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111-year-old Christmas cactus is a living heirloom for family

"It was an exciting time for the Dakota Conference of Seventh-day Adventists last June when they debuted their new office in north Bismarck during an open house.

During the celebration, a rather large Christmas cactus happened to catch the eye of attendees and Communications Director Jacquie Biloff was more than happy to explain how this hefty cactus came to grace the conference room of the new office.

“She was explaining to someone that it had been given to her husband’s mom by a Dora Bohnet way back in 1952,” said Lynette Miller, Adventist Book Center manager. “And, I thought, oh my gosh, that’s my great-grandmother.”

The rare connection baffled the pair, and they went on a search to connect pieces of stories from both families to weave the tale of the plant’s cross-country trek.

They discovered the cactus was actually 111 years old."


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