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Kigumo Land of trouble: Residents burn down school owned by church

Video associated with this story can be found at the link below.


"Members of Seventh Day Adventist church in Kigumo constituency are counting loses after the church sponsored school was demolished and burnt by area residents over alleged land grabbing. The irate residents who displayed anti-church slogans claimed that the church grabbed over 25 acres of land belonging to the public where new structures were under construction. However church officials claim they leased the land from the county council of Murang’a. The residents on their part lament that they have never benefited from facilities built on their land. Officials from the county assembly appealed to the residents to allow for investigations to take place saying the solution will be found as per the constitution."



Here is the link to the video.





Kigumo school burnt down in land conflict
Kigumo school burnt down in land conflict