says that she didn't know that so many people knew them and cared. She says that she is doing fine. Betsy asks for daughter Ilana who was raised Adventist but has apostatized and is practicing Wicca. Her 14 yr. ld son was killed in a boating accident. Let's hold Betsy up too. She had left the church, is now back! There is a lot going on in her family right now. She needs all the special attention that we can give to her. Michael, a visitor, asks prayer for Louise, his friend's wife. Grant has praise for beautiful day. Ann is thankful that for the second time in as many months that she nor Nathaniel was hurt in their respective accidents. The Lord has had His angels watching over them. Louella, our speaker for Women's Ministry Day, is thankful for the turnout at youth camp and the success that it was. Her grandmother is out of the hospital and recuperating. The news of the weekend has been awash with all sorts of distressing news. Are we alarmed or encouraged? Are we frightened or energized? The enemy is busy because he knows that he has but a short time. We should be twice as busy, humbling ourselves, praying for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, telling others about the 3 Angels' message, preparing hearts for the evangelistic outreach in Oct. We have two dear young people at Aiken Church and others in the area who are being educated the way that the Lord would have them be now. Pray that the Lord will continue to bless and answer prayers that what is best for these young people will become a reality. VISITORS: A number of people from New Life who came to support Sister Louella, Mary Brooks from Ebenezer, Dayna a summer student at USCA, Bob Tarbox, Martha, The Colemans ABSENTEES: Bob, Retha, Jerry and Mary, Matt, Gloria Curry, Sandra Moore. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Jul 23 2011
  • Please Pray my soulmate has already been prepared for me and I have already been prepared for my soulmate.Pray GOD unites me and my soulmate together real soon.Never been on a date or ever had a girlfriend and been Praying and hoping for this for at least 18 years...Prov 13:12 Hope deferred maketh the heart sick, but when the desire cometh, it is a tree of life... Please Pray GOD Blesses me so i can Bless others in every way every day of my life.Pray I can help people who are targeted by every kind of evil 100% of the time.Pray GOD Blesses me to be able to expose evil 100% of the time and evil will not be able to hide once exposed.Pray a hedge of protection around mind body and soul. Pray GOD overflows me with HIS Power,HOLY SPIRIT and Presence in my life. Pray the HOLY SPIRIT is so strong in my life that satan and his servents will flee with terror because GODS presence is so strong in my life. Pray my body would be a strong vessel for the HOLY SPIRIT. Pray GOD causes satan and those used by satan great confusion when they come against me with their evil plans and Pray GOD sends His angels to to fight along side me when is happens.Pray GOD cuffs me in His Hand when evil comes against me.Pray GOD raises me lightyears above satan and those used by satan to glorify GOD.Pray GOD heals my body completely.Pray all the people that have seen my Prayer Requests in past years will be reminded to Pray for my Prayer Requests again.Pray all the people who saw my Prayer Requests in the past years will have it put it in their hearts and minds to Pray for my past Prayer Requests again...In JESUS Name Amen...Thanks for your Prayers...
    Phil - Jul 21 2011
  • Good afternoon, Becky was out of town on Wed., I recorded the requests and am just getting around to sending those and Sabbath's. Please don't fire me. Pray for Retha and Joan's friend Henry to find a job, Kenneth joined the church last Sun. was to be baptized today. Cont'd prayer for him. Dr. has given him 6 mos. Sandy has seen a real change in him. Pray for Gloria and her family. The memorial was well done. She seems to be handling all well, but.... Heyward and Shirley, Jerry and Mary Ann's eyes--her blood pressure has been on the rise lately. Needs relief from stress. Joan's BP. Sandy has a praise that 2 people for whom she has been praying have stopped their addictive behaviors for some months. Her sister Jackie can now blink her eyes. This is a significant improvement. Maurice says he will stop smoking if she will pray for him. Gabriela praise God for 9 yrs. of marriage with Robert and asks for prayer for his back; can walk but sitting or standing long is painful. Jimmy's stepson is recovering from surgery. Betsy asks prayer for Albinos in Africa. This witch doctor is searching them out, killing them and using body parts to make magic potions. Leslie asks cont'd prayer for Robert and Kenneth Armstrong whose 20 yr. old daughter was killed in a motorcycle accident. Her friend fro NC Betsy Kantzer's husband died. Barney herd on news that Chinese Christians were being persecuted. Pray for them. Marcus wants prayer for idol worshippers around the world. Russell thanks God and knows that He has answered. Is always amazed how nature takes care of itself. Alice says Danya was not feeling well yesterday Pray for her. Didn't get visitors and Absentees because something came up. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Jul 16 2011
  • Happy Sabbath, We got good rain this afternoon. Praise the Lord. Pray for Marcus that he will not be in pain. He had a minor procedure yesterday. Sandy is thankful that she has been blessed to get to know her adopted children, esp. Charles Ray who died on July 4 at 44. The Lord is a gracious and awesome God. Della's friend's son was killed in a motorcycle accident when a deer ran across the road. Russell wants us to pray for one another, to cherish our freedom. The world news reveals the need for prayer, the time is short. Claudette is thankful to have two children Michael and Malinda visiting her. Malinda is flying out tonight. She asks for traveling mercies and cont'd prayer for stronger marriages. Pray for Julie whose husband left her 5 days before their 6th anniversary. Gabriella and Claudette asks prayer for Clayton and Gloria. Ann has a praise for God's perfect timing. Shirley and Heyward. This is Michelle's last week at camp. Pray for a good ending for her. Pray for Suzanne Harpine and her friend Steve that the Lord's will be done in their relationship. Leslie says that Robert is in jail for drug possession. Christian was at church today. Lightning struck, damaged most electronics and appliances, but did no structural damage. She was frightened. VISITORS: Suzanne and Steve, Claudette's daughter and son from MA,, Mary and Marshall Brooks from Augusta, Dana Blake, a USCA student, Chelsea visiting Della and Carlton from FL. ABSENTEES: Jimmy, Karen Jerry and Mary, Joan, Retha, Mortons except Becky, Jean and Marcus, Heyward and Shirley, Angela, Trisa, Lillian, Gloria Curry, Clayton and Gloria, Marilyn and Sean, Sandra Moore, Karl. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Jul 09 2011
  • Dear Brothers and Sisters, I'm 39 years old, and ever since I became an SDA at age 23, I've been waiting on the Lord to provide me with a godly husband. However, there have only been disappointments so far. I know that a man won't give me true fulfilment in life, only the Lord Jesus can, but it's pretty hard for me to see the years passing by and not having any prospects to get married. There is a spritual young man who I met in the US who seems to be interested in me, but I'm here in Europe, so how should something develop here? I would be really grateful if you could intercede for me that the Lord will very soon send the man into my life with whom I can serve Him best. I have such a deep heart desire to get married!
    Daniela - Jul 09 2011
  • Happy Sabbath, Sandy's grandson Scott served his time in service. She was happy to see him at home with wife and kids and doing well. He reupped! Pray that all goes well with him this time around. Her cousin Roland is back in rehab for a considerable length of time, is still in pain. Her sister-in-law has Bel's palsy. Her camera's batteries just died, but she got enough pictures of this full house today. Juanita's grandfather is dying and does not believe in God. Pray that the HS can reach his heart. Claudette's daughter is here on a visit. Her daughter asks for prayer for marriages because of the devil's attacks. She is also went well on her flight here even though she was apprehensive to start off with. Gloria says that Geana's surgery has been postponed; she is still having problems. Drew is scheduled for a physical for a job next wk. Pray that he passes. He NEEDS the job. Carla's back is still giving her problems. Pray for her cousin and other Bible Study contacts. Sallie Mae Lloyd has critical pancreatic cancer. Pray for traveling mercies for Gloria and her companions as they travel to CA in the morning. Anthony is thankful and happy that Annette was baptized today and that so many family and friends were able to come. Welcome, Annette. Pray for her as the devil hops in to discourage her. Pray for those not able to come because of illness. The Lord knows who they are. Thanks that they were able to get their plumbing problems fixed. Ann has a praise for God's goodness. Retha says that Nadia and Rayna were in an accident. Leslie's friend Mr. Danes has a brain tumor and dementia. One visitor is glad to be here today. Anthony's friend is glad for the invitation to visit. He and Annette baby-sat her child and talked to him about God. Don is traveling to Cape Cod for the month. Pastor and Donna will be in Newfoundland for the month. We had too many visitors to name today. Should have as baptism every week! Had a guest speaker Pastor H. Cunningham from Georgia Cumberland Conference. He is Ray McKenney's nephew. Message AUTHENTIC DISCIPLESHIP. Listen to it on our website if you were not there. Dynamic! ABSENTEES: Karen, Jerry and Mary, Grant, Jean and Marcus, the Morton children, Heyward, Angela, Clayton, in hosp., Gloria, Marilyn and Sean. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Jul 02 2011
  • Please, help me pray for healing for my brother Angel Rivera. He had open-heart surgery for a triple-bypass last Friday, 24June and the doctors can’t wake him up. It has been 5 days today. Every time they try to wake him up, he gets agitated and his heart rate and blood pressure gets too high. Now the doctors just told us he is getting pneumonia. Please help me pray for a miracle. Thanks and God bless!!!
    Maribel Rodriguez - Jun 28 2011
  • Good afternoon, Gloria says Geanna is to have investigative surgery on 07/22. Drew still does not have a job. His wife and children are in a shelter. Ann reports that VBS was a success, There were 15 youngsters and 2 teenagers. Thanks to Becky and all the helpers for the great job. Shirley wants prayer for Waylon that he will want to come to church and not act out once he is there. Her granddaughter was to be married Sabbath afternoon. Pray that this is the right thing. Heyward is out of work. His son's wife is now in a long-term treatment center. Don's sister is at home after her extensive surgeries. Robert's friend is spitting up blood. Pray for himself too. Pray for Retha. She has not been at church for a while. Betsy asks for cont'd for her sister a heavy smoker and brother-in-law. There are some mental health issues for both of them. Betsy is back at church after some years. Tristan did get something out of VBS despite his seeming inattentiveness. Leslie and Barney celebrated 53 yrs. of marriage this wk. Russell asks for those in nursing homes. Sandy has visited Ruthie at Pepper Hill. Has been there over 30 yrs. because of bloodclot on brain. She is wheelchair bound, is depressed because her father who used to come every night to feed her has died. Needs prayer. Marcus has concerns. Jerry and Mary. There was a request that I got only a gist of. It was about smoking, and someone had spurs on the spine and for a cousin who is an alcoholic. The Lord knows who made this request. Sometimes another person has begun with their request before I have finished writing the previous one, Most of the time I can remember who and what, but this one got by me. Alton's blood sugar went up to 535, spent most of Friday night in the ER. They were able to get him stabilized and as of this afternoon he is back at work and doing well. My brother Alonzo had surgery on Thursday for suspected cancer on the lung. Surgery was done, was benign, he is recuperating now from the surgery. VISITORS: Martha, Joseph, Julian, Donavon, Breanna, a couple whose names I did not get. ABSENTEES: Lola, Karen, Mary and Jerry, Retha, Michelle, Mike, Matt. Ben, Alice, Brian, Angela, Clayton and Gloria, Marilyn and Sean, Sandra Moore, Trisa. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Jun 27 2011
  • Good Sunday afternoon, I was just getting online to send this when my son Alton returned one of my repeated unanswered calls to him. Turns out that yesterday he was cutting the grass around the fish pond on the farm so that he and Bree could go fishing today--Father's day. He was there by himself, got too close to the edge where it was soft and the TRACTOR FELL INTO THE POND!! He was a little dazed at first, and since he is a good swimmer he thought to make it to the bank, he then realized the reality of snakes and alligators in the area. His best bet was to swim to get atop the sinking tractor. Fortunately, walking the tractor he was able to get close enough to the bank to jump from the tractor. The Lord had someone walking that not often traveled road, because his phone had gotten wet and they were able to get help for him. Praise God that He had His angels yesterday on Chavous Rd. watching over Alton. Juanita has praises. She and Antonio were protected from the storm last week, the Lord met her financial needs once again, He is working in her family. Her brother Eric is in jail for drug possession. Pray for Sandy's cousin who can't eat or walk for pain. Is in rehab. Ann wants prayer for Kim a 29 yr. old who is in a sickle cell crisis. Ann was doing some cleaning and found a sizable sum of money. Leslie is thankful for the rain. Robert has begun his own stop smoking program. Gloria wants prayer for Geana and Drew, both to stop smoking. She too found money during cleanup. Maybe we all should do some deep cleaning! Claudette wants cont'd prayer for Carlos and her friend Alice. Anthony wants prayer for their friend Mary. Pray for traveling mercies and a pleasant visit for Alice and Brian while in CA. Betsy says that Johnny has been released from Aurora, but Iliana has been admitted. She needs strength and wisdom to assist them. Arlene says Lee is out of town and Russell is visiting his family. Donna is thankful for all of the expressions of love and concern during her recent recovery from surgery. Marcus prays for all the world and thanks everyone for the money and presents. VISITORS: Martha, Gloria's grandsons Joseph and Justin. ABSENTEES: Karen, Jerry and Mary, Lola, Lee, Retha, Mortons, Russell, Alice, Brian, Angela, Marilyn and Sean, Clayton and Gloria, Sandra Moore, Trisa. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Jun 27 2011
  • Good afternoon, Saints, Sandy has visited the "little old lady" at Pepper Hill whom Grant referenced. Her name is Meryl, she has no family here, is bed ridden, needs visitors. Is in 1st room after the nurses' station after you enter. Continue to pray for Sandy, James and Kenneth. Marcus gave his requests. I was not able to hear all of them. The Lord knows who they are. Leslie cited a report that in Joplin, MO there is a rare disease that is now breaking out. There have been 156 deaths there. Carlos has had a set back. He is back on life support, still in coma. Claudette has a local friend in the hospital. Another friend in mid 80's has a fractured pelvic bone. Gloria Curry and her siblings are having some disputes since their mother's death. She says that they are making her to be the "trouble maker". Pray for her children, Drew, Lawanda, Geanna and Jody. Ann is thankful for the admonition to "Be still". Pray for Celestine Walker, her sister-in-law, who has had surgery and is in pain. Lucinda Kenner, an 88 yr. old retired teacher has taken on the responsibility of a 6 wk. summer enrichment program for elementary through high school. Pray for the Lord's blessings, her stamina, for volunteers, for additional funding. Carlton is experiencing kidney problems. Juanita praises the Lord that money that she needed for a special purpose was provided. Betsy says that her brother-in-law, a Mormon, is reading DESIRE OF AGES while he is being treated at Aurora Center. Pray for her relatives Lori and Johnny. JP's son got married last week. Pray that they will go back to church. He is thankful for all of his blessings. He reports that there was an Adventist church that was destroyed during the tornados earlier this spring. Russell is thankful for the great messages that were delivered at Campmeeting. Alice and Brian are flying out to CA to visit her sister on Fri. Don's landlord Bob fell and broke his hip, is in Carriage Hills. His wife died very recently. Pray for the Evangelistic Series. VISITORS: Terry and Kirby, Martha, Betsy, JP and Mi Ling. ABSENTEES: Arlene, had stomach cramps this AM, Heyward and Shirley, Jerry and Mary, Ben, Matt, Angela, Trisa, Clayton and Gloria, Marilyn and Sean, Annette. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Jun 11 2011
  • Good afternoon, Saints, Sandy's Drs.' checkup was OK. Some meds changed, lost 5 lbs, put on fat- free diet. Pray for that! Cont'd for Kenneth, he is going downhill, is becoming nonverbal. Betsy's brother-in-law is in manic state at Aurora, both suicidal and homicidal. Her sister Ilina who accompanied her to church is also mentally ill. Leslie's Drs.' checkup showed that she had gained 5 lbs. She has heard from her grandson in MS. He says that the river hasn't crested, they are still in rented apt. until it is clear that they can return home. Claudette says that a friend in Springfield MA was miraculously spared when the tornado went through. Marcus asks for Russell, Ray, all church members, those in India who worship idols. Those who will be returning from Campmeeting. Article in Southern Tidings that in MS an Adventist church was destroyed by the tornados. Silent requests. VISITORS: Eustacus and Jillian from Syracuse, James Artis from New Life, Betsy and her sister Iliana, Zerrubabal's mother from Mexico ABSENTEES: Don, Karen, Jerry and Mary, Becky, Ben, Michelle, Angela, Trisa, Lillian, Gloria Curry, Robert and Gabriela, Clayton and Gloria, Juanita and Antonio, Sandra Moore. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Jun 04 2011
  • Hello brothers and sisters, i would like to resuest prayer for God to bless my massage business in Paris france and to bring more of a female clientele. And for the therapists to be honest and for them and the clients to be saved. Also for me to end years of loneliness and find someone. Loneliness which is so bad that i even asked help to the devil, please pray! And get along with others. And for God to touch the people on the streets in paris where i am passing out sda flyers. Thank you. I pray the Lord blesses all your needs also! Http://
    fabien chanoz - Jun 01 2011
  • Good Sunday afternoon, Sandy's cat follows her on her walks. They saw a rabbit and uncat like for about 5 minutes that morning they stood and watched that rabbit do his thing and not once make a catlike movement. She and they had a good morning. Her cousin, more like a brother, fell out o tree while cutting limbs, broke some ribs, should have been much worse, is now walking. Claudette's cousin needs prayer. Carlos is still in coma, but healing according to his sister. Shirley is out of hosp., at home under home care service. Pray that all works well with this decision. Leslie is thankful for Aaron's presence at church. Her sister almost stepped on a rattle snake. Maybe this larger font is better on eyesight. Forgive the change in the middle of the note. Ann is thankful that her guardian angel was in full attendance on Friday, AM, when the car accident occurred. She is grateful for your prayers and the evidence that God hears and answers. She has minor discomfort, but nothing that she cannot handle. Gabriela praises God for His goodness and asks for blessings on each member of the church and all people. Grant has a patient at Pepper Hill who is a member of NA church. He had not seen her there before neither had she seen him. He knew that she was an Adventist because of her Bible and SS quarterly. Pray for her healing and comfort. Connie celebrated a birthday on 22nd. One of the Drs. in her group died. Pray for comfort for his family and colleagues. She had another request which I did not hear well. The Lord knows what it is. Russell asks for victims of tornados and other disasters. Pray for all who will be traveling to Camp Meeting at any time this week and for their safe return. Pray for the Holy Spirit's leading at Camp Meeting and on all of His people. Don says that Gerry is at home and doing well. Praise the Lord for all of His benefits. He inhabits the praises of the saints. ABSENTEES: Jerry and Mary, Jean and Marcus, Michelle, Matt, Angela, Shirley, Heyward, Lillian, Clayton, Sandra Moore, Anthony and Annette. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - May 28 2011
  • For Shane to have all doors of opportunity for him closed forever. For him to stop trying to get another job in another state and allow me to finish my degree and start my career, as I have supported him for many years on his goals in life. For God to please not open any doors for him as he is being very selfish and not thinking about me or our children. I don’t want to uproot them again to move for a job he really does not want anyway. For God to be with us every day and keep our finances prosperous. For his family to stay in their own state and not come down here to interfere with our life. For them to have and live their own life. For them to know that it is important for me to raise my children the way that is right by God and not the wordly way like his family think we should. For Shane to find it in his heart to forgive me from the past mistakes so he can live our life together happily and not be so negative with resentment and bitterness in his heart toward me. For him to understand everyone makes mistakes and I have asked for forgiveness. For him to stop smoking in our home. It is making all of us sick. For God to take the need to smoke away from him forever. For Shane to stop being so hateful and mean to me and our children. Please pray for God to intervene and allow him to see how ridiculous he is being toward me and realize how much it will affect him as it does me and the children. Please pray for me and my children so that we are not subject to Shane’s family next month. For Shane to realize that seeing my parents who need the help is so important as they are older and I have neglected to help them as I should due to financial reasons. Please pray that God will make a way for me to help my parents and go and visit them because this is my children’s only grandparents and he is doing all of this for spite. He is purposely keeping me from my family so that it will be about him and his family who do nothing but take the money and ignore him the rest of the time. For him to stop threatening me to take our children when things are not going right for him. Please pray for a shield that will not allow him or his family to take my children.
    - May 25 2011
  • Happy Sabbath, Jackie does not have cancer but an ulcer. Pray for her husband Tracy, an atheist, who when he called Sandy said, "She needs all the help that he can get" This may be a witness opportunity for Sandy. Continue d prayer for Kenneth and her. Cont'd prayer for Michelle, Donna who is doing very well and has been cleared to go to Camp Meeting. Hayward's son's wife in Detox. Pray for son. Shirley is in hosp. w/pneumonia. No visitors. Betsy Morris for niece Stacy who is studying with her, was coming this morning but had migraine. Her brother-in-law Johnny Reid a Mormon has agreed to read GC if she reads Book of Mormon. She does not believe it but is going to so. Pray that HS convicts him as he reads. Her son Kurt is scheduled for hernia surgery. Jean and Marcus are going to FL Tues. for a week. Marcus asks for Donna, Ray, many people and himself. Don for sister Gerry who had cancer surgery Mon. and Kevin who had complicated surgery. Carlos is still in coma, but stable. Wofford is in hosp. Pray for Gloria too. VISITORS: Bro. Newbill, Martha, Betsy Morris, Jeannie ABSENTEES: Karen, Bob, Anthony and Annette, Angela, Michelle, Gloria Curry, Trisa, Connie. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - May 21 2011
  • Happy Sabbath, Becky was keeping Donna company on Wed. so I recorded the requests. These will be a compilation of those on Wed. and the ones from today that I can remember. It was pouring rain when I got home, left my bag in the car, got soaked, have not been back out since because it is still raining. I pray that you got rain if you needed it, but not too severe weather. Pray for those who have been devastated by tornados and flooding. Continue for Donna's complete recovery. Don's sister Gerry has adrenal gland tumor and is scheduled for surgery. His friend Marcia in Edgefield has lesions from previous surgeries that are causing problems and her husband is a total invalid. He, Don, has been accepted as a patient at MCG Dental School for reduced pay. His angels were on duty again yesterday when he narrowly escaped a bad accident. Sandy is again taking care of Kenneth. His house is in a state of disrepair, need lot of work that he cannot afford to pay for. Her grandson Scott is trying to stop smoking. Joan wants prayer for her son and his wife and new baby: Michael, Jennifer and William. Lillian's niece Charlese Bryant has a painful degenerative disc in her back. Pastor wants prayer for these elderly North Augusta members: Mary Hester 85 has a blood clot in her leg. Sue Devins currently at ARMC but has no medical insurance has not applied for Medicaid, is cantankerous and a hoarder. Thanks to Jean, Marcus and Connie for the beautiful landscaping. Retha asks prayer for herself and that she has learned to use her faith. Gloria asks for Geanna who had a biopsy and will not get the results until next week. pray for negative results. Drew and his family need prayer Marcus asks for Donna and Connie. Cl,audette asks for her friend. Leslie ha not heard from her grandson but knows that the river has not crested there yet. Had visitors today: Baez family and Bessie and her niece and nephew. There might be more later when I get my bag out of the car. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - May 14 2011
  • Leslie's grandson's home in MS is in danger of being lost by the flooding there. Because Walmart no longer stocks a medication that she has to have, she went to Walgreen's expecting higher prices but found that they have it for buy one get one free. Christian was 20 on Sabbath. Someone has to be with Clayton at all times. Pray for him and Gloria's endurance. Sandy asks for Kenneth and herself because he now needs more supervision and she will be the designee. Marcus asks for Donna and thanks Ms. Connie because "She plays better than anyone else". Claudette says Carlos is still in a coma but has been upgraded from critical to stable. Gloria asks for Geanna who has some serious medical issues. Also pray for new Bible students. Don asks prayer for missing members. Pray for tornado victims. Jimmy is sick. ABSENTEES: Jimmy, Karen, Jerry and Mary, Retha (I talked to her Sabbath afternoon and she said she is well,.), Angela, Shirley at SS, Trisa, Anthony at SS, Annette, Marilyn and Sean, Clayton and Gloria, Sandra Moore. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - May 09 2011
  • Happy Sabbath, Donna's surgery is scheduled for Tues., May 3 at University at 7:30 AM. Please be in prayer for her, Pastor and all who will be attending her. Pray too for a successful, pain free, speedy and complete recovery period. Clayton is doing one day at a time. One of his meds has been discontinued. He wants so to be able to come to church. Pray toward that end. Pray also for Gloria's stamina and encouragement. Carlos, Claudette's friend, is still in hospital. She does not have specifics concerning his progress. One of her friends is traveling to VA. Ruth is returning from FL. Pray for safe trip. Lillian wants prayer for visitation at Shiloh Heights this afternoon. I was typing this up when Gabriela and Juanita came by with reports from their surveys, very encouraging. KEEP PRAYING. Sandy is thankful that the storm did not completely destroy their road and driveway. She is thankful that the Lord hears prayers and sometimes grants immediate responses. Carla a Bible student wants prayer to stop smoking. Pray for the School. Becky's friend's son David was in a welding accident and has significant burns on his body. Anthony is thankful for prayers for Annette while she has been studying for baptism. Thanks especially to Lillian, Pastor and Donna. She is soon to be baptized! Pray for all the storm victims. We all know that God cares. Ann and Don each has special instances of His very obvious concern this morning. Ann was on way to church when she remembered that she had left something at home. She was deciding not to go back, but was compelled to. When she got back discovered that she had unknowingly left her kitchen door wide open. Don barely missed being hit by another car because he was 'DIRECTED' to look into his side view mirror. GOD CARES FOR HIS CHILDREN. LISTEN TO HIM AS HE SPEAKS. Lola has not been able to contact a cousin in AL despite number of calls. Pam and John have gotten safely back to VT. ABSENTEES: Trisa, Jimmy, Bob, Jerry and Mary, Retha, Karen, Angela, Shirley, Marilyn and Sean, Sandra Moore, Ruth, Clayton, Mike, Ben, Matt. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Apr 30 2011
  • I need prayer for hope, patience, guidance, & God's restoration of my relationship. I have been going through a hard time in my relationship. It's been a month since I started praying. I feel more encouraged today but I need other people to pray on my behalf as well. I have been praying that God restores my relationship with G so that we can be happy again. I need prayer for forgiveness, peace, healing, blessings, faithfulness, Kindness, goodness, love & happiness. I need God's grace, favor, & mercy, and prayer for courage, wisdom, strength & confidence. Please pray that God uses the Holy Spirit each day to work with both of us. I need God's continuous presence so that my relationship can be fully restored & be blessed. Please pray that my fiancé desires more the need to work on & mend our relationship, and that we will be reunited soon. Please pray that any negativity or obstacles that is preventing our relationship from being restored & keeping us apart to be removed & destroyed. I would really appreciate all your prayers. Thank you.
    A - Apr 29 2011
  • Happy Sabbath, Pastor Al is in pain with kidney stones. Pray for them to pass or dissolve quickly. Donna's surgery has been canceled because of heart problems. Donna's niece and family and a friend with pancreatic cancer. Sandy had a good time in TX despite having a blowout in AL and having to drive on a donut at 50 mi. per all he way to TX. The family reunion was great-saw cousins that had not seen since '53. She now has 12 great-grands. Claudette's friend Carlos was scheduled for surgery this AM. Does not know results yet. Connie says John Pam's husband came home yesterday doing well. Pray for the firefighters battling the forest fires in TX. Two have been killed. The rain has come and cooler weather. Della asks for family killed in tractor trailer and car accident this week. Same family whose daughter was killed in car accident just about the same place the week before. The Davis family. My car's computer was registering some problems on the way to church. Robert checked it out for me after church and all was fine. Thank You, Lord. VISITORS: Martha, Eva Hardy from Paradise CA. ABSENTEES: Ann, Jerry and Mary, Retha, Angela, Annette and Anthony, Gloria Curry, Clayton and Gloria, Sandra Moore, Ben. Ruth. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Apr 23 2011
  • Happy Sabbath, Juanita had a good week. God is meeting her needs. Anthony says Pastor Thomas of Lighthouse SDA Church asks for prayer for his critically ill mother. Hayward says that he and coworkers were on high scaffolding this week and is thankful that God gave them good grips to hold on. Shirley's arthritis is a little better but she is still in pain. His friend Pat is having financial problems, has lost her house. Leslie reports that Donnie Curtis is out of the hospital. He lost one finger and part of another but the others are mending. Marcus says thanks for the people who are present and for Mrs. Leslie's story about Ellen White. Pray for our church. VISITORS: Arlene's daughter Pam and her husband. ABSENTEES: Bob, Ann, Sandy, Karen, Jerry and Mary, Joan, Angela, Shirley, Claudette, Marilyn and Sean, Lillian, Clayton and Gloria, Sandra Moore, Mike, Ben, Matt, Michelle, Ruth, Della, Ray. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Apr 16 2011
  • Please continue to pray for your brother in Christ, I plead you, take pity on Myshkin Aleksander from Russia, Cheboxary who has schizophrenia. Recently I saw a dream: in that dream someone described me difficulties in Christ’s life and I have understood that I am to meet difficulties on Christ’s way too and then when someone offered to me something I rejected that from fear. I am very sorrow about that, in that dream I didn’t realize that I needed Christ to be healed. Possibly if I would agree with that proposal, then Christ would certainly heal me from my illness in that dream. That would be great! Your pray would be almost fulfilled. Please continue to pray for me. Pray that Christ would come to me. I will also fast for that. It is very difficult for me to live under psychotropic tablets. I do not deserve better life because of my sins, but I need it very much. Please, I am asking for only everyday prayer for me until I inform you about positive answer from God and it will lead to that that you will give thanks for His goodness, and for His wonderful works to the children of men! I have saved your email on my computer and will surely tell you about the answer from God after what you will only give thanks to the Lord and may forget about me. I live either under psychotropic tablets that do not let me to communicate, pray, read the Bible or schizophrenia comes to me and when this illness captures my mind it seems to me that my father, my pastor, someone in the church and many people in the street are maniacs killers. Then it seems to me that even God is the same and I cannot do anything with it. This can be improved only by psychotropic tablets that also are horrible in their side effect. 6 times during the last 3 years I got into mental hospital. Life there is horrible, the lack of pure water and air, constant humiliation from the personal, hard psychic state because of large quantity of psychotropic drugs which they compel to accept by force. It is difficult for me to grow spiritually when I am under psychotropic drugs. They are very unpleasant for my state of mind. My life now is a sequence between life in mental hospital and life in freedom. For 14 years I cannot enjoy normal healthy sleep that have people who are not burdened with psychotropic drugs. I do not take pleaser from my sleep. Please ask the Lord for vision or dream concerning me. It will help me greatly if I know what God tells me directly whether He is going to heal me . May be God will send me some message through you as He did through Helen White and you will be able to let me know of it via email and I will cheer up in hope of the Lord. My email is You are good men and I am sure God will send you a dream concerning me. It is difficult for me and I am in despair. My life is empty and useless and the psychotropic drugs do not even let me to do sport exercises. Sport exercises and tablets together are big load for my body. I believe that the Lord doesn’t want me to dwell under psychotropic tablets but my sins depart me from Him. Now I try to live correctly I eat only one time a day but Christ doesn’t come to me by night. I am afraid that He won’t heal me but I know that it is according to his will that I would be healed because He would certainly heal me when I saw Him in December 2004 by night (I wrote about that on my first email). So many time I was sorrow about that. I laid on my bed for about 5 minutes and He was still in my room, I didn’t even looked at His wonderful face, it was really wonderful. No one looked at me so tenderly before. And know I think that I will perish. I who saw Christ face to face. I think that if He won’t heal me I will surely die for eternity. I will die from despair, from poverty when my parents become too old. I am loosing precious time and I do not understand why God does not come to me. My life has changed from the time of the first vision of Christ as I sinned greatly and now I think that I won’t be able to perform Gods will and He will leave me forever. But I want to serve the Lord all my life according to my ability as there can be nothing better and it is my happiness to feel myself near to God. Because of psychotropic tablets I cannot estimate beauty of nature, of Bible verses and etc. I do not laugh at all. I wait for Christ as for the most desirable guest. Thou it seems to me that the Lord has forsaken me because of my sins and sometimes I think of suicide but I know that in this way I will die for eternity and will be outside the walls of the New Jerusalem and then the fire is waiting for me and it retains me from self killing. I am concerned about my future as it is difficult for me to believe that the Lord will heal me and make me know about it so that I could leave the tablets. I am afraid of my future and this fear makes me to fast about Christ’s coming to me and healing me. It is difficult for me to live every day of life because of psychotropic tablets that my parents urge me to accept. The only way not to accept tablets is to deceive them but I don’t want to do that. Besides it is necessary to prevent schizophrenia. How awful my life is with these psychotropic drugs. Please continue to pray for me, I am nothing for you but in Christ’s sake … I am sure that your praying efforts will be repaid with that labor that I will be able to do for the Lord being healthy. Because of my illness and psychotropic drugs I cannot live by myself. I am loosing precious time of my life in vain but I would like to have my own family and children, I am 33. Oh Lord hurry to me and heal me. Every day I look longingly at healthy men. It poignantly difficult for me to realize that I am ill. In May my father allows me to forsake tablets, please pray that I could have normal sleep and that schizophrenia would not come back if the Lord won’t heal me till that time and tell me that I can forsake tablets. It is my last battle with schizophrenia or I will just die from despair. I beg you to take pity on me. Pray for me every day until I inform you about the answer from God. Pray also for the following people in our church that are ill with psychic illness: Lena Karzanova, Volodya Mushlaev, Tanya Kudryashova, Oleg Petrov, Tsaplin Andrey. Pray for Anzhelica Lesheva, my sister in Christ she has often pain because of 3 tumors in her body, for Marina Zhulidova she has epilepsy. Pray for there healing.
    Sasha Myshkin - Apr 11 2011
  • Happy Sabbath, Donny, a relative by marriage of Leslie's, severed three fingers on each hand while doing house repairs. All were able to be attached but one. The wait is to see if the reattachments are successful. One of Della's daughters had to have emergency surgery earlier in the week, as she was being released, the other one was being admitted with a ruptured ovary. Then Carlton came down with a stomach virus. Pray for them and Della that she remains healthy and able to care for them all. Travel mercies for Ruth, Joan, Sandy, Grant, Jean and Marcus as they travel to or from their destinations. Rosemarie's friend Leon's sister died. His brother has terminal cancer. Pray for them all. VISITORS: Ramón from NY, Martha. Gloria's two sisters, her daughter, granddaughter, Florence, her son and his wife and three children because Gloria delivered the message today. ABSENTEES: Sandy, Karen, Jerry and Mary, Joan, Grant, Jean and Marcus, Ben, Matt, Shirley and Hayward, Angela, Trisa, Annette, Marilyn and Sean, Clayton and Gloria, Sandra Moore. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Apr 09 2011
  • Sandy's son and daughter who are going to counseling after a 9 yr. estrangement and Sandy as they are now in Texas. Leslie is thankful for interest in her while sick and continued prayers for Karen and her grands. Joan while in NY and for her safe return. Don's sister gave him $10,000 for a birthday present!! Hayward's coworker Amzo Rodriguez fell off scaffold 25 ft. up, injured but would have been worse if Hayward and other worker had already left as they were scheduled to do. He would not have had immediate assistance. Sassy is OK but needs a checkup. Anthony is thankful for prayers that have helped him My Mom Adena was 88 on Fri. We took her out yesterday for her birthday. This was first time that she had been on an outing since being in the nursing home. We all enjoyed it. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Apr 07 2011
  • Happy Sabbath, Alice says that Sassy got a complete examination including a colonoscopy and was found to be without kidney failure. She was put on Lasix as a precaution and was expected that the Vet in Cola. would be releasing her to come home today. Pray that Carla gives a listening ear to the HS as she reads her Bible. Sandy asks for the TJ Bennett family in TX, he 22, the wife older. He took his child and 4 stepchildren on a heavy duty tractor for a fun ride. The tractor overturned in a ditch, seriously injuring him and 3 of the children. One child was killed. The older child managed to escape injury and got help. Charges are pending on the father for child endangerment. Marcus: Russell, me, Clayton, Church. Barbara was at church today and is thankful for all that church did for her and her family while bereaved. Pray for her now because of her injured knee. Bob Tarbox is thankful for the beautiful weather, our building a new church. Pray for his immediate family. Joan asks for Gloria's family during their bereavement and Jerry and Mary. Russell asks for Japan and radiation effects. Grant asks for continued improved health. Is now able to run uphill without huffing and puffing! Dicks Realty will be showing the church to an interested buyer on Mon. There is possibly another interest. Unspoken requests. Clayton. Gloria Curry says thanks for everything. Remember Shiloh Heights Project and Revival and Reformation. ABSENTEES: Leslie, Barney left after SS as did Becky, Shirley and Anthony; Jerry and Mary, Karen, other Mortons, Sean, Clayton and Gloria, Sandra Moore, Juanita and Antonio, Alice, Angela, Annette, Trisa VISITORS: Bob Tarbox, Martha. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Mar 26 2011
  • Good day. I am Aleksander, Adventist from Russia. Would you read my prayer request. Recently I have known that it is possible that my mother have cancer please pray for her and for my parent’s everlasting salvation. I am almost in despair as I am ill with schizophrenia, it is horrible and it steps back only when I drink psychotropic tablets that also don’t let me to live normal life and have healthy sleep, my life is empty because of them. I want to free from schizophrenia so that I could live without tablets, please pray for that. Pray that I could know what to do and could have power to live victorious Christian life and to overcome my sins that are very great. I also need very much to feel Gods presence in my life. I want to serve the Lord being healthy and I am still young for that. I am 33. My problem is that I cannot know whether I am free from schizophrenia until I forsake tablets, but if I do that schizophrenia comes back and I get into mental hospital, and life there is horrible so I am afraid to forsake tablets. Pray that if the Lord heals me from schizophrenia that I and my parents could know that certainly even if I accept psychotropic tablets that keep me far from my illness. You know, once I met Christ face to face, that was in December 2004 by night, approximately at 12 a clock, but I did not stand up and talk with Him. He would certainly heal me from schizophrenia that time already thou that time I didn’t know that my illness is so deep. I have lost 7 years after that in vain. Now I am very sorrow about that, but Christ does not come back and heal me from my disease. More over I have sinned recently and think that Christ will not have the kindness to answer my prayers and to favour me as my sins are great. And more over won’t come to me again and heal me from my disease. I think that Christ will heal me only if I see him face to face but it is difficult for me to live so that the Lord would come to me again, sometimes I try to fast as I did before his first approaching to me but he does not come and heal. It is difficult for me to live and not to be in despair. Because of the tablets I almost do not communicate with my relatives and in the church. I am in sorrow when others rejoice, and I cannot pray, I am just silent for several seconds in the morning, then tell to Him a few standard words and then begin to research on Bible theme. Because of my illness I cannot live by oneself and I do not know what will be with me when my parents die. Besides I am concerned about their everlasting life as there are not Adventists. Thank you for your prayer, it is really very necessary and valuable to me. I often lose heart and think of suicide. I hope that you will pray for me as long as possible.
    Sasha Myshkin - Mar 22 2011
  • Happy Sabbath, Gloria says that Clayton is not doing well. He likes receiving cards. Leslie came to SS but left because she was not feeling well. Pray for friends of hers in MS whose mother died this past week, Barbara, Shirley's sister, has hurt her knee, is in brace. She had just returned to work after having had shoulder surgery. Just prior to that she had had hip replacement. Pray that she does what she needs to do for healing and to return to church. Gloria Curry's mother Dessie Hicks died Fri. AM. The funeral is Tues. at 1:30 at Second Baptist on Hampton Ave. The wake is Mon. from 6-8 PM at Jackson-Brooks Funeral Home on Fairfield St. Pray for my grandson CJ. He needs to remain where he is to finish out this school year. Pray for Evangelistic effort in Oct. Work on bringing at least one person to the meetings. ABSENTEES: Lola, Sandy, Barney and Leslie left after SS, Jerry and Mary, Karen, Mike, Ben, Matt, Angela, Claudette, Marilyn and Sean, Gloria Curry, Clayton. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Mar 19 2011
  • Please, pray: That Our Lord God strength the relationship between Dejan M. and me! THAT HE WILL BE VERY MUCH INVOLVED IN MY LIFE AND ME IN HIS! For GOING DEEPER IN KNOWING EACH OTHER! That WE SPEND A LOT OF TIME TOGETHER! That our love will grow stronger day by day and that we always place God in the center of our lives! Thank you for all your prayers Praying for you Katarina from Belgrade in Serbia
    Katarina Djordjevic - Mar 18 2011
  • Robert Brooks is having seizures. Leslie is still not doing well. Jean thanks for prayers for her daughter and family. She is also thankful that in answer to prayer she has a new job teaching which will give her some respite from her present hectic schedule. Gloria's Mom was taken to hosp. on Sabbath morning having breathing problems. That was resolved, but they think that she now has shingles. Her name is Dessie Holland. Pray for the Japanese. Charles Jackson and his wife once attended Aiken Church when Bridgestone was getting underway here. He came here as a translator. They have since returned to Japan. Pray that they are safe. Marcus: parents, Russell, whole world, troops, go to heaven. Becky's nephew and roommates at Southern were held up at gunpoint and all electronics were stolen. They were not hurt. Joe Lewis and Gladys Norman have questions about the Sabbath. Claudette's friend Teresa's husband died. Pray for her and her daughter. Russell asks prayer for our leaders, esp. President and Congress. Let us be thankful for the freedoms we have as Americans. Colby Lester, Lola's step-grandson, is a Marine in Afghanistan. Pray for him and all of our troops. Dorothy Lewis, a friend of mine, has bladder cancer which has been arrested. The treatments that she has to have every three weeks are painful. Pray for her comfort after each episode. Sandy's 3 yr. old great grandson will have tonsils removed on 03/24. Another one 2 yrs. old, fell injured toes, turning black. Has to keep feet elevated. Lola was not feeling well on Sabbath, but is feeling better now. (Lola, I'm pressed for time right now, will "holler" at you later in wk.) ABSENTEES: Jimmy and Jeannie, Don at Myrtle Beach, Matt, Retha, Clayton and Gloria, Barney and Leslie, Jerry and Mary, Gloria Curry, Lola, Sandra Moore, Anthony left after SS as did Hayward and Shirley, Lee. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Mar 14 2011
  • Happy Sabbath, Robert Brooks had an accident this afternoon on his motorized bike. He has facial injuries, a broken wrist and is being checked for further injuries. Leslie says that he was trying to open his eyes when they let her in but was not communicating. She could not stay in room because they needed to continue diagnosing. Micky Morgan is out of the hosp., but is still not doing well. Clayton is back at home, but not doing well. Pray for him and Gloria. Juanita and her family will be traveling back home. Pray for safe trip. Leslie is not doing well. Don's friend whom we were praying for has been given a clean bill of health. Lillian's oldest brother's wife was being buried today. Gloria's mother is now doing well. Pray for Discover Bible School, revival and her brother James Holland. Marcus has prayer requests. Becky, Jean's daughter, has health issues. Pray for Jean's immediate and extended family. Arlene had request for an 87 yr. old who had a heart attack. ( I did not get the name.) Daisy Walker, Ann's mother-in-law, has a growth on back of her leg, problem yet to be determined. VISITORS: Suzanne, Martha ABSENTEES: Sandy, Karen, Jerry and Mary, Angela, Trisa, Claudette, Sandra Moore, Clayton and Gloria. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Mar 05 2011
  • Leslie wants prayer for Elaninea who is very sick, her friend Charlie Conklin whose legs are giving him trouble because of his heart. She is not feeling well, in fact they left after SS. Sandy asks for Tracy, James and Kenneth. Lillian has an allergy and is having difficulty talking. Gloria's Mom is having trouble with her back and shoulders. Doctors are trying to use therapy rather than surgery which would be a problem for a 94 yr. old. Nettie, a visitor with her son Alan, has a friend who was to come here after her wedding to have reception but has the flu, she is thankful to be here is SC., another friend is depressed. The Andrews family. Ann who was a grammar school classmate of mine died. My husband's 111 yr. old aunt died and was celebrated at her funeral yesterday. News report that a young lady came into US from abroad with measles and went through 3 US airports. Pray that no one that she interacted with were contaminated. Russell says that all events taking place are evidence that Jesus is soon to come. Pray. A close relative of Shirley's was hit by an IUD in Afghanistan, there is serious nerve damage in a hand. This is the 2nd time that he has been wounded in action. He has been shipped back to the states, An MRI has shown that her son has 2 degenerative discs in his back. Pray for all those who were absent from church today. ABSENTEES; Jimmy, Karen, Jerry and Mary, Retha, Mortons, Jean and Marcus, Shirley, Anthony and Annette, Claudette, Marilyn and Sean, Clayton and Gloria, Lillian, Sandra Moore, Della. God bless, Wilhelmina I overlooked this request from Connie (sorry, Connie) . She wants prayer for three of her coworkers each of whose marriages are breaking up. Gabriela called after having visited Clayton at the hospital this afternoon. He was feeling better and supposed to be coming home. Juanita's grandmother in NY died this morning. No definite funeral arrangements yet but she will be going to NY. God bless. Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Feb 26 2011
  • Happy sunshiny Sabbath, I got "REQUESTS" correct this time. I'm surprised that no one called it to my attention. Marilyn has gotten an offer to work in the restaurant and banquet hall at The Marriot in Augusta. Pray for its reality. Shirley's cousin David Stover is in hospital recovering from heart surgery. Pray for Hayward's son who is having "a difficult time". Robert Tarbox is glad to visit again at Aiken Church. Jean and Marcus are flying to CO next Fri. Traveling mercies for them. Marcus is celebrating his first adoption anniversary. Karl's mother-in-law in PA has suffered a stroke. Her eyes are affected. Pray for a full recovery and acceptance of the situation on her part. Keep our troops in all countries in prayer, esp. in Middle East. Retha Leslie Jeannie Traveling mercies for all who are away for weekend. VISITORS: Robert Tarbox and Wayne, Jeannie, Maria Macok, Carlton and his daughter. ABSENTEES: Sandy, Karen, Barney and Leslie, Jerry and Mary, Retha, Mortons, Shirley, Sean, Claudette, Clayton, he's in the hospital, Gloria, Sandra Moore. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Feb 19 2011
  • Happy Sabbath, Gloria asks for Bible students including Carla and friend. Clayton, Leslie, Mary and Jerry. Marcus asks for all people. Joan that Henry finds a job and Christian a young girl. Anthony's aunt Dorothy Rewine in Denmark, lung problems. Lola's 92 yr. old Aunt Ruth who is sick. Bill Cunningham Ray's brother-in-law died yesterday. Pray for the family. Bob has prostate problems. Kenneth and James that he will stop smoking. Marcus is a blessing. Pray that he and Antonio will continue to be the godly young men that they are. My brother Alonzo has a medical problem yet to be diagnosed. Pray that the pain will cease or that it will be determined what the cause is so that it can be properly treated. No visitors. Absentees: Ann, Bob, Leslie, Jerry and Mary, Retha, Angela, Hayward, Marilyn and Sean, Clayton, Mike, Matt. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Feb 12 2011
  • Happy cold rainy Sabbath, Shaun Bonstra is taking a medical leave of absence from It Is Written because of a serious undisclosed illness. Pray for his complete recovery. Pray for our church to sell so that we can continue with our building plans. Pray for Bible study interests so that we will have an audience for fall evangelistic effort. Did not hear who made the request but their friend has family that he is trying to get out of the volatile situation in Egypt. A Discover Bible study student Carla wants prayer for severe pain and that pain therapy will keep her from having surgery. Her friend is hospitalized with physical problems but also has spiritual needs. God's will to be done in Middle East. Retha has not been to church in a while and has not responded to calls or notes. The Community Services' Shiloh Heights project. Jay asked for a friend in the hospital. Marcus asks for Russell. Traveling mercies for Mary as she goes back home to MS this week. Mary's shoulder is still giving her trouble. It will be a while before the healing is complete. Pray for pain relief and complete recovery. Lucinda Kenner, an 88 yr. old retired Spanish teacher who is voluntarily teaching Spanish full time at a county middle school had to be brought home one day this week with a respiratory infection. Pray that she recuperates and that she realizes that it is time to slow down. My Mom was not doing well this afternoon, was hallucinating, someone was trying to kill her and she was threatening to set their bed on fire. Was visibly upset. Pray that she will calm down and be able to get some rest. Visitors: Margaret again, Hispanic family from NA, Mary, Barney and Leslie's daughter from MS. Absentees: Sandy, Karen, Jerry and Mary, Retha, Shirley, Marilyn and Sean, Clayton, Sandra Moore. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Feb 05 2011
  • Happy Sabbath, Heyward's father went to sleep in Jesus this past week. Pray for his family, his sister and especially for his nephew Matthew who was very close to his grandfather. Also pray for his son Craig who has sprained back muscles. Pray for the Shiloh Heights community service project and all who are participating in the effort. Alice is not feeling well. Mary fell and injured her shoulder. Lola and Sandy were absent. Shirley says Tommy has questions about who we are, She needs help and literature to be able to do it correctly. Barbara's shoulder is mending after surgery and with therapy. She is talking seriously about coming back to church. PRAY! Russell and Arlene were back. Marcus wants pray for all the sick people. Visitors: Martha, Lillian's neighbor; Jeannie, Jimmy's wife. Absentees: Lola, Sandy, Karen, Jerry and Mary, Retha, Becky, Mike, Matt, Alice, Angela, Gloria Curry, Marilyn and Sean, Clayton, Sandra Moore, Anthony and Annette, Juanita and Antonio. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Jan 29 2011
  • Happy Sabbath, Carlton, Della's husband, has not smoked for at least 5 weeks and Della even longer. Pray for their continued success. Marilyn is the subject of racial discrimination. Gloria Curry is traveling. Pray for Kenneth. His Chemo routine has changed and he is having difficulty with the change. Pray for the Angela Prather family. Her daughter found her dead in bed. Rachel, Angela's friend's niece, has recurring cancer with masses between her breast and heart. Pray for all the absent members. Silent requests. Russell fell, is not doing well. Jerry is feeling better, but now Mary has his problem. Absentees: Don, Lola, Karen, Jerry and Mary, Russell and Arlene, Retha, Mortons except for Becky who came to SS. She has a cold., Shirley, she is doing better, Gloria Curry, Clayton and Gloria. Visitors: Margaret, Lillian's neighbor, Carlton, Della's husband and daughter. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Jan 22 2011
  • Happy cold Sabbath, Hayward says that Shirley went visiting, got dog bit while trying to escape, fell from the porch and injured her back. Leslie was at church but left not feeling well. Mike's Mom is home from Rehab. The Hickson family lost their 93 yr. old matriarch. Pray for Sharon and Corey Tart, mother and son. He has pneumonia, she is sick also. Joan's friend Henry, the doctor, is job seeking. Lee's friend Sherry was in a car accident and has broken ribs. Jeannie, Jimmy's wife, was not feeling well today. Marcus says pray for Russell, Clayton and everyone in the church because they are all old (:. Visitors and returning members: Geana with Danielle and Florence, Terry and Trinity, Lillian's friend and study, Margaret, Robert Brooks. Absentees: Lola, she is still iced in, Sandy, Karen, Christian, Russell and Arlene, Jerry and Mary, Retha, Ben, Matt, Michelle, Shirley, Marilyn and Sean, Clayton, Sandra Moore, Anthony was at SS, went to get Annette, but did not return. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Jan 15 2011
  • Happy Sabbath, I checked on Retha. She is fine even though her phone is off. Jerry is still sick. Pray for strength for Mary. Sandy needs prayer for her body, for Kenneth and her nephew and his wife. Lola's grandson is scheduled for surgery on Tuesday. Rosemarie says Leon is ailing and his brother is close to death. Pastor had an allergic reaction to some food and is not feeling well. He was trying to make it to NA to preach this morning but was in pain. Geana's best friend's grandmother died this morning. Pray for the Curry family. Pray for Christy Baxley one of the two visitors who was at church this AM. She came in response to an invitation that I issued to her some five years ago. In the interim she has taken the Amazing Facts study. Pray that the two will return next week and accept the invitation that I gave to study with me. My Mom was despondent today, wanting to come home. Pray that the Lord cheers her heart. Absentees today: Jerry and Mary, Russell and Arlene (she is a little under the weather), Retha, Mortons, Hayward and Shirley (left after SS), Karen and Christian (left after SS), Marilyn and Sean, Gloria (left after SS), Clayton, Sandra Moore, Della, Ruth, Ray. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Jan 08 2011
  • Happy Sabbath and New Year, These people are sick or threatening to be from whatever is going around: Joan, Robert Ibanescue, Ann, my grandson AJ, Jerry. Sandy's leg is giving her trouble again. Pray for the families of the college students who were killed in the head-on accident. Gloria is thankful that her mother and brother-in-law are better. Karen has pneumonia. Mike's Mom is out of ICU and in rehab. Cont'd prayer is needed. Michael and Ruth Reese are going to return to church. Pray for Waylon. Marcus asks for Leslie and Ray. Anthony and Annette's neighbor a visitor asks for prayer for her children. Fran has made a resolution to return to church. Her nephew Skyler is her caregiver. I am thankful that my son Alton and grandson AJ were at church today. I misplaced the paper on which I wrote down the prayer requests as they were vocalized at church. These that I have recorded here are from memory. I may have forgotten some. Please ask the Lord to bless those that have been omitted because He knows who they are. These were absent today: Ann, Lola, Sandy, Jerry and Mary, Retha, Shirley, Robert Ibanescue, Marilyn and Sean, Clayton, Sandra Moore, Ben, Michelle. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Jan 01 2011
  • Gloria Curry has requested that we pray for her brother-in-law, Daniel Lloyd, who has a brain aneurysm.
    Brian Howell - Dec 29 2010
  • Greetings, Sorry that this is late. It has been a busy time during and after the holiday. I pray that yours was a blessed time with family and friends and that any visitors got back home expediently and safely. Did you enjoy the snow? Sandy says pray for these special ladies who each adopted at least one of her children and offered to them a good upbringing: Rosalie, Cathy, and Betty. Don asks for folks in Haiti and his sick neighbor Don who was nonresponsive when taken to the hosp. Pastor and Donna's dog Buffy had a stroke on Thur. Pray that she can be kept as comfortable as possible. Marcus asks prayer for Russell and everybody. Juanita thanks God for providing for needs. She is happy that her Father is reading the Bible, and this in front of the family. Continue to pray for the evident change that is occurring in his life. Russell is thankful for all his blessings. He wants us to all love each other. Jean is thankful for the past year with all of its blessings and challenges. Marcus has come with all of his needs and love. Pray for patience for them as they teach and nurture him, Hayward is thankful for recent blessings, esp. Shirley's improved health. Barbara and Patricia are scheduled for surgery. A visitor from India who is working as a Special Ed. teacher in Allendale asks for prayer for his father, mother-in-law and son in Kenya. Pray for him as he ministers to the children in his classes. Mike's Mom Carolyn is still in ICU. Continue to pray for Gloria Curry's brother-in-law Daniel Lloyd. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Dec 29 2010
  • Happy rainy Sabbath, My sister--in-law died yesterday. They are not religiously affiliated but her service will be held tomorrow at Apoka SDA church in Orlando. Pray that Harold her husband will now make the decision to become a member. Mike's Mom Carolyn is still in ICU. Sandy's 70th birthday is Mon. Cont'd prayer for Kenneth and James. Marcus asks prayer for Russell and me. Russell was at church today walking! He was using a cane, but he was walking. He is thankful for all the attention he has received while in rehab and since he has been home. Alice continues to thank Church for all the considerations after Vince's death. Heyward asks prayer for Shirley's sons. They are having some difficulty. Jean says Marcus' evaluation at MCG went well, She was impressed with the Drs. The bone graft will be performed in the summer. Fortunately they now have full insurance coverage since Grant was recently employed by the school system. Pray for the leaders of the nation and the world. Pray for traveling mercies for Sabrina and children as they travel here from Southern tomorrow. Gloria's Mom is at home from the hosp. Leslie is sick. Ray, Clayton and Gloria were not at church. These people were absent today: Karen, Leslie, Bob, Jerry and Mary, Mike, Matt, Shirley, Claudette, Marilyn and Sean, Gloria Curry, Anthony and Annette, Clayton and Gloria, Donna, Ray. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Dec 18 2010
  • Happy Sabbath, Gloria Curry's Mom is in University Hop. My cousin Stanley was mauled by a pit bull. His toe was bit off. They surgically reattached it but are not promising that it will survive. Barbara had surgery on her shoulder yesterday. Will soon have to have hip replaced because of the recall. Alice is thankful for all the gracious acts rendered to them since Vince died. Fruit will be delivered Wed. at 8 AM. All hands onboard. These people were absent today: Ann, Karen, Jerry and Mary, Russell and Arlene, Marilyn and Sean, Clayton and Gloria, Gloria Curry, Sandra Moore, Mortons, Claudette. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Dec 11 2010
  • Happy Sabbath, Kenneth's facial surgery is scheduled for Fri. James has Drs. appt. for his eyes on 6th. Della's daughter had wisdom tooth removed, has had to be hospitalized because of it. Lillian's heat is back on after a week!! Pray for her next door neighbor Martha Bodie, whose husband just died. Marcus wants prayer for Russell. Claudette and Sandra Moore are both under the weather. Karla, a Discover Bible student, wants to be self sufficient. Needs pray for her heart, back, nerves and lungs. Kayla had a biopsy in Michigan, No results yet, will be spending time with a friend until results are in. Vince is doing better. Anthony is thankful that all are staying healthy. Barney goes to VA on Thur. for facial surgery. Absentees today: Karen, Arlene and Russell, Matt, Vince, Marilyn and Sean, Robert and Gabriela, Clayton, Sandra Moore. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Dec 04 2010
  • Happy Sabbath, Gail Fowler accidentally fell, was knocked unconscious, brain hemorrhage ensued. Was to be taken off life support today. Pray that God will sustain her life without complications. Claudette's sister had a safe trip from MN but tripped and fell when she got here, spraining her ankle. Pray for traveling mercies for all those who will be returning home after the holiday. Russell is scheduled to go home from rehab on Thursday, but had a temp. yesterday of 104. Ann says that Leroy Cummings, a friend's father, has been in hosp. this time of year for the last 3 years, this time with heart problems. The family suspects some associative difficulty. Matt, Hayward's nephew, is having family issues. Grant is working part-time at Pepper Hill as a CNA and needs prayer as he witnesses the distress that some of the residents are in. Lillian's and Gloria's furnaces were not operating efficiently this morning. These people were not at church today and were missed: Don, Karen, Jerry and Mary, Joan, Russell, Retha, Mortons, Jean and Marcus, Karl, Vince, Shirley, Marilyn and Sean, Clayton and Gloria, Robert and Gabriela, Sandra Moore. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Nov 27 2010
  • Happy Sabbath, Pray for Clay Clyatt and her husband Milliage. She is being treated with radiation and chemotherapy for colon cancer. He is in very serious condition with melanoma on brain. Has also had leg amputated. Sandy says James needs help to stop his 50 yr. smoking habit to help defeat macular degeneration. Kenneth is scheduled for extensive surgery to remove part of his jaw due to cancer. This may allow him to speak and eat again. Her daughter Mary is going to court to get custody of her 2 yr. old grandson whose father is in prison and mother does not want him. Many of Annette's family members are out of work, cannot find jobs and are suffering. All are losing homes and other possessions because of it. Gabriela and Robert; Pastor and Donna; Don Joan, Ruth, Jean and Marcus ask for traveling mercies. Lillian is thankful for her church family and all the thoughtfulness that she received during her recent illness. Pray for her as she has decisions to make. Connie is thankful that two recent test results were good! Marcus asks for Russell, new chair, church building. Lee says that there are plenty jobs available at the unemployment office. Brandon is 24 today. His baby has asthma. Karen Smalls has needs. Pray for Lee. These people were not at church today and were missed: Karen, Retha, Russell, Jerry and Mary left after SS, Matt and Mike, Vince. Gloria Curry, Marilyn and Sean, Clayton, Sandra Moore. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Nov 20 2010
  • Happy Sabbath, Lillian is sick. Shirley is thankful for all the expressions of sympathy rendered on behalf of Mrs. B. Pray for Margaret Benson, a friend of hers and Barbara. She is in PCU at ARMC. Don's back is giving him trouble again. Leslie left during service, not feeling well. These people were not at church today and were missed: Ann, Bob, Karen, Russell, Jerry, Mary, Retha, Becky, Marilyn, Sean, Clayton, Sandra Moore. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Nov 13 2010
  • Happy Sabbath, Barney says that Leslie was not feeling well. A visitor wants prayer for our elected leaders. Connie asks for a patient of hers whose name is also Connie. Her son was injured in Iraq, has a broken back which needs surgery and is riddled with shrapnel. Russell is at Carriage Hills, is getting therapy, has good days and not so good days. Clayton is a little better, is getting treatment at Hitchcock. Continue to pray for Bickford family. Anthony's father and uncle were down from NY, Pray for a safe trip back home. Sandy's granddaughter Christine is in Iraq, her granddaughter's mother had a liver transplant and is now back on drugs. Juanita has a praise for answered prayer this week. Marcus asks for Russell, Vince and everybody. Natalie McPherson, a diabetic, is experiencing problems. Mary and Jerry have the flu. Bob was not feeling well this AM, reports Don. I was able to walk from the back of the church to the front without assistance to lead out in SS. Praise the Lord and thanks to all for your prayers. These people were not at church today and were missed: Bob, Karen, Leslie, Jerry and Mary, Lee, Retha, Russell, Jeffcoats, Marilyn and Sean, Gloria, Sandra Moore, Clayton, Ben, Mike. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Nov 06 2010
  • Happy Sabbath, Leslie has two requests from MS. Mrs. Job is not well. Family is concerned, The Monsieur's family's father is missing fear that he has committed suicide. Sandy is thankful that James has not smoked in a week. Had one treatment on his eye which caused reaction. Pray for an alternative. Pray for her because she was beset by many adverse symptoms this week including vertigo and depression. Marcus wants prayer for Misters Russell and Ray. Grant is now a full-time school bus driver as well as part time at Pepper Hill. Mrs. B, has been taken off all life support systems, is in a regular room and being kept as comfortable as possible. Pray for the family. Russell is back in a regular room and is scheduled to go to rehab on Tuesday. These people were not at church today and were missed: Jimmy, Karen, Russell, the Jeffcoats and Mrs. B., Patricks, Jean Robinson, Karl, Marilyn and Sean, Clayton and Gloria, Juanita and Antonio, Sandra Moore, Donna, Ray and Della. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Oct 30 2010
  • Happy Sabbath, Marcus: Mr. Russell, little girl who was hurt, everyone else around. Leslie: Her niece with infection in salivary glands. Cannot have surgery because it would cause paralysis of face. Leslie's hip is fine, per Dr., will not have to have redone. Sandy: Is happy that when her family meets for reunion that they will call her so that she can talk to some that she has not heard from in years. James needs prayer to stop smoking. Arlene; Russell is slowly improving. Will be going to Carriage Hills for rehab sometime next week. Gloria: Students' requests: Donna Herendon prays that God will give her the job that she is hoping for and that her family will be safe. Karla Kaney wants to do God's will and not her own. Continue to pray for her aunt's bitterness. Me: I did not hear from Jessica last Sunday. Continue to pray that she will call. These people were not at church today and were missed: Karen, Jerry and Mary (I pray that all is well with you two), Russell, Ben, Matt, Michelle, Shirley (Hayward says she was not feeling well today), Mrs. B., Teresa, Patricks, Jean Robinson, Clayton, Della, Juanita and Antonio, Marilyn and Sean. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Oct 23 2010
  • Happy Sabbath, Gloria: Bible student Carla's request--comfort for her aunt who is grieving her husband. She is pushing others, who are also grieving, away with her anger. Waylon: next door neighbor who is a smoker. Retha: Her friend Elouise Taylor who has been indicted for homicide by child abuse. Bond has been denied. She says the charges are false. Alice: Vince had stents implanted yesterday, 4 below the knee and 1 above. Alice went to pick him up from hosp., came back, said he was fine, except tired. Pastor: Russell has had surgery on his left knee. The Drs. won't guarantee the procedure because of the many problems due to the amount of damage. He is in PCU because of his breathing problems. Arlene was at church today, says that she has pain in chest but is fine otherwise, is able to rest well. Leslie: Robert is 46 today. Aaron in MS is having sinus surgery. His adopted daughter has infection in salivary glands which could cause paralysis. Sandy: The mother had an easy delivery of her great granddaughter born on the 10th. James is to see ophthalmologist on 20th. Has been diagnosed with macular degeneration, needs to stop smoking. Hayward: He had a new great grand on Mon. Continue to pray for Shirley and Mrs. B. Marcus: Pray for Misters Russell, Ray, Vince, Clayton and all the old people. Me: I will be having a telephone conversation with Jessica Anderson and her husband tomorrow at 3 PM. She is a former Adventist who has become an Independent Baptist. I am not sure how far reaching the discussion will go, but one of the issues will probably be "once saved, always saved." Please pray that The Holy Spirit will speak through me. These people were not at church today and were missed: Karen, Mortons, Shirley, Patricks, Jean Robinson, Claudette, Marilyn and Sean, Sandra Moore, Clayton. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Oct 16 2010
  • Happy Sabbath, Sandy asks for Shannon, DJ and the entire family because of domestic abuse. She is back on new cholesterol meds, pray that there will be no negative side effects. Leslie's knee implant has been recalled. Might have to have second surgery. Pray for her children, esp. Robert who is making decision to come back to church. Pray for Vicksburg, MS. church. Barbara, Shirley's sister, also has one of the defective knees. Mrs. B. is still not doing well. Pray for Shirley's children, esp. Craig and his wife. He might come back to church but she does not believe. Gabriela is thankful that their neighbor is coming to church and that Robert is studying with him. Did not get his name. Alice had to take Vince home from church because his eyes were giving him trouble. Grant has gotten two jobs!! Don was in serious back pain but is now walking without any discomfort. Continue to pray for Clayton. Denmark Church thanks us for prayers and asks for continued prayers for increased membership. Pray for Ethel a CNA that I talked to when I visited Mom today at the nursing home that she would begin reading the Gospels. These people were not at church today for whatever reason and were missed: Ann, Karen, Matt, Mike, Jean Robinson, Clayton, Lillian, Claudette, Della's family. These people were there but left sometime during the service: Lola, Vince, Joan and Gloria Curry. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Oct 09 2010
  • Please pray that our jury trial will go in our favor and our children will be returned home where they are missed and loved very much!
    Lisa - Oct 07 2010
  • Happy Sabbath, Sandy says that their well has run dry-literally. They need rain to raise the water table. She will have to return to cholesterol medication. Needs one which will not cause reactions. Marcus has an ear infection. Alice has an answered prayer for Angela. Gabriela's cousin in Seattle has an autoimmune deficiency disease and is pregnant. There can be complications. Robert's back is doing better. Don's back is better. Rosemarie went to ER last night with elevated blood pressure. She is back home. Martha Thompson, a missing member, was at church today with her friend Michelle. Gloria thanks God for answering prayers for her mother, Geana and her granddaughter. She says Geana is going through some changes and is considering returning to church. Pray for that. She met some ladies this past week and ended up praying with them. Pray for them. The Lord knows who they are. Pray for Joan's friend Evelyn in CA and for Mary who is not feeling well. Lee was not at church today but asks for prayer. Visitor says that "God is good." Pray for the young lady that I met in Walmart who was an Adventist but is now a Baptist and that I will have the opportunity to finish the conversation when I go back to Walmart next week. Shirley says that Mrs. B. is still not doing well and that Hayward is sick. These people were not at church today and were missed: Karen, Jerry and Mary, Hayward, Mrs. B., Patricks, Jean Robinson, Marilyn and Sean, Clayton and Gloria. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Oct 02 2010
  • Happy Sabbath, Sandy is thankful for and asks continued prayer for Bill Holland. Pray for her because of several problems this past week she is depressed. Her grandson's wife Sadie is expecting. Pray for her because her other pregnancies were difficult. Anthony is thankful for the church's prayers and attention to him and Annette. He is also thankful that the household accident that he had was no more serious than it was even though it required 23 stitches in his forehead. Thank You, Lord. Gabriela says that Robert's back is bothering him again. Pray for the Bible studies that they have begun. Lillian is thankful that Robert put himself out to get her sink unstopped at no charge. Jean is thankful that the Lord protected them Friday morning during the shooting and subsequent manhunt that occurred literally in their back yard on Williston Rd. Retha found out that the reason for her increased blood pressure was a spider in her hair that had laid eggs. She is now feeling much better. Hayward sys Mrs. B.'s health is fast declining. Pat who had hip surgery is not doing well. William's go-cart was stolen. Clayton is having a hard time. Should be in the hosp. but he is resisting. Marcus is thankful for Sabbath. Russell asks prayer for disaster victims, service people and leaders. Pastor says that Igor caused significant damage to a fishing village in Newfoundland. There is no electricity, water and no entry way to get aid in. Donna's back is still giving her problems. These people were not at church today and were missed: Christian, Karen, Jerry and Mary, the Mortons, Mrs. B., Sean, Sandra Moore, Claudette, Clayton. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Sep 25 2010
  • Happy Sabbath, Shirley is doing pretty well but is having difficulty coping with Mrs. B. and her deteriorating feebleness. Clayton is a little better. Gloria asks prayer for a church member who has a health issue. Sandy is off visiting today(?). Karen was bit by a brown recluse(?) spider this week. Had problems for a while but is now better. Ann is not feeling well. Hayward's son is out of work and his wife is drinking heavily. Both things rare affecting their marriage, Annette Patrick's family members are currently unemployed and it is affecting relationships. Pray for all the unemployed because statistics say that this can cause many unpleasant and tragic incidents in a family. Robert is thankful for traveling mercies while they were on vacation last week. Juanita and Antonio had a successful afternoon last Sabbath going door to door handing out literature. Antonio was almost bitten by a dog, but Juanita prayed and the dog stopped in his tracks. Antonio's dog was killed by a stray pit bull and he is sad because of this. Grant says to be careful because there are reports that there are packs of stray dogs on the loose. These people were not at church today and were missed: Ann, Sandy, Christian, Mike, Ben, Matt, Michelle, Jean and Marcus, Shirley, Mrs. B., Marilyn and Sean, Gloria Curry, Clayton. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Sep 18 2010
  • Happy Sabbath, Pray for Tammy Hay who just underwent brain surgery for three tumors. Bill Holland fell but his body is improving. Continue to pray that Sandy's children and grandchildren will discontinue their vices. Someone has intervened and Debra Young is now in a group home. Vince is now home after a brief stay in the hospital. Grace was not at church today because her dog had surgery. Jean will be traveling to FL this week by herself. Russell asks prayer for victims of disasters all over the world and for families of 911 victims. Sheila, a former coworker of Don's at Walmart, has stage 4 lung cancer. Karen and Bart were awarded custody of their grandchildren on yesterday. Geana, Gloria Curry's daughter, is having tests for a serious medical problem. Pray that the tests will be definitive and that she can get the proper treatment. Shamalla, a fellow Adventist, has a terminal illness, cause was not revealed. She has children including a five (?) mo. old baby. These people were absent today and were missed: Ann, Christian, Karen, Joan, Mortons, Hayward, Shirley, Mrs. B., Jean Robinson, Grace, Marilyn and Sean, Gloria Curry, Clayton, Robert and Gabriela. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Sep 11 2010
  • Happy Sabbath, Janiqua's transfusion and tonsillectomy went well. She is back at home after a brief stay in the hospital. Sandy's son's estranged adopted brother died recently. Pray for reconciliation with the brother's family. Bill Holland, her brother-in-law's, body is not improving after a mild stroke even though his mind and speech are back to normal. Despite lupus, Leslie's brother will be 70 on tomorrow. Mary has been released from prison, is living with great Adventist family, is attending church. Pray that it is for the right reason. Debra Young seems to have a mental problem. Shirley had 6 mo. heart checkup. Dr. was amazed at how well she is doing. Russell's daughter is scheduled for back surgery. My Mom continues to make progress day by day. These people were not at church today and were missed: Bob, Christian, Karen, Mortons, Shirley, Mrs. B., Jean Robinson, Gloria Curry, Marilyn and Sean, Clayton and Gloria. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Sep 04 2010
  • Happy Sabbath, Don's friend Marcia is thankful for answered prayer. Don now has a woman in the house who doesn't talk back and doesn't max out credit cards. He just adopted a little puppy whom he named Abigail. Sandy asks prayer for lady in nursing home. DJ doesn't know what is causing blackouts, will see Dr. in mid-month. Her daughter needs guidance. Her niece's surgery went well. My Mom went to the nursing home from the hospital yesterday. She has improved but there may be some residual damage from the stroke which is not yet evident. Please continue to pray for her. Shirley wants prayer for her three sons, her Mom and herself. She says she is tired, has little patience and no tolerance. Leslie wants continued prayer for her friend Betty and her husband who had the heart attack at Camp Meeting. She is having trouble dealing with him as a patient and a child since he also has Alzheimer's. Hayward asks prayer for his young friend Garrett. Domingue's, Connie's caseworker, husband is slowly improving but is now depressed. Connie had a medical procedure done which went well. These people were not at church today and were missed: Ann, Christian, Mrs. B., Marilyn and Sean, Clayton, Claudette, Gloria Curry, Sandra Moore. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Aug 28 2010
  • Happy Sabbath, Sisters and Brothers, Sandy's brother-in-law Bill Holland had a mild stroke that left his left side weak, is in nursing home for therapy. Her grandson is incarcerated for nine mos. Pray that the Lord speaks to his heart while he is there. Lola met a young man Zack this week who is in trouble with the law. Ann has a praise that her son Marcus passed his NRC exam on Wed. She and a neighbor are scheduled to meet with Public Safety on Wed. re neighborhood issues. She has another decision that must be made on Thur. Pray for those affected by flood in Pakistan and the jobless. Hayward's friend Matt was to come to church with him today but did not show up. Please ask God to work on his heart. Jimmy had to take his wife to Dr. today. Annette Patrick is doing Bible studies with Lillian. Pray for the two of them. Russell asks prayer for the families of the med. team killed in Afghanistan, for people as a whole, service men, those affected by disasters. Don asks for Marisa who has an invalid husband and she has gout and female problems. These people were not at church today and were missed: Jimmy, Karen, Barney and Leslie, Joan, Nadia and children, Matt, Michelle, Shirley, Mrs. B., Robinsons, Claudette, Marilyn and Sean, Clayton, Sandra Moore, Ray, Della. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Aug 14 2010
  • Happy Sabbath, Brother and Sisters, Annette and Anthony are thankful for the outpouring of love and support during her surgery and recuperation. She is doing well, having lost 25 lbs. in the process. Della asks for prayer for traveling mercies for their trip next week to Gatlinburg. Lee is in Athens moving his daughter there for the beginning of the school year. Connie's coworker's husband's progress is slow, but positive. Continue to pray. Joan is traveling to MA next week. Alice says thanks to Robert for securely reattaching the mailbox to the post after it was blown off in the thunder storm. Sandy asks for prayer that her children and grandchildren will start going to church. Ann says that orientation for teachers is Tues. and Wed. of next week in preparation for the beginning of school year. Pray for all involved in the school system, staff and children alike. Don's younger sister Gerri has cancer and it is being treated by laser surgery. Grant is praising God for working in his life. He has lost weight and has gotten permission to take the CNA exam on a day other than Sabbath. Pray that he passes. Pray for the family unit. These people were not at church today and were missed: Lola, Karen, Leslie and Barney, Jerry and Mary, Lee, Nadia and children, Robinsons, Shirley, Mrs. B., Clayton and Gloria, Claudette, Gloria. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Aug 07 2010
  • Happy Sabbath, Brother and Sisters, Don's elderly neighbors Bob and Dessie have sons both of whom have cancer. To complicate matters, one lives in FL and the other in MI. They went to FL to check on one and as soon as they got back here had to go to MI to check on the other one. Connie's case manager's husband has had the surgery but they have not allowed him to wake up because of complications. James' nephew did not need the pacemaker. Kenneth's CAT scan showed that the cancer was contained. Keep Sandy's family in prayer. Vince thanks everyone for the cards, calls, well wishes and prayer during the last two weeks. His medical problem is still under investigation. Gloria has a praise that she is still "functioning" after her grandsons' visit. Pray for all grandchildren. Drew is still searching for a job. Pray for those affected by the fire in CA and all of our service men and women. Jean Robinson is happy to be back home from CA after attending her "Dad's'" funeral. She is thankful for the prayers. These people were not at church today and were missed: Karen, Barney and Leslie, Nadia and children, Shirley, Mrs. B., Patricks, George Robinson, Claudette, Marilyn and Sean, Clayton. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Jul 31 2010
  • Happy Sabbath, Brothers and Sisters, Vince is at University Hospital in Augusta to have a procedure done on his heart. Sandy says James' nephew Brice had a pacemaker insert yesterday. Leslie said that she and Barney prayed about their pledge and received notice soon after that Barney was getting a check from a class-action suit that had been filed years ago. Praise the Lord. Ann wants prayer for her husband Nathaniel's spiritual uplifting. The husband of the case manager at Connie's job had open-heart surgery. It went well, but he has COPD which is causing problems. Hayward is thankful that someone loaned them a lift to lift heavy beams that were too heavy for his three man team to lift. Pray for his son and his wife who has addiction problems. These people were not at church today and were missed: Karen, Joan and Jerry and Mary left after SS, Nadia and children, Vince and Alice, Mrs. B., Shirley, Patricks, Robinsons, Gloria, Lillian, Marilyn and Sean, Claudette, Robert and Gabriela, Juanita, Donna Barton, Clayton and Gloria, Sandra Moore. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Jul 24 2010
  • Happy Sabbath, Brothers and Sisters, Sandy wants prayer for James' great niece and nephew. Jerry and Mary were not at church today. Sandra Moore's home was broken into. Pray for the three young men who have been charged with home invasion and face jail time. Drew needs a job. Annette Patrick had difficulty during her surgery. Hayward asks prayer for his children, Shirley and Mrs. B. Leslie's great-grands are with their mother. These people were absent today and were missed: Ann, Bob, Karen, Jerry and Mary, Nadia and children, Ben, Matt, Grant, Jean and Marcus, Shirley, Mrs. B., Patricks, Robinsons, Lillian, Clayton, Sandra More and Ruth. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Jul 17 2010
  • Happy Sabbath, Brothers and Sisters, Sandy has praises. The Dr. says that if she stays on a strict diet she can discontinue taking her cholesterol medicine which was causing her legs to give way. She gave praise for the Lord making a way for her Kids (son) to stop smoking and drinking/drugs. Lola son found full-time work. Shirley younger son starts to work on Monday. Mrs. B. is deteriorating fast, still feeds herself, but makes a mess, sleeps, most of the time and easily depressed. Her cousin in Portland Maine is trying to sell her home and is having difficulty because of the economy. Della's baby is feeling baby, but still in hospital with an infection. Lee's friend has a brain aneurysm. Gloria ask for prayer and his family. He needs a job and the children are sick. Vince was here today, feeling some better. Debra Young living in trailer with no air or refrigerator. Russell received good news about the oil spill, but we need to pray that they will have positive results in stopping it completely. Continue to pray for the people in that area. Hayward son Lee has kidney stones. Pray that they will pass. His car died and he needs transportation. Ann asked prayer for the people in Haiti who still do not have adequate housing especially since hurricane season has begun. These people were absent today and were missed. Jimmy, Jerry and Mary, Michelle, Mike, Matt, Ben, Mrs. B, the Patricks, the Robinsons, Claudette, Clayton, and Sandra Moore. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Jul 10 2010
  • Happy Sabbath, Brothers and Sisters, Sandy is thankful that yesterday her legs stopped hurting. She read side effects for one of her medicines and found that this was the cause. She ceased taking and so no leg pain. Pray that other condition will not return before she has time to get to Dr. for a replacement. Leslie is thankful that she and Barney had Friday to themselves after having to baby-sit their greatgrands all week. Russell says that we should pray for compassion to bring people in and back into the fold. There are some prayer requests that have been given to him in private. God knows what they are, ask Him to bless. Lillian says that Annette Patrick has had surgery at ARMC. These people were not at church today and were missed: Shirley and Hayward left after SS, Mrs. B., Patricks, Robinsons, Gloria Curry, Claudette, Marilyn and Sean, Robert and Gabriela, Sandra Moore, Donna Barton, CLAYTON WAS BACK after a long absence, Bob, Karen, Nadia and children, Matt. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Jul 03 2010
  • Good afternoon, Brothers and Sisters, Sandy says that this 24 hr. prayer vigil has been a blessing to all of us and we should continue to pray. Bro. McCain suggests that each of us follow Daniel's schedule-morning, noon, and night. Russell says that they were blessed by their visits last week. Karen wants unity in her family. Beverly wants to be able to get out on her own, be more independent. Walker and Joan are praying for spiritual blessings. A visitor Tom asks for healing and for God to continue to bless him. Gabriela thanks everyone who participated in the prayer vigil and the blessing that it was. Waylon wants prayer for his sister Haley. Hayward asks for cont'd prayer for his family and for a coworker whose brother-in-law died this week. Don's baby sister has cancer and is up and down. DJ Tice is improving without surgery. Becky reminds us of VBS and asks for prayer. Arlene reports that Terri Gunter is watching 3ABN on TV that her Mom and stepdad gave her. She does not get to church because of physical conditions. Beverly lives next to her daughter in a nicely renovated garage. She gets around in her motorized chair and is looking wonderful. She gets her Sabbath School Quarterly by mail and diligently studies. These people were not at church today and were missed: Karen, Leslie and Barney-left after SS, Jerry was not feeling well so he and Mary left after SS, Nadia and children, Ben, Matt, Mrs. B., Vince and Alice, Patricks, Robinsons, Marilyn and Sean, Gloria, Clayton and Gloria, Donna Barton, Gracie. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Jun 26 2010
  • Happy Sabbath, Brothers and Sisters, Sandy wants cont'd prayer for her neighbor DJ Tice. There has been no improvement in his condition. She wants also to thank God for taking care of her family. Hayward is thankful to be at church this Sabbath because last Sabbath he was in ER with vertigo. He went to Dr. later on in week and all is fine. Shirley has been in some pain. Mrs. B. continues to have problems. His friend Roy Buzzard's home and all its contents were completely destroyed by fire. He had no insurance. Gloria says that a new Bible study student Donna is a new mother who needs a job, a place to live and dental work. Her mother also needs help. She is also thankful for all of the help that she got with the Health Expo last Sun. Gracie says that Jesus provided for her every need as she went through her surgery and while recuperating. She says that she is now completely healed and is thankful for everyone's prayers. Johnny is waiting for his third kidney transplant and Michelle has cancer. They both believe in prayer. Leslie's brother-in-law Richard Fleming is scheduled for cataract surgery on Wed. These people were not at church today and were missed: Jimmy, Jerry and Mary, Nadia and children, Mortons, Grant, Mrs. B., Shirley, Teresa, Patricks, Claudette, Robinsons, Karl, Marilyn and Sean, Clayton and Gloria, Donna Barton, Ray and Della. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Jun 19 2010
  • Happy Sabbath, Brothers and Sisters, Pray that Lola's son finds a full time job. My grandson AJ is directionally challenged. He gets lost while driving. He needs God's help to overcome this problem. Pray for the families in AR who are affected by the flash flood. Cont'd prayer for Sandy's family. Gloria says that the Health Expo is tomorrow and asks for prayer for Drew and his family. Willie Jean was thankful to be back at church today and glad that George has found a job. Her "father" died and she will be traveling to CA. Patricks are happy to be back after some time. He wants to go to NY to visit his family but his wife's medical condition has to be considered. Leslie says that Robert has a medical condition that needs to be diagnosed. These people were not at church today and were missed: Ann, Nadia and children, Matt, Mrs. B., Shirley, Heyward, Karl, Marilyn and Sean, Clayton, Sandra Moore. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Jun 12 2010
  • Happy hot Sabbath, Brothers and Sisters, Sandy's niece Terry has postponed her surgery until Aug. because she wants to be with her son at a hockey tournament in July. Dale Ann is upset because her drug addicted mother contacted her. Shirley says that Mrs. B's health is deteriorating. She is getting weaker and weaker. Pray for her three boys who need God in their lives, esp. Craig who knows the truth, is a baptized Adventist, but has turned away. He is now having some real difficulties and needs Jesus in his life. There were silent requests. Gloria wants prayer for the success of the Health Expo next Sunday. Leslie's back has been giving her problems all week, so she and Barney left after Sabbath School. Camp Meeting was being held this week so many of those who were not at church today are at Camp Meeting: Ann, Don, Karen, Russell and Arlene, Jerry and Mary, Nadia and children came in but left early, Mortons, Mrs. B. Teresa, Patricks, Robinsons, Claudette, Lillian, Clayton and Gloria, Robert and Gabriela, Sandra Moore, Connie, Marilyn and Sean. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Jun 05 2010
  • Happy muggy Sabbath, Brothers and Sisters, Antonio was not feeling well yesterday, but I just talked to Juanita since I've been home and he is feeling better. Nadia's aunt died yesterday. Pay for the family. Sandy asks cont'd prayer for brother-in-law Bill who is now at home but is waiting to be put in nursing home after paper work can be completed. A number of members will be traveling to camp meeting tomorrow and through the week. Pray for travel mercies. Shirley's feet have flared up again. Pray that the oil spill can be soon contained. Ann had a blessed week. Thank the Lord for answered prayers. These people were not at church and were missed: Leslie and Barney left after SS, Karen, Arlene, Ben, Shirley, Mrs. B., Donna Barton, Patricks, Robinsons, Marilyn and Sean, Gloria, Clayton and Gloria, Gracie, Juanita, Sandra Moore. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - May 29 2010
  • Happy Sabbath, Cont'd prayer for Kenneth. He is having chemo problems, weighs only 134 lbs. Sandy's niece Terry is having serious stomach surgery this week. Pray for GC Session. Leslie's friend Debra is a severe alcoholic and her husband died this week. Ann is thankful that she was able to witness to two people this week. Arlene says today is Connie's birthday. She went camping on the Outer Banks in NC. Pray for her safety. Both Clayton and Gloria are under the weather. God answered a prayer for me this week before I asked. These people were not at church today and were missed: Karen, Retha, Nadia and children, Mike, Ben, Matt, Shirley, Mrs. B., Patricks, Robinsons, Marilyn and Sean, Clayton and Gloria, Sandra Moore, Donna Barton. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - May 22 2010
  • Happy hot Sabbath, Sisters and Brothers, Sandy wants cont'd prayer for her daughter-in-law to stop smoking. Continue to pray for Kenneth and his friend who has to have a colonoscopy. Juanita is thankful for God's love and His answer to prayer. Lola was glad to be at church today, but wants prayer for her persistent health problem. Shirley and Mrs. B. are about the same, but tests have found some abnormalities in Heyward's lungs. He is scheduled for more tests. Pray for our persecuted sisters and brothers in Iran and other countries. There are reports of murder, torture, incarceration and destruction of meeting places. These are just some of the things that have been heard about. We are certainly moving closer to Jesus' return! These people were not at church today and were missed: Reeses, Ann, Jimmy, Christian, Karen, Leslie (she is not feeling well), Barney, Mary, Jerry left after SS, Nadia and children, Mike, Ben, Matt, Becky and Michelle left after SS (Ben and Matt were being honored today as Eagle Scouts!), Shirley, Mrs. B., Robinsons, Gracie, Lillian, Goodwins, Marilyn and Sean, Clayton and Gloria, Donna Barton. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - May 15 2010
  • Happy Mother's Day weekend Sabbath, Brothers and Sisters, Ask that the Lord's will be done in regard to each of these requests and that He accepts the praises. Juanita had two answered prayers this past week. After many unsuccessful attempts, Della, Ray's caregiver has quit smoking! She has not smoked in three weeks. Pray for Jean's daughter and son-in-law. He ran into a concrete block on the highway and it ruined his car. This is their only means of transportation. The financial repercussions have put a strain on their relationship. In addition, their daughter is in therapy and her response is "up and down". Gloria says that Geanna is having some emotional and physical problems. Pray for the rest of her children and all children. Arlene says Russell was not feeling well today. Leslie says that Christian just turned 19. Pray for the Wayne Washington family. They went to his brother's graduation and got back to find that their house had burned down. Pray for the Health Expo that is to be held June 13. Gloria needs help with some of the booths. Continue to pray for my grandson CJ. Lillian asks prayer for herself that she can continue to bear fruit in her golden years. She wants God to direct her to some thirsting souls. Juanita has an issue that she has been struggling with. Pray for the Discover Bible School students. Donna, a 23 year old single mother, needs prayer. Pray that young adults would seek and take advice from their seasoned elders. Pray for interpersonal relationships. Pray that executives of industries and retail establishments would give consideration to the economy and buyers' incomes when setting their rates and prices. Sandy sent an e-mail saying that her legs were not working well. These people were not at church today and were missed: Reeses, Bob, Lola, Sandy, Christian, Karen, Russell, Nadia and children, Mike, Ben, Matt, Shirley, Mrs. B., Patricks, Robinsons, Marilyn and Sean, Goodwins, Clayton, Sandra Moore, Robert and Gabriela, Gracie, Donna Barton. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - May 08 2010
  • Happy Sabbath, Brothers and Sisters, Sandy is again thankful for being able to attend church. Patsy has given up her job to be full-time caregiver to her granddaughter while both parents are in Iraq. She needs prayer to stop smoking for insurance purposes. Pray for the Lewis Butler family, Leslie's friends. The wife and mother died this week. Gloria's friend, Carla's uncle had stomach surgery and his leg amputated. Anthony thanks the church for praying for Annette while she was making up her mind about surgery. She is having the surgery in June but there's no guarantee that the surgery will be successful. In the meantime continue to pray for her. she passed out this past week, taken to the hospital with a blood pressure reading of 300/ . He did not say what the bottom number was. Prayer works, she was in church today! Marcus wants prayer for Momma and Poppa and for a good day. Christian's boyfriend's dad for whom the Drs. had told the family to prepare for the worst is out of the hospital, in Walton Rehab and doing well! Thanks for your prayers and keep on praying. There were unspoken requests. I did not know this until I got home today and checked my email. Lola had written me yesterday requesting that the church pray for her because she is having some health problems. Juanita wants prayer for Antonio's jealousy over the two children who are now living with her parents. I need prayer for a besetting sin. Ann wants to have that "first love" feeling reestablished. Leslie has an answered prayer to advice that Pastor gave when he did series on relationships. Pray for James. He has had some difficult problems. Pray that he will use the head knowledge that he has about the Lord to make a heart decision to follow Him. Sandy wants a soft-spirit while witnessing to those whom she thinks should know better. Gracie will go home tomorrow from Rehab after only 2 wks.! These people were not at church today and were missed: Michael and Ruth, Lola, Russell, Nadia and children, Hayward, Shirley, Mrs. B., Goodwins, Clayton, Sandra Moore, Donna Barton. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - May 01 2010
  • Happy Sabbath, Brothers and Sisters, Sandy has an anger issue that needs resolving. She is thankful that she was able to be in church today and asks continued prayer for her grandson Ian who will soon find out what his sentence will be. Pray that he will come to his senses. Juanita has a praise. She had been trying to witness to her brother who is a drug user. After a while of no change in him, she blew up and called him a loser. Her conscience got the better of her so she went by to apologize. She was taken aback when he said, "Thank you" to her. Pray for her Dad. He asked to be put on the prayer list. Sean, Marilyn's son, was not feeling well today. My cousin Lois is having problems with diverticulitus. These people were not at church today and were missed: Christian, Nadia, Rayna, Marquel, Mike, Ben, Matt, Shirley, Mrs. B., Patricks, Robinsons, Lillian, Clayton, Sean, Goodwins, Donna Barton, Gracie, Ray, Della. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Apr 24 2010
  • Happy Sabbath, Brothers and Sisters, Jerry and Mary called to say that they were all right, but tired. Robert's surgery went well but not without some pain. Gabriela's 13 yr. old nephew who is a musician was on a musical tour and is now having travel problems because of the volcanic eruption in Iceland. Pray for travel mercy. Gracie was up and walking the next day after her surgery. She is scheduled to be at Carriage Hills on Sunday. Clayton still has some problems. Shirley is doing a little better, but Mrs. B. is about the same. Shirley's sister Mary's husband died unexpectedly from cancer yesterday in AR. Sandy is feeling much better. Continue to pray for Kenneth. He gets Cat scan on Mon. and results on 23rd. Sandy's grand-daughter Dale Ann's mother is back on drugs after having had a liver transplant. Dale is concerned. Sandy is expecting her 9th greatgrand. Lillian's niece died yesterday. Pray for the Green family. Pray that the Community Service's story hour at Hahn Village will be a success. Ann has some new stories that the Lord provided her to share. Pray for Joan's friends the Torsney family. Marcus' classmate Christian broke his arm. Pray for Leslie's children and grandchildren. Grant asks for prayer for himself. A visitor Henrietta Hutton relocated her because of a job. She says that at the outset they were the meanest people that she had ever met. She says that prayer has made things a little better but she is looking for another job. These people were not at church today and were missed: Michael Reese, Lola, Christian, Jerry and Mary, Nadia, Rayna and Marquel, Mike, Ben, Matt, Mrs. B., Shirley, Patricks, Robinsons, Marilyn and Sean, Goodwins, Clayton, Juanita and Antonio, Sandra Moore, Donna Barton. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Apr 17 2010
  • Happy springtime Sabbath, Brothers and Sisters, Sandy was praising God that she was able to be at church today. She is having physical problems and is refusing to take pain medication. Juanita praises God for protection and grace. Pray for travel mercies for her and family as they travel to NY. Robert's wound is healing. He is scheduled for surgery on Thurs. at 12. Anthony thanks for prayer. His wife Annette needs surgery but is wary of the procedure. Pray that God will give her the wisdom that she needs to make the right decision. Gracie is scheduled for hip surgery on Thurs. If all goes as planned she will come back to Carriage Hills on Sun. Claudette has had hip surgery but needs some follow-up. Juanita has suggested that a women's prayer group be formed. More details to follow. Ann's cataract eye surgery was successful. Her Dr. has given her a clean bill of health. There was no significant cost for the surgery, but the glasses were a different story. Leslie says that Karen is sick with allergies due to the excessive amount of pollen. Mary has been released from prison and is living with some Adventist friends until an opening is found in a halfway home. Pray that she will now make wise decisions because she has not done so in the past. Nadia, Rayna and Marquel. Traveling mercy for Joan. Families of WV coal miners. These people were not at church today and were missed: Karen and Christian, Nadia and children, Shirley, Mrs. B., George Robinson, Goodwins, Marilyn and Sean, Clayton, Sandra Moore, Reeses, Donna Barton. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Apr 10 2010
  • Happy warm Sabbath, Brothers and Sisters, Sandy did not have encouraging news from her tests, but she is praising God nonetheless. When she was young she had rheumatic fever and Drs. said that by time she was 21 she would not be able to walk. Here she is now almost 70 and still going. She believes that if the Lord has gotten her this far he can continue to bless her. Gabriela has a job interview on the 8th. Pray for a successful outcome. Robert was in an accident and got his hand hurt. Johnny Couch for whom we have been praying had open heart surgery. He has been taken off support systems and is doing well. At first they did not give him much hope of recovery. Praise that Brandon was at church today. Barney had biopsy on his nose, was cancer but noninvasive. The growth can be shaved off. Juanita has had prayer answered. She says it pays never to give up. Ann gave her neighbor Greg Williams a copy of DESIRE OF AGES to read after he had heard about Ellen White on 3ABN. Pray for him as he continues to read. Grant is to take a polygraph test on Monday as part of the prerequisites for the deputy position. My Mom fell and hurt her head, spent about 8 hours in the emergency room and the next day had no memory of it at all and has experienced minimal pain. Praise the Lord. There were unspoken requests. These people were not at church today and were missed: Lola, Karen and Christian, Jerry and Mary left after SS (Joan said Jerry was not feeling well), Reeses (he had a nosebleed this am), Mrs. B., Shirley, Patricks, Marilyn and Sean, Lillian, Gloria Curry, Clayton and Gloria (he is not doing well), Sandra Moore, Donna Barton, Goodwins. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Apr 04 2010
  • 1.martha needs a job instantly. B. needs healing of incurable and infected sinus problem. 3.sam, james, jones, barnabas need commit their lives to Christ by attending church services immediately and frequently. 4.ben needs money, divine help to complete the family project as soon as possible. also, he needs success and promotion at his establishment. 5.AB's wife has denied him "love, intimacy, etc, etc" by sleeping away from the husband for many years. she prefers to sleep in the sofa than with the husband of 21 yrs. in the same bed. this evil, wicked habit should stop immediately. peace and love are needed in the marriage 6.hannah is being disobedient to her father. she needs a turn around immediately. 7.mary and siblings need success in their immigration filings. 8.BA's working colleagues are opposing him to be considered for a higher rank position. he has been despised by the head of the institution. if it continues he prefers to be transferred immediately. 9.eben and friends should stop going to the movie theater as christians immediately. 10.lydia needs a good christian husband soon.
    - Mar 29 2010
  • Happy sunny windy Sabbath Brothers and Sisters, Sandy wants prayer for Ian, her grandson, who will be incarcerated. She does not know for how long. Pray that he will find redemption while confined. The grandmother of Sandy's greatgrands has taken them and nobody knows where they are. Pray for their safety. Pray for Sandy as she begins a series of tests on Monday to determine the cause of her debility. We started praying for Johnny Couch earlier this week who was then "hanging on by a thread." He is now responding to treatment. Mrs. Grant is totally bedridden and will soon have all of her support discontinued by her health care agency. She has no immediate relatives and no one on whom she can depend. Pray for relief for her. Pray for Pastor, Gloria and Becky that while they are at Black Mountain they will learn something that they can share with us to hasten the soon coming of Jesus. Pray for the building project. These people were not at church today and were missed: Ann, Jimmy, Karen and Christian, Jerry and Mary, Mortons, Shirley, Mrs. B., Patricks, Robinsons, Marilyn and Sean, Gloria, Goodwins, Clayton, Sandra Moore, Lillian, Donna Barton. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Mar 27 2010
  • Happy 1st day of Spring Sabbath, Brothers and Sisters, Debra Young has been transferred to a group home in Augusta House of Joseph. She cannot be by herself. Shirley is doing a little better. Mrs. B. is about the same. Last night there were 16 non Adventists in attendance at the Evangelistic series that Pastor is conducting in NA. He says there will probably be more tonight since some did not come last night because of a square dance meet. Pray for Pastor and for those attending. Sandy called in this morning to say that she is having trouble walking. Pray for her and her family. Mary, Barney and Leslie's daughter, needs housing so that she can be paroled. Pray for our troops. Jean is thankful for an unexpected monetary surprise. They are also thankful for Marcus being with them. Pray for Pastor, Gloria and Becky as they go to a workshop in Black Mountain next weekend. Pray for both Ann and Retha who had elevated blood pressure readings this past week Pray for all children. These people were not at church today and were missed: Lola left after SS, Sandy, Christian and Karen, Lee, Mike and Matt, Shirley, Mrs. B., Clayton and Gloria, Sandra Moore, Goodwins, Ray and Della, Donna Barton. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Mar 20 2010
  • Happy warm sunshiny Sabbath, Brothers and Sisters, Sandy had a bad week last week, but the aches and pain were less this week. She thinks that she is going to have some more serious health issues "down the road." Pray that all continues to go well with her. Leslie says that Robert's friend McNeely has terminal cancer. Pray for all children especially my 17 yr. old grandson CJ. need I say more, he is 17. Grant has opportunity for job in the sheriff's office. Got an early call for an interview. Pray that he gets the job. Earl Graham died. Pray for the family. Hayward asks prayer for Shirley, Mrs. B. and Suzanne Payne a family friend who has psychological problems. Annette Patrick is having medical problems and is having to go back and forth to the Dr. Pray that all will be well with her. Gloria had a car problem that has been resolved at minimal expense. She too wants prayer for children and grandchildren. Joan's friend Dr. Joe who has visited here wants to go where God wants him to be. Pray that he can follow where the Lord leads. These people were not at church today and were missed: The Reeses, Nadia and children, Ben, Matt, Mike, Shirley, Mrs. B., Goodwins, Clayton, Sandra Moore, Ray and Della, Jerry and Mary, Donna Barton. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Mar 06 2010
  • Happy sunshiny brisk Sabbath, Brothers and Sisters, Gloria Curry came by church to say that they were taking her mother, Dessie Hicks, to University Hospital. She did not give any details except to ask prayer for her well-being. I have an unspoken request. Sandy asks cont'd prayer for little 7 mo. old Naomi Rose, her mother and great grandfather who all have cancer and the great-grandmother who is the sole caregiver. She also requests prayer for her daughter who has become guardian of her grandchild since her son failed his drug test. Pray for him too. Pray for those who have been plagued by the storms in the Northeast. Ann is thankful for successful eye surgery. "She can see." Pray for Karen and Bart as they take on the responsibility of caring for their two grands. Brandon takes care of them as he can, but they shoulder a big part of the care. They have had them for 3 wks. now and the mother just called yesterday to see how they were doing. These people were not present today and were missed: Clayton, Lillian, Robert Ibanescue, Joan, Patricks, Mrs. B. is at home with Shirley, Christian, Sandra Moore, Ray and his caregiver, Ben, Goodwins, Reeses. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Feb 27 2010
  • Happy sunshiny Sabbath, Brothers and Sisters, Sandy is thankful to be back at church after a brief absence. She has finally discovered the source of her feeling bad: vertigo and allergies. She says it helps knowing what is going on. She asks prayer for family members Alice?, Ian and Darrein. Shirley says thanks for cards and prayers during her illness. She said Mrs. B. is paralyzed on her left side, her speech has been affected, but seems to be mending. She cannot go back to the nursing home because she has used up all of her days. She will have to come stay with Shirley and Hayward because she cannot be by herself. Waylon has strep throat, ear infection and sinus problems. Pray for all of them. Lee is thankful that Russell is back after his illness. Gloria asks prayer for our children, esp. Drew and his family. Leslie asks prayer for Karen, Bart, Brandon and the children. After a dispute, Karen and Bart have the children, but their future is in question. Don thanks everyone for cards and prayers after the death of his brother-in-law. Deralyn and Alex had a baby girl Ava on Feb. 2. Gabriela's friend Eddie had a motorcycle accident, had to have surgery on his ankle. This has caused a financial burden on him. Joan asks prayer for her friend Dottie, her friend Evelyn is having surgery on Thurs. 2/25, her son Michael is having surgery Fri. 2/26, traveling mercies for her on Tues. as she goes to FL. These were not at church today and were missed; Ann, Christian and Karen; Nadia, Rayna and Marquel; Mike, Becky, Michelle and Matt; Mrs. B., Patricks, Robinsons, Robert Ibanescue, Goodwins, Clayton, Donna Barton. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Feb 20 2010
  • Happy sunny, snow melting Sabbath, Brothers and Sisters, As you know by now, church was postponed today because of the snow. Wasn't it beautiful as it came down yesterday afternoon and last night and how it blanketed the foliage this morning. God's creation is amazing. I do not have any additional requests for prayer, but let us continue to keep those in prayer that have already been requested. Have not heard if Mrs. B.'s colonoscopy results defined the source of her bleeding. Shirley is about the same. Enjoy the beautiful weather and be safe. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Feb 13 2010
  • Happy dry Sabbath, Brothers and Sisters, Pray that Teresa gets the job that she has been interviewed for. Ann says that Nathaniel showed the church yesterday to a group interested in buying it as a church. The interest level is high. Gabriela says that the Lord was good to them in their travels. Pray for Phyllis, their friend, who lost her husband on Sun. to a massive stroke. She is now scheduled for surgery. Leslie says that Debra called her to say that she was back in ARMC. No details. Gloria is thankful for the outpouring of love and kindness for her family during her loss. Please keep her in your prayers. These people were not at church today and were missed: Don-still in MA, Bob, Christian, Sandy-not feeling well, Russell-still has a cold, Grant and Jean, Mrs. B.-still in nursing home, Shirley-not doing well, Goodwins, Marilyn and Sean, Juanita and Antonio, Clayton and Gloria-not feeling well, Lee, Patricks, Matt Morton, Donna Barton. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Feb 06 2010
  • Happy raw Sabbath, Brothers and Sisters, Pray for Teresa, Connie's sister, and Jeff, a visitor from AL, who are both looking for jobs. Leslie's sister's grandson Jesse has to have surgery on both shoulders. There is something wrong with the sockets. Joan is having difficulty with hypertension. She had difficulty sleeping last night. finally got to sleep after taking a valium. She is feeling little better, but decided to rest today. Geana asks for prayer for Gloria. She needs support. Pray that Geanna can be there for her. Anthony Patrick is thankful for the prayers for his wife as she has gone through some medical procedures. She is feeling better. Sandy is looking for two more drs. for Kenneth. Pray that they can be found in Aiken. Jean will be going to WA soon to get Marcus. The fingerprints have finally been sent. Pray for traveling mercies for Jean there and the two of them back. Jerry and Mary have colds. Russell has a cold. Arlene was not at church either. Shaun Bonstra from It Is Written will be conducting an evangelistic series in Rome at a Catholic school just about five miles from the Vatican!!! in Feb. Pray for this effort and especially for Shaun. The enemy cannot be very pleased with this. Pastor will be conducting a series in NA in March on Tues. and Thurs. afternoons. Pray for the success of this effort and for Pastor. There were unspoken requests. Daniel Curry's funeral will be on Tues. at the church. A note about food for after the funeral will follow. Don DeMello's brother died in Cape Cod. He has gone there. These people were not at church today and were missed: Lola, Karen and Christian, Don, Russell and Arlene, Jerry and Mary, Becky and Mike, Robinsons, Hayward and Shirley, Mrs. B., Goodwins, Clayton and Gloria, Juanita and Antonio, Robert and Gabriela, Marilyn and Sean. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Jan 30 2010
  • Happy drizzly cold Sabbath afternoon, Brothers and Sisters, After contributing in children's offering, Sandy recalls that when she first started coming to Aiken Church that she was having money problems. Now these many years later, she still has the same income, but not the problems. She praises God because He has shown her how to handle her finances. She is thankful for the prayers for her withdrawal symptoms. She is still not where she should be, but is having fewer side effects. Donna Barton was at church today. Thanks everyone for prayers after her grandson's death and her broken foot. She asks for continued prayer for her daughter and son-in-law, parents of the child. Leslie has a praise that even though Christian's truck was totaled in the wreck that she was in yesterday, she was not injured. Jean's son had a stent inserted 2 mos. ago. The dr. has now declared him totally disabled which means that he can no longer work or participate in his usual activities. He has become depressed because he is (was) a very active individual. Ann asks that we continue to pray for the Haitian people. She announced that Mrs. B. is out of the hosp. and is now at Carriage Hill Nursing facility. She will be 90 on the 28th. Please send her a card if you can. Ann asks for prayer as she has eye surgery. Her eyesight is almost gone in her left eye and it makes it difficult to drive especially at night. Pray for Shirley, Daniel and Clayton. Don was at his booth at Riverview Mall when he fell off a chair while mending a shelf. The shelf broke, he hit his head, but did not suffer any real body injury. Sometimes it pays to have a hard head. There are at least 2 hardheaded people in Aiken Church. Hayward was on a job working on a swimming pool and slipped and fell into the pool on his head. He had a scrape on his forehead and a black eye for a couple of days, but no other injuries. Isn't our God a great God! He says thanks for the prayers for Shirley when she was in the hosp. the last time. He called from home to get the prayer line started when he learned that they were putting her in ICU, by the time he got to the hosp., she was past the crisis that she had been in. AMAZING GOD! Retha asks for prayer for her elevated blood pressure. The dr.has put her on a rigid diet and medication, but the problem still persists. Ray is having eye surgery on Wed. Connie's coworker's husband had surgery and then developed pneumonia. He is now in ICU. These people were not at church today and were missed: Michael Reese, Robinsons, Shirley, Mrs. B., Patricks, Goodwins, Clayton, Lola, Christian, Karen, Robert and Gabriela, Mortons, Nadia and children, Lillian, Daniel and Gloria. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Jan 23 2010
  • Happy rainy Sabbath, Brothers and Sisters, IT HAS WARMED UP, PRAISE THE LORD! Pray for the Haitians and the rescue effort that is underway there. Pray that the different entities that have come to help can be coordinated so that the effect can be maximized. Leslie has a praise. She took Christian and Elania to lunch one day this week and Elania kept saying, "I want to go to Sabbath School" and "I love Mrs. Becky." She even started singing "Jesus Loves Me" interspersed with some other SS songs. Thank you, Mrs. Becky, for doing such a good job with the young ones. Karen had to come home yesterday from work with a lot of pain in her neck and back. Pray for relief for her. Sandy is thankful that even though this year started out with a number of serious car accidents in her family that there were no serious injuries. Everyone escaped with minor scratches and bruises. One niece had finger damage, but that is doing well. Pray for Kenneth, James and Sandy. She was having an allergic reaction to some of the meds that she was taking, stopped taking them and is now having adverse effects from that. Lillian says that Rosemarie is having complications from the procedure that she had a couple of weeks ago. She has had five ministrokes since the procedure. Russell is thankful for the church's attention by means of cards, calls, visits and prayers during his recent illness. Alice has a praise for answered prayer. Jean reports that the only thing holding them up from getting Marcus here is their fingerprints that have to be sent to WA from wherever they send the prints from. If they go get him before this is done they could be charged as felons. Jean and Grant, wait. We don't want a pair of crooks to ruin Aiken Church's reputation. Ann has a praise. She had some service work done and was not satisfied with it. She decided that she would not say anything to the person about it. After that, during her prayer time, she was convicted to call the individual and share her concern. She is thankful that she can hear the Lord convicting her of a task and that He empowers her to carry it through in the right way. There were unspoken requests. These people were not at church today and were missed: Michael Reese, Christian, Karen; Mike, Matt, and Ben Morton; Hayward and Shirley were there but left during service; Mrs. B.; Patricks; Marilyn and Sean; Clayton; Donna Barton, Sandra Moore, Baezs; Suzanne and Caleb; Daniel, Janiqua, Goodwins. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Jan 16 2010
  • Happy frigid Sabbath, Brothers and Sisters, Pray for warmer weather. Donna Barton fell down steps at a patient's house and broke her foot. For the time being she is on crutches until they put on a walking cast. Russell is at home from the hosp. He had to have four transfusions to replace the blood that he had lost from a bleeding ulcer. Arlene says that he is doing much better. Continue to pray for the two of them. Sr. Annette Patrick is scheduled for some medical procedures. Pray that all goes well and that they will correct the problems that she is experiencing. Bro. Patrick is thankful that prayer has helped his sinusitis. Retha's sister died Thurs. evening. Pray for the family as they grieve their loss. My cousin is being buried this afternoon. Pray for the Kitching family. Michael Reese hurt his back. Continue to pray for Shirley. She is home from hospital, feeling some better, but still nauseous and no appetite. Barbara was en route to hosp. taking Mrs. B. when I was talking to Hayward. He didn't know what the problem was but it was serious enough for her to go to the ER. Continue to pray for Daniel. Gloria says that he is not doing well at all. She says that he may soon have to go into a nursing home although this is against hers and his wishes. Sandy was not at church, but had sent an email asking for prayer. Another long list of no-shows today. Some probably because of the cold and others for different reasons. Pray for all of them: Jeffcoats, Mrs. B., Baezs, Goodwins, Marilyn and Sean, Claytons, Lillian was at SS but did not stay for church, Sandra Moore, Michael Reese, Christian, Sandy, Lola, Robinsons, Kitchens, Ann, Jerry and Mary, Ben, Matt and Michelle, Ruth Hart. Donna Barton God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Jan 09 2010
  • Happy Sabbath and happy New Year, Brothers and Sisters, I've got to get used to writing 10. Sandy's road was washed out because of all the rain; it was temporarily fixed, but because there is an underground spring in one area of the road, it has become almost impassable and they are having to take the long way around in order to get iin and out. Kenneth is not doing well. One of his recent blood pressure readings was 98/50. He is in a lot of pain. She wants prayer for herself because she is having frequent recurring dizzy spells. Lillian praises God for her friend Dora Shields for whom we have been praying. She had a brain cancer tumor. The Drs. had sent her home from the hosp.; nothing more could be done. She went to Dr.'s office, had a scan, NO TUMOR. God is good!! Shirley is back in the hosp. Had been having severe headaches. Had an MRI which showed no abnormalities. They are still trying to discover the problem. Russell is not doing well at all. Connie says that he said that last night was not a good night for him. Gabriela asks us to pray for the recipients of the book Signs of Hope that we mailed out. Pray that they read it or will read it and that the Holy Spirit will speak to their hearts. Pray for the family of one of her patients last week who died after only three days in hosp. Ann is thankful that both of her children were home at the same time over the holidays. This is the first time in 8 years that this has happened. Pray for Peter Dietz in WA State. Her son asked her to ask her church to pray for him because he knows that God hears our prayers. The Vinson family lost their husband and father. Pray for them. Pray for Daniel and Gloria. Lola gives praise because her granddaughter was caught in the blizzard before Christmas between NY and VA. She managed to get to a motel but had to stay in for 2 days before she could continue her trip. Her son and his wife had a harrowing experience in a snowstorm at about the same time coming down a mountain in TN?. Jean asks that we remember Juanita and Antonio. Remember Pastor and Donna as they are away. Another long list of absentees this week. Pray for them: Leslie, Russell and Arlene, Karen and Christian, Shirley, Mrs. B., Goodwins, Juanita and Antonio, Marilyn and Sean, Sandra Moore, Patricks, the Mortons, Clayton, Daniel and Gloria, Donna Barton, Baezs, Reeses, Suzanne and Caleb. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Jan 02 2010
  • Happy Sabbath, Brothers and Sisters, James Vinson's memorial service is to be at George's Funeral Home tomorrow at 3PM. Rosemarie's neck procedure is at 7AM Tues. at ARMC. Antonio was baptized today. His grandparents and Nick came to witness the event. Ruth is scheduled to come home tomorrow. Pray for Daniel. Things do not look too well for him. Mrs. B. is not doing well. Shirley is feeling better than she has been. Debra is at home after her cancer surgery, doing well. Pray for Becky's Mom Emma who is scheduled for some major surgery. Russell was at home sick today, having trouble breathing. The list of absentees is long today, probably some due to holiday, but some due to illness. Pray for all of them: Daniel and Gloria, Reeses, Lola, Sandy, Ann, Grant and Jean, Russell, Christian and Karen, Leslie, Nadia and children, Mortons, Patricks, Robinson's, Baezs, Goodwins, Marilyn and Sean, Suzanne and Caleb, Clayton and Gloria, Sandra Moore, Donna Barton, Shirley, Mrs. B. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Dec 26 2009
  • Happy Sabbath, Brothers and Sisters, Sandy says that Kenneth is holding his own.The Dr. told him that he can't really tell if the Chemo is having a positive effect or not, but they will continue the treatments. Pray for his disposition. He was "testy" before, but the Chemo and other medications have made him more difficult to get along with. Sandy will be 69 tomorrow. Retha asks for prayer for Rayna her granddaughter who has sickle cell anemia. She has to have monthly blood transfusions. The last time because of iron buildup in her blood, they had to withdraw all the blood from her body and then transfuse her with "good" blood. This is an ordeal for a young child to go through. Leslie says that Aaron is 21 today. She says that Debra had her cancer surgery on yesterday. Everything went well. She was talking on the telephone this morning. She would appreciate visitors at MCG, room 7663 Jim Vinson is still in hosp. No update on his condition. Jean wants us to continue to pray for Marcus and that their fingerprints will soon come from WV. Juanita is thankful for the Lord's faithfulness in her life. Ruth's grandson's memorial is today in PA She will be home on the 27th. Nadia asks for prayer for her son Akia who has gotten into some trouble and is facing some possible strict punishment. Karen asks for prayer for one of the Drs. for whom she works. She had a pretty rough week. She is an ob-gyn and she lost a baby during delivery. Hayward says that Shirley is feeling a little better but still needs prayer. Mrs. B. is still in Rehab, mind still is not stable. He said that his work had been slow, but now things have picked up. Donna Barton has bronchitis and an ear infection. She was in all this past week. Gloria Curry has completed her course of study and was at church today. There were unspoken requests. These members were not at church today and were missed: Bob, Shirley, Mrs. B., Patricks, Baezs, Christian, Robert and Gabriela, Clayton and Gloria, Sandra Moore, Robinsons, Marilyn and Sean, Goodwins, Russell and Arlene, Donna Barton. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Dec 19 2009
  • Happy Sabbath, Brothers and Sisters, It is a cold overcast day, but it is a day that the Lord has made and we will rejoice and be glad in it. Sandy asks for continued prayer for Kenneth. He goes to Dr. on Mon. to see if Chemo has made any difference in the progression of the facial cancer. He is worried because his speech has become impaired. He is barely able to be understood as he talks. She has a praise that even though the accident that her 21 year old great niece Andy was involved in was a serious one and that she had to be extricated by the jaws of life, that she had bleeding on the brain and breaks in her back and arm, that her pinkie had to be replaced with 15 stitches she had no brain damage and is already out of ICU. Isn't our God an awesome God? Pray for Marilyn who had an elevated blood pressure reading and had to go to the ER. Leslie's brother is over the flu and feeling fine again. Pray that Brandon will be able to have Elania at least one day over the holidays. Hayward asks that we pray that their children return to the Lord. Suzanne Haines is still in the hospital. Keep her in your prayers. Mrs. B. is in Walton Rehab for stroke rehab. Her memory is still fleeting, but she recognizes all of her children and wants to go home. She will be 90 in Jan. Ann says that Jimmy's wife called last evening to say that she had to take him to the ER for stomach pain and not being able to keep anything on his stomach. She says also that the Goodwins are under the weather. The girls are feeling better, but Wanda and Mike are ill. Retha's sister has COPD and cannot breathe on her own. She has had a tube inserted into her throat so that she can be assisted in breathing. This seems to be working a little, but she needs prayer. Don said that someone called him and specifically asked that this request be given to the members of "That Seventh-day Adventist Church." Marcia Jones has constrictive intestines and has a hard time eating and digesting her food. Pray for the Robinson family. They have just started attending Aiken Church after having moved here from CA. These members were not at church today and were missed: Patricks, Baezs, Mrs. B., Michael Reese, Jimmy, Karen and Christian, Marilyn and Sean, Clayton, Sandra Moore, Donna Barton, Goodwins, Suzanne and Caleb, Mike Morton. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Dec 12 2009
  • Happy brisk Sabbath, Brothers and Sisters, Mrs. B. is in ARMC having experienced another mini-stroke which this time has left her confused and disoriented. Sandy praises God that he was able to get her through this week. Kenneth has asked that the church pray for him which Sandy says is a good sign that his heart may be changing. Pray for her grandson Scott who is in Iraq on a civilian job, but in harm's way nonetheless. Pray for the troops there and everywhere. Alice asks for prayer that when all the fruit orders are in that we will have the 100 2/5 boxes needed for delivery. Ruth Hart's grandson passed away yesterday ay 4 PM. One of Russell's friends brought him a very professional DVD which preaches against the Sabbath and Seventh-day Adventists specifically. Brothers and Sister, the devil is busy and the attack that has been prophesied is in force. We need to be on our knees, in our Bibles being ready to refute all of Satan's lies. Heyward says that a preacher that he knows has told him that we are liars when we worship on and teach the Sabbath. We need to be ready for the frontal attack that has already begun and will soon be in full force. JESUS IS COMING SOON. Heyward says that Suzanne, Shirley's son Lee's girlfriend, is in the hospital with lung problems. Juanita thanks God for His mercy. Ginger had cystic fibrous, got H1N1 and died. Pray for the family as they grieve. Lee's 14 yr. old niece had a heart transplant when she was 9. The life expectancy of a transplant is 5 yrs. If she should have a problem she would be put at the bottom of a long list of requests. Pray that she does not have problems and if she does that things can be expedited so that she goes to the top of the list. Debra's cancer surgery is scheduled for the 18th at MCG. All financial hurdles have been eliminated and she is getting the help that she needs. Because of the student missionary that was killed in Yap, three came home from fear. Wanda's niece, however, has volunteered to go to Yap to teach in place of the slain missionary. Pray for her safety. Grant has lost his job because of Sabbath issues. They have gotten pictures of Marcus, their adopted son. Because of some issues with paperwork it is now going to be after the holidays before he can come to Aiken. Pray for them. Clayton was at church today. Edith and Rafael are back to live in Aiken from FL. There were unspoken requests. These members were not at church today and were missed: Lola. Bob. Jimmy, Marilyn and Sean, Christian, Suzanne and Caleb, Donna Barton, Patricks, Baezs. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Dec 05 2009
  • Happy Sabbath, Brothers and Sisters, Mike Jones who was in a head-on collision is doing well in the hospital. He had injuries to his body, esp. his arms, but no facial or head injuries. Leslie says that Debra has been diagnosed and will go to the cancer unit at MCG on Wed. She has made some contacts in order to get the help that she needs for rent and food since she has no job and isn't able to work if she had one. Karen and Bart still have Elania which is a blessing. Sandy says that Kenneth is not doing well. Will have 3rd Chemo session this week. Will have to wait and see if it is working. He is still looking for a car. Bill Holland had back surgery, was supposed to go to rehab, but has regressed and is still in hosp. Lucky and Ken Davis' two sons will be coming home from college in LA soon. Pray for traveling mercy for them. Ray's caregiver is thankful that they made it to TN and back safely. Ruth got to FL safe and sound. Shirley was at church today. She says she feels better when she does not have to have Chemo. Rosemarie is having health problems. Her furnace went and she does not have money to have it fixed. Ann is thankful that one of her sons was home for Thanksgiving with his children. These members were not at church today and were missed: Joan, Mortons, Grant and Jean, Nadia and children, Karen and Christian, Don, Marilyn and Sean, Suzanne and Caleb, Sandra Moore, Clayton, Mrs. B., Donna Barton God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Nov 28 2009
  • Happy fall Sabbath, Brothers and Sisters, Ruth Reese has the flu, not swine, but she is sick nonetheless. Sandy continues to be thankful for technology. Her son was without his diabetic medicine for several days and it took only one day in the hospital for him to be restabilized. Kenneth is on a lot of high powered pain meds for the cancer and now he wants to purchase a car so that he can be mobile Sandy does not think that this is a good idea. Pray for Hayward, Shirley and Mrs. B. Shirley is having a time recovering from her last treatment. Brandon is 24 yrs. old today. Karen and Bart need prayer as they continue the battle to gain custody of their two grandchildren. Grant's blood pressure is now normal and he has lost weight after considerable prayer and some change of diet. Pray for him and Jean as they get their new adopted son Marcus from China. Gabriela's brother-in-law is ill with a kidney problem. Ann failed to mention that Michelle went with her, Becky and Lillian to distribute food at Hahn Village on Monday so there was youth presence. Pray for traveling mercies for Ruth on her way to FL on tomorrow and Ray's caregiver who will be going to TN for Thanksgiving. Ray's good friend died this past week. Kristin, a student missionary in Yap, Asia, went jogging and was later discovered raped and murdered. Pray for all those who are on missionary assignments around the world. The Patricks were at church today and last week. He says that he started feeling better last week after he asked for prayer for his respiratory problems and that he has felt better since. Continue to hold him up in prayer. These people were not at church today and were missed: Clayton, Baezs, Sandra Moore, Donna Barton, Marilyn and Sean, Ruth Reese, Karen and Christian, Robert, Shirley, Hayward, Mrs. B., Suzanne and Caleb. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Nov 21 2009
  • Happy Sabbath, Brothers and sisters, Leslie has a number of praises: Her bank balance was getting low; she prayed and asked God for additional funds if it were His will. Soon, mail came, she thought it was trash, started to discard it, opened it instead. She had gotten a raise through SS. those of you on SS know that there was no raise for seniors this year. A miracle? Aaron graduated HS in '07. Had some fines to pay, paid them, but did not get his diploma because school said that they had not been paid. To make a long story short, after prayer Barney and Leslie went to the school this past week, met with bookkeeper and was discovered that it had been paid. Now Aaron has his diploma. A man at Leslie's brother's church left the church 48 yrs. ago. Last Sabbath he was rebaptized back into the church. Debra Young is still at Walton Rehab. The prayer is that she can stay until she can walk again. Sandy has a new great granddaughter. All are doing well. She is expecting another one next month. Change comes hard for Kenneth, but she has begun to see some positive changes in him. Continue to pray for his salvation. Juanita is thankful that the Lord is working in her life and opening doors. Jean thanks the congregation for praying for Grant and her. Robert's brother whom he has not seen in 2 years is visiting. Gabriela's friend who had hip surgery came through without any problems. Anthony Patrick thanks us for prayers and esp. Lillian for her kindness. They do not come to church as often as they would like to because of his respiratory problems. Alice has praise for an answered prayer. Mrs. Robinson was thankful to be at church today. She is relocating here from CA. Continue to pray for Ruth's grandson. He is now on hospice. Ruth is going to FL next Sunday for the rest of the year. Pray for traveling mercies for her. Shirley is not doing well, was supposed to go to Dr. today. Continue to pray for Mrs. B. These people were not at church today and were missed: Hayward and Shirley, Waylon, Mrs. B., Suzanne and Caleb, Sandra Moore, Clayton and Gloria, Karen and Christian, Matt and Mike, Ann, Donna Barton. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Nov 14 2009
  • Good afternoon, Continue to pray for the victims and families of the dead at Ft, Hood. Sandy has relatives stationed there and praise God they were not hurt. Kenneth still needs preyer; he is enrolled in a pain management program. Remember Debra Young who is now at Walton Rehab, but will have to leave soon. She needs somewhere to go for rehab. Pray that she can get an attorney to represent her so that she can get the treatment that she needs. Leslie says that Christian got the job!! Juanita had a need that only God knew and it was answered on Sabbath morning. Ann has been given an opportunity for permanent work as a substitute teacher with exceptions that fit her schedule. Gabriela's friend from FL who visits is having surgery on her other hip. Jean is thankful that God is working in her life. She begins work on her new assignment today. Alice's fruit customer's son's back surgery went well, he is also a diabetic, but her husband is dying of cancer. Her daughter's mother-in-law is in hosp. with muscular dystrophy. JP thanks God for a beautiful Sabbath. Grant has a lot going on in his life, wants to be able to do them all, but needs God's help to do it. Pray for him. The Kitchens were not at church. Arlene has a cold and Russell's brother died and he has gone to the funeral. Betty, 94, the lady who donated the money to North Augusta Church is in Mattie C. Hall nursing home. Lola's niece Linda's sister has Alzheimer's and has to live with Linda. Both of them are young and this is going to be a struggle. Pray for strength to endure. Leslie has an autoimmune deficiency, gets tried easily. Was overtired and not feeling well at start of Sabbath on Friday evening. Prayed to God for healing and was able to get up and come to church. Shirley Abney, a visitor, was thankful to have been in attendance. Pray for Jerry, Mary and Joan. There were unspoken requests. These members were not at church and were missed: Clayton, Suzanne and Caleb, Mrs. B. Shirley, Karen, Christian, Baezs, Ben, Lee, Donna Barton. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Nov 08 2009
  • Happy Sabbath, Brothers and Sisters, Ruth Hart's 32 yr. old grandson John who was in an ATV accident about 6 mos. ago is still in hosp. Now he has infection in the tubes that are sustaining his life. Lola's son has a serious decision to make. Karen says they have Elania for the weekend and maybe for longer than that. They are happy that she is with them. Sandy is thankful for advances in medical technology. She is thankful that Chemo is sustaining Shirley and that Kenneth is benefiting from a feeding tube since the cancer has so decimated his mouth. Pray for the two of them. Mrs. B. got up not feeling well this AM. She was supposed to spend weekend with Hayward and Shirley, but could not make it. Leslie says that Debra Young is doing well at ARMC. She has other medical problems that need attention but the focus is on the hip for the time being. An 84 year old friend had a heart attack, but has bounced back and is doing well. Ann and others in her neighborhood are doing an intervention with a youth of the neighborhood at eight this evening. Pray for them as they intervene and that the right decision will be made. Alice's fruit sale customer's son David Nichols has had back surgery. A lady who came in to sale Mary Miller has congestive heart failure. Alice took items remaining from rummage sale to Angela's place on Thursday and made over $200.00 each day. The total amount now is $1,005.00. Way to go Alice. Connie is thankful that Teresa has been with them for as long as she has. She leaves tomorrow for a job working with children at the Christian Appalachian Center. We pray her Godspeed. Mary was not feeling well this AM. Joan came through her surgery well and is resting at home. These people were not at church today and were missed: Suzanne and Caleb, Nadia, Rayna and Marquel, Jean and Grant, Joan, Shirley, Hayward and Waylon left after SS, Juanita and Antonio, Mary, Sandra Moore, Matt, Mrs. B., Donna Barton. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Oct 31 2009
  • Happy beautiful Sabbath afternoon, Brothers and Sisters, Donna Barton's daughter Brandy went back to work last night for the first time since the death of her baby. She is still having a difficult time dealing with the loss. Pray for peace of mind for her and all the family. Pray for Nettie and her husband that they not be so dogmatic when it comes to which should be the day of worship. Sunday is it for them and nothing else. Pray for Don as he prepares to teach the Sanctuary Class on 5th Sabbath. Joan had surgery yesterday, is not feeling well and would prefer to not have visitors just now. Sandy's grandson just got back from Afghanistan and both his child and wife have H1N1 virus. The child has gotten the shot, but his wife Sadie has not. She is very sick. He has to go back to Afghanistan pretty soon. Pray that things will have improved before it's time for him to be shipped out again. Kenneth started on Chemo this week. This is the third time around for this cancer. Tests will have to be run to see if it is effective. Christian's friend has breast cancer. There was a fundraiser held for her on Friday at USCA which netted about $1,700.00. Pray for the friend. Lola's cousin Michelle's daughter has a compromised immune system. One of her teachers just died from H1N1. Pray that the daughter will be all right. Retha's son is back in the states from Iraq. Shirley is thankful for the support that she has gotten from the church. She says that the cards, calls, prayers, visits have meant a lot to her with all that she has been going through. Mrs. B. had surgery on her nose for cancer. They almost waited too long because it could have gotten into her nasal cavity, but they think that they got it all. Rosemarie is thankful that she is healing from the car accident that she had in July. She wants prayer for her cousin in PA who has H1N1 and has been in a coma for 11 days. Pray for Leon's daughter who died at 36 last month. They still do not know what she died from. Pray for Robert's family from OH who is studying to become Adventists. The son is in the final stages of cancer. Leslie's brother's tetestarone level is low. This causes him to have a lack of energy. He has started on medicine to improve it. Pray that it works. Keep Summer's, the 7 yr. old that was killed in GA last week, family in your prayers. Jean has gotten a one on one nursing position with less stress and more time off than the nursing home job with just about the same pay. Karen's neighbors, Jack and Helen Williams, are in their 80's. She just got out of the hosp. and now he is in with internal bleeding that Drs. have not been able to trace the source. Bart found him on the floor of his house one day this week. Ann is thankful for the work that has been done on the property and thanks Russell for his tireless effort.Vince says that if you didn't know there had been a hole there you could not tell it now. Please take note of all the requests about H1N1. Let's be proactive and use as many preventive measures as possible to counteract this virus. These people were not at church today and were missed: Bob, Jerry and Mary, Joan, Ben, Matt, Michelle, Mrs. B., Clayton, Sandra Moore, Donna Barton, Baezs. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Oct 24 2009
  • Happy chilly Sabbath, Brothers and Sisters, Ten year old Beth, a child who is up for adoption, is rebellious, in part because of a lot of trauma that she has been subjected to in her short life. She has been rejected by at least two possible sets of parents because of all the problems that she has. Pray for her that the Lord knows where she needs to be placed and the kind of specialized help that she needs. Russell is not feeling well, was not at church today. He along with Pastor, Vince and Robert did extensive work on the property this past week. Russell did an outstanding job on the tractor, Robert cut two or three trees (actually like 30 or more) and now everything is "looking good". Pastor says that one or two more days and every thing should be ready to "Go!". Pray that all of the necessary funding will come through so that the sanctuary can soon be a reality. God has all the "gold and silver" just waiting for us to give or ask for. As a case in point, an atheist lady who sold property to the Conners gave $47,000.00 to the North Augusta Church this morning because of the kindness that the Conners have shown to her and her now deceased husband. Her statement was, "The Adventist Church is the best that there is." Has our faith impressed someone of means who might be willing to make a donation to our project? Present this to the Lord as a possible avenue of resources. We ourselves need to start supporting this project financially. Shirley's white blood count went up after she had an injection, but it went back down after she had the next session of Chemo. Heyward asks prayer for a coworker Matt who has an alcohol problem; for Justin who had brain surgery, but his eyesight has not yet improved enough for him to return to work. Pray that his job will still be there when his sight improves. Pat who had surgery loaned her car to a friend. The friend returned the car, but had the key duplicated while it was in her possession, came and got the car without Pat's permission, got stopped for reckless driving, was drinking, had no license. The car was impounded and Pat does not have the money to get it out. Mrs. B. was not feeling well yesterday. Lola is in NC today seeing her daughter's new country home. Sandy reports that Casey, the 14 mo. old who was savagely beaten and abused by a man is out of the hospital doing well in the temporary custody of her great aunt and uncle. The man is in jail on that and other charges. The grandparents, former crack addicts, have petitioned for guardianship of Casey. They have been trying to get themselves straightened out. Pray that the Lord will see that Casey is placed in the proper environment. Kenneth will find out on the 22nd if anything can be done for the cancer. Sandy's nephew Randy's cancer surgery was a success. He says he needs prayer now because he will be at home for 7 weeks and his wife is "abusing" him with kindness. He too is concerned that he will have a job when he is well. Grant has a problem with his stomach, is losing weight and has elevated blood pressure, He needs our prayers that the remedy that he has found will continue to work successfully. There were unspoken needs. Yesterday was Robert Brooks' birthday. Leslie says that Brandon's children have been awarded temporarily to the maternal grandparents. He is getting a lawyer to see if he can get custody. Pray that the best thing be done for the children. You see all these requests fr needs of children. Please let us pray for all cikdren e erywhere. These people were not at church today and were missed: Lola, Karen, Russell, Nadia and children, Matt, Shirley, Mrs. B. Lee, Juanita and Antonio, Donna Barton, Patricks. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Oct 17 2009
  • Happy Sabbath, Sisters and Brothers, Michael and Ruth Reese, Discover Bible school students, were at church today for the first time. We praise the Lord for that; but Michael has lost his job just this week, so pray that the Lord will supply their need. We are happy that these people were back at church today after being away for a while: the Baezs, Clayton, Sandra Moore, Terry, Sandy, the Goodwins, Ruth, Randy, Cheri was not with him; he said that she was attending the funeral of one of her deceased clients. Sandy is thankful for the prayers on her and her family's behalf. Kenneth has finished the series of Cat scans, and they have found that the cancer is from the neck up. Will not know all results until the 22nd. Sandy's oldest nephew just had thyroid cancer surgery. Keep him, family and Sandy in prayer as she ministers to them. Leslie's brother-in-law, Richard, has glaucoma and Dr. does not give much hope. Bart's stepfather died Thurs., on his wife's birthday, and his birthday would have been today. Samuel, one of our visitor's former classmates, in Arizona has had a stroke and is not doing well. She was visually shaken as she shared this. Terry has begun a series of Bible studies at the YMCA. The rooms usually come with a fee, but the Y is donating the rooms as well as free supervised recreation for youngsters accompanying the parents. Pray for Terry and the success of this endeavor. Russell is thankful that the Rummage Sale went off well yesterday. He says that they may be able to complete the clearing of the property this week. The weather did not cooperate last week. Wanda's oldest son who was a Pastor but lost interest is going to a Christian concert this evening. Pray that this is evidence of a renewed interest. Alice said that the sale yesterday was profitable, over $500.00 so far and money still coming in. Gabriela's colleague, Jennifer, has two children and is now experiencing a high-risk pregnancy. Shirley and Heyward were not at church today. Shirley's white blood count is so low that she can't be in a crowd. Ray's son's back surgery in Arizona went well. He is on his way back to CA to receive therapy at Loma Linda Hospital. These people were not at church today and were missed: Suzanne and Caleb, Mrs. B., Ann, Ben, Matt and Michelle, Donna Barton. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Oct 10 2009
  • Happy Sabbath, Brothers and Sisters, Leslie is thankful that she is able to be at church today. She finally went to the Dr., he prescribed medication and she is now feeling better. Earlier in the week she had asked for prayer for Debra Young because she is in fear of losing her job. There is an additional request for her. She was not at church today because she has a medical problem and is in pain. Barney has a place on his nose that may be malignant. He is to see the Dr. this week. Ray's son-in-law is scheduled for serious back surgery on Tues. in Arizona. Ruth, Ray's friend, is coming home from FL on tomorrow. Her grandson is responding to treatment after an accident. Pray for those people who were not at church today for whatever reason. Karen is concerned about her grandchild because Brandon has reconciled with the mother of his child and has taken the baby back into what Karen calls "an unhealthy situation". Pray for the child's welfare. Rayna, Retha's granddaughter, has strep throat and is scheduled for a surgical procedure on the 10th. Pray for her other grands and greatgrands. Russell asks that we pray for him to have strength to operate the tractor as they begin clearing the land so that building can begin. Waylon wants prayer for his "Paw Paw". Pray also for Waylon. Shirley has her next Chemo session on Thur. She has been having side effects after each session, has lost hair and weight. She asks for prayer that the results will be worth all the problems. Donna Barton's daughter is not doing well at all after the birth of her dead baby. She has come to stay with Donna until she is feeling better. Pray for the entire family. Sandy was not at church and she did not contact anyone. Pray that all is going well with her and her family. These people were not at church today and were missed: Ann, Lillian. Sandy, Joan, Grant and Jean, the Mortons, Clayton and Gloria, Sandra Moore, Baezs, Goodwins, Mrs.B., Suzanne and Caleb, Donna Barton, the Patricks, God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Oct 03 2009
  • Happy Sabbath, Brothers and Sisters On Mon. Sept. 28, the city commission will meet to make a final decision on our request for zoning change. An attorney from the church will be on hand to clarify some legal issues that were presented at the initial meeting to forestall approval. Pray for a positive resolution to this situation. Pray for the neighbor to the church who was critical at the initial zoning meeting and the main reason why the request was denied at that meeting. We thank the Lord that He is in control and that all will be done according to His will. Gabriela's niece is in the hosp. suffering from an increased heart rate due to stress. Ray's caregiver Dot's grandson is in the hospital in FL. She has gone down to be with him. No details on what the ailment is. My car is "sick". Pray that the treatment that has been prescribed will solve the problem. Pray for missing members. Pray that the planned food distribution at Hahn Village will be a success and that people will sign up for a Bible Study as they come to get the foodstuff. Pray for the Chavous family in St. Pete whose son died from liver problems on Wed. Shirley was at church today, but continue to pray for her improved health. There were silent requests. The Lord knows from whom they came and what they were. These people were not at church today and were missed: Clayton and Gloria; Leslie and Barney were at Sabbath school, but left because Leslie was not feeling well; Donna Barton, pray that she can get her schedule reduced so that she does not have so many patients; Baezs; Domingues; Mike, Ben and Matt Morton; Daniel and Gloria, Gloria is still at Evangelism School in FL and Daniel cannot get around by himself; Suzanne and Caleb; Sandy, since Kenneth requires 24 hr. care she is helping with the sitting; Sandra Moore; Mrs. B., she went back home, only comes when she is staying with Shirley and Hayward; Marquel, Retha's grandson. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Sep 19 2009
  • Happy Sabbath, Brothers and Sisters, Jean is thankful for answered prayer that far exceeded what was requested. Juanita is thankful for God working in hers and Antonio's lives. She is grateful for all who are giving a helping hand. Suzanne again requests prayer for the troops and that Karen will not be redeployed. Hayward asks prayer for his family and his arthritis which is causing significant pain. Without going into detail, he wants us to pray for his coworker Porter. Pray that the meeting scheduled for next week will bring about favorable decisions. Lifetalk Radio headquarters is experiencing some financial difficulty. Pray that they can get the monies that are needed through contributions. This may affect all of its stations if they can't remain solvent. Pray for President Obama and leaders of other nations that they will listen to what God says to them for the good of the world These members were not at church today for whatever reason and were missed: Leslie, Ann, Clayton. Daniel and Gloria, Caleb, Sandra Moore, Nadia and children, Becky's children, the Domingues, Baezs. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Sep 12 2009
  • Happy Sabbath, Arlene's nephew came through his surgery well. Clayton is doing "better". He looks like he did last year this time. Retha asks prayer for herself, is under a lot of stress, feels depressed. Pray for her son Craig in Iraq. Kenneth is now able to talk, but ask God to clear his mind, his talk is rambling. Pray that he will soon be able to come home. Demetrius' friend is out of coma and at home. Juanita is home schooling Antonio and everything is working out, even to getting a computer for him to do his work on. Pray for Waylon. He wants to come to church. Shirley starts Chemo on Thursday. Pat is doing well with hip surgery. Jean says that the antibiotics are working. Lillian says that both Stephen and Tania are back at Southern. Patrick's son has gone to Afghanistan to work for the fast money. He is concerned about his welfare. Connie's friend starts Chemo on Thursday and then radiation. Visitors are thankful for God's tender care and traveling mercies on their trip here from FL. Pray for Rebecca and Jean's coworkers who know the power of Aiken Church's prayers. Don's elderly Discover student has a daughter who was recently released from jail. She has broken all of the promises that she made before she was released and has started drinking again. Pray for people in disaster areas, and those who are experiencing all sorts of problems from the evil element that is in the world. These people were not at church today and were missed: Goodwins, Sandra Moore, Baezs, Clayton, Nadia and children, Suzanne and Caleb, Becky's family. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Sep 05 2009
  • Happy Sabbath, Clayton is doing "fair". Keep him in your prayers. Inoperable cancer has returned in Kenneth's mouth; back surgery will be postponed. They will fit him with a brace instead so that he can be mobile. Since James and Sandy will be taking care of him they need prayer and the name of a good cancer Dr. in Aiken. Sandy's grandson is back in the States safe and sound from Iraq. Leslie fell in Augusta Mall last week and fractured her foot. Caj has been thanking Jesus that she has "a five year birthday". Continue to pray for troops and Karen. Caleb just turned 15. Juanita is thankful for answered prayer in her family. Remember Shirley. She has cancer in her lungs along with her other problems. Continue to pray for Heyward's friend who is in rehab center recuperating from hip surgery. Lillian's friend William Burke has a brain tumor. Wanda's brother and his wife are new grandparents to six adoptees from Uganda. After a harrowing return trip, Pastor and Donna are back from vacation in Newfoundland. Donna was not feeling well this morning. Gracie thanks God for being with her through all her difficulties. She started to cry while she was talking, but said that they were tears of gratitude because God has been so close to her through all of her problems. She has peace. There is no news about Bro. Jackson. No one knows anything except that he is dead and there is a "For Sale" sign on his property. These people were not at church today for whatever reason and were missed: Grant and Jean, Joan, Ann, Baezs, Leslie, Clayton, Gloria Curry, Sandra Moore, the Domingues, Donna Barton. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Aug 29 2009
  • Mrs. B's nephew in Greenville has one kidney and they now suspect that it is malignant. Pray for him. Janiqua, Retha's granddaughter's veins are so small that they have difficulty getting in for regular blood transfusions. She is going to have a PIC line inserted. Pray that all will go well with the procedure. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Aug 27 2009
  • Gloria Clayton's friend Tony Taylor was hit by a dirt bike. Pray for his recovery. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Aug 24 2009
  • Happy Sabbath, Sandy says that Kenneth is having a number of procedures performed, some are working and some not so well. They are trying to get him off the ventilator. They have also performed a biopsy on his mouth because they suspect the cancer has returned. Continue to pray for him and the entire family because his illness is causing a rift in the family. Pray for Sandy. She has an inner ear infection that is causing her problems. JP's daughter is at Andrews. Pray that she gives her heart to the Lord and that she makes the correct decisions regarding her education. JP's friend Eddie died of cancer. Shirley is to have chemo. Hayward asks prayer for Pat who had a hip replacement, now needs intravenous antibiotics. Insurance will pay only if he is in a hospital or nursing home. Pray that he can get admitted to one or the other. Arlene's nephew Roger is scheduled for heart surgery on Mon. Gabriela's colleague Jennifer is in hospital. She has no family or close friends in the area, has autoimmune disease, threatening blood clots, is a very sick person. A prayer of thanksgiving. Gracie drove her van to NY for Don's memorial, got back home one day last week, had to go into town the next day. When she got back into her yard, water and oil started running out of the van all over the yard. Praise God that this did not happen to her while she was on the road to or from NY. Connie's coworker Cathy had a lump removed, will have to have Chemo. Pastor and Donna's return home will be delayed because of Bill. They will not be able to get across to the mainland until the storm has abated. Gloria will be in Evangelism School for the next 4 months. Pray for her ability to concentrate on the material being presented and for Daniel's welfare. He is going to be staying with Geanna, Gloria's daughter. Leslie is not doing well. She was not at church today. Debra, her friend, is not doing well either, but she was at church. These people were not at Church today for whatever reason: Don, Leslie,Jackson, Nadia and children, Daniel, Grace, Clayton and Gloria, Suzanne and Caleb, Sandra Moore, Goodwins, Lillian, Domingues, Ann. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Aug 22 2009
  • Sandy says that her brother-in-law Kenneth is scheduled for back surgery sometime today. She still wants prayer for his salvation and for her because she is disturbed by some things that have taken place at the hospital and the way that decisions have been made. Pray that the Lord will guide the surgeon's hands and be with all the other caregivers as they attend to Kenneth's needs and that Sandy will receive the peace and patience that she needs. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Aug 17 2009
  • Happy Sabbath, Thanks to Ann and Women's Ministry for an inspiring program and delicious lunch. Well done! Sandy has new vehicle, now has good transportation. She fell on concrete, has some bruises and scratches, but nothing serious, is praising God that she did not get hurt. Kenneth was in car accident on 21st of July, has 4 or 5 cracked vertebrae, infection in bowel and blood, cannot have surgery until the infections are cleared up. Pray for his salvation. Gabriela asks for prayer for husband of a friend. Also Andrew Toney a Discover Bible School student asks prayer for the family of a 43 yr. old friend who died. Pray for the troops and for the children as they go back to school. Vince says that the zoning request change is now in the hands of the planning Committee. Pray that they and any others who have to look at and approve the request will be influenced by the Lord to grant the change. Pastor and Donna will be beginning their 3 day trip back home from Canada. Pray for traveling mercies for them. They did run into some difficulties on the way there. Pray for the Stewart and Robinson families. They both lost loved ones overnight. Leslie's brother fell and hurt his eye that required stitches at the ER. Her friend Debra who has been coming to church with her has health problems and no insurance. Pray that the recent efforts that she has taken to show proof of income will result in her getting the assistance that she needs. Prayer for the young people across America. They need help. Pray for Retha and her family. These people were not at church today: Clayton and Gloria, Daniel, Bro. Jackson, the Baezs, Shirley and Hayward were there, but left early, Don, Juanita and Antonio. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Aug 15 2009
  • Happy Sabbath, Pray for the Bishoff family in MS whose mother just died of brain cancer. Christian's first semester at college is paid for through scholarships and grants. After 2 1/2 years Leslie has her satellite dish up and running. Her niece has just gotten a 6 yr. old daughter from China. Lola's grandson's friend lost a family member. Grace has gone to NY for funeral service for Don. Demetrius believes in prayer made from Aiken Church. Requests prayer for two of his friends: Jonathan was in car accident and is bleeding into his brain and another is scheduled to take boards for his medical license. Clayton is getting out of the hospital after another bleeding session. Pray also for Gloria. Shirley is now out of hosp. They found a spot on her lungs. Her system is too fragile for typical cancer treatments. Mrs.B. has fallen again and hurt her head. Gloria's brother-in-law has turned for the worse, is in ICU. Gloria will be going to school in FL on 23rd, still has not found appropriate care facility for Daniel. Connie had a safe trip to and from PA. She had another request which I missed. The Lord knows what it is. Gabriela's colleague's wife is out of ICU doing much better, breathing on her own. Pray for the troops and their families and that Karen will not be redeployed. Pray for Antonio and Nick and that Nick will continue in God's way despite the negative influences in his family. The adoptive Mom of 9 children died on Monday. Children are small and cannot understand why "Mommy" is not coming home. These members were not at church today: Clayton and Gloria, Jackson, Sandy, Sandra Moore, Shirley, Daniel. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Aug 09 2009
  • Happy Sabbath, Leslie's stepmother's youngest son (40) Brian Williams has rare form of cancer. He has changed his lifestyle since the onset. Gabriela's 37 yr. old colleague Donald's wife is in intensive care bleeding from the esophagus. She is stabilized, but not responding to treatment. They have 2 small children, he does not know anything about child care and has no one to help him. They need pray and help. Connie is on vacation, got to her destination safely. Beverly Swinson has same health problems in addition to a new one. Lola got a call from someone in a Greenville, TN hospital that Bill Crouch was there dying of cancer. They were trying to notify Pastor, but we can pray for him. Jean got word this morning that her 40 yr. old son has had a heart attack. Shirley is still in hospital, sleeping most of the time, will have a heart catherization. Pray for Heyward's friend Pat whose hip replacement became infected and he now has to have that removed and another inserted. Sandy is still having car trouble and Kenneth is in hosp. after a car accident. He is on a ventilator 100% for now, and has a bruised heart.Sandy says it's touch and go and asks prayer for his salvation. Clayton has been hemorrhaging again. Ann asks for prayer for missing members. These regular attendee were not at church today and were missed: Suzanne and Caleb, Clayton and Gloria, Daniel and Gloria, Bro. Jackson, Jerry and Mary, Domingues, Sandy, Sandra Moore, Nadia and children, Becky and family, Donna Barton. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Jul 25 2009
  • Happy Sabbath, Sandy's great-grandson is allergic to a number of things, but is now doing better than he has in a long time. Pray that Kenneth will open his heart to the Lord. Retha requests prayer for her grandson Akia and her niece Doris who has breast cancer. Jerry is having trouble walking. Clayton is proud to be at church today, but asks for prayer for his health. Suzanne's coworker is still not well. Continue to pray for her and our troops. Leslie's friend Sally has been cured of breast cancer but is one stage away from needing dialysis. She has a good attitude. Another friend needs to see a specialist but her insurance will not cover. Needs money or another Dr. who will accept her insurance. Shirley is feeling better but has no strength, is in bed most of the time. Mrs. B. had to go to the hospital yesterday for kidney problems. Heyward says he has a friend who is also having kidney problems. There were a number of unspoken requests. These people were not at church today: Goodwins, Baezs, Jimmy, Jerry and Mary, Jackson, Donna Barton, Ann, Sandra Moore, Shirley, and Daniel. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Jul 18 2009
  • Happy Sabbath, Leslie's nephew Noel has been diagnosed as bipolar and is not doing well. VBS was a tremendous success. Thanks to Becky and her staff. Suzanne says that Caleb's dad lost his job, she asked us to pray and he found another one in 2 weeks. Caleb has gotten back home safely from FL. Pray for one of her coworkers. Allis and Luke are sick. One of friends is having serious surgery. Madison Church in WI is growing so much that they are planting a new church. Ann says that Earl for whom she requested prayer last week is out of the coma, did not experience any serious damage from the stroke and may be able to come home to Aiken soon. Heyward says that they have been having mechanical problems with their car and that Shirley is in the Aiken Hospital. One of his friends has a failed kidney and another is having marital problems. Robert is praising God that he is able to walk again. He is still waiting for a diagnosis from his doctor. Jean is thankful for the Lord granting them traveling mercies as they traveled to Canada and back. Sandy is still having car trouble. Brandy is having surgery soon. These were not at church today: Shirley, Clayton and Gloria, William, Sandra Moore, Gracie, and Donna Barton. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Jul 11 2009
  • Happy 4th of July and Happy Sabbath, Pastor says that Mary is not feeling well. She and Jerry were not at church. Donna sprained her back, is in pain. Russell's daughter needs prayer for a medical condition. The floor plans for our new church should be completed sometime next week. Keep this project in your prayers. Sandy and James need prayers for guidance. Gabriela wants prayer for Helen's daughter who is a student and is scheduled for surgery on July 15. Pray for Robert. Robert says that he is not in as much pain as before and is thankful for prayers. He is still in wheelchair, but was at church today. Ann praises God for His goodness, asks for prayer because she will be out of her comfort zone when she is working on Arts and Crafts at VBS. Pray for Earl Graham who went into a diabetic coma while in TX. He is still in coma and has also had a light heart attack since. Pray for him and his nieces who went to TX to see him and are on their way back to Aiken. Anthony and his wife are transferring their membership to Aiken Church. Pray for the Denmark Church that they are leaving. One of their members just died so they now have only 5 members. Pray for Shirley, Gracie, and William. Cont'd prayer for Leslie's friend Sybil who just lost her husband. VBS which starts on Monday. These people were not at church today: Don, Clayton, Suzanne, William. Lillian, Grant and Jean, Heyward and Shirley, and Gracie. God bless, Wilhelmina
    Brian Howell - Jul 04 2009