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SDA loses suit on Alliance

"Seventh Day Adventist Church yesterday lost its legal bid to have students subscribing to their doctrine skip Saturday classes. High court judge Isaac Lenaola dismissed a petition lodged against Alliance High School by the church saying such a directive could cause total chaos in School's programmes. Justice Lenaola said if school programmes are to be changed to accommodate Adventist students, the school will also be forced to accommodate the religious needs of other students. "At the end, and if that became a policy or order of this Court, I am not sure if the public schools would have the exact formulae for doing so without causing total chaos in its Programmes" said Lenaola. Lenaola said the Alliance High School has made reasonable attempts to make education accessible to a large student population notwithstanding their differing religious beliefs.The SDA had filed a case to safeguard the fundamental rights of all students subscribing the SDA doctrine."


See the story here.