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Parents Say Drive Through Nativity is too Graphic for Children

"LAKE CITY- The Columbia City Seventh Day Adventist Church in Lake City didn't sugar coat their interpretation of the Christmas story.

Parents wish they had a little warning before seeing what they call a graphic display.  
According to the Bible, the Edict of Herod ordered the killing of all infant boys age 2 and under, in an attempt to weed out baby Jesus.
The Columbia City Church portrayed the slaughter-- replacing babies with dolls-- but parents say it still traumatized their kids.
Lake City Resident Jenny Williams describes her experience, "as we pulled up further, they were depicting decapitating babies and that happened to be on the side of the vehicle that my 2 year old was on and it was very traumatic for her she started crying and screaming because of the baby and it took me hours to calm her down."
Head Pastor at Columbia City Seventh Day Adventist Church, George Worrell says he hasn't received any complaints about his Nativity scene."
You can see the the origional article and a video of this story here.